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Bank Transfer: You can pay by making a transfer directly to our bank account in the UK. The details are as follows:
Name of Bank:Barclays Bank Plc Account Name:Nature’s Sunshine Products Account Number: 00659649 Sort Code: 20-85-46
IBAN:GB48 BARC 2085 4600 659 649 Swift: BARCGB22
Bank Details for Monthly Commission Payments
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Web www.
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Payment Details Card Bank Transfer
I/we hereby agree that, if my/our application to become an Independent Distributor for
Nature’s Sunshine on the terms set out in this Agreement (including the terms &
conditions and those set out in the current Nature’s Sunshine Marketing Plan and
Policies & Procedures) is accepted I/we will comply with the agreements and also any
amendments Nature’s Sunshine makes to these agreements. Agreement
If applying as a partnership both parties must sign below
Signature of Applicant
Signature of Applicant Sponsors Name
Sponsors Account No.
Signature of Partner (if applicable)
Andrew Ewan General Manager Accepted for and on behalf of Nature’s Sunshine Products Inc.
Date Received Account Number
I/we have had the opportunity to read and consider the Terms and Conditions as set out and
confirm that the details that I/we have given are correct. I/we am/are over 18 years of age and
understand that when I/we sign below, I/we have 14-days in which to claim any refund due
and that no refunds will be issued under any circumstances after this initial 14-day period.
If you sign this contract, you have 14 days in which to cancel and get your money back.
1. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.
2. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.
3. If you sign this contract, you have 14 days in which to cancel and get your money back.
Office Use Only
Please Read Carefully
Data Protection Act 1998 Signature is Mandatory
Applicant Details
Permanent Alternative Delivery Address (if applicable)
Business Details (if applicable)
    
AccountApplicationUK Mar09/rr
Nature’s Sunshine Products Unit 5, Hortonwood 32, Telford, Shropshire, England, TF1 7YL
Tel: 01952 671600 Fax: 01952 671620
Company Reg: FC14843 Vat Reg : UK GB 489 2070 21
Nature’s Sunshine Products
Account Application Form
Please refer to the section entitled Data
Protection Act 1998 in our attached Terms and
Conditions before signing this agreement. Your
signature will be deemed to be acceptance of
the Terms and Conditions as they relate to how
we will use and store any data you provide to us.
Please note: Once you have completed your bank transfer please contact us for confirmation
that the transaction has been successful. For confirmation please email:
Business Kit - Available ONLY at Sign Up Business Kit includes a selection of Nature’s Sunshine recruitment
and business tools, along with; 1x Super Supplemental Vits & Mins,
1x SynerProtein (choose Original or Chocolate )
1x Omega 3 EPA (or choose Flax Seed ), 1x Zambroza, 1x TNT, If no alternate choices are selected we will send SynerProtein Original
and Omega 3 EPA, which cannot be changed once processed.
Plus choose one FREE Key System Product from the list below:
Proactazyme Bowel Build Mega-Chel
Nutri-Calm Defence Maintenance Fenugreek & Fennel
Juniper & Parsley Master Gland Skeletal Strength
 
Business Kit Price: £75 50pv
(price includes postage)
Account Application UK FEB 09 DSA RR 4/3/09 09:11 Page 1
Nature’s Sunshine Products Inc. (‘the company’) which trades in the United Kingdom from Unit 5, Hortonwood 32, Telford, Shropshire TF1 7YL is the promoter of this trading scheme in the United Kingdom. The goods which are sold under this scheme are nutritional food products and natural cosmetics and related products supplied by the Company. Sales of these products are made by
the Company’s Independent Distributors in the scheme as principals. The Distributor is under no financial obligation during the period of 12 months from the commencement date of
this Agreement with the exception of placing at least one order every six months to keep the account open. The applicant confirms that he/she has received a copy of this application form, the Policies & Procedures and the Marketing Plan, (which together constitute the entire agreement
between the parties) and has read, understands and accepts all of the terms and conditions contained within such documents.
