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Atlas of brain anatomy for C.T. Scans Using emi terminology second edition prepared by Fred C. Shipps J. Mcandrew Jones and Anthony D'Agostino 51 pp illustrated $16

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Books Received
and Brief Reviews
Cellular Neurobiology, edited by Zach Hall. Kegi.s KeIIy. and
C . Fred Fax. 320 p p , i h t r u t e d . $.?8.00. A h n R. L h . New
York. 1977
This book, the proceedings of a symposium held in 1976,
concerns itself largely with how membranes mediate signaling and cellular interactions in the nervous system.
Spatial Organization of Cerebral Processes, by M. N.
Litvinoo. 181 pp. iIIuJti*uted.325.00,John Wiley d Sam. Neui
Y o r k . 1977
Translation from the Kussian of experimental EEG studies
concerning the spread of cortical excitation.
Neuro-ophthalmology, Vol IX,edited by Joel A . GkuJev,
215 pp. ilhtruted, 137.50, The C. V . Mosby Company, St.
Lou&. 1977
The monograph contains a series of papers largely extracted
from a postgraduate course held at the University of Miami
in 1977.
Neurological Classics in Modern Translation, edited by
D a t t d A . Rottenberg and FredH. Hochberg. -316 p p , illuJtruted.
$22.50, Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1977
This nicely produced volume includes translations of classic
original studies by Cajal, Pick, Alzheimer, Wernicke,
Creutzfeldt, Liepmann, Marie, Landry, and others. The translations are generally felicitous. The opportunity to have
direct and monolingual access to so many seminal neurological studies should bring a welcome response.
Chest Pain: A n Integrated Diagnostic Approach, edited
by Donald L. Leuene. with Ronald F. Billings, Geoflrey M .
Duvies, John Edmeads. and Fredrir G . Juibil. 20.3 pp. iIkustrated, $ 1 1 .00 paper. Leu & Febiger, Phihdelphiu. 1077
This convenient paperback focuses o n the unusual and provides helpful clinical descriptions and medical approaches to
a variety of potentially difficult diagnostic problems. It will
be most useful for the trainee and nonspecialist.
Epilepsy: The E i g h t h International Symposium, edited
by J . K i f i n Penry, 414 pp. illustrated, $15.00, Kaven Press.
New Y o r k , 1977
The volume includes the proceedings of an international
symposium held in Dublin in 1976. Main sections include
papers o n long-term control of seizures, intensive monitoring, antiepileptic drugs, behavior modification and rehabilitation, and needs in the underdeveloped world.
Primary Generalized Epilepsy with Sporadic Myoclonias o f Myoclonic Petit Ma1 Type, by Tukayuki
Tsuboi, I 1 5 pp, illustrated, $20.00 paper, Thieme Edition.
PSG Publishing Company, Littleton, M A , 1977
Advances i n Neurology, Vol 16: Stroke,edzted by Richard
A. Thompjon andJohn K . Green. 2j7pp, tlludtrated. 520 00
Kuten Pve! New York, 1977
The papers represent material from a postgraduate course
held at Barrow Neurologcal Institute in Phoenix, AZ.
Nervous System, Basic Sciences, Second Edition, edited
by Royce L. Montgomery. 21 5 p p , $10.00, Medicu! Exumination
Publbbing Company. Flushing. N Y . 1977
T h e volume consists of questions and answers considered
important by the authors, chiefly with orientation toward
those preparing for board examination.
M o d e r n Practical Neurology, A n Introduction to
Diagnosis and Management of Common Neurologic
Disorders, by Pevitz Srheinberg. 247 pp. illu.rtrated, $9.95
paper. $17.50 cloth, Kaven Press. New York 1977
D r Scheinberg has put on record his extensive and wellevaluated experience in clinical neurology, all supplemented by appropriate and effective material from the
medical literature. T h e approach is declarative, the language, pictures, and tables are clear, and the volume is
convenient in size. The book should be welcome to individuals in a variety of medical and paramedical fields who
need an introduction to neurological medicine for the
Reflex Epilepsy, Behavioral T h e r a p y and Conditional
Reflexes, by FrunciJ M . Forster. 318 pp, ilIurtrated. $22.75,
CharleJ C Thomtlt. Spvin&eld, IL, 1977
This is the first comprehensive monograph on seizures that
arise in response to specific exogenous and, often, endogenous sources. The author is well experienced o n the subject.
Functional Neuroscience, Vol 1, Foundations of Cognitive Processes, by Robert W. Thatcher and E . Kay John, j 8 2
pp. ifIustruted, $19.95,John Wiley &Sons, New Yovk, 1977
Atlas of Brain Anatomy for C.T. Scans: Using EM1
Terminology, Second Edition, prepared by Fred C. Jhipp,.
J . McAndrezo Jones, und Anthony D’AKo.jtino, 5 1 pp4 i l h trated, $1 6.75 paper, Charles C Thomas, Springjield, IL,
This relatively inexpensive paperback provides a useful
anatomical companion for individuals who are looking at
C A T scans, yet lack extensive knowledge of neuroanatomy.
Brain sections on the right-hand page are overlaid with
anatomical designations while CAT scans in the appropriate
planar section are presented on the left-hand page, providing instant anatomical reference. Both the scans and the
anatomical sections are clearly labeled, albeit not in great
Atlas of Cerebrovascular Disease, by William F. MrCormick and Sydney S. Scbocbet,Jr. 422 pp, illustrated, $29.75,
W . B. Jaunders Company, Philadelphia, 1976
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