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Beers R. and Bassett E. (eds) Mechanisms of pain and analgesic compounds. New York Raven Press $48

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Brief Reviews
Bergsma, D . (ed), Birth Defects Compendium (2nd ed).
Neu' York, Alan R . Liss, 1979, $50.00
An admirable and useful compendium of congenital and
inherited disorders and abnormalities acquired in early life
that interfere with the full growth, development, and
health of the child.
Beers. R., and Bassett, E. ieds), Mechanisms of Pain and
Analgesic Compounds. Neui York, Raven Press, $48.50
This is the proceedings of the eleventh Miles International
Fahn, S . , Davis, J . , and Rowland, L. ieds), Cerebral
Hypoxia and Its Consequences (Advances in Neurology, Vol 26). New York, Raven Press, 1979, 534.00
Proceedings of a workshop held in 1978 under the auspices
of the Department of Neurology of Columbia University
College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Ferner, H . (ed), Atlas of Topographical Anatomy (2nd
ed). Philadelphia, W . B. Saunders Company, 1980, $98.00
This magnificent atlas, the first edition of which appeared in
1963-64, has been out of print for some time. The present
edition complements Perhkompf's original illustrative material, with new color plates as well as roentgenograms that
amplify the anatomical drawings. The result is an atlas of
the highest quality that will undoubtedly have great appeal.
Goldstein, M., Bolis, L., Fieschi, C., Gorini, S., and Millikan,
C. (eds), Cerebrovascular Disorders and Stroke (Ad-
vances in Neurology, Vol 25). New Yovk, Raven Press,
1979, $41.50
Proceedings of a conference held in Florence, Italy, with
international participation.
Heilman, K. M., and Valenstein, E. leds), Clinical Neuropsychology. New York, Oxford University Press, 1979, $19.50
A multiauthored text covering aphasia, alexia, agraphia, body scheme disturbances, apraxia, visual perceptive
disorders, agnosia, neglect, colossal syndromes, frontal
lobes, emotional disorders from C N S lesions, amnesia,
dementia, recovery and treatment, childhood learning disabilities, and hyperactivity. The intended audience includes
neurologists, speech pathologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and others.
Lirsak, K. (ed), Recent Developments of Neurobiology
in Hungary. VIII, Results in Neuroanatomy, Motor
Organization, Cerebral Circulation and Modeling.
Philadelphia, Heyden, 1979, $25 .OO
This represents the eighth volume of Recent Developments of Neurobiology in Hungary.
Ordy,J . M . , and Brizzee, K. R. (eds), Sensory Systems and
Communication in the Elderly (Aging, Vol 10). New
York, Raven Press, 1979, $29.50
A useful volume bringing together information on various
sensory symptoms as affected by the aging process and diseases that occur in the older decades and senium.
Slotnick, B. M., and Leonard, C . M., Stereotaxic Atlas of
the Albino Mouse Forebrain. Rockidle, M D , Alcohol,
D m g Abuse and Mental Health Administration, 1975
A beautifully produced atlas on the subject.
Tolis, G . , Martin, J . B., Lahie, F., arid Ncrftolin, I;. (eds),
Clinical Neuroendocrinology: A Pathophysiological
Approach. New York, Raven Press, 1979. $39.50
A multiauthored volume, apparently the result of a symposium covering various aspects o f the topic.
Tyler, H . R., and Dauison, D . M . iedri, Current Neurology, Vol2. Boston, Houghton Mzyflin Professional Puhli.rher.r,
1979, $34.00
The volume provides at least partially critical reviews of developments in eleven areas of concern and interest to the
clinical neurologist. Topics include neuronluscular disorders, demyelinating disease, degenerative disease, extrapyramidal disorders, vascular disease, seizure disorders,
neoplastic disease, higher cortical function, basic neuroscience, diagnostic studies, and neurological aspects of medical disease.
Vinken, P.J., and Bruyn, G . W . (ed.rEst, Neurological Manifestations of Systemic Diseases, Part I (Handbook
of Clinical Neurology, Vol 38). Amsterdam, Elreiiierl
North-Holland, 1979, $146.50
This volume aims to fill in spaces not satisfactorily covered
in other volumes of the Handbook that also deal with systemic disorders. As a result, the organization is somewhat
less systematic than that marking other books of the series.
Nevertheless, a wide variety of important subjects is covered, with 28 chapters ranging widely in content from
hematological to cardiovascular t o rheumatoid-osseous
disorders to entities of unknown cause. Good though the
book is, it emphasizes even more the serious limitation of
the Handbook series, which is the lack of a continuously
updated index that would provide quick entry to the
monumental effort which this shelf of books represents.
T h e foreword to the volume indicates that Vincken an11
Bruyn are nearing the end of their task. This seems a good
time to thank them for their efforts.
Vinken, P. J . , and Bruyn, G . W . (eds),intoxications of the
Nervous System, Part I1 (Handbook of Clinical
Neurology, Vol 37). Amsterdam, EIsez'ierlNorth-Halland.
1979, $119.50
This is the somewhat delayed companion to a two-volume
pair that together provide the most comprehensive available coverage of this important subject. Twenty-four
chapters cover various topics. More arcane areas, difficult
to find elsewhere, include the effects of snake venoms,
marine toxins, neurological complications of various arthropod and insect stings, toxicity of local and general
anesthetics, TCP poisoning, and Jamaica vomiting sickness. More standard poisons, including SMON, narcotics,
stimulants, and opiates, are also included.
Williams, M., Brain Damage: Behavior and the Mind.
New York,John Wiley & Sons, 1979, $19.95
The author, a clinical psychologist, has written a generally
clear text on a complicated subjecr. The volume should be
valuable for interested students in various courses but is
too elementary to be useful to physicians.
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