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Ремизова Алина Андреевна, Касьянова Ольга Сергеевна

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-литературное эссе на русском языке «Я помню о Великой Победе», проект "Ах, война, что же ты сделала!"
392000 г. Тамбов ул. Советская, 89
Телефон: (4752)723262, 727153
Факс: (4752)723262 Эл.почта: Издательство "Дрофа" Конкурс "Я помню о Великой Победе" (литературное эссе на английском языке)
Авторы: Ремизова Алина Андреевна,
Касьянова Ольга Сергеевна
Класс: 11 Б
Руководитель: Кобзева Олеся Олеговна
(классный руководитель, учитель английского языка) We should remember mistakes of humanity in order to prevent similar ones happen in future.
Sixty five years have gone from the end of the Second World War. People have almost forgotten the fear of bombs falling from the sky, barrels of guns looking straight at them and horror of understanding that their relatives would never come home. Nowadays it is hard to imagine that millions of people died in order to bring peace in our life. The fact that we do not know war is their merit and our generation must not forget that. However, the further years of war are going past, the more things that remind about war are disappearing.
Some people say memory saves only positive information, because a human is made for love and happiness. They believe people should forget everything that awakes severity and wickedness in the soul. However, can we forget millions victims of the Second World War? I guess we cannot. Russians say "If you are warned, you are equipped". We should remember mistakes of humanity in order to prevent similar happenings in future. They point out that the war theme is not popular with teenagers, because young people are indifferent to it. It cannot be true. Today due to Victory's jubilee this topic is discussed even more than ever. They try to persuade us that situation is non-problematic now. I cannot agree. Many of veterans simply do not have living conditions; government says it will do something, but unfortunately... There are too many words which mean nothing.
In my opinion, the Second World War is the most terrifying event of all times and peoples. Just remember some things connected with it. They are the ruins of cultural heritage, destruction of folks' life and the Holocaust. I think people should remember the War not only because of consequences it has given to humanity, but because of respect to those people, who had died. Years ago somebody had said "Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten" and these words have become the symbol of our generation. I am confident that future people will know what the War had given us and they will not only be proud of Victory, like modern people, but they will regret about consequences of the War, which probably could have been prevented. Nowadays some people continue to discuss reasons of the Second World War, they are in search for guilty. Strange people! Do not they understand they all were responsible for what had happened? There were not any originators, paraphrasing book of history "The War was hovered in the air". Today people have become more likely to understand the whole tragedy of the War, so I guess in the nearest time there will not be any problems. Because of human's senses of sympathy and willing to help many organizations make veteran's life better. However, until we all are indifferent to other people this question will be brought up many and many times. If we want to make life more meaningful for everybody, we should think not only about ourselves.
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ремизова, андреевна, алина, касьянова, сергеевна, ольга
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