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Шишкина Анастасия Андреевна

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литературное эссе на русском языке «Я помню о Великой Победе», проект "Ах, война, что же ты сделала!"

392000 г. Тамбов ул. Советская, 89
Телефон: (4752)723262, 727153
Факс: (4752)723262 Эл.почта: Издательство "Дрофа" Конкурс "Я помню о Великой Победе" (литературное эссе на английском языке)
Автор: Шишкина Анастасия Андреевна
Класс: 11 Б
Руководитель: Кобзева Олеся Олеговна
(классный руководитель, учитель английского языка) Heroism of Tambov citizens in World War II Many people believe that the territories, which were not involved in battles in the Great Patriotic War, did not contribute to the development of events. However, I completely disagree with it. Tambov region was not a place of fighting, but our heroes and their feats were included in the world history. In 2010, our country is celebrating the 65 anniversary of victory in Great Patriotic War. Victory Day has become a national holiday, the day of worship to graves of the fallen and honor to living veterans. The great tragedy for all Soviet people was the last war. The harsh military situation left an imprint on Tambov. From the first days of the Great Patriotic War restructuring of the way of life in the area according to the war demands began. About 420 thousand of Tambov citizens were mobilized into the Red Army. On the territory of Tambov many military units were formed. In the short term the industry of Tambov region was switched to the output for the front. Here ammunition and explosives, military and medical equipment, cloak cloth and leather, tobacco, alcohol, sugar were produced. The dedication and new methods of organizing labor of workers of railroads from Michurinsk, Tambov and Kochetovka allowed the increase in the capacity of the railways in 7 times in the summer of 1941. Despite the difficult situation in agriculture, the idea to raise funds for the Red Army was born among the peasants. In autumn 1942 collecting money to build a tank column "Tambov farmer" began on the collective farm "Red volunteer" in Izberdeevskiy region. During the years of war over 250 million rubles were received in the defense fund of Tambov region. In the fight against the Nazi invaders many heroes from Tambov were distinguished. About 400 of them became Heroes of the Soviet Union, thousands were awarded orders and medals of the USSR and other countries. Tambov citizens fought in partisan units in the territory of the USSR, participated in the resistance movement in Europe. Around 250 thousand Tambov citizens were killed at the front. An example of true heroism is the feat of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, whose monument is located near our lyceum. She was the first woman, who was awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union" during World War II. Zoya became the symbol of heroism of Soviet people in World War II. The further into history the Great Patriotic War days are going away, the fuller and deeper we realize the grandeur of the feat of Soviet people on the fronts and in rear. We strongly admire the valor and courage of sons and daughters of our country, who, with great sacrifice and their lives defended their homeland and the world from fascism. People's memory is immortal. This memory is perpetuated in literature, journalism, films, painting, monumental art, museum displays. Heroes are deathless, works of writers and poets, painters and sculptors and a lot of songs were devoted to them.
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