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Saint Patrick's Day celebrations
5 o'clock tea tradition
Saint Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious festival, celebrated annually on March
17, the day of the death of St. Patrick's saint patron of Ireland
Celebrations on St. Patrick's Day usually include parades and festivals, performing
Cèilidh dances and wearing green clothes or shamrocks.
St. Patrick's Day is a state holiday in Ireland, Northern Ireland, on the island of
Montserrat and in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador
It is also widely celebrated by the Irish diaspora throughout the world, especially in
the UK, Canada, the USA, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.
Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland
The holiday of St. Patrick, as a kind of national holiday, was celebrated by the
Irish in the 9th-10th centuries.
In 1903, St. Patrick's Day became the official state holiday of Ireland, which at
that time was part of the United Kingdom.
Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland
In the mid-1990s, the Irish government launched a campaign to use St. Patrick's
Day to promote Ireland and its culture around the world. The first festival in honor
of St. Patrick's Day was held on March 17, 1996 and has since been held
annually.In 2009, about 1 million visitors took part in the festival
Saint Patrick's Day in Britain
In London, since 2002,an annual parade is held in honor of St. Patrick's Day,
which takes place closest to March 17, on the weekend, usually in Trafalgar
In Manchester, a fortnight before the St. Patrick's Day, there is a two-week Irish
festival, which includes the work of the Irish market, a parade, as well as a large
number of cultural and educational events
Saint Patrick's Day in USA
The biggest celebrations of St. Patrick's Day are in New York, Boston, Philadelphia,
Chicago and Atlanta, where the Irish live most. The largest street parade of the city is
held in New York every year, on St. Patrick's Day. On this day, thousands of
Americans of Irish origin march along the main street of the city - 5th Avenue,
symbolizing the triumph of the Catholic faith. The parade begins around 11 am and
continues until 5 pm.
5 o'clock tea tradition
5 o'clock tea tradition
At the beginning of the XIX century, during a break between lunch and late dinner,
the British were hungry. Once the Duchess Bedford decided to have tea with
sandwiches and fresh pastries at 5 pm. She liked the snack so much that she decided
to invite girlfriends to tea parties. Over the years, 5 o'clock tea has become so
popular that it has grown into a custom that has been kept by the British until now.
Tea etiquette in the UK, by no means limited to one type of tea, usually guests are
offered up to 10 varieties to choose from. The tablecloth is blue or white. A tea table
is placed near the fireplace in the living room. Traditions of tea drinking in the UK
try to adhere.
I believe that traditions should be honored and respected. The traditions of each
nations are unique, sometimes striking and unusual. In this way every nation shows
its own uniqueness and it is great! Descendants have to keep the traditions and
customs, maintain and respect the culture and religion of each nation.
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