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Audrey J. Sublett 1937Ц1977

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Audrey Sublett was with us only a short
time, during which she participated professionally in physical anthropology, but her
enthusiasm for, and emphasis on, field physical anthropology and close collaboration
with archaeologists in osteological research,
strongly influenced her colleagues and students. Her early training under James Anderson, first a t the University of Toronto and
later a t S.U.N.Y., Buffalo, was reflected in her
ongoing interest and orientation towards research in discontinuous morphological traits,
precise osteological analysis and palaeopathology. Audrey obtained her B.A. in anthropology a t the University of Arizona,
which may have been a causative factor in establishing her direction towards collaborative
field research between archaeologists and
physical anthropologists. From 1964 through
the fall, 1976, she was consistently involved
with field osteological research, beginning as
a graduate student and continuing every summer after she joined the faculty of‘ FloridaAtlantic University in 1967.
Audrey died July 7, 1977, in Boca Raton,
Florida, as a result of a long illness. Her resume which she had prepared in the spring,
1977, indicated that despite her ill health, she
was preparing papers for publication, planning to participate in joint research with
other colleagues and intending to complete
her studies “aimed a t defining population profiles” (Sublett, ’77) for various northeastern
skeletal collections, on which she had already
completed the initial analysis. The listing of
her field and laboratory research, publications, papers presented a t professional meetings and symposia in which she participated
demonstrated her deep involvement with os-
teology and field physical anthropology. Apparent also is her close cooperation with her
colleagues, in the number of co-authored
papers and publications, indicative of her
ability to share her enthusiasm over the research potentials of osteological analysis and
the in situ approach to physical anthropology.
In fact, several colleagues, who worked with
her on the results of Audrey’s osteological
analyses of New York prehistoric aboriginal
populations, will be completing this research,
so that her contributions to this field will continue still to provide significant data in this
area of physical anthropological research.
Audrey, as a part of her field and laboratory research orientation, was an excellent
teacher. Her own deep interest in joint physical anthropologicaliarchaeological field work
influenced a number of archaeology students
as well as professional archaeologists. Her
strong point was field work and the assembling of a reliable data base, but despite her
preferences, she encouraged those of her students interested in methodological problems
to pursue these.
Perhaps some of her most important contributions are the Allegany cemetery relocation study, because of the genealogical data
available on the population, and her research
on the population history of the northeastern
aboriginal peoples, especially the Seneca. Her
impact on those of us who came to know her as
a colleague and friend was her abiding enthusiasm for the collaborative approach to
physical anthropology and in situ osteological
analysis. The memory she leaves us is that of
the energy and communicative excitement
with which she approached field research
Sublett, Audrey J.
1977 Curriculum Vitae. Manuscript.
Uniuersity of Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
AM. J. PHYS. ANTHROP. (1979) 50: 153.154.
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