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Computeractive UK Issue 503 720 June 2017

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T ousands are using it ? but will it last?
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E 201
ISSUE 503 ? 7 ? 20 JUN
What do you think you are
Watch them on your
PC whenever you like
coding, Mr Hitler? p9
3 upgrades to make ? and 1 to always avoid p224
Make sure hackers
can?t use your?
Group Editor Daniel Booth
Features Editor Mike Plant
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Production Editor Graham Brown
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From the Editor
If all ransomware attacks were as feeble as the
?rst recorded one, we?d have little to worry
about. In 1989 Dr Joseph Popp, an evolutionary
biologist from Harvard University, unleashed a
Trojan that encrypted only ?le names. The
method for unlocking these was quickly
discovered in the malware?s code.
Nearly 30 years on, and the hackers behind
the devastating WannaCry attack made no such
mistake. Thousands of computers worldwide
were crippled, including many NHS machines.
It feels like a turning point in the ?ght against
ransomware, because governments, businesses
and organisations ?nally seem to realise its
potential for destruction. But it will also surely
Companies can obtain a licence to use approved
quotations from articles, the Computeractive
logo and Buy It! logo. Reprints of articles are also
inspire other hackers to target the many
millions of ordinary people using Windows 10.
The hack led the headlines for days, but
much of what was said was misleading
(particularly about XP). In this issue?s Cover
Feature we analyse what really happened, and
explain how to protect yourself.
Daniel Booth
Please contact Ryan Chambers for more
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judgments are based on equipment available
to Computeractive at the time of review.
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copies per issue.
� Copyright Dennis Publishing Limited
16 billion
Number of combinations
in the Nazis? Lorenz
cipher machines ? p9
How many Brits have
never switched mobile
contracts - p8
Printed in the UK
Value of scam Sainsbury?s
voucher spotted by a
reader - p16
We use snipcas to turn long URLs that
are hard to type into ones that are
short and simple. They aren?t websites
themselves, which means they won?t
be recognised if you type them into
Google. Instead, you need to type them
into your browser address bar, then
press Enter. Doing this will take you to
the correct website.
7 ? 20 June 2017 3
In this issue?
Stay Safe Now
What really happened during the
recent WannaCry hack that crippled
the NHS, and how to protect yourself
from future attacks
Have you really
signed out?
Forgotten to sign out from one of your
accounts on a public PC? We explain
how you can sign out remotely
Restore what the Creators
Update removed
If you are missing some features that
7 ? 20 June 2017 ? Issue 503
Stay Safe NOW
The next hack is coming ? everyone will be targeted...
the recent Windows 10 update took
away, here?s how to get them back
User name
Have you really signed out p58
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Ken Rigsby mourns the
loss of ports
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that?s the
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Phone for bu
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24 How to upgrade your laptop
Laptop components
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25 Kingst
Kingston SSDNow UV400
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Humax H3 Espresso
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27 HP Envy 7640
Heavy-duty printer makes light work
28 TP-Link Archer C3200
A very fast router ? and decent value
Yamaha MusicCast WX-010
Poor Bluetooth lets this speaker down
29 Linksys Velop
Mesh router covers all bases
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7 ? 20 June 2017 5
The top stories in the world of technology
Microsoft accidentally reveals
new W10 Control Centre
icrosoft appears to have
accidentally revealed that
it?s planning to add a ?Control
Centre? to Windows 10.
The company included
a screenshot (right) of the
new section in a blog post
announcing the release
of Build 16199 for the
Windows Insider Preview.
According to Microsoft
sources speaking to the
website Windows Central,
the Centre will be the
new home for the ?quick
actions? in the current
Action Centre.
These are tiles that
provide one-click access to
frequently used settings and
options, such as ?Battery
saver?, ?Quiet hours?, ?Tablet
mode? and ?Wi-Fi?. All four of
these options, along with
?Location?, ?Mobile hotspot?,
?Airplane mode? and
?Night light?, were shown
We wouldn?t normally
be overjoyed to have yet
another icon cluttering our
taskbar, but this Control
Centre seems like a good
idea. Its popularity will
depend on how much users
will be able to tweak it. A
Control Centre that actually
gives you little control would
be pointless and frustrating.
in the leaked screenshot.
It means that the Action
Centre will be used only to
manage and control Windows
10 noti?cations.
Microsoft plans to make the
Control Centre customisable,
letting you change what is
shown. It?s opened by clicking
the cog icon to the left of the
time in the screenshot.
However, Microsoft has
now removed the screenshot
from the blog, suggesting
that the Control Centre
is far from ?nished. It?s
unclear whether it will be
ready for the Fall Creators
Update due this autumn.
New tips and videos
One feature that looks set to
appear in the next update
are tips and videos in the
Settings section, some of
which are already available in
Preview versions.
A screenshot in the blog
post showed a video, titled
?Make Windows easier to see?,
on the ?High contrast? settings
page. Microsoft said that it
wants the tips and videos to
?help you learn more about
your options?. The company
asked for feedback for tips
that ?would help your least
techie friend or family
New ?old? Nokia phone sells out in hours
The remake of Nokia?s highly anticipated
3310 phone sold out in many stores
within hours of going on sale on 24 May.
Carphone Warehouse said that it had
run of out stock for the ?reimagined
classic?, which ?rst went on sale in 2000.
Vodafone said it still had some phones
left, but con?rmed that demand had
been ?really high?.
Available for �.99 in blue, yellow,
grey and red, the phone is a throwback to
the days before smartphones, Facebook
and sel?es. It has a 2GB camera, a battery
that lasts for 22 hours of talk time, and
o?ers limited web connectivity through
2.5G. It also contains the game Snake, a
much-loved feature of the original phone.
Nokia made more than 126 million of
the ?rst 3310, before phasing it out in 2005.
Visit Nokia?s site for more information
on the 3310:
We?ll review it soon.
You?ll like this?
Smartphones may soon charge up in just
?ve minutes (
6 7 ? 20 June 2017
? but not this
Phone addiction is making British teenagers
obese (
Amazon loophole refunds you ?
and lets you KEEP the item
British shoppers are enjoying
a secret Amazon loophole that
gives them a refund for an item
without having to return it.
The uno?cial policy tells
buyers not to bother returning
items that cost under �.
Retail experts believe that the
company does this because
it?s uneconomical for it to
handle a large number of
returns and store them in
their warehouses.
Buyers don?t have to prove
to Amazon that the item is
faulty. They just have to ask for
a refund in the normal way,
explaining why they are
returning the item. Amazon
then sends the message: ?We
are processing the refund. You
don?t need to return the item
to us!?
US shoppers have enjoyed
the loophole for some time,
but only in the past few weeks
have Amazon started applying
it to purchases made in the UK.
It?s unclear what types of
item are covered by the policy,
but buyers have reported on
social media getting refunds
for a variety of products, such
as toys, pens, bikes, accessories
and hose connectors.
However, while the loophole
may be delighting shoppers,
consumer groups said that it
demonstrates the size and
power of Amazon. Unlike
smaller companies, Amazon,
worth �0bn, can absorb
these small refunds.
Annual UK sales are �n,
making it the world?s third
largest market, behind the US
and Germany. Je? Bezos, who
founded the company in 1994,
is now the world?s second
richest man (behind Bill
Gates), with a personal
fortune of $81bn.
Amazon doesn?t mention
the policy on its ?About
Refunds? page (www.snipca.
com/24440), and has declined
to comment on the reports.
Customers have been warned
not to abuse the loophole
because it may lead to
Amazon closing it.
Have you used this loophole?
Please tell us: letters@
Virtual reality ?magic? helps
p dementia
magic?. She adds:
One of the most
devastating e?ects of
dementia is the loss of
treasured memories,
but a new virtualreality (VR) system is
helping su?erers recall
events in their life.
Called VirtuCare, it shows
relaxing 3D scenes to users
wearing an Oculus Rift
headset. These include a
?nostalgic? beach, a forest full
of animals and dolphins
playing in the sea.
The aim is to trigger
memories in patients when
carers ask them questions
related to the scenes, such
as ?What do you remember
from visiting the beach as a
child?? and ?What are your
favourite animals??.
It has been developed by VR
designers Tribemix, based in
Hitchin, and Quantum Care,
providers of residential homes
in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire
and Essex.
The company has released
touching videos showing how
people with dementia react to
using VirtuCare. One user,
Ann (pictured), is moved to
?happy tears? by the beach
scene, describing it as ?pure
?I felt like I was back in
Scotland again, with
the sea?.
Tribemix says that
VirtuCare can also be used to
help patients su?ering from
respiratory disorders and
physical disabilities. In one
heartwarming video Lucy,
who has cerebral palsy, is
thrilled at being able to ?walk?
across a beach.
The full VirtuCare package,
which includes a laptop,
headset and 12 VR scenes,
costs �794. Tribemix is
hoping to introduce them
across care homes.
