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September 11 2003

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Aвтор: Ilya Примечание:Good Content comment. One of the best essays. Only 45 minutes were given for this work Sep/2003, LaGuardia, City University of New York
ENA 099 September 11 2003 9.11.2001 – 9.11.2003 We all spent that day in different places of the country, of the World, but when the morning of September 11 struck us with the tragic news we all got together to share the terrible felling of the pain and fear of the future. I remember myself that day being in a kind of shock, not really realizing what was going on. Even a few phone calls received from my friends did not make things clear. People died. The innocent people were murdered! People like my, my neighbor or anybody else were killed who just like us started that usual morning with no sense of what could possible happen. And that were too many people for me to accept this fact. But when, finally, I realized what has happened, I wanted the answers to my questions. What should we do now? No, what DO WE HAVE TO DO now?! The question filled me with anger – the anger which is the normal reaction of the people, the anger which leads us to the wrong way of solving the problems. As the answer to what has happened, we have got two Wars in the World which is our way to solve the problems, “To prevent” the next tragic events we build a wall of blood and more innocent victims. We always want the easy way. But the way of destruction and killing more people is never going to be an answer. It’s never going to save us from the future we choose ourselves. The way of anger or “trying to make things up”, covering it with “we don’t want to go through September 11
again” is not going to be an answer. It’s simply going to get things worse. But if ever hold the Holy Bible in your hands and follow it, you would have answered differently to what has happened on September 11. The Holy Bible has to lead us to the answers, but not the anger. Comments 
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