1.The applicant must be 18 years of age or over.
2.This application is effective from the date of signing.
3.The Distributor may sell and promote the Company’s goods strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions as set out in this application, Policies & Procedures and Marketing Plan.
4. No fee or investment is necessary to join.
5. This membership expires annually on the anniversary of your application. To maintain your membership a renewal form must be completed and returned to Nature’s Sunshine’s UK Head Office before the anniversary date. 6.Failure to renew will result in a loss of membership including but not limited to, all rights and privileges, discounts, commissions and marketing organisation. 7.At each annual renewal the distributor shall agree to the then current Terms and Conditions, Policies & Procedures and Marketing Plan.
8. The Distributor is an independent contractor responsible for his/her own business, and is not an employee, partner, agent or joint venturer of or with the Company. The Distributor may not create or incur any liability and/or obligation of any kind in the name of Nature’s Sunshine.
9.The Company maintains the right to modify these Terms and Conditions, its Policies & Procedures, Marketing Plan, Product Prices and other literature at its discretion, and the distributor shall be bound by such changes.
10.Notification of such changes may be made specifically to the distributor, or generally through company literature.
11. 1 Within 14 days of signing this Agreement the Distributor may cancel this
Agreement by giving written notice of cancellation to the Company at its address as
given overleaf, (or such alternative address as the company may specify) and;
11.1.1 recover from the Company any money which the Distributor has paid to or for
the benefit of the Company or another Distributor in connection with the Distributor’s
participation in this trading scheme; and; 11.1.2 return to the Company’s address (at the Distributor’s own cost) any goods which
the Distributor has purchased under the trading scheme within such 14 day period, and
which remains unsold and recover any monies paid in respect of such goods, provided
that such goods remain in the condition in which they were in at the time of purchase
(whether or not their external wrappings have been broken); and; 11.1.3 cancel any services which have been ordered under the trading scheme and
may recover any monies paid in respect of such services, provided that such services
have not yet been supplied to the Distributor.
11.2 The Company shall repay such monies within a reasonable period of time after the
date of receipt of the notice of cancellation or receipt of the goods (as the case may be)
and shall not be entitled to make a handling charge.
12.1 If the Distributor gives notice to terminate this Agreement more than 14 days after
signing, the Distributor may return to the Company any goods which the Distributor has
purchased under the scheme within 12 months prior to termination, and which remain
unsold. The Company will pay the Distributor the price (inclusive of VAT) which the
Distributor paid for the goods providing that the goods remain in the condition in which
they were in at the time of purchase. Where the condition of such goods has deteriorated due to an act or default on the
part of the Distributor, the Company will pay the Distributor the price (inclusive of VAT)
which the Distributor has paid, less an amount equal to the diminution in their value
resulting from such deterioration, and a reasonable handling charge (which may include
the cost of repackaging returned goods for resale).
12.2 The Company reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, at its own
discretion, by giving written notice to the Distributor. If the Company terminates this
agreement the Distributor may return to the Company any goods which the Distributor has
purchased under the scheme within 12 months prior to such termination, and which
remain unsold, for a full refund of the price (inclusive of VAT) which the Distributor has
paid for them, together with any costs incurred by the Distributor for returning the goods to
the Company. The Company will bear the cost of delivery of such goods to the Company.
13.In order to recover monies due to the Distributor under clauses 12.1 or 12.2 the
Distributor must return the goods within 21 days of such termination to the Company’s
address as specified in clause 11.1. The purchase price is payable to the Distributor on
delivery of the goods, or forthwith if the goods are already held by the Company.