To watch the videos visit, click
?VirtuCare? at the top, then
scroll to the bottom.
and app design
could become
new skill badges
for the Girl Guides. They have
been suggested by members
of the association, after it
asked the public on social
media for ideas to ?bring our
activities bang up to date?.
It?s part of a programme to
make the organisation ?more
relevant? to the lives of girls
and teenagers.
Health experts
have said that
Facebook and Twitter should
display pop-up warnings if
users are on the sites for too
long. In a report on young
people?s wellbeing, the Royal
Society for Public Health said
that the sites should warn
users about the dangers of
becoming addicted to social
media. It also called for them
to monitor what people write
in order to identify those with
mental-health problems.
In modern jargon, security
patches are ?xes applied to
your PC as part of an update.
But soon they could also be
physical devices stopping
strangers accessing your
computer. Scientists at
Michigan State University
have created a silicone
wafer ?patch? that works as a
microphone, unlocking your
PC when it recognises
voice. Read
more at
7 ? 20 June 2017 7
Yahoo has killed o? its
Mail app for Windows 10,
encouraging users to sign
in and send emails online
instead. The app?s page
remains on the Windows
Store at the time of writing
but it can no longer be
installed. However, users
can choose to set up their
Yahoo Mail accounts in
another app, such as Outlook
or Windows 10 Mail.
Microsoft has launched its
Rewards scheme in the UK,
letting you earn ?points? that
you can redeem for discounts
on paid-for content from
the Windows Store, such as
games and apps. You get
points by using Microsoft?s
browser (Edge) and search
engine (Bing), as well as
by buying the company?s
products. To sign up visit
We?ll take an in-depth look at
the service soon.
Switch phone company with just
one text
Mobile phone users will be
able to switch network with a
single text, under new Ofcom
proposals. The regulator hopes
the process will boost
competition and drive
down prices.
Currently, switching
contracts requires calling your
existing provider, which can
take a long time, particularly
if the sales assistant tries to
persuade you to stay. Figures
published last year showed
that around 5.9 million people
had never switched provider.
If accepted by the industry,
the plans will let you move to
a new network within a day.
You?ll be able to keep your
existing phone number, or
change it.
To switch, you just need to
inform your network by text.
It will respond with a unique
?porting authorisation code?
(PAC), which you should give
to your new provider so they
can organise the move. You
have 30 days to use this code.
Your existing provider must
also tell you whether you?ll
Can I switch
Yes, here?s
your code
have to pay any extra costs,
such as early-termination
charges or pay-as-you-go
credit balances.
Ofcom has said that it will
stop companies charging for a
notice period after the
changeover, saving Britons an
estimated �m a year in
double payments.
Lindsey Fussell of Ofcom
said that the changes will
make it easier for customers
?to vote with their feet and
take advantage of choice in
the market?.
However, the proposals
don?t go as far as Ofcom
originally hoped. It had
initially wanted customers
to be able to switch by
contacting the new provider,
bypassing their existing
network. But Ofcom rejected
it following pressure from the
mobile industry, who said it
would be too expensive.
The regulator will now
discuss the proposals with the
industry and consumer
groups, before making a
decision in the autumn. Visit
Ofcom?s site for more details:
photo allegedly showed
Grande backstage with blood
on her face.
Facebook was also used by
hoaxers to spread panic and
misinformation, with one
warning people not to go to
the Royal Oldham Hospital
because a gunman was there.
The profusion of hoaxes is
likely to boost calls for Twitter
and Facebook to do more to
tackle fake news. In March
Paul Chichester, director for
operations at the new National
Cyber Security Centre, said
the sites must recognise their
?social responsibility?.
Men and women are so
bad at understanding each
other that they should
use emojis to clarify their
feelings. That?s according
to Professor Vyvyan Evans,
who says in his new book,
entitled The Emoji Code, that
when women text ?Fine, do
whatever you want? to the
man in their life,
they should
add an
?angry? face
to show
what they
really think.
?Missing kids? hoaxes after
Manchester bomb
Social-media websites were
swamped with false reports of
missing children within hours
of the suicide bomb attack at
an Ariana Grande concert in
Hoaxers posted Twitter
requests for news of supposed
loved ones, often including
photos of people who weren?t
at the concert. It appears they
were hoping the messages
would be retweeted by people
who thought they were
helping. Some messages were
retweeted over 10,000 times.
Twitter was also used by
people to post genuine
8 7 ? 20 June 2017
messages about missing loved
ones, highlighting how hard it
is for users to tell real news
from fake. Once the tweets
were dismissed as hoaxes,
Twitter users asked Greater
Manchester Police to
investigate, with one saying:
?Sickening people using fake
stories to get attention during
this sad time?.
Photos purporting to show
bodies on the ?oor of the
Manchester Arena foyer were
also exposed as fake. Users
said they were taken during a
special forces training exercise
some years ago. Another fake
Online Nazi code machine honours
WW2 Bletchley Park hero
A machine Adolf Hitler used
to encrypt messages sent to
his generals has been
recreated online to honour
the British codebreaker who
cracked it.
The Nazis thought the
Lorenz SZ42 (pictured far
right) was unbreakable
because of how complicated
the encryption was. It used
12 wheels and a series of
switches to scramble text,
and was capable of
producing more than
16 billion billion potential
But mathematician Bill
Tutte, working at Bletchley
Park, uncovered the Lorenz
code by analysing a mistake a
German spy made while
sending a message. The
National Museum of
Computing (TNMOC) hails it
as ?the greatest intellectual
feat? of World War II.
Encryption experts now
regard the Lorenz as more
advanced than the Enigma
machine, famously cracked
by Alan Turing.
The Virtual Lorenz website
above) has been launched to
mark 100 years since Tutte?s
birth. It lets you use the
machine to encrypt your own
message, and even recreates
the noise the wheels and
switches made in the original.
To get started, click the
?Run Virtual Lorenz now?
button, then type a message
into the box to the right of
?Paste chars into here?.
Scroll down and click ?Send
key letters?.
It has been built by
professional programmer
Martin Gillow, who said that
the complexity of the task
made him better appreciate
the scale of Tutte?s
?All Bletchley Park got was a
string of random characters,?
he said. ?It?s just such an
impossible thing that he
did, working it out from
almost nothing.?
Tutte died in Ontario,
Canada, in 2002, aged 84.
Amazon launches
aunches Fire tablet
tablets under �0
Amazon has released two
new, cheap Fire tablets,
with sharper screens,
longer battery life and
more storage.
The ?All-New? Fire
comes in two sizes: seven
and eight inches. Prices
for the former start at
�.99 (for 8GB) rising to
�.99 for 16GB. The
larger Fire costs �.99
(16GB) and �.99
(32GB). Only the
eight-inch Fire has an HD
screen. Its battery life is 12
hours ? four hours longer than
the seven-inch version.
They are the ?rst Amazon
tablets to come with Alexa,
the company?s voice-activated
?personal assistant? that?s
built into the Echo smart
speaker. It means you
can summon Alexa?s help
through the tablet when in
a di?erent room to the
Echo. Older Fire tablets will
receive Alexa through a
software update in the
coming weeks.
Both devices are available in
?kids editions?, costing �0
and �0 respectively. These
are protected by a large rubber
case and come with a
one-year subscription to ?Fire
for Kids?, which is Amazon?s
collection of child-friendly
books, videos and apps, none
of which have adverts or
in-app purchases.
Kevin Keith, Amazon?s
general manager for Fire
tablets, said that the new
devices were ideal for ?digital
snacking? on things like
?social media, light email,
apps, games and music?.
Visit Amazon to order the
tablets - seven-inch: www.; eight-inch: We?ll
review both soon.
There?s bad news for anyone
with an iPad Mini - sources
close to Apple say that the
company will stop updating
the device, and eventually
cease making it. Launched
in 2012, the 7.9in device
remains the smallest iPad
released by the company.
With prices starting from
�9, it was also the
cheapest. Apple hasn?t
updated the Mini since 2015,
as impressive early sales
were hit by the popularity of
the iPad Pro.
A computer containing more
memory than any other has
been unveiled by Hewlett
Packard Enterprise (HPE).
Called simply The Machine
(pictured), it has 160TB
of memory,
enough for it
to analyse 160
million books
HPE says it?s been built for
the era of ?big data?, and will
help research into ?the next
great scienti?c breakthrough,
industry-changing innovation
or life-altering technology?.
The MP3 format has been
declared ?dead?, after its
licensing program was
terminated by the Fraunhofer
Institute for Integrated
Circuits, the German agency
that invented it in 1993. But
the decision won?t a?ect any
MP3s on your computer you?ll still be able to listen
to them. The Fraunhofer
Institute called time on the
format because it?s inferior
to its replacement, AAC
(Advanced Audio Coding),
which is used by Android
and iOS devices.
