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Anatomy A regional atlas of the human body Third Edition. By Carmine D. Clemente Baltimore Urban & Schwarzenberg 1987 439 pp illustrated $42

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Brief Book Reviews
by Fred Plum, MD
Hand Function and the Neocortex,
Experimental Brain Research, Supplementum 10
Edited by A . W. Gwdwin and I . DarianSmith
Berlin, Springer-Verkag, 1985
Hand Function and the Neocortex is a summary of a symposium that took place in Melbourne, Australia, in August,
1983. The goal of the book, as stated by the editors, is to
examine current understanding of the cortical mechanisms
underlying sensorimotor functions of the hand, especially
those functions which are common to monkey and humans.
The emphasis of the various papers presented in the volume is on electrophysiological recordings of single-unit activity in the neocortex of primates during the performance of
various manual tasks. Nevertheless, a variety of approaches
to hand function are represented, including psychophysical
and other behavioral studies, neuroanatomical tract tracing
studies, experiments using regional cerebral blood flow to
map cortical areas, neuropsychological studies in neurological patients, and computer modeling. The nineteen papers
provide an excellent summary of the neural mechanisms of
hand function and, as hoped by the editors, highlight the
interdependence of sensory and motor functions of the hand
at both the behavioral and neural level.
Joseph LeDoux, PhD
New York, NY
Left Side-Right Side: A Review of Laterality Research
By Akzn Beaton
New Haven, Yale University Press, 1986
In spite of the widespread popularization of ideas about brain
lateralization that has taken place in the scientific community,
as well as in contemporary culture, there are relatively few
books that attempt to provide a comprehensive overview of
the empirical basis of these ideas. Leji Side-Right Side fills
this gap. In this book, Alan Beaton surveys handedness,
language, emotion, attention, sex differences, psychopathology, reading disorders, methodology, development, and evolution, as each relates to laterality. Each topic is discussed in
detail. Empirical findings as well as theories and concepts are
Beaton’s aim in writing the book was to provide students
and researchers with a comprehensive review of the field
from 1962 forward, as that year marks the publication of the
first of the modern studies concerning split-brain patients.
He has done a fine job in achieving this goal. The reader who
is looking for a synthesis of the field or a theory of lateralization, however, will not find it here. Nevertheless, as a review
and reference source, the book is very useful.
Joseph LaDoux, PhD
New York, N Y
Anatomy: A Regional Atlas of the Human Body,
Third Edition
By Carmine D. Ckmente
Baltimore, Urban 6 Schanenberg, I987
439 pp, illustrated, $42.50
Dr Clemente has been awarded the privilege of reediting the
thud edition of the famous Sobotta anatomical atlases. Regrettably, the volume omits any detailed sections on central
nervous system strucimes, but diagrams of the cranial blood
supply as well as the extracranial structures are a joy to behold. The present edition includes 96 new figures and many
of the remaining illustrations are derived from the Pernkopf
and Sobotta collections. The best recommendation is the
shortest: buy it!
The Biochemical Blsis of Neuropharmacology
By J. R. Cooper, F. E. Bloom, and R. H. Roth
New York, Oxfird University Press, 1986
400 pp, illustrated, $1 6.95
This once little and lively paperback is no longer little, but it
remains the core reference as a general introduction and review of neuropharmacology. The work is thoroughly up-todate, and the new chapter on peptides, among others, makes
it indispensable.
Boron-Neutron Capture Therapy for Tumors
Edited by H. Hatanakz
Niigata, Nishimura Go, 1986
463 pp, illustrated
Boron-neutron capatre has been regarded as a potentially
attractive approach to tumor therapy for 50 years. Its development, however, has been seriously impeded by the lack
of satisfactory sourcc:~of adequate neutron activity. Drs
Hatanaka of Japan and Sweet in the U.S. have pioneered in
efforts to bring practicality to the approach, and the present
monograph describes, in rather technical terms, their progress to the present. Given the current limitations of treating
malignant brain tumcrs, even with irradiation and chemotherapy combined, the approach deserves attention, even
though achieving a practical way of approaching large numbers of‘patients seems a long way off.
Cerebral Lateralization: Biological Mechanisms,
Associations, and Pa.thology
By Norman Geschwind and Albert M . Gakaburda
Cambridge, M I T , 198?
284 pp, illustrated, $29.95
The volume represents a modestly expanded reprint of the
material that appeared in the authors’ recent detailed papers
in Archives of Neurology.
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