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Award-winning ADR publications A bibliography of CPR award recipients 1983-1995.

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1 1 0 Alternatives
CPR Iiistitutr hi Disprite Krsolritioii
Vol. 14, No. 9
O c t o l x r 19%
Award-Winning ADR Publications
A Bibliography of CPR Award Recipients, 1983-1995
Edztor’s Note: Thefollowzng books and a r t z t h have recezued top
honors ouer thr years zn the annual CPR Awara3 Program for
Excellence in Alternatiue Dispute Resolution, sponsored by
CIGNA Corporation Along wzth CPR’s own publzcatzony, thzs
Bzblzography zs a n excellent resource on AL)R wntzng of both a
practzcal and theoretzral character
The State Bar of Texas Standing Committee on Alternate
Methods of Dispute Resolution. Handbook of A l t ~ r n a t i ~ ~ ~
Dispute Resolution, (Second Edition, Edited by Amy L,.
Greenspan, 1990.)
Wilkinson,John H., Editor, Donovan I,n’sure Newton & Irvinr
ADR Practice Rook (Wiley Law Publications, 1990).
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Tversky, and Robert Wilson. Barriers to Conflict Resolution
(W. W. Norton & Company, 1995).
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in the Law School Curriculum,” 34:2Journal of LegalEducation vune 1984).
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McGraw-Hill, 1994).
Denver University Law Review. 66 Quality of Dispute Resolution Symposium (Denver University Law Review, 1989).
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Dispute Resolution: An Empirical Analysis,” Stanford Z,aw
h i e z u 1487 (1994).
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Conflict: A Communiration Perspective (Scott, Foresman and
Co., 1984).
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Sander. Dispute Resolution (Little, Brown and Company,
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Managing Complex Litigation,” 53 Chirq,w I,. Rev. 440
(Sfwing 1986).
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Law of ADR’,” 19:I Florida Stat? IA711 Rmirru 1 (1991).
Murray, John S. “Guideposts for an Institutional Framework of Consensual Dispute Processing,” 1984 Missouri
,Journal ofDisputr Resolution 45 (1984).
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Resolution,” 7:l Ohio StateJournal on Disl,utr Resolution, 173
( I 991).
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Conflict Resolution in Business, Families, and thr Legal System (Westview Press, 1990).
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Large, Complex Case,” 5 Ohio StateJournal on Dispute Resolution 381 (1990).
Hedlund, Reuben L. and Deborah C. Paskin. “Another
View of Expediting the Large, Complex Case: A Response
to Arbitrator Gorske from Counsel for the Defense,” 6:1
Ohio Statr Journd on Dispute Resolution 61 (1990).
Stipanowich, Thomas J. “Arbitration and the Multiparty
Dispute: The Search for Workable Solutions,” 72 Iowa L.
Rm.4 73 (March 1 98 7).
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and the Goals of Civil Justice: Jurisdictional Principles for
Process Choice,” 4 WisconsinL.Rm.893 (1984).
Brazil, Wayne D., “Institutionalizing Court ADR Programs,”
Emrrpng ADK Is.suc~sin State and F e d m d Courls, (Section of
Litigation, ABA, 1991).
Brazil, Wayne D. “A (lose Look at Three Court Sponsored
ADR Programs: Why They Exist, How They Operate, Mihat
They Deliver, and Whether They Threaten Important Values,” 1990 Univrrsitj of Chicago Legal Forum 303.
Brazil, M’ayne D. “Special Masters in Complex Cases: Extending the Judiciary o r Reshaping Adjudication?,” 53
Chicago L. I ~ J394
. (Sfn-ing 1986).
McMillan, Jr., Richard and David B. Siegel. “Creating a
Fast-Track Alternative Under the Federal Rules of Civil
Procedure,” 60 Notre Dame I,. Rw. 431 ( 1 985).
Peckham, Robert F. “A Judicial Response to the Cost of
Litigation: Case Management, Two-Stage Discovery Planning and Alternative Dispute Resolution,” 37 Rutgers I,.
Rm.253 (WinlPr 1985).
Provine, D. Marie. “Settlement Strategies for Federal
Judges,” ~r~~~r.(Ll,Ji~ilir.iccl
Centr?. ( I 986).
Arnold, Torn. ‘‘A1t er n a tive Dispute re sol^ ti on in Intel lectual Property Cases,” 9: I A P I A Srlectrrl I ~ g Pd a p ~ s (July
1 991). (Po/rrik, Cofgright,s, 1rademtirk.s cind Litrmrj Proprtj
Cou ~ . T P Hcindbook Swh, I X I Order. No. G4-3892, Pmclising
Laru Irt,stitut(: ,~t)7)rrnb~r%)rcrmDPr
Vol. 14, No. 9
October 1996
CPR Iristitutr for-Dispute R e s i h t i i m
Cassel, Scott A. “Negotiating Better Superfund Settlements:
Prospects and Protocols,” I6 Pepperdine L. Rm.11 7 (1989).
