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Annual review of neuroscience vol 1 edited by W. Maxwell Cowan Zach W. Hall and Eric R. Kandel Annual Reviews Palo Alto 1978 506 pp illustrated $17

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Pathology of Peripheral Nerve
B,. A. K . Ajbuq and P . C . Johnson
W . B . Saunder~Conipan.y, Philadelphiu, 1978
311 pp, illuJtrdted, S2.3.40
Reviewed b j Herbert H . Schaumburg, MD
This is an excellent book, a d - w r i t t e n , concise, and-most
organized both for rapid reference on
specihc problems and for general reading. The extent of
the authors’ experience in this specialty is mirrored by the
fidct that nearly all the photographs in this heavily illustrated volume are ofgooti quality and come from their own
After an initial chapter that devotes 40 pages to a description of normal nerve, the authors present a lucid, extensive description of the general pathological mechanisms
underlying peripheral nerve disease. Logically, the next
four chapters deal with the most common categories of
nerve disease, the mechanisms of which were just outlined.
‘Thus the reader is given considerable data o n the individual
Jisordci-s in an understanciable framework. This is one of
the clear advantages of a one- or two-authored volume,
and avoids the pitfall of the random lists of diseases that
characterize inmy o t today’s multiauthored textbooks.
Chapter 2 0 gives a concise iirscriprion of the clinical aspects of peripheral nerve disease which should be required
reaciing for neurology residents and medical students. Indeed, one of m y few reservations about this volume is its
relegation of clinic-a1 discussion t o the end, where it may be
Despite its inclusion in a series designed for pathologists,
this book shoulJ have a far wider appeal and is strongly
recommended for clinical neurologists and neurobiologists
with an interest in the peripheral nervous system.
Books Received
and Brief Reviews
Neuro-Ophthalmology: CIinical Signs a n d Symptoms,
by ThonlasJ . WdIsh. Leu & Fehiger, Philadelphia, 1978, 294
p p , illust rated, S22.5 0
Textbooks in neuroophthalniologp abound these days. This
one is ilistinctivc in that i t approaches the problem from
the s t a d p o i n t of major symptoms. Chapters cover papilledema, pupillary abnormalities, exophthalmos, ptosis,
ciiplopia, retinal disease, radiology, facial palsy, blurred vision, headache, nystagmus, and gaze and field defects. T h e
writing is clear, but ?he presentation is at the level of an
elementary text. Tne physlology of disease is underemphasized, and the impression conveyed is that this is an
empirically based voiume primarily reflecting the author’s
extensive clinical experience.
Neuro-ophthalmology, edited by Joel S . Glaser, Harper C
Row, Hagerstown, M D , 1978, 364 p p , ilhstrated, $35.00
T h e volume is a systematic text organized in the traditional
manner of examination, anatomy, topical diagnosis, and so
forth. Useful chapters on eye movements and recording
techniques, supranuclear disorders of eye movements, and
nystagmus and migraine come from Dell’Osso, Daroff, and
Troost. The book can be recommended for systematic
study by the neurologist, especially as a good introduction
to the new physiology of eye movements.
Cell Receptor Disorders, by Theodore Melnechuk, We.rterti
Behavioral Sciences institute, La Jollu, CA, 1978. 209 pp*
The synthesis o f a workshop held at San Diego in 1977, the
book consists o f a series of summaries plus bibliography of
the topics discussed there. T h e summaries are on the brief
side, and one wishes they contained more flesh. The bibliography is extensive, however. Because very little review
material exists on this increasingly important sub jecr, many
will want to look at the book.
Paleoneurology, by Vrronika 1. KoChetkGiUa (transbted f i o m
the Russian), V . H . Winston C Sons. Wa.ihirigton, DC, 1978.
340 pp, illustrated, $22.95
A translation from the Russian of a book that is half anthropology, half dialectic, with the lines by no means
clearly drawn between the two. The anthropological material is interesting and the approach fascinating, even when
one balks at the Marxist intrusions.
Intercellular Junctions a n d Synapses, edited by J .
Peldnzan, AT.B. Gilula, and J . D. Pitts, Chapman & Hall,
London, 1978, 247 pp, illustrated, $35.00
A n n u a l Review of Neuroscience, Vol 1, edited bj W.
Maxu~ellCowan, Zach W . Hall, and Eric- R . Katidel, Annua/
Rei,iezc,.r, Palo Alto, 1978. 506 p p , illustra,ted. S 17.00
The first of a planned annual review series in neuroscience,
the volume reflects the remarkable growth of the helds of
neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, neurochemisrry, physjological psychology, and neurological clinical investigation
over the last 25 years. Clearly, the scope of the specialty
has gotten out of hand in terms of any single basic or
neurological scientist or clinical neurological scientist
being able to keep abreast. It is high time that the annual
review series, which has done such a splendid job in other
areas of science, brings its talents to our own.
This initial volume contains chapters on environmental
determination of autonomic neurotransmitter functions,
circadian pacemakers in the nervous system, neural control
of behavior, motor systems, pain, sensory evoked potentials, central catecholamine systems, optical methods for
monitoring neuron activity, regulation of autonomic developmenr, recent advances in neuroanatomical methods,
mechanisms o f cortical development, trophic mechanisms
in the peripheral nervous system, auditory mechanisms of
the lower brainstem, neurophysiology of epilepsy, biology
of cultured nerve and muscle, and organization of neuronal
membranes. The series is highly recommended to all
neuroscience libraries and to any inchidual neurologist
interested in maintaining his or her broad base of knowledge.
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