7 ? 20 June 2017 9
Jane Hoskyn puts the boot into tech villains, jargon-spouting companies
and software stu?ed with junk
Junk o?ender: ImgBurn
Download mirror sites like
Tucows and Softpedia have a
history of bundling junk in
their installers, so we generally advise
that you download programs directly
from developers? websites instead. But
then programs like ImgBurn come along
and turn that advice on its head.
ImgBurn is a good tool for saving data
to CD and DVD, which keeps your ?les
away from ransomware hackers. Our
favourite, Disc Archiver (see Best Free
Software, page 18), is safe and junk-free,
but the same can?t be said for the likes of
BurnAware Free (Named & Shamed, Issue
497) and ImgBurn.
Mirror, mirror
The ImgBurn website o?ers an unlucky
seven download links, including six that
take you to download mirror sites. It feels
like playing PUP roulette. I clicked
ImgBurn?s own link, which should be the
safest choice.
After a standard licence agreement, the
installer hit me with pre-ticked boxes for
the Chromium browser and a Chrome
extension called Search Manager. Sounds
innocuous? Let?s ask the internet.
?Remove Search Manager extension from
Google Chrome,? o?ers security site
MalwareFixes (,
explaining that Search Manager seizes
control of your browser?s home page,
new tab page, search engine and toolbars,
and inserts itself into Windows startup.
I unticked both boxes and ImgBurn
obeyed my request. That doesn?t make it
OK. The junk is designed to look like an
important stage of installation (see
screenshot), so many users would fall for
it then ?nd their browser hijacked.
Out of interest, I retraced my steps and
ImgBurn?s own installer tries to sneak the
Search Manager PUP into your PC
tried the other download links, installing
then uninstalling (and restarting my PC)
in turn. Softpedia asked for a donation,
but didn?t bundle any junk. Nor did
MajorGeeks, Digital Digest, TechSpot or
even the dodgy-sounding ?Free-Codecs.
com?. The installer from BetaNews was
blocked by Avast, so I have no idea what
treasures lurked within.
The moral of this story is that you
should never assume an installer is safe.
What are they
talking about?
Jane?s villain of the fortnight
What they say
If you struggle to hear mumbled
dialogue when you watch TV (join the
club), you probably ?nd subtitles
invaluable. They feel like a friend,
helping you to watch and enjoy in
comfort. So I was appalled ? if not
entirely surprised ? to hear that
hackers are now targeting subtitles
used by popular media players
including Kodi and VLC.
Researchers at security ?rm Check
Point have discovered malicious
subtitle ?les that install malware on
users? computers after breezing past
their antivirus (AV) programs, which
tend to assume that subtitle ?les are
safe (
The researchers haven?t said what
Apple (
?Container comprising a first integrated
top feature co-operating with the
integrated bottom feature and the
integrated side feature to provide
structural support (and) a plurality of
apertures that allow for the outflow
of air.?
What they
A pizza box with
holes in it, designed
to prevent Apple employees? lunch from
going soggy. It?s someone?s job to write
Apple patent applications. Can?t decide
if I?m envious or worried about them.
10 7 ? 20 June 2017
Kodi subtitle hackers
form this zero-day malware takes ? it
could be ransomware, for all we know
? but they have urged AV ?rms to
recognise the threat of hacked subtitle
?les, which it called a ?completely
overlooked? form of infection. Check
Point is also encouraging users of Kodi,
VLC and other media players to update
their software to protect against this
mean-spirited exploit.
Want to nominate a villain of the fortnight?
Email us at
of the
How can we crush Islamic
rapidly losing territory but
State online? It?s
remains dangerous on the internet
e are winning the war on
the ground against
Islamic State. Since the
beginning of 2016 the barbaric
regime has lost over a quarter
of its territory in Syria and
Iraq. The most recent success
came in January when Iraqi
forces liberated eastern Mosul
from the jihadists? evil grip.
The western half is expected to
fall soon, as is Raqqa, Islamic
State?s Syrian stronghold.
But as they lose the physical
battle, Islamic State will focus
on winning the war online.
Unlike beaten armies in
history, which have retreated
to their border, Islamic State?s
?ghters will melt into the
virtual world, spreading vile
propaganda to attract recruits.
It?s sickeningly easy to ?nd
manuals online imploring
terrorists to kill children, and
instructions for making
homemade bombs ? and
Islamic State won?t run out of
content soon. A recent report
from King?s College London
(?The Islamic State?s Doctrine
for Information Warfare?
production and dissemination
is at times considered to be
even more important than
military jihad?. A guidebook
published by the group last
year proclaimed: ?Media
weapons [can] actually be
more potent than atomic
Theresa May warned the
world about this strategy in
her speech at the G7 summit
in Sicily, four days after a
It?s sickeningly easy online
to find instructions for making
homemade bombs said
that the group has assembled
a ?vast archive of propaganda?,
and will release it online ?to
keep themselves buoyant with
nostalgia?. Their aim is to keep
their ideology alive, ?o?ering
evidence of the good old days?,
until they are ready to restore
it in reality.
The report stresses how vital
the internet is to Islamic State,
adding that ?propaganda
bomb at an Ariana Grande
concert in Manchester killed
22 people. The Prime Minister
urged governments to do
more to ?ght extremism
online, saying the struggle is
?moving from the battle?eld
to the internet?.
She called for companies
such as Google, Facebook and
Twitter to face up to their
?social responsibility?. Her
proposals include forcing
websites to build tools that
automatically identify and
remove extremist material.
Mrs May also demanded that
sites pass on material that
could prevent a terrorist
attack, and toughen their
rules on what comprises
?harmful content?.
The Government wants
Britain, backed by Nato, to
lead a new international e?ort
to ?ght extremism online. Mrs
May told The Times last month
that the internet should be
globally regulated, just as
rules apply internationally to
banks, saying it was the only
way to make giant tech
companies take action.
At the G7 summit the Prime
Minister acknowledged that
tech companies are taking
online extremism more
seriously, but insisted that
more should be done. She is
likely to support Google?s
commitment to creating an
international forum that
ensures ?terrorists do not have
a voice online?. It has joined
forces with Facebook,
Microsoft and Twitter to create
a ?digital ?ngerprint? that
? Islamic State is losing
territory in the middle
east, but still operates
widely online
? Theresa May has called for
a more concerted
international e?ort to ?ght
online terrorism
? Anti-jihadist ads are being
aimed at people who have
shown terrorist sympathies
helps them quickly ?nd and
remove extremist videos.
Such measures will help,
but governments must also
play their part by countering
Islamic State propaganda.
Leading the way is the US
State Department?s new
Global Engagement Center,
which in February started
showing anti-jihadist adverts
to people who have expressed
sympathies with Islamic
State?s cause. If, as polls
predict, Mrs May wins the
general election, she must
ensure the UK?s intelligence
agencies follow suit.
7 ? 20 June 2017 11
On first-name terms with my
high street
Arthur Lomas is being a touch
callous when he implores us not to
mourn the death of the high street
(Letters, Issue 502). I take his point that
not all shopping is a pleasant way to
spend the weekend, but there are many
people who need essentials every day,
and for them the high street will never be
replaced by the internet.
I?m probably a good example. Every day
in my small Wiltshire town I visit my
high street to buy items from the
newsagent, the butcher, the bookstore
and the charity shop. I know the ?rst
names of all the people in those shops,
and they know mine. I always return
from shopping happier than when I left
my home. Maybe Mr Lomas should spend
an afternoon with me, and I?ll make him
revise his view of the high street.
Julie Fenton
How to make TalkTalk?s
?computer? sound human
Alan Turing predicted that
eventually you would be able to
telephone a computer, and that it would
then be indistinguishable from a real
person. TalkTalk, however, already seem
to be training their call-centre sta? to be
indistinguishable from computers.
I needed a SIM card for my phone. The
?computer? I spoke to was perfectly
mannered, and had a set answer to every
question, including the ones I did not ask.
At the end of the conversation she
advised me that in future they would be
using voice recognition to improve
security. ?Oh,? I replied. ?Then I shall
have to remember to put my false teeth
in?. This obviously was not in the script,
because the ?computer? crashed into
giggles, became human, and wished me a
good day. Full marks to TalkTalk, however,
as the SIM arrived within 48 hours.
Harry Leeming
12 7 ? 20 June 2017
Tell us what?s on your mind
Twitter: @ComputerActive
Wasted money on
The problem
from Terry
Chudley rang an
immediate bell with
me (?Why can?t I
play my secondKEY CODE
hand games??,
Issue 501, page
69). A few years
ago, I too purchased a computer game,
Assassin?s Creed 2, from a charity shop,
and hastened home in happy anticipation
to install it. Once I had done so, the
demand for the key code came up and,
like Terry, I was told that it was already
used, so I had wasted my money. I
suppose I could have gone back to the
shop to ask for a refund but I would have
felt mean, as it was only a few pounds
and I am not so short of cash as to make
that necessary, especially from a charity.