14.1 If this agreement is terminated for any reason, the Distributor will have the right to
be released from all future contractual liabilities toward the Company in relation to this
trading scheme except:
a) liabilities relating to payments made to the Distributor under contracts which the Distributor has made as an agent for the Company (if any); and
b) any liability to pay the price of goods or services already supplied to the Distributor by the Company where the Distributor has not returned such goods to the Company in accordance with clauses 11.1, 12.1 and 12.2.
c) the provisions of the Policies & Procedures, section ‘Distributor Restrictions’, which
relate to competition with the business of the Company after termination of this Agreement and which shall remain in force after the date of termination; and
d) any liability to refund commission under clause 15.1; and
e) the provisions of the Policies and Procedures, section ‘Confidentiality’
15.1 On termination of this agreement, for whatever reason, the Distributor shall be
entitled to retain any commission paid to the Distributor in accordance with this
Agreement unless:
a) the commission was paid in respect of goods returned to the Company (or another distributor who paid the commission):
b) the Company has refunded any monies due to the Distributor in accordance with clauses 11.1, 12.1, 12.2 and 14.1; and
c) repayment of the commission is claimed within 120 days of the date of having been made,
in which case the Distributor shall repay such commission to the Company forthwith on
demand, or the Company may offset the amount of such commission against amounts
due from it to the Distributor.
16.Any notice given under this termination clause, which is given by first class post to
the address of the parties set out overleaf, or to such other address as shall have been
notified from time to time in writing by one party or another, shall result in the period of
notice commencing to run from the day when such notice is posted.
17. The Distributor may not promote or sell to existing distributors or prospective
distributors any products, services or business opportunities not directly associated with
NSP whether at any of NSP’s presentations, meetings, training events or otherwise.
18. The Distributor agrees to conduct themselves in an ethical manner and not bring the
company or its Distributors into disrepute.
Data Protection Act 1998
The Company is registered as a 'data controller' with the Information Commissioner in the UK under registration number Z7992825. 1. You agree that we may retain and process any personal information you provide to us, (whether on the Application Form itself or in other communications) including without
limitation, information relating to your name, contact details and financial information: (a) in connection with processing your application and any subsequent appointment as a
distributor for the Company (including but not limited to (i) information/product requests; (ii) informing you of new business opportunities and/or products; (iii) management reporting;
(iv) managing relationships with other distributors); (b) for accounting purposes, internal administration and analysis; (c) for the prevention of fraud; and (d) for any purpose required by
law or regulation (the “Purposes”)
2. You agree we may contact you by post, fax, email or telephone.
3. You acknowledge that the Company is incorporated in the USA and you agree that information may be passed to the Company (and any third parties appointed by the Company-see
below) both in the USA and other countries outside the EEA which may not provide the same level of protection for your personal information. 4. In the future if the Company sells its business or assets, you agree it may disclose, sell, assign or licence any information (including personally identifiable information) to third parties
as a result of or in preparation for the sale, merger, consolidation, change in control, transfer of substantial assets, reorganisation or liquidation of the Company.
We are committed to protecting your personal information and we do not share, sell, rent or distribute personal data to or with third parties with the exception of the transfer of such
information to third parties appointed by us in connection with the performance of the Purposes and we will not disclose personal information to third parties for their own marketing
purposes unless you have consented to this.
Account Application UK FEB 09 DSA RR 4/3/09 09:11 Page 3
Review, complete and sign the application form your sponsor sent you.
Your sponsor will have provided the information for the NSP ofice in your country be sure to contact them. According to each particular country, you may have to place an order to complete your signup process. They will give you additional
instructions to inalize the process.
Be sure to inform your sponsor that your signup process is complete!
We would like to welcome you to the Nature’s Sunshine family. Now you too can sponsor other distributors locally as well as internationally!
With your new distributor’s information entered into the application form, you must complete the following steps to inish the application process:
Mail, fax or email the application to your new distributor. (Please remember that your new distributor must sign the document before submitting it).
Contact your new distributor and let them know that they may complete the application and return it by mail, fax or email to their local Nature’s Sunshine ofice or they may complete the application process by phone (if applicable). Contact Information for their local NSP ofice can be found on “Contact Us” tab to the left.