Ertel, Danny and Ralph C. Ferrara. Rqond Arbitration: Designing Alternatives to Securities Litigation (Butterworth Legal Publishers, 1992).
Geller, Paul Jeffrey. “When the walls Come Crumbling
Down: A Call for ADR in the CIC,” The Construction Lawyer
(January 1993).
Marks, Bruce S. “Commercial Conflict Management and
Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Oil and Gas Industry,” Oil & Gas Law & Taxation, Chapter 9 (1990).
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Velvet G. Miller and Janice B. Wyatt. Renrgotiating Health
Care: Resolving Conflict to Build Collaboration Uossey-Bass
Publishers, 1995).
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TheJustice SystemJournal 189 ( I 984).
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Aaron, Marjorie Corman. “The Value of Decision Analysis
in Mediation Practice” 11:2 Negotiation Journal I23 (April
1 995).
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Resolution: History, Analysis, and Potential,” 27 Willamrtte
L. Rev. 661 (Spring 1991).
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Dispute Resolution and Ideology: An Imaginary Conversation,” 3:l the^ Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues I(1990).
Baruch Bush, Robert A. “The Dilemmas of Mediation Practice: A Study ofEthica1 Dilemmas and Policy Implications,”
A Report on a Study,for The National Institutr For Dispute Resolution ( I 992).
Eaton, Sarah. “Mandatory Mediation and Summary J u r y
Trial: Guidelines for Ensuring Fair and Effective Processes,”
I03 Haruard Law Rmirw I086 (March 1990).
Folberg, H. Jay and Alison Taylor. “Mediation: A Comprehensive Guide to Resolving Conflicts without Litigation,”
Jossq-Bass Inr. ( I 984).
Freund, James C. “The Neutral Negotiator - Why and
How Mediation Can M’ork to Resolve Dollar Disputes,
Prrnticr Hall h w CYl3u.sinr.u (1 994).
Galton, Eric. Mrtliation: A Trxns I’rartirr Guide (Texas Lawyer Press, 1993).
Hoffer, David P. “Decision Analysis as a Mediator’s Tool,”
1 Haruard Negotiation f,aw Etpliiew ( I 996).
Kirtley, Alan. “The Mediation Privilege’s Transition from
Theory to Implementation: Designing a Mediation Privilege Standard to Protect Mediation Participants, the Process a n d the Public Interest,” 1995 ,Journal of l h p u t r
Iholution I .
Moore, Christopher W., Editor. “Practical Strategies foithe Phases of Mediation,” 16 iMrdirition Qiiartrrlj 87 (Sunzmrr 1987).
Altrrnativrs I I I
Rogers, Nancy H. and Craig A. McEwen. Mediation: Law/
Poliq/Practire (The Lawyers Co-Operative Publishing Co.
and Bancroft-Whitney Co., 1990).
Rogers, Nancy H. A Student 3 Guide to Mediation and the Law
(Matthew Bender & Company, 1987).
Smiley, AlisonJ. “Professional Codes and Neutral Lawyering: An Emerging Standard Governing Nonrepresentational Attorney Mediation,” 7 GeorgetownJournal of Legal
Ethics 213 (Summer 1993).
Anderson, Frederick R. “Negotiation and Informal Agency
Action: The Case of Superfund,”Duke L .J . 261 (April 1985).
Gifford, Donald G. “A Context-Based Theory of Strategy
Selection in Legal Negotiation,” 46 Ohio StateL.J. I ( 1985).
Goodpaster, Gary. “Rational Decision-Making in Problem
Solving Negotiation: Compromise, Interest-Valuation, and
Cognitive Error,” 8:2 Thr Ohio StateJournal on Dispute &solution 299 (1993).
Susskind, Lawrence and Jeffrey Z. Rubin, Editors. “Negotiation: Behavioral Perspectives,” 27:2 Ammkan Behavioral
Srirntist (Novrmbw-December1983).
Menkel-Meadow, Carrie. “Toward Another View of Negotiation: The Structure of Legal Problem Solving,” 31 U C I A
I,. RR). 754 (April 1984).
Mnookin, Robert H. “Why Negotiations Fail: An Exploration of Barriers to the Resolution ofConflict,” 8:2 The Ohio
State,Journnl on Dispute Resolution 25’5 ( I 993).
Ury, William. Getting Past No: Negotiating with Difficult People
(Bantam Books, 1991).
Costantino, Cathy A. and Christina Sickle Merchant. Drsigning Conflict Management Systems (Jossey-BassPublishers,
Ury, William L.,Jeanne M. Brett and Stephen B. Goldberg,
Getting Disputrs &.solved: Dr,sicgningSystems to Cut thr Costs of
ConfZicf (Jossey-Bass,Inc., 1988).
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