I can only assume that charity shop
sta? do not realise, and certainly would
not have the time or skill to check, that a
second-hand game requires a key code
that has a once-only use. Perhaps there
should be a warning printed on the insert
if this is the case, stating that the right to
use the game ceases for any subsequent
user. Has it always been that way? I can
remember buying games and using them
successfully, without being stopped in my
tracks. Frankly, I think this is a very mean
attitude. As Terry says, the companies
have had their pro?t from the sale, so the
disc and packaging are now just land?ll.
Susan Platter
We pay more than we
need to for our utilities
Je?rey Gallagher has it wrong
(?Loyal moaners will drive up
prices for all?, Letters, Issue 501).
Broadband, energy and similar suppliers
have access to sophisticated tools for
analysing customer response and price
sensitivity. These show that most people
do not act as soon as an introductory
tari? runs out and won?t then switch
unless there is a substantial saving to be
made. This is particularly true if the
switching process is perceived to be
di?cult. The standard tari? can thus be
set to maximise revenue without putting
too many people o?.
On the other hand the introductory
rate is set just low enough to attract new
customers without costing the company
too much. As nobody knows the real cost
of provision, and many tari?s are
complex, we can be fairly sure we are
paying more than we need. What is more,
the entire switching system, including TV
Mind-reading Facebook is a bad idea
I would like to award
Computeractive the award for
?Understatement of the Year? for its
comment that Facebook reading
people?s brains ?has the potential to go
very wrong? (?What?s All the Fuss
About??, Issue 502). Initially it was
heartwarming to read
how ?brain-computer
interfaces? can help
disabled people to move
their paralysed limbs. But
it was just as depressing
to read Facebook?s plans
to convert our thoughts
into text. Let?s remember
how Facebook makes it
money ? through
advertising. In the UK
alone it made about �2bn last year.
Every change it makes to its site is for
one purpose only ? to make more
money through advertising.
The reason Facebook is so attractive
to advertisers is that they can tailor
adverts to types of people ? young, old,
male, female, married,
single. They know this from
the information you give
them. Now just imagine
that they could show
adverts responding to your
thoughts. Far-fetched?
Maybe. But most of the
internet would?ve sounded
like science ?ction to people
30 years ago.
Harry Wells
adverts for price-comparison websites, is
ultimately paid for by the consumer
through the prices charged.
Lawrence Harding
Fondly remembering
bulletin boards
Your ?Whatever happened to???
piece on bulletin boards in Issue
501 (page 69) brought back some very
happy and expensive memories. After
teaching myself programming in Basic
on my ?rst computer, the Sharp MZ-80A,
I moved on to the Amstrad CPC 6128,
and then got involved in the wonderful
world of bulletin boards. I remember the
thrill of setting up my ?rst acoustic
coupler (pictured)
and then ?guring
out how to
suppress the noise
of my typing from
entering it ? two
soft, folded towels
under it solved that problem.
Once I was set up I couldn?t get
enough. I spent hours every night
working through di?erent boards. In
your article you said that the operating
hours being after midnight were so that
the system operators could get some
sleep. Well, in the days of dial-up and the
BT monopoly the cost of phone calls also
had a lot to do with it. It was so much
cheaper to call at night. Even so, my ?rst
quarterly bill was around �0!
Of course, as time moved on I changed
my allegiance to Prestel Micronet and
then eventually to the internet, but the
exciting early days were gone. Now I just
have happy memories of my ?rst
stumbling steps into the world of
long-distance communication with my
computer. Sigh.
Colin Baker
Has Facebook got news
for me? No!
The popularity of the internet
sometimes makes me feel like I?m
living in an alternative reality to everyone
else. Take the reports that Facebook has
taken out adverts in newspapers telling
people how to identify ?fake news?. What
I want to know is, why do people even
turn to Facebook for news? This upstart
website has only been around for 10 years
or so, and has not done enough in that
time to earn a reputation as a reliable
source. By contrast, the BBC is 94 years
old, the Daily Mail over 120 years old,
Keep IT as secure as NHS visitors
I respect the optimism of
Professor Mark Skilton, who
wants a ?global cyber police force?
(News, Issue 502, page 6) following the
WannaCry hack, but it will never
happen. Can anyone seriously imagine
Israel sharing security details with
Iran? Or North Korea with South
Korea? OK, so President Trump seems
relaxed about the Russians knowing
what the US is up to, but that will stop
once sanity returns to the White House.
Instead, companies and organisations
must realise that protecting their
computer systems is just as vital as
protecting their buildings. The NHS is a
good example. My daughter has just
given birth, so I?ve spent some time
recently in a local maternity ward.
Every e?ort is made by the hospital to
keep patients safe. You can?t go up to
the ward in the lift, and you have to be
buzzed in by the nurses. They are strict
about this, and rightly so, after the
baby-snatching scandals of past years.
But it seems that the same rigour
isn?t applied to IT security at the NHS.
I suspect that to the people in charge of
money and PR, the threat of being
hacked feels more abstract than baby
snatching. They wouldn?t admit it, but
subconsciously they probably take it
less seriously. That will hopefully
change after the hack.
What?s needed is a joined-up e?ort
to make NHS sta? as disciplined about
IT security as they are about who goes
where in hospitals. They need to realise
that opening a dodgy email carries the
same risk as letting anyone on to
maternity wards. More money may be
needed, and they should certainly
move on from XP. But a change in
attitude is more urgently
called for.
Bob Hindmarch
The Star Letter writer wins a Computeractive mug!
while The Times was formed in the 18th
century. It may sound old-fashioned, but
if I want to ?nd out what?s making the
news, I watch the news on TV, or read a
newspaper. Checking on Facebook has
never occurred to me, I?m glad to say.
Thomas Stelling
Don?t like Windows Phone?
Switch to Android or iOS
I would like to respond to
Duncan Bird?s cry of despair
over Microsoft apparently abandoning
Windows Phone (Letters, 502). He says he
is on his third Windows Phone, which
is two more than I managed. I bought
one about two years ago, and
gave it up a few months later.
Like Duncan, I quickly became
exasperated by the lack of
apps available.
However, I have good
news for Duncan. I would
like to encourage him to
switch to Android or iOS.
I?ve tried both, and like
both. I bought a Samsung Galaxy
6S as my replacement for the Windows
Phone, then ?inherited? an old iPhone
from a relative who no longer wanted it.
They are both superb devices, with
enough apps to spend an eternity
installing. I hope Duncan makes this
choice, then writes to Computeractive to
give his opinion.
Iain Marshall
700 temporary files and
How I nodded and laughed
reading Ken Rigsby?s Final Straw
column on temporary ?les (Issue 502). I
have three computers, and I
was determined to beat his
tally of 689 ?les. The ?rst two
couldn?t muster that between
them, but the third, an old
Lenovo laptop, broke the 700
barrier. I have no idea why.
Computing ba?es me, but I
still love it!
Edward Peak
7 ? 20 June 2017 13
Can I get a refund
for faulty secondhand laptop?
Ten months ago I bought a
refurbished Dell Windows 7
desktop PC from eBay seller
Tradetrading (
tradetrading). The laptop has now
completely died. I only paid �, but it
wasn?t used much or connected to the
internet because it?s a spare for my
bedroom. Tradetrading is fobbing o? my
phone calls. Can
you help?
Kaz Hilton
We?ll try. Kaz realises that she?s
missed the 180-day deadline to
claim a refund through PayPal?s
Buyer Protection. But she was right to
expect that the PC would last longer than
10 months, notwithstanding that it cost
only � and was refurbished.
Kaz has six years to seek redress in
another way, possibly by taking the
company to the small claims court under
the Consumer Rights Act. But she may
decide that it?s not worth it for �,
particularly because a judge will take into
account the age of the PC and its condition.
Until Tradetrading responds with a
de?nitive answer, she?s
in limbo. This is poor
customer service, so we?ll
contact the company.
Should I accept HP?s
?s ?wrong hard
drive? excuse?
A friend gave me an HP 15
laptop that she?d bought in
the US. The hard drive has
failed, and despite it having seven
months warranty, HP in England
refuses to repair it. The reason given is
that the hard drive in the laptop isn?t
the same as the one HP has in stock.
Can you help?
Charles Larman
We?ll do our best, because
HP?s excuse sounds lame. But
what?s puzzled us is why HP
didn?t point that it?s under no legal
obligation to honour a warranty meant
for the US market.
Instead it?s muddied the waters by
claiming that it doesn?t have any
compatible hard drives, which we
think is unlikely. Many hard drives are
interchangeable. It?s one reason why a
retailer can?t refuse to take back a
faulty computer that it built to a
customer?s speci?cations, such as
including a certain graphics card.
A customised PC isn?t like a bespoke
suit that?s been tailored to ?t an
individual. Its components can be
replaced with others.