Follow up. Once your new distributor has completed the sign-up process, make sure they appear under your downline by checking your Personal Downline Report under the “Member Resources” tab to the left. Please allow at least 24 hours to pass before checking for your new distributor to appear.
Congratulations! You’ve inished. We wish you good luck as you continue to expand your business globally and share Nature’s Sunshine with those you know around the world!
Final Steps for Sponso
Final Steps for New Members
Etapy rejestracji nowego Klienta VIP/Dytrybutora W celu przeprowadzenia rejestracji nowego Klienta VIP/Dystrybutora, muszą zostać wykonane następujące czynności:
Wyślij pocztą, faksem lub emailem Formularz Zgłoszeniowy do nowego Klienta VIP/Dystrybutora. (Pamiętaj, że Twój nowy Klient VIP/Dystrybutor musi podpisać dokument przed złożeniem go.)
Poinformuj swojego Klienta VIP/Dystrybutora, że wypełniony i podpisany formularz zgłoszeniowy należy wysłać pocztą, faksem lub e-mailem do biura Nature’s Sunshine Product’s Poland Sp. z o.o. (adres: Prosta 69, 00-838 Warszawa,
fax: (22) 311 21 01, e-mail: Proces rejestracji może być także przeprowadzony podczas osobistego
spotkania (jeżeli ma to zastosowanie.
Upewnij się, że razem z Formularzem Zgłoszeniowym wysłany będzie cennik/formularz zamówienia, na którym musi się znaleźć zamówienie na Zestaw Startowy (cena 10 PLN przy jednoczesnym zamówieniu produktów na minimum 30 punktów lub 25 PLN przy zamówieniu produktów poniżej 30 punktów). Akceptowane będą wyłącznie Formularze Zgłoszeniowe z zamówieniami Zestawu Startowego.
Gdy proces rejestracyjny nowego Klienta VIP/Dystrybutora zostanie zakończony sprawdź, czy jego dane osobowe pojawiły się w zakładce „Osobista organizacja”. Zakładkę „Osobista Organizacja” znajdziesz w „Zasoby Użytkownika”
po lewej stronie. Dane o nowym Kliencie VIP/Dystrybutorze pojawią sie w bazie nie wcześniej niż po 24 godzinach od ich wpisania.
Gratulacje! Zakończyłeś proces rejestracji. Witamy Cię w Nature’s Sunshine. Życzymy sukcesów i zadowolenia z podjętej decyzji.
Informacje dla Sponsora
Revise, complete y irme la forma de aplicación que su patrocinador le envió.
Su patrocinador le habrá proveído la información de contacto de la oicina NSP en su país; asegúrese de ponerse en contacto con ellos. Cada país tiene diferentes reglas de suscripción. Es posible que tenga que hacer una orden para inalizar su inscripción. De cualquier forma, ellos le informarán qué pasos adicionales debe llevar acabo.
¡Asegúrese de informarle a su patrocinador que su proceso de inscripción ha sido completado!
Le queremos dar la bienvenida a la familia de Nature’s Sunshine. Ahora usted también puede patrocinar a otros distribuidores de manera local e internacional.
Una vez que la forma de aplicación sea completada con la información del nuevo distribuidor, usted deberá seguir los siguientes pasos para terminar el proceso de inscripción.
Envíe por correo postal, electrónico o por fax la forma de aplicación a su nuevo miembro. (Favor de recordar que el miembro nuevo tendrá que irmar el documento antes de entregarlo).
Póngase en contacto con su nuevo distribuidor y hágale saber que deben completar la forma de aplicación después de lo cual tendrán que entregarla por correo o fax a su oicina local de Nature’s Sunshine Products. La información de cada
oicina NSP se encuentra localizada en el enlace “Contáctenos” de la sección internacional de la página web NSP.
