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Archives of the international congresses and society of neuropathology 1952Ц1977 by Matthew T. Moore 683 pp $35

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Archives of the International Congresses and Society
of Neuropathology, 1952-1977, by Matthew T . Moore,
683 pp, $35.00, L a & Febiger. Philadelphia, 1978
This is a labor of love, describing the various administrative
proceedings and social activity of the International Congresses of Neuropathology for the years included. In addition to the narratives, conventional items of delegates, program contents. and officers are included.
Cerebral Dural Sinuses and Their Tributaries, by/efierson Bnnuder and Harry A. Kaplan, 120 pp, illustrated,
$14.95, Charhs C Tbomas, Sprinfihf, IL, 1976
Browder and Kaplan have painstakingly studied the cerebral vessels for many years, and this latest monograph continues the fine tradition of their work.
Elecvonystagmography: Technical Aspects and Atlas,
U.Toglia, 143 pp, ihstrated, $13.50, Charles C
Thomas, Sprin&U, IL, 1976
The title is self-explanatory. Forty-two pages are given over
ro actual description, while the rest of the book consists of
illustrations of tracings, equipment, x-rays, and case histories.
by Joseph
Pathogenesis of Human Muscular Dystrophies, edited by
h i s P . Rowland, 896 ppv illustrated, jGG.95, Excerpta
Medica, Amrtcrdrrm and Oxford, I977
The volume consists of short papers by a large number of
investigators from all over the world comprising the proceedings of the Fifth International Scientific Conference of
the Muscular Dystrophy Association held in 1976. The
quality is high, the production is excellent, and the volume
stands as a superb reflection of the state of the art in this
fast-changing field.
Patient Care in Neurosurgery, by James R. Hmue, 228 pp,
illustrated, $9.95 (spiralbound), Littk, Brown and Company,
Boston, 1977
Myopathies, by Jaap Bethlem, 281 pp, illustrated, 539.25,
Nortb-Holland Publirhing Company, Amsterdam and Ntw
Ywk. 1977
This is a clinically oriented disease monograph with didactic presentation, but many of the references are from the
author’s own direct study. Production is of high quality,
although one gets the impression of paying a good deal of
money for some very wide page margins and open spaces
between very short chapters.
Neurotransmitter Function, Basic and Clinical Aspects, edited by William s. Fieus, 391 pp, ihstrated,
$24.75, Stratton Intercontinental, New York, I977
The volume presents the papers delivered in the 1976
Houston symposium. Most of the authors are experts in
their field, and the book provides a good s w e y of the
Approaches to the Cell Biology of Neurons (Society for
Neuroscience Symposia, Volume 11),edited by W . Maxwell C w a n and James A . Fewendelli, 454 pp, illustrated,
$1 7.50, Society fm Neuroscience, Bethesda, I977
Starting with the 1975 meeting, the Society for Neuroscience has published selected examples of its outstanding
symposia in an annual monograph. The effort has been to
group topics that have at least a semblance of a tie to one
another, as reflected in the title of this book. Subtopics
include genetics, extrinsic influences on the developing
neuron, role of calcium in transmitter release, and biochemical sequelae of synaptic action. The research is up to
the minute, and the authors uniformly share a high level of
experience and quality.
Neurotransmitters, Hormones and Receptors: Novel
Approaches (Neuroscience Symposia, Volume I), edited
by James A . Femendelli, Bruce S . McEwen, and Solomon H .
Snydpr, 138 pp, illustrated, $10.00, Society for Neuroscience,
Bethesh, 1976
Chase, Chance, 81 Creativity, The Lucky Art of
Novelty, by James H . Austin, 232 pp, $12.95, Columbia
University Pms, New York, 1978
A volume of highly personalized essays by Jim Austin, who
is Professor of Neurology at the University of Colorado,
Denver. Despite its subjectivity. the book is well worth
reading thanks to Dr Austin’s thoughtfulness.
Microsurgery for Stroke, edited by Peter Schmiedek, 285
pp, illustrated, $28.80, Springw-Vwlag, New York, 1977
The proceedings of a symposium held in 1976. Nearly half
of the book is devoted to the clinical problem of stroke by
mostly European authors. The papers tend to be terse, and
one looks in vain for serious discussion on how to evaluate
whether the various technical procedures have any effect
on long-term outcome or the incidence of subsequent neurological crisis.
Neurotoxicology, Volume 1, edited by Leon Roizin, Hirotrugu Shiraki, and Nenad Grccvic, 686 pp, illustrated $55.00,
h v e n Press, N t w York, 197 7
The volume appears to be based on a conference of the
same name, but the place and year could not be determined
from either the preface or the foreword. Topics covered
are tranquilizers, narcotics and anesthetics, stimulants, antidepressants, heavy and trace me&. antimicrobial, industrial chemicals, pesticides, anorexic agents, and general
principles concerning pathogenetic mechanisms.
Pediatric Neurosurgery, Volume 18, Modern Pmblems in Paediatrics,editedby R. Villani, M. Giwanelli, and
S . M . Gaini, 282 pp, illustrated, tables, $67.50, S. Karger,
Basel, 19 77
Tay-Sachs Disease, Screening and Prevention (Progress in Clinical and Biological Research, Volume 18),
edited by Michael M . Kaback, 430 pp, tabks, $45.00,A h R .
Liss, New Ywk, I977
The proceedings of a conference held in 1975, sponsored
by the National Tay-Sachs Association, are documented in
this book.
Pediatric Neurosurgery (Contemporary Neurology Series), by Thomas H . Milhorat, 389 pp, illustrated, 535
F. A . Davis Company, Philadelphia, 1978
Mental Retardation and Related Disorders (Contemporary Neurology Series), by Charles F . Barlmu, 137 pp,
$22.00, F. A. Davis Company, Philadclphia, 1978
One of the few monographs on this important subject, the
book draws heavily on Dr. Barlow’s extensive experience
as director of the Mental Retardation program of the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Boston.
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