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Anomalies of the central nervous system Neuroradiology and neurosurgery.

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Brief Book Reviews
by Fred Plum, MD
Concepts in Pediatric Neurosurgery (Vol. 6)
Edited by Paul H . Chapman
New York, Karger, 1985
244 pp, illustrated, $74.25
The book presents relatively short summaries of papers presented at the Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery’s 1985
Nutrition and the Brain (Vol. 7, Food Constituents
Affecting Normal and Abnormal Behaviors)
Edited by Richard J . Wurtman and J . J . Wurtman
New York, Raven Press, 1985
25 7 pp, illustrated, $59.50
Contents include: Effects of Food and Nutrients on Behavior, Clinical Pharmacology of Tryptophan, Monoamine Precursors and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders, Bulemia,
Carbohydrate Craving and Depression, Psychobiology of
Anorexia Nervosa, and Potential Effects of Aspartame. The
chapters are extensively referenced and are concerned
mainly with animal and highly experimental approaches. Several researchers conclude that the subject of their review is
either in its infancy, or surrounded by difficulties in distinguishing the primary from secondary effects of nutrition on
brains. The volume contains potentially interesting material
for those with a primary interest in nutrition.
Anomalies of the Central Nervous System:
Neuroradiology and Neurosurgery
By Koreaki Mori
New York, Thieme-Stratton, 1985
216 pp, illustrated, (price not included)
This is a beautifully reproduced atlas of radiographic, clinical,
and a few neurosurgical findings of congenital anomalies.
Although available in the Japanese literature for some years,
this readable and informative English-language edition will
be a welcome addition to the shelves of any comprehensive
neurological-neurosurgical library.
Edited by F. C. Rose and W . S. Field
New York, Karger} 1984
274 pp, illustrated, $98.00
The volume represents the proceedings of a symposium held
in London in 1984. Contents include: Basic Aspects, Diagnostic Aspects, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, and Com-
bined and Other Treatments. The subject matter is covered
with reasonable comprehensibility, and the monograph is
clearly produced.
Neurobiology of Arachnids
By F . G . Barth
New York, Springer-VerLzg, 1985
385 pp, illustrated, $69.50
For those who like (or hate) spiders, scorpions, and the like,
here is your book. The subject matter is neurobiological,
comprehensive, and not clinical.
Atlas of the Rabbit Brain and Spinal Cord
By J . W . Shek, G . Y . Wen, and H . M . Wisniewski
New York, Karger, 1986
139 pp, illustrated, $151 S O
This book represents an indispensable atlas for neurobiologists working with this species. It represents the most detailed and comprehensive material currently available on the
Chemoarchitecture of thle Brain
By R. Nieuwenhuys
New York, Springer-Verlag, 1986
246 pp, illustrated, $34.50
The title describes the contents, including acetylcholine;
monoarnines; amino acids; gut-brain peptides; hypophysiotropic peptides; neurohypophyseal peptides; pro-opiomelanocortin derivatives; enkephalins; dynorphins and angiotensin 11. Additional material provides discussion, “new”
entities, and the relation between classical neuroanatomy and
chemical neuroanatomy .
Senile Dementia of the Allzheimer Type:
Early Diagnosis, Neuropathology and Animal Models
Edited by J . Traber and W . H . Gispen
New York, Springer-Verlag, 1986
376 pp, illustrated
This volume contains the proceedings of a summary held in
Cologne, West Germany, in November 1984. The coverage
is fairly broad, although those reasonably familiar with the
subject will not find much here that has not already appeared
in the journal literature.
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