Dé seguimiento. Una vez que los pasos 1 y 2 se hayan llevado acabo, asegúrese de veriicar que dicho nuevo miembro aparezca en su Reporte de Genealogía en la sección de “Miembros” de la página web. Permita que pasen al menos 24
horas que pasen para así dar tiempo a que aparezca su nuevo miembro en el reporte.
¡Felicidades, ha terminado! Le deseamos buena suerte al continuar expandiendo su negocio de manera global y al compartir Nature’s Sunshine Products con sus conocidos por todo el mundo.
Pasos inales para el miembro nuevo
Pasos inales para el Patrocinador
Revise e assine o formulário de ailiação que o seu patrocinador enviou para você.
O seu patrocinador terá que informar a NSP da mesma cidade em que ele é ailiado de que foi efetivado um novo patrocínio internacional. De acordo com a regra de cada país, você poderá ser obrigado a fazer uma compra para concluir o processo de ailiação. Seu patrocinador irá passar as informações adicionais para inalizar o processo de ailiação.
Para garantir informe o seu patrocinador que a sua ailiação está completa!
Nós gostaríamos de desejar a você Boas Vindas a família Nature’s Sunshine. Agora você também pode patrocinar outros empreendedores localmente assim como internacionalmente!
Com as informações do seu novo empreendedor preenchidas no formulário de ailiação, você deve completar os seguintes passos para concluir o processo:
Enviar por Correio, Fax ou e-mail o formulário para o seu novo empreendedor. (Por favor, lembre que o seu novo empreendedor deve assinar o documento antes de enviá-lo).
Entre em contato com o seu novo empreendedor e o informe que ele deve completar o formulário de ailiação e enviar por Correio, Fax ou e-mail para o escritório da Nature’s Sunshine no Brasil. Para obter Informações sobre o endereço do
escritório da NSP você deve consultar o guia “Contact Us”.
Acompanhamento. Uma vez que o novo empreendedor completou o processo de ailiação, ele irá apareçer como seu Downline no Relatório de Downlines em “Member Resources”. Por favor, aguarde 24 horas para que seja possível fazermos a atualização no sistema.
Parabéns! Você concluiu sua ailiação. Nós gostaríamos de desejar boa sorte, continue expandindo seu negócio e compartilhe mundialmente a mensagem da Nature’s Sunshine!
Passos inais para o novo membro Passo inal para o Patrocínio Internacional Português
Прочитайте, заполните и подпишите форму заявления, полученную от спонсора.
Отправьте заявление в ближайший NSP офис. Контактную информацию о нем получите у вашего спонсора. Свяжитесь с офисом и получите подробные инструкции о Ваших дальнейших действиях; они различны в разных
странах, иногда надо сделать первый заказ, чтобы закончить процесс регистрации.
Дайте знать своему спонсору, что Вы закончили процесс регистрации.
Добро пожаловать в NSP. Теперь Вы тоже можете быть спонсором для других дистрибьюторов, как в Вашей стране, так и за рубежом.
После того, как ваш новый дистрибьютор, заполнил форму заявление, вы должны выполнить следующие шаги, чтобы закончить процесс подачи заявления:
Отправить почтой, факсом или электронной почтой заявление вашему новому дистрибьютору (пожалуйста, помните, что новый дистрибьютор должен подписать документ перед его отправкой в NSP офис).
Связаться со своим новым дистрибьютором и дать ему знать, что ему надо подписать заявление и отправить его в ближайший NSP офис. Контактную информацию о ближайшем NSP офисе можно найти на сайте, пройдя по ссылке « Contact us» слева.
Удостоверьтесь что Ваш новый дистрибьютор закончил процесс регистрации и указал Ваши данные правильно. Он должен появиться в вашем персональном отчете в разделе «Member Resources» слева. Подождите по крайней
мере 24 часа перед тем как Ваш новый дистрибьютор появиться на сайте.
Финальные шаги для спонсора
Финальные шаги для дистрибьютора
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