We?ve asked HP if it will o?er a
repair as a goodwill gesture, or at least
tell Charles what hard drive he needs.
We?ll also ask it to consider ordering
the correct hard drive from the US. HP
would, however, be legally entitled to
charge Charles for postage.
Alternatively, Charles could buy a
hard drive and install it himself. But
if he does, Microsoft may regard his
computer as new again. This would
mean Windows would need to be
reinstalled, invalidating his licence.
Incidentally, we did check whether
Charles had an international warranty,
which would have applied in the UK as
well as the US. But it was US-only.
Some manufacturers, such as Lenovo,
o?er an international warranty by
default on certain laptops. If you
receive an international warranty, you
should ask whether it
has speci?c exclusions,
such as having to pay to
return the product.
Can MyHeritage raise prices without warning?
Genealogy site MyHeritage
( has
taken an annual subscription,
which is nearly � higher than last
year?s. I?d been given no prior warning
about the renewal or the cost, but I?m
outside the 14-day cancellation period. Is
there any way I can get my money back?
Sherrell Sachse
There may be. Sherrell should
?rst simply try talking to
MyHeritage, explaining that she
wasn?t told about the price rise. She may
14 7 ? 20 June 2017
catch the company in a generous
mood, although it may lead only
to a reduction in the subscription,
not a refund.
If that doesn?t work, Sherrell
could take MyHeritage to the small claims
court, saying that the company broke the
law that requires them to tell customers
when their subscriptions are increasing.
But she?d ?nd it tricky to show that she
hadn?t been contacted by MyHeritage
about the price rise, because it would
mean proving a negative. We?re hoping
that Sherrell will be able to sort
something out with the
site. If not, we?ll step in to
ask on her behalf.
Contact us so we can investigate your case
Write: Consumeractive, Computeractive, 30 Cleveland Street, London W1T 4JD
Please include both your phone number and address.
Unfortunately, we can?t reply to all your letters.
We sstand up for your legal rights
Can EE charge me to replace a faulty phone?
My phone contract with EE
included a new iPhone 6S,
which developed vertical lines
down the side of the screen after only 29
days. I took it back immediately, but EE?s
sales assistant told me I?d dropped and
damaged it, which I hadn?t. It was sent
away for repair, but EE says it can?t be
?xed, and that I have to pay �0 for a
replacement. Surely this is wrong?
Bill Cole
Yes it?s wrong. As is becoming
disconcertingly common, a
Computeractive reader has been
left frustrated by a sales assistant?s
misunderstanding of consumer law. In
this case, the assistant didn?t know that
within six months of purchase the onus
is on the retailer to prove that a fault has
been caused by the customer.
Screen faults can have many
causes, such as faulty pixels, so
the sales assistant shouldn?t
have made a judgement simply
by looking at the phone. They
made the right decision to send
it away for a thorough examination, but
now EE won?t tell Bill why it can?t be
repaired. On our advice Bill plans to
collect the phone directly from the repair
centre, and will ask for a report.
Unless EE can prove that Bill damaged
the phone, it must replace it or refund
him. We?ve reminded EE of this, and
asked why it thinks the phone is
irreparable. We?ll let you know its answer.
When Bill has retrieved the phone he
could pay for an inspection to discover
whether the fault is inherent. Should that
?Goodwill? from Three, but bad policy
We like goodwill gestures because they show
companies can be flexible. But often companies
use the term to describe something that,
actually, they are bound to do by law. It gives
the erroneous impression that the company is doing the
customer a favour.
The latest company guilty of this is Three. As we reported in
Issue 502, it sold reader Peter Gilmore a ZTE V7 Blade phone
that developed a fault within two months. Three told Peter to
return it to ZTE for repair, which he did, but this didn?t fix the
phone. At this point Three demonstrated a shocking
ignorance of consumer law. It wanted to send the
phone for another repair, seemingly not realising that
under the 2015 Consumer Rights Act companies can
offer only one repair before refunding or
Since then, Three has given Peter
a ne
new phone, but claimed it was a
goodwill gesture, maintaining that
he wasn?t legally entitled to one.
This is nonsense. So while Peter is
happy with his phone (assuming it
doesn?t suffer from the same fault),
we?re confused by Three?s stance.
We?ve contacted the company to get
confirmation that it understands the
new one-repair rule.
prove to be the case, he could
claim the money back from
EE. He should keep EE
informed of his actions.
We all tend to moan and
complain when things go
wrong, so I thought when
things go right it would
be nice if everyone heard
about it. I?d just like to
compliment Chillblast
? 01202 068 333
( for
their ?rst-class support.
I have twice needed
help with my desktop
PC. The latest occasion
when ?Virtualization? was
disabled? in the BIOS (it was
a problem with Kapersky
Safe Money). Within
minutes of my email
they replied with clear
and rational advice.
It was absolutely
outstanding, a gold
standard. I?d like to think
that all companies could try
harder with home-based
support teams rather than
call centres in India.
Lawrie Woodyer
Has a company impressed
you with its customer
service? Please let us know:
7 ? 20 June 2017 15
Protect Your Tech
Scams and threats to avoid, plus new security tools
Fake URLs with Cyrillic letters
What?s the threat?
Scammers have created a fake URL for
the messaging service WhatsApp using
letters from the Cyrillic alphabet that
look similar to letters in the Latin
alphabet (used in English). Instead of, the URL is http://
鏷 (see
screenshot), with the letters ?� and ?t?
replacing ?w?, and ?t?. The criminals
hope you won?t notice.
The URL appears in adverts for a tool
that promises to change the colour of
WhatsApp. If you click the link, you?re
redirected to a scam site that asks you
to share it with your friends, who will
receive the message ?I love the new
colors for whatsapp?, and a link to the
fake site. Next you?re told to install the
Chrome extension BlackWhats but is
actually adware.
What should you do?
Google has since removed BlackWhats
from its store, eradicating this speci?c
threat. But the hackers haven?t gone away,
and are probably looking for new ways to
trick people using Cyrillic letters. It?s not
a new tactic, and nor are attacks con?ned
to Cyrillic. As explained on Wikipedia
(, hackers have
also used Armenian, Hebrew, Chinese
and Greek letters to create fake URLs.
But Cyrillic (used across eastern
Europe) is the fraudsters? favourite
because it has 11 lower-case characters
that are identical ? or very similar ?
to Latin letters and numbers. Hence
there?s more potential to deceive users.
As with the fake bank URLs we warned
about in Issue 502, the surest way to
stay safe is never to click a link online.
Instead, bookmark your favourite sites, or
New tools
Just in case you thought otherwise,
?windows01? is a lousy password. We
had it con?rmed by this new site,
which uses arti?cial intelligence to
analyse the quality of passwords. If it
doesn?t like your suggestion, it explains
why. Most other password meters just
give you a simple thumbs down, but
fail to elaborate.
So when we typed windows01 into
16 7 ? 20 June 2017
AI password meter
its Password ?eld the site gave us
three reasons why it?s a howler : it
contains a word straight from the
dictionary, it doesn?t have numbers
in the middle, and it?s only 9
characters long. Next to each warning
is a ?why?? link ? click this for a fuller
Built by researchers from Pittsburgh?s
Carnegie Mellon University and the
University of Chicago, the
site used a neural network to
?read? passwords created by
4,500 people. It soon learnt
what made a bad password,
enabling it to o?er safer
alternatives. In our case, that
was ?wi01n7d7wS?, which
may be di?cult to remember,
but is also hard for hackers
to guess.
type the URL into your browser bar.
Also be sceptical of adverts that claim
to change how popular sites and
services work. They are usually scams.
Sainsbury?s voucher scam
I?ve always been a coupon collector,
and used to cut them out of
magazines all the time. I suppose I?m
the sort of person scammers will be
targeting with fake Sainsbury?s
vouchers. I saw one for � on my
Facebook page. It looks genuine, with
expiry dates, and the kind of terms
and conditions familiar to all coupon
users. But I don?t believe anything I
see on Facebook, so assumed it was
dodgy. Apparently, scammers are also
o?ering vouchers for Asda, Morrisons,
John Lewis and Argos. The fraud was
reported on my local website, Kent
Jean Atkinson
Warn your fellow readers about scams at
Best Free Software
Jane Hoskyn recommends new programs that won?t cost you anything
Disc Archiver 1.0.3
What you need: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
Backing up your data is the single best way to protect yourself
against ransomware because it ensures your ?les are safe even
if you?re attacked. Most backup tools and tips assume you?ve
shelled out for online storage, external hard drives or even a
NAS. But what about good old-fashioned CDs and DVDs?
They?re easy to ?le on your bookshelves and give to friends
and family, and they?re still cheap. The main downside is that
today?s ?les are often too big to ?t on a single disc. That?s
where Disc Archiver steps in.
