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Antiepileptic drugs Quantitative analysis and interpretation edited by C. E. Pippenger J. Kiffin Penry and Henn Kutt raven press New York 1978 367 pp tables $29

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Books Received
and Brief Reviews
The Harvey Lectures, Series 71 (1975-1976), by Eduiard
A. Boy.te, Eugene Brauriu'ald, Joseph G. Gall, Donald R.
Griffin, Roger Guillemin, Seymour S. Kety, Beatrice Mintz,
Academic Press, New York,
Lloyd/. Old, avid Wallace P. ROWK,
1978, 327 p p , i h t r a t e d , $19.50
The series contains important reviews of Seymour Kety's
work on the biological roots of mental illness and Roger
Guillemin's o n the control of adenohypophysial functions
by central nervous system peptides.
Fundamentals of Stroke Care: Reports of the Joint
Committee for Stroke Resources, edited by A . L. Sahs and
E. C. Hartman, U S Department of Health, Education, and
Welfare Publication No. ( H K A ) 76-14016, U S Government
Printing Ofjice. Wa.thiiigton, DC, 442 pp, 1976
A comprehensive, if uncritical, compendium by the Joint
Committee for Stroke Facilities, sponsored by the National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health. Each
chapter reflects the views of different groups, and, not
surprisingly, recommendations for extensive diagnostic
procedures and management emerge. One can't help
wishing that the recommendations in such volumes carried
with them some evidence of their relative merit over less
expensive alternative approaches which would allow one
to focus high-cost technology and clinical resources on patients best suited to profit from them. Tables are extensive
and useful. Bibliography is comprehensive.
Modern Concepts in Brain T u m o r Therapy: Laboratory and Clinical Investigations, National Cancer Institute Monograph N o . 4 6 , US Department of Health, Education,
and Welfare, Beiherdaa.M D . 1977,250 pp, illustrated, 38.00
Adverse Mechanical Tension i n the Central Nervous
System, by Alf Brie& Almqvist 6 Wiksell, Stockholm, 1978,
264 pp<illustrated, $64.00
This extensively illustrated volume elaborates the views of
Brieg, who was formerly Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. The
orientation is a combination of orthopedic and neurological. O n e gathers that most of the conclusions are inferential but based on the thesis that much spinal cord and spinal
nerve root symptomatology can be explained by various
forms of tension and traction on the offended structures.
The result is an often sensible recommendation for treating
a variety of aches and pains by postural, physiotherapeutic,
and biomechanical approaches. The extensive illustrations
are often informative.
Antiepileptic Drugs: Quantitative Analysis and Interpretation, edited bp C.E . Pippenger, J . K$$n Penry, and
h e n n Kutt, Raww Pres.i. N e u York, 1978, 367 pp, tables,
$2 9.5 0
A useful volume o n methods, standardization, and pitfalls
of techniques of drug measurement in various body tissues.
I t is comprehensive, and the contents deserve a look by
any physician using blood levels to monitor patients. Pitfalls of methods and potential errors are well described.
H a n d b o o k of Clinical Neurology, edited by P. J . Vinken
and G . W. Bruyn, North-Holland Publishing Compan),
Amsterdani-New York, 1978
Vol 32: Congenital Malformations of the Spine a n d
Spinal Cord, 588 pp, illustrated, $1 02.25
The volume includes craniocervical bone malformation;
Arnold-Chiari malformation; Klippel-Feil syndrome;
cervico-oculo-acousticus syndrome; scoliosis and other
malformations; rachischisis; meningoceles; hydromyelia;
diastematomyelia; syringomyelia; cervical and lumbar
stenosis; caudal aplasia; congenital tumors; arachnoid and
other cysts; dermal sinuses and dermoids; angiomas; arthrogryposis multiplex congenita; and spina bifida. Production and quality are up to the usual standards. Very few
references are later than 1075.
Vol 33: Infections of the Nervous System, Part I, 560
pp, ilhtrated, 597.95
This much-needed volume includes chapters on bacterial
meningitis; meningococcal meningitis; pneumococcal
meningitis; influenza meningitis; infantile enteric meningitis; staphylococci and streptococci; Listeria monoryiogeneJ;
gram-negative meningitis in adults; brain abscesses; infections of the dura and dural sinuses; bacterial infections of
the spinal cord; tuberculous meningitis; chronic spinal
arachnoiditis; sequelae to pertussis infection and immunization; brucellosis; syphilis; leptospirosis; leprosy; the
effects of infective endocarditis; and neurological
diphtherias. With antimicrobial medication changing so
rapidly to meet the challenges of new parasitic strains, one
hopes that the publisher will put out a biennial table with
recommendations for the most modern treatment of central nervous system bacterial infections.
La Dominance cirkbrale; une anthologie, edited by H .
Hicaen, 479 pp, 140 F , Mouton 6 Co, Paris, 1978
The volume provides an anthology o f papers written by
neurologists and neuropsychologists of many countries, all
concerned with various aspects of function of the dominant
cerebral hemisphere. T h e story is traced from Broca's 1865
paper on the localization of language through to HPcaen
and Sauguet's treatise on aphasia in left-handers (1970).
Non-Gallic manuscripts have been translated into French
for homogeneity; the collection is valuable enough, however, that o n e hopes i t could be rendered into English so as
to give it wide availability for neurologists and psychologists in the English-speaking world.
Fundamentals of Electroencephalography, Second
Edition, by K. Kooi, P. Tucker, and R. E. Marshall, 249 p p ,
$20.00, Harper 6 Roiij, Hagerstotcn. M D . 1078
This is the second edition of a book that provides a useful
introduction to electroencephalography. The volume starts
with a clearly expressed introduction to medical electronics
and proceeds with the neurophysiological basis of EEG interpretation. T h e last section is devoted to dcscribing EEG
changes in specific disorders, and a final section usefully
cites potential artifacts which may confuse EEG interpretations. The approach of the volume is traditional, and new
techniques such as spectral analysis and computerization
are considered only briefly.
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