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№Этапы урокаМатериал урокаI.Орг. моментGood morning.(teacher)
Good morning, Good morning, Good morning to you
Good morning, Good morning we are glad to see you! (students)Фонетическая зарядкаNow let's twist our tongs. Буквосочетания wh, ing, ch, th, sh, ire. Now look at the blackboard, you can see the poem, let's read it all together and pay attention at the pronunciation of some words. What are you going to be? What are you going to be?
I'll be a teacher,
That's the life for me.
What are you going to be? What are you going to be?
I'll be a fireman,
That's the life for me.
II.Сообщение темы урокаOk, the theme of our lesson is Learning More about each other. Today we'll learn new words, we'll listen to the text and at the end we should make a dialog. Firstly, let's remember the poem about different people.Речевая зарядкаOur family comes From around the world Our hair is straight
Our hair is curled
Our curled are brown Our eyes are blue
Our skins are different colours too.
We are girls and boys
We are big and small
We are young and old
We are short and tall
We are everything That we can be
And still we are a family.
We laugh and cry
We work and play
We help each other every day
The world is a lovely place to be
Because we are a family.III.Основная частьAt home you learned by heart words : family, hair, straight, curled, eyes, skin, colour, girl, boy, big, small, young, old, short, tall, laugh, cry, work, play, help, each other, lovely.Проверка домашнего заданияLet's read them all together and play the game "Bingo", I give you some sheets of paper, you write words, then I read the words and you will cross them, If you have these words on your sheets of paper.
When you have crossed 3 words you should say "Bingo", after that you need to read and translate these words and I put you a mark and we can play "Total Bingo". When you have crossed all words you should say "Total Bingo". Then you need to read and translate these words.
Big tallshortРабота по теме урокаToday we'll make a dialog, that's why we'll need some new words: fireman, doctor, teacher, shop assistant, driver, librarian, bodyguard, vet, manager. Let's red them all together and try to remember.
Now answer my question - What are you going to be?
(Don't forget about grammar structure to be going to)
Students: I am going to be a doctor.Match the words and the sentences
1. a doctor 2. a policeman 3. a clown 4. a postman 5. a dancer 6. a fireman 7. a baker 8. a dentist 9. a pupil 10. a teacher
a) He bakes bread.
b) He works in a circus.
c) He takes care of our teeth.
d) He fights fires.
e) She studies at school.
f) He delivers letters.
g) She gives pupils homework.
h) He helps sick people.
i) He protects people.
j) She works in a theatre.
Very good, please look at the screen. You can see the letter from the English pen friend. Now I'll read this letter. Please, fill the blanks.
Great Britain
Dear John,
Thank you very much for your letter. You asked me to write about my family. Our family is small. I have a father, a mother and a sister. My mother is Judy. She is 45. She is beautiful, kind and clever. My mother is a doctor. My father's name is Ted. He is a fireman. My sister's name is Lucy. She is young and nice. Lucy works at school, she is a teacher. I am 7 years old. I want to be a bodyguard. And you? What are you going to be?
Your friend
Ben Smith
Students listen to the letter and try to put the words in the blanks. Letter
Bodyguard Please give me your letters, I'll check them and put some marks.
Now let's remember the grammatical structure "To be going to"
1. You ... going to be a baker. 2. They ... going to be engineers. 3. I ... going to be a fireman. 4. My parents ... going to be doctors. 5. Tom and John ... going to be pilots. 6. He ... going to be a good farmer. Now answer my question: What are you going to be?Good of you, now please answer my questions.
What is your name? (My name is...)
What is your surname? (My surname is...)
How old are you? (I am ...)
Where do you live? (I live in Chelyabinsk.)
What is your hobby? (My hobby is drawing, reading, playing computer games)
What foreign language do you speak? ( French, English, Russian)
What are you going to be? (I am going to be a fireman, doctor, teacher)
Very good, please tell me. How can we start our dialog? What do we need to say when we finish our dialog?Great, you can see a dialog. Now please work in pairs, try to make your own dialog and to act it.
IV.Заключительная частьВыставление оценокToday I put an excellent mark to...., because they made all tasks without any mistake. A good mark to....., because they had some mistakes in their works.Домашнее заданиеYou homework is to learn by heart your dialog and new words.РефлексияPlease tell me: What grammatical structure do you know?
What professions do you know?
What poem do you know?
The lesson is over, good bye you are free.
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