This free program makes backing up ?les to CD, DVD and
Blu-ray much easier than using your PC?s built-in burning
tools. It automatically splits massive ?les between discs and
restores them automatically, too. Its Index Mode ensures ?les
are restored with their original path and folder structure
intact, which may be essential when restoring program ?les.
Disc Archiver hadn?t been updated for ages, but a Windows
10 version appeared in May, just before the WannaCry
ransomware outbreak sent us all scurrying for backup tools.
To download its installer, scroll down to the bottom of the
web page and click Download Disc Archiver. There?s no junk
to avoid, but you will need to submit your email address and
wait (a few seconds, in our case) for an ?activation code? that
you then copy and paste into Disc Archiver. You?ll only have to
do this once, even if you uninstall and reinstall the program.
1 Use the arrow icons to add
folders and ?les on your PC
to your backup list. The ?gure
at the bottom shows you how
much space and how many
discs you?ll need.
18 7 ? 20 June 2017
2 Click the Change button
to choose a device (your
PC?s DVD drive or a disc
autoloader) and to con?rm
the type of disc you?re using
(CD, DVD or Blu-ray).
3 Click Burn Settings to give
your archive a name; specify
the number of copies; create
an index ?le; and add notes.
Click Start to burn your disc - or
multiple discs, one at a time.
4 Click Restore to restore
backups, including ?les that
are split between discs. Here
you can choose what happens
to duplicates, and where ?les
should be restored to.
We tell you what software to use
What should I use to
automatically fill in forms?
I su?er from carpal tunnel syndrome in both
hands, which makes typing di?cult. In the past I
used RoboForm to ?ll in forms automatically on
my computer, but it doesn?t run on Windows 10. Is there
another program I can use?
CJ Chandler
Total Copier 1.0
What you need: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
Large ?les can be almost as much of a pain to move around on
your own PC as they are to share with other people. Windows
simply isn?t very good at it. This tool uses what it calls ?advanced
bu?er management technology? to let you copy and move ?les
between folders, partitions and drives much more quickly than
It?s fairly easy to use. Select a ?le you want to move, then
choose a destination and Total Copier moves it almost
instantaneously. The program keeps a list of these ?tasks? on a
clipboard, so you can make a new copy later if you want.
To get Total Copier 1.0, visit the website and click Downloads
then Download Now, and save and extract the ZIP. Windows 10
may try to block the download, but the ?le is safe according to
VirusTotal, and there?s no bundled junk.
O&O FileDirect
What you need: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
The latest ingenious tool from the maker of O&O ShutUp10 lets
you share unlimited ?les with friends and family without
having to upload them to an online storage service or go
anywhere near services like BitTorrent.
O&O FileDirect doesn?t send your ?les to a server and doesn?t
even ask for your recipient?s email address. Instead, it generates
a secure link that lets others download the ?les over the
internet directly from your computer. Choose which ?les and
folders to share (any size and number), then grab the secure
link. Anyone you share the link with can then download the
?les privately through their browser. You can add an expiry date
and password to the download link for even tighter security.
You?ll need to install the
program (although your
recipient doesn?t), but the
process is quick and free of
junk. The installer o?ers a
?Custom? option that lets you
exclude certain O&O ?les,
but the whole package is just
14MB, so to avoid any
hitches we?d stick with the
default ?Complete? option.
Good news: RoboForm ( has
been updated for Windows 10. Its new version 8
can complete all sorts of forms - both online and
on your PC - using details you?ve stored. It can also generate
and enter an unlimited number of usernames and
passwords for you, which is a boon for your security as well
as saving you from further pain. You can even use it as a
private safe for storing important notes and contacts.
We installed and tested RoboForm using Windows 10 and
Chrome, and it worked a treat - although the desktop
program wouldn?t open until we?d enabled the extension in
Chrome. Once you?ve got it up and running, click
RoboForm in the top-left corner of the program window,
then Options and click AutoFill to con?gure its settings (see
screenshot). By default, it asks your permission before
?lling in forms. This is the most secure option, but you can
set it to go ahead and ?ll in forms without any further clicks
from you. The program then runs in the background, and
displays a menu of options when you click its icon in your
system tray. For more guidance, see the tutorial at www.
The full version of RoboForm costs $19.95 (�.50) per
year and can sync your auto?ll information across multiple
devices, but the free version is plenty if you?ll only use it on
your Windows 10 PC and in your browser.
If you use Firefox, you may also like the Auto?ll Forms
extension ( We found this
trickier to set up than RoboForm, but it o?ers more
features, including multiple keyboard shortcuts for
?lling in di?erent types of information with one click.
Do you need our advice on what software to use?
Just email us at
7 ? 20 June 2017 19
New products tested by our experts
LAPTOP ? �0 from Amazon
ZenBook UX310UA
Smarter than the average
ge laptop
Tolstoy said all happy families are alike,
but each unhappy family is unhappy
py in
its own way. He may as well have been
talking about laptops. We all agree on the
ideal: slim, light and sturdy, with a solid
keyboard, responsive trackpad, sharp
screen and plenty of processing power.
Sadly, not many of us can a?ord all that.
Once you start shaving o? features to
make the price more realistic, though,
any number of things can go wrong.
Asus has a record of making sensible
compromises. This Windows 10 model
?lls an existing chassis with some new
components, including Intel?s latest Kaby
Lake i5-7200U processor. The plain silver
aluminium case looks classy, although on
closer inspection it feels a little plasticky
and less robust than you might hope.
Weighing 1.4kg despite its modestly sized
13.3in screen, it?s not the most portable
laptop and, at 18.4mm thick, it doesn?t
taper o? much at the front either. HP?s
Spectre 13, for example, is half as thick,
but then it costs around twice as much.
On the plus side, you get a full set of
ports, with USB Type-C doubling as the
power input, and even an SD card reader.
Opening the ZenBook, we found a very
pleasing keyboard and trackpad. The
latter has the smooth surface and quick
response we look for these days and is
broad enough not to feel cramped, while
the keyboard has large, well-spaced keys
that o?er plenty of travel. There was a
little ?ex and bounce while typing, but
not enough to put us o?. It?s backlit,
too ? a useful feature that?s all too often
omitted even from pricier laptops.
2.3GHz Intel Core i5-7200U dual-core processor
? 8GB memory ? 256GB flash storage ? 13.3in
3200x1800-pixel screen ? Webcam ? 802.11ac Wi-Fi
? 2x USB 2 ports ? USB 3.0 port ? USB 3.1 Type-C port
? HDMI port ? SD card reader ? Windows 10 Home
? 18.4x323x223mm (HxWxD) ? 1.4kg ? One-year
20 7 ? 20 June 2017
The screen is even
better. Did we say
compromise? Asus has
given the UX310UA a HiDPI
3200x1800-pixel display similar
larr to
the one we saw in the pricier UX330UA
(see review in Issue 485) ? a luxury
usually reserved for much more
expensive systems. Using Windows 10?s
scaling options, you can ?t on the screen
as much of your work as you can
comfortably see, and everything (except
in a few programs that haven?t been
updated recently) looks pin-sharp.
For everything
most people want to
do in Windows, it?s
absolutely fine
Colour accuracy, at 86 per cent of the
sRGB range, isn?t quite good enough
to satisfy serious photo editors, which
is a shame. It?s more than adequate
for everyday use, however, and the
screen even has an anti-glare matt
coating, so you won?t be bothered by
re?ections. The only drawback is that
the hinge doesn?t open particularly far,
so if you?re working with the ZenBook
on your lap, you may end up with
a less-than-ideal viewing angle.
Inside the UX310UA, the i5-7200U
processor, paired with 8GB of memory,
produced a strong performance in our
tests. These lower-power mobile
processors never stand up to comparisons
with desktop i5 PCs, and for heavy work
such as 4K video production you?d want
more power, especially because there?s
no dedicated graphics card to help out.
That also means gamers will need to turn
the graphics quality settings way down to
run demanding 3D titles, and playing
games at the screen?s full resolution isn?t
really an option. But again, for everything
most people want to do in Windows, it?s
absolutely ?ne.
A 256GB SSD is ?tted as standard,
while a 512GB option costs an extra �0.
This may mean you need to keep large ?le
collections on an external drive, but
compared with a bigger, slower
mechanical hard drive, the SSD keeps
everything moving briskly. At six hours
and 45 minutes in our video playback
test, battery life was as good as we?d
expect in this price bracket.
VERDICT: This may not be the most
beautifully engineered laptop, but it?s
hard to think of one that spends your
money more wisely
ALTERNATIVE: Dell XPS 13 �149 Dell?s
reen makes this laptop
In?nity Edge screen
more compact,
but it?s pricier
even before
you add �0 for
high resolution
EBOOK READERS ?? �0 from Kobo
Kobo Aura H2O (2017)
Good books needn?t be dry
This new version of the
waterproof ereader is even
more waterproof: its IPX8
rating means you can not
only drop it in the bath but
fall asleep while doing so,
since it?ll survive for at least
an hour. It?s no longer rated
dustproof, so sawmill
operators should hang on to
the old model.
