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A lucky day
Use the simple past.
Yesterday I _______________ when my alarm clock _____________ .
(wake up) (ring)
My Mum_________ immediately. And she______________ me my breakfast in bed. (get up) (bring)
I _________ cereal and _____________ cocoa with milk.
(eat) (drink)
Then I __________ a shower and got dressed. I _____________ a nice t-shirt and the (have) (choose)
trousers my grandma ______________ me in New York during the holidays.
My goldfish ___________ towards me when he __________ me and I _________ him.
(swim) (see)(feed)
I _____________ Dad calling me. He asked me if I ____________ my lessons. I told (hear) (know)
him I _____________ them by heart and he _______________ me to school.
(learn) (drive)
He ______________ me some pocket money to buy a croissant. I ___________ it and (give) (take) ___________ thank you.
At school I ___________ a love letter in my locker. My secret girlfriend ____________ (find) (send)
it to me. I ___________ it in a hurry. She ____________ I was the most handsome (read) (say)
boy in my class and It _____________ me feel great!
I _______________ her some earrings for her birthday. They _______________ me a (buy) (cost)
lot of money but they're beautiful.
After that, I ________ a maths test which I __________________ was a piece of cake (have) (think)
(= very easy). I ____________________ everything.
On the way home I __________ a rainbow.
After having dinner I __________ my homework and then _____________ to bed.
(do) (go)
I ______________ like a log in my car shaped bed. I _______________ I (sleep) (dream)
_________ the Grand Prix.
I wish every day could be as perfect.
A bad day
Yesterday I ____________ my alarm clock but I ____________ back to sleep.
(hear) (go)
I ___________ up late and _________ to the kitchen. I ____________ my tongue (get up) (run) (burn)
because the milk was too hot!
I also __________ my finger on a knife and my butter and jam toast __________ on (cut) (fall)
the carpet, on the wrong side of course!
Afterwards I __________ my foot against the door. Ouch, it hurt!
(hit) When I opened the door of its cage, my canary ___________ away. Ten minutes later, (fly)
I _____________ him in a net and ________ him back into the cage.
(catch) (put)
Of course, I __________ home late and missed the bus. I _________ my bike and (leave) (take)
__________ to school. It was so cold that my fingers ___________.
(ride) (freeze)
There I ________ a horrible history test. I was so nervous that I __________ my pen (have) (break)
and ______________ everything I knew.
In the afternoon, the PE teacher _____________ us how to fight. I _______________ (teach)(fight)
against a big boy who __________ me so hard that I __________ a tooth. And even (beat) (lose)
worse! Somebody ___________ my MP3 player in my locker. (steal)
I ______________ believe it!
Fortunately, my alarm clock ____________ again and I realised it was only a (ring)
bad dream, a real nightmare! What a relief! 
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