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Ефремова Э.Э - Елизавета II

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Ефремова Эвелина Эдуардовна ГАПОУ ЧР «Межрегиональный центр компетенций – Чебоксарский электромеханический колледж» руководитель: Киселёва Татьяна Вениаминовна
ГАПОУ ЧР «Межрегиональный центр компетенций –
Чебоксарский электромеханический колледж»
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Ефремова Эвелина Эдуардовна
ФИО руководителя: Киселёва Татьяна Вениаминовна
Elizabeth II
Beginning of the Board
The Royal Family
Queen of Great Britain
The British have had a monarchy for over a thousand
years. The relationship between the monarch and the
people has suffered some serious crisis, but the
monarchy always seems to recover.
Queen Elizabeth II was born in London on 21
April 1926. She was the eldest child of Prince
Albert, the Duke of York and his wife Elizabeth. Five
weeks later she was christened Elizabeth Alexandra
Mary in the chapel at Buckingham Palace.
In 1930, Elizabeth's only sister,
Princess Margaret, was born. Elizabeth invariably
cared of her sister and even instructed her.
Together with her younger sister Princess
Elizabeth was educated at home. She studied the history
of the Constitution, jurisprudence, religious studies, art
criticism, and the French language.
At the age of 13 Elizabeth fel in love-at first
sight and forever with a handsome young naval cadet
Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, her distant cousin.
They kept corresponding throughout the war years and got
married in November 1947
«By the sudden death of my dear father I am called
upon to assume the duties and responsibility of
These were the words of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
II in her simple and impressive Accession Speech of 8
February 1952.
In taste and character she was at one with her
father and grandfather, devoted to the country life, with
a powerful sense of responsibility and public duty.
Her official coronation took place on June 2, 1953, in
Westminster Abbey. For the first time, the ceremony
was broadcast on television.
Elizabeth and Philip have four children:
Charles Philip Arthur Georg (November 14, 1948),
Prince of Wales Anna Elizabeth Alice Louise (August
15, 1950), Andrew Albert Christian Edward (February
19, 1960), Duke of York Edward Anthony Richard Luis
(March 10, 1964).
The Royal Family
Among the interests of the queen are breeding
dogs, photography, horseback riding, travelling..
Since 2009, she started to engage in gardening.
The Queens’s working year is a cycle of
receptions and audiences, investitures garden parties,
opening ceremonies and state visits.
Elizabeth has been described as the most generous
hostess in the world with no other head of state
entertaining on quite the same scale. She welcomes
visiting monarchs, princes, sheikhs and presidents to
her palaces, castles.
The duties of the queen include the opening of
parliamentary sessions, the reception of high-ranking
officials arriving in the country, participation in the
ceremony of carrying out the banner, awarding prizes
and honorary titles, etc.
Annually Elizabeth II addresses the
speech to both chambers of the parliament.
Even when the members of the Royal
Household have all gone home for the night, there is
often one light still burning: it is the Queen’s, for
whom the business of a constitutional monarchy never
The way I see it Elizabeth II is a shrewd
statesman, consolidated the power and prestige of Great
Britain. She is the longest-reigning British monarch since
Queen Victoria, who occupied the throne for 65 years. I
admire of her.
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