Like other ebook readers,
the Aura displays pages in
black-and-white ?e ink?,
which looks like a real book
page, not a glowing screen.
As before, Kobo?s
ComfortLight feature can be
turned on when necessary,
and it now adjusts to cut
blue light in the evening,
when it can a?ect sleep. You can adjust
the brightness manually. The resolution
stays the same, at 265 pixels per inch
(ppi), which isn?t quite as sharp as
current Kindles, but in return you get a
slightly bigger screen. Text looks very
crisp, and there?s now more control over
its exact appearance. Options include a
special font to help dyslexic readers.
This ebook reader
is a good size, with a
grippable back and
wide border
The device is a good size, with a
grippable rubbery back and a border
wide enough to keep your ?ngers out of
the way. The rechargeable battery,
which lasts weeks, uses a standard
microUSB port, via which you can also
transfer ebooks from a PC, but the
device connects directly to the internet
via Wi-Fi too. Like most current
Kindles, it has no buttons to turn
the pages; you have to swipe across
the screen.
Kobo is one of the very few remaining
Computeractive is owned by Dennis
Publishing, which owns a hi-tech facility
for testing the latest technology. You?ll
often read references to our benchmark
testing, which is a method of assessing
products using the same criteria. For
example, we test the speed of every
PC and the battery life of every tablet
in exactly the same way. This makes
our reviews authoritative, rigorous
and accurate.
Dennis Publishing also owns
the magazines PC Pro, Computer
Shopper and Web User and the
websites Expert Reviews (www. and Alphr (www. This means we can test
thousands of products before choosing
the most relevant for Computeractive.
Our writers follow strict guidelines to
ensure the reviews are fair and
impartial. The manufacturer has no
involvement in our tests.
competitors to Amazon?s Kindle
readers, and the Aura H2O doesn?t work
with the Kindle Store. Instead, you shop
for books on Kobo?s store, which has
about ?ve million titles to Amazon?s
seven million (not all available in the
UK), or ?nd them elsewhere. It supports
plenty of formats, just not Kindle. Like
Amazon, Kobo also has apps for phones,
tablets and PCs so you can read your
books elsewhere. If you already have a
collection of paid-for Kindle books,
however, they can?t be converted.
Another limitation is that the Aura H2O
can?t play audiobooks; there?s no sound.
If you?re OK with reading on a
screen, a tablet such as the Kindle Fire
would be a lot more versatile; the Aura
H2O can?t run apps or games. Then
again, nor does it show you any adverts.
If you prefer an ebook reader, Amazon?s
Kindle devices (from �, www.snipca.
com/24474) are the obvious choice. But
none are waterproof, and that might
just sway you towards this very
well-designed ereader.
6.8in E Ink touchscreen ? 8GB memory ? 802.11n
? 172x129x8.8mm (HxWxD) ? 207g ? One-year
We award every product
that gets five stars our
BUY IT! Buy It! stamp of approval.
????? It means we were
extremely impressed by the product,
and we think you will be too.
Every product that gets a
four-star review is given
the Great Pick award. We
highly recommend these
products, although they just fail to meet
the high standard of our Buy It! winners.
Our reviews contain a link to the best
price we found online at the time of press.
VERDICT: Except for the absence
of buttons, we can barely fault this
ereader; only Kindle?s dominance would
make us think twice
Kindle Paperwhite �0
If you want to buy books in
Kindle format, this is a decentt
reader with a backlight, but
it?s not waterproof
7 ? 20 June 2017 21
PC MONITOR ? �9 from Ballicom
an AMD Ryzen
Not a good look
Once upon a time, PC monitors
came with inch-thick matt black
plastic bezels around the screen,
giving even the ?attest of displays
a clumsy appearance that? hang
on, this one?s still like that. What
happened, AOC? Did you have a
skip full of black plastic to use up?
Or did you think users might be so
disconcerted by the I2775PQU?s
slightly wobbly stand that they?d
want something to grip on to?
To be fair, the stand o?ers both
h tilt and
height adjustment and even rotates
ates 90
degrees into portrait mode, for those who
like long pages better than side-by-side
windows. And it does use IPS monitor
technology for (potentially) better colour
reproduction. On the back, set into a
protruding panel to which the stand is
unceremoniously screwed, is a full set of
inputs for the usual display connections
? HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI and the
prehistoric analogue VGA D-Sub socket
? although MHL isn?t supported for
mobile devices. There?s also a USB hub
that gives you two USB 3.0 ports on the
left-hand edge and two USB 2.0 behind,
connected by a USB 3.0 cable to your PC.
An unattractive
monitor with an
incovenient design and
poor picture quality
Inconveniently, the power switch is
round the back under the bottom edge of
that big bump, where you?ll never be able
to reach it from the front. Once you get
hold of it and turn the screen on, things
start to look even less cutting-edge. The
1920x1080-pixel resolution matches
many other 27in screens, but it isn?t
27in IPS LCD ? 1920x1080-pixel resolution ? HDMI
port ? DVI port ? DisplayPort ? VGA port ? 2x USB 3.0
? 2x USB 2.0 ? 2W speakers ? 640x533x243mm
(HxWxD) ? Three-year warranty www.snipca.
22 7 ? 20 June 2017
Do I really need...
What does it do?
Ryzen is a brand new processor design
from AMD, which was always Intel?s
big processor rival but has taken a bit
of a back seat in recent years. It does
the same thing as an Intel processor,
such as a Core i5 or i7, but AMD?s
architecture o?ers a di?erent balance of
price and performance.
Why would I want it?
terribly sharp at this size, and we were
disappointed by the colour accuracy,
covering just 78 per cent of the sRGB
range. Photos and videos looked pale and
drab, and not only did the backlight not
go very bright, it didn?t even cover the full
height of the panel.
We wouldn?t expect miracles for under
�0, especially at a time when some of
our favourite monitors have gone up in
price due to the fall in sterling. And
although the stand isn?t as solid as it could
be, the no-nonsense build quality could
appeal to business buyers, who may not
care too much about the niceties of
colour reproduction. We?d suggest,
however, that you could do better than
this without spending any more. Even
AOC itself makes a 27in screen with
vastly better colour accuracy that sells for
a few pounds less (see the alternative
below and our Buy It recommendation
on page 32).
VERDICT: The USB ports are handy, but
nothing else about this monitor stands
out as exceptional, and you can ?nd
better picture quality for less money
This similarly chunky model uses
the older TN
technology, but has
excellent colour
accuracy and a sharper
2560x1440 resolution
There?s been a lot of
excitement about the new
Ryzen 1700X and 1800X
processor (pictured) because
their eight-core design potentially
o?ers the advantages of Intel?s more
expensive E series (pictured below)
at similar prices to an i7. Not everyone
needs a PC with high performance, but
tasks like video editing, which anyone
can have a go at nowadays, are actually
very demanding. Games, too, use much
more processing power to show
higher-quality graphics.
What?s the catch?
It?s early days for Ryzen
computers (high-end desktop
PC processors have appeared
?rst; laptop and budget versionss
will follow), but the results may
not be quite as startling as some had
hoped. Tasks that can use all eight
cores certainly bene?t, outstripping
current i7 processors by a third or more,
but a lot of things you use a PC for still
depend on single-core processing, and
here the Ryzen chips fall behind. There
are also issues with programs being
optimised for Intel processors and
not AMD, but developers are already
releasing updates to ?x this.
So can I do without it?
It?s not going to blow Intel out of the
water, but Ryzen shows AMD is still a
serious competitor. For ambitious users,
a Ryzen desktop PC may be as good as
a similarly priced Intel machine most of
the time and noticeably better some
of the time.
PHONE ? �9 from Amazon
BlackBerry KEYone
Keep on clicking
It?s hard to think of a brand with a more
confused history than BlackBerry. In the
1990s, it let cutting-edge high-?yers get
urgent emails on the move. From 2003,
it was the corporate smartphone of
choice. In 2008 we learned Barack
Obama used one. By 2011, it was the
o?cial mobile of urban youth, its
QWERTY keypad enabling eyes-free
texting from inside hoodie pockets.
Now just another
Android phone ? albeit
with physical keys for
touch typists
In 2013 this became less appealing
when Edward Snowden revealed that the
intelligence services had access to texts
and emails sent between BlackBerrys.
And today the Canadian company
(previously called RIM, now known
simply as as BlackBerry Ltd) is struggling
to keep a toe-hold in the mobile-phone
market. But here?s the latest straw it?s
clutching: the KEYone, named to draw
attention to the tiny buttons that hark
back to the glory days.
Despite its self-consciously retro
design, with a textured
black plastic rear and silver
aluminium frame, the KEYone is an
up-to-date device running Android 7.1
(Nougat). Its keypad features a space bar
that doubles as a ?ngerprint sensor, and
above it is a high-resolution touchscreen.
It could be brighter, but it covers 96.5 per
cent of the sRGB colour range. At 4.5in
it?s on the small side, but if your ?ngers
are slim enough to hit the tiny buttons
accurately, your hands may be too small
to handle more fashionable big-screen
mobiles. Disappointingly, the phone
itself isn?t particularly compact, partly
because of the keyboard, and at nearly
a centimetre thick it feels old-fashioned
in the wrong way.
The KEYone has similar problems on
the inside: its processor is slower than
those of most other phones in its price
bracket, leaving some tasks feeling
stuttery. The battery, charged via USB
Type-C, lasted 12 hours 24 minutes in our
video-playback test, which is just about
OK. However, in general use we found it
lasted longer than expected, beating even
the likes of Google?s �0 Pixel XL.
Cameras haven?t been a strong point
in previous models, but the KEYone?s
rear 12-megapixel sensor (made by Sony)
gave us crisp pictures outdoors. In low
light or with moving subjects, things got
very blurry.
Exclusive messaging services once
made BlackBerry unique, but this is now
basically just another Android phone. If
you ?nd touchscreens hard to use, the
tactile keyboard could make it suitable,
if slightly overpriced for its speci?cation.
Otherwise, it?s hard to recommend over
alternatives like the Samsung Galaxy S7
(�9 from John Lewis www.snipca.
com/24398) or the cheaper Honor 8 Pro
(see page 26).
The ?rst mobile phones, which were
like bricks with telescopic aerials, had
chunky number keys like landline
handsets. As the handsets shrank,
these turned into little clicky buttons,
but you still only got 0-9, plus star and
hash. Typing meant hitting numbers
repeatedly to cycle through letters, a
skill quickly mastered by
the young who learned,
like ancient Hebrew
scribes, that it was fasterr
to leave out the vowels.
With the iPhone, the
buttons moved on to the
screen, where there was room for the
whole alphabet. But you had to look,
you couldn?t touch-type. BlackBerry
owner RIM had been cramming QWERTY
keyboards into phones since they were
pagers (pictured), and never stopped.
The KEYone?s buttons, though, aren?t
what they used to be. Rather than hard
and clicky tthe
they?re rubbery and mushy.
You do get personalised
word prediction, but
with no touchscreen
enhancements like Swype,
typing is just as ?ddly as it
was 20 years ago.
4.5in 1620x1080-pixel screen ? 12-megapixel
rear camera ? 8-megapixel front camera ? 32GB
flash storage ? MicroSD card slot ? 802.11ac Wi-Fi ?
Bluetooth 4.2 ? 3G/4G ? Android 7.1 ? 149x73x9.4mm
(HxWxD) ? 180g ? One-year warranty
VERDICT: We?re glad to see physical
buttons are still an option, but in other
respects this isn?t a particularly good
(2017) � The return of
an old favourite, before
smartphones ruled the
e world.
Look out for our review
w of this
in our next issue
7 ? 20 June 2017 23
How to upgrade your laptop
Desktop PCs aren?t the only computers you can spruce up with a few new parts ? laptops
can be upgraded too. But which components should you replace, and how?
Sometimes the
drive might slide out
in a caddy like this
Laptops typically give you a lower spec
than a desktop PC for your money. If you
bought yours with 4GB, 2GB or even less,
it may be struggling to keep several
Windows 10 programs running smoothly.
Expanding the memory won?t speed
everything up, but should make loading
programs and switching between them
noticeably faster.
Use a memory processor sales site such
as Crucial?s (, see
screenshot below middle) to see what
upgrades are available for your laptop.
There?s no need to buy processors from
your laptop?s own brand; they?re highly
standardised. You?ll usually have to throw
out what?s already installed and replace it
with higher-capacity modules. 8GB
should suit most purposes.
To get at your laptop?s memory, there
may be a small hatch, or you may have to
remove either the back panel or the
keyboard. Next, pull apart two clips to
release the module, which will ?ip up so
you can pull it out. Slot the new one in
the same way round and push it beyond
the clips until it sits completely ?rm.
Check your laptop maker?s support
website for speci?c instructions.
Replacing your laptop?s battery could give
it a new lease of life if the original one isn?t
lasting as long as it used to
Some laptops now come with NAND
processors soldered to the motherboard,
making storage upgrades impossible.
Others have them on a small PCI board,
which is tricky to replace. But most have
a hard drive or SSD in a standard 2.5in
format, and you should be able to get at
this to replace it. Removing a panel or the
back cover may reveal the drive plugged
into a SATA connector, or it may slide out
in a caddy, in which case you remove the
old drive, replace it with the new one and
slide it back in (see picture above).
If you have a 1TB or smaller hard drive
and need more room, swap it for a 2TB
drive. If speed is more important, replace
the drive with an SSD. This will make
your laptop start faster and load programs
quicker. It could well be three times faster
than your old hard drive.
Assuming your laptop has one
drive with Windows installed on it,
you?ll need to clone it to the new
one so your PC can boot from it. This
requires a drive-cloning program and
an external caddy to connect the new
drive temporarily, via USB. You can do
this using free software such as EaseUS
Todo Backup Free 10 (www.snipca.
com/24452) ? pick the System Clone
option (see screenshot below) ? but
make sure you untick all the options
to download unwanted extras. Kits are
Memory modules will flip out when you pull
apart the clips
Crucial?s website shows you what memory
upgrades are available for your laptop
Choose System Clone in EaseUS Todo Backup
to clone your drive
Hard drive
24 7 ? 20 June 2017
UPGRADE KIT ? �6 from
Kingston SSDNow UV400 Upgrade Kit 480GB
Laptops aren?t as easily upgradable
as desktops, and some nott at all,
but if yours has a standard
d 2.5in
hard drive this Kingston kit
it helps
you swap it for a much faster
480GB SSD.
Costing �-� extra over
the drive alone, this bundle
le adds
an external caddy that letss you
plug in the SSD via USB before you
start. Using the supplied Acronis
True Image HD software, you
clone your existing hard
drive to it. Then it?s out
with the screwdriver to
swap the drives, using the
included foam spacer if
necessary, and your laptop
should boot up as before, but
quicker. Our tests showed write speeds
over 500 megabytes per second (MB/s)
and read speeds over 550MB/s, falling
to 320-440MB/s with awkward sets of
small ?les.
Your laptop should
boot up as before,
but qui
This kit is an
excellent way
to upgrade
your laptop
These are good results, although
Crucial?s 525GB MX300 SSD (�4
from Amazon
24449) is slightly better value as a
bare drive.
480GB SATA III SSD 2.5in upgrade kit ? 3.5in
mount and Molex power adapter for desktop PC
? External USB caddy, cloning software and foam
spacer for laptop ? Three-year warranty
available (see Kingston review above) that
pair an SSD with a caddy and software
to get you through the whole process.
Replacing your laptop?s battery
could give it a new lease of life if the
original one isn?t lasting as long as it
used to. Search online for ?authorised
replacement laptop battery? and
you?ll ?nd o?cial sources for the big
manufacturers. Batteries typically cost
�0-�0, so you?ll need to consider if
it?s worth it for an older laptop. Cheaper
?compatible? batteries can be found on
eBay, but obscure foreign suppliers and
?ammable lithium-ion technology are
not reassuring bedfellows. One option
is to buy a compatible battery from a
reputable vendor such as Maplin: search
for your model at
We?ve left this until last to remind
you to think about it ?rst. Replacing
a laptop?s processor is unlikely to
be practical. So before planning any
Ch k Intel?s
Intel? website
bsit to see whether
heth your lapt
?s processor
cessor works
ks with
ith Windows
upgrades, consider whether a slow
processor means your laptop isn?t
worth improving. If you have an
Atom, Pentium or Celeron processor
? anything less than a Core i3, i5
or i7 ? Windows 10 will feel sluggish
even with more memory or an SSD.
If you?re happy with your laptop?s
performance but need more storage, a
drive swap could make sense. But if speed
ck or
isn?t a concern, plugging in a USB stick
SD card is a simpler way to make room
for your photo collection, for example.
Older machines running Windows XP,
Vista or 7 may not be able to upgrade to
Windows 10 (use Intel?s ?Processor
Many laptop
batteries, like th
one, can be popped
out easily
Support? page for help: www.snipca.
com/24450), meaning their useful life is
limited. Upg
di is great, but the time
comes when your money is better put
towards a new PC.
7 ? 20 June 2017 25
PHONE ? �4 from Huawei Vmall
Huawei Honor 8 Pro
The thin blue line
Samsung?s Galaxy S8 (see our review,
Issue 502) was meant to be the all-singing
top-end phone of this season, and to be
fair it did live up to the hype. Sadly, it
also cost an arm and a leg. Huawei?s
Honor