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Barbagallo-Sangiorgi G. and Exton-Smith A. N. (eds) The aging brain neurological and mental disturbances. New York Plenum Press 1980 316 pages $42

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Brief Reviews
Aarli, J . A,, and Tonder, O., Immunological Aspects of
Neurological Diseases (Monographs i n N e u r a l Sciences, Vol 6). Basel, S. Karger, 1980, 189 pages, $58.75
This is a comprehensive small textbook by authors from
the University of Bergen in Norway.
Adelman, R., Roberts,J . , Baker, G . , Buskin, S., and Cristofalo,
V . (eds), Neural Regulatory Mechanisms d u r i n g A g i n g
(Modern A g i n g Research, Vol 1). New York, Alan R.
LZss, 1980, 230 pageJ, $21 .OO
Aging seems to be in fashion this year, with symposia and
series publications showing frequent appearance. This one
gives the proceedings of a conference held at Valley Forge,
Pennsylvania, in October, 1979.
Barhagallo-SanKiorgi, G., and Exton-Smith, A. N . (eds), The
A g i n g Brain, Neurological a n d Mental Disturbances.
New York, Plenum Press, 1980, 3 16 pages, $42.50
The volume contains photo-offset short papers from a
symposium held in Italy in March, 1980. The participants
are largely based in European centers. About two-thirds of
the monograph is clinically oriented.
Barker, I., and Smith, T . (eds), The Role of Peptides i n
Neuronal Function. Neu: York, Marcel Dekker, 1981,
768 pages, $93.00
The volume represents a progress report on recent activities in this rapidly expanding area of research. Coverage is
fundamental with an orderly handling of topics, some in
considerable detail. The roster of primary authors is distinguished. This book is a valuable contribution to a new field.
Bonica,John J . (ed), Pain (Research Publications: Association for Research i n Nervous and M e n t a l Disease, Vol
58). New York, Raven Press, 1980, 424 pages, $38.00
Proceedings of the 58th annual meeting of the ARNMD,
held in New York in December, 1978, are presented.
Brazier, Mary (edi, Brain Mechanisms i n Memory and
Learning: From t h e Single N e u r o n to M a n ( I B R O
Monograph Series, Vol 4). New' York, Razien Press, 1978,
416 pages, $34.50
The volume contains the proceedings of a symposium held
in Japan in 1978.
Brodal, A , , Neurological Anatomy i n Relation to Clinical Medicine. T h i r d edition. New I'ork, O x j d University
Press, 1981, 1,053 pages, $35.00
D r Brodal has favored us with a third edition of his comprehensive and widely acclaimed textbook. The length is
considerably extended and widescale revisions reflect new
knowledge, but in fundamental organization and approach
the volume retains its original format.
Cowan, W. M . , Hall, Z . W., and Kandel, E., A n n u a l Review of Neuroscience, Vol 3. Palo Alto, C A , Annnal Reoiews, Inc, 1980
Contents include the use of in vitro brain slices, dopamine
in the physiology of dyskinesias induced by antipsychotic
drugs, bacterial chemotaxis in neurobiology, dementia, developmental neurobiology of invertebrates, ionic currents
in molluscan soma, chemical neurotoxins as denervation
5 84
tools, visuomotor function of the primate superior colIiculus, substance P, trophic interactions in neurogenesis
(Viktor Hamburger), degeneration of neuromuscular
specificity, cellular recognition during development, retinotectal specificity, and nerve growth factor. The distinction of the authors and the comprehensiveness of the
coverage are making this a preeminent review series in
D i Benedetta, Balazs, Gombos, and Porcellati (ed.r),Multidisciplinary Approach to Brain Development. Amsterdam,
Else~iierlNorth-tIolland Biomedical Press, 1980
The volume contains proceedings of a meeting of the
European Society for Neurochemistry held in Italy in
April, 1979. Major headings, under which a number of
short papers are presented, consist of: ( 1 ) structures and
molecules during normal brain development; (2) cell signals during normal brain development; and ( 3 , environmental effects o n brain development.
DzChiara, G., und GeJsa, G . (edr),Glutamate as a Neurotransmitter (Advances i n Biochemical Psychopharmacology, V0l 27). Neui Yo&, Raoetz Press, 1980, 452
pages, $41 .00
The proceedings of a symposium held in Sardinia In 1980
are included hcre.
Farquhar, J., and Gajdusek, D. C. (eds), Kuru: Early Letters and Field-Notes from the Collection of D. Carleton Gajdusek. New York, Raven Press, 1981, 366 pages.
The title is self-explanatory. The contents cover an adventurous summary of the exploration and identification that
led to the recognition of not only the cause of a particular
illness but a new concept in the understanding of infectious
Gryder, K . M., and Fraizkos. V . t l . (edri, Effects o f Foods
and D r u g s on the Development and Function of t h e
Nervous System: Methods f o r Predicting Toxicity.
Rockz'ille, M D , FDA Offire of Health Affaaivs, 1980, 278
pages, free
The proceedings of a symposium held in October, 1970,
are presented.
Lockard, Joan S., and Ward, Arthur A., Epilepsy: A Window to Brain Mechanisms. New York, Raven Pres.r. 1980,
296 pages, $32.50
Seventeen chapters from fourteen contributors in a single
epilepsy center give this monograph a special quality. Ward
and his associa.tes have made major contributions to the
understanding of the epileptic neuron, its genesis, biologicai susceptibilicies, and potential treatment. Studies in yrimates as well :as in human beings in the operating room
make many of the findings directly applicable to understanding of the epileptic process in man, and cohesive
editing ties the articles together to make an important contribution to the field.
Meiss, H., andJaeger, D . (edsi, Information to Authors,
1980- 1981: Editorial Guidelines Reproduced f r o m 246
Medical Journals . Baltim o re, U rba ti C Srh 11 'amen berg ,
1980, 665 pages, $26.00
This paperback incorporates the instruc-tions to authors
from 246 medical journals, providing a convenient single
access point for would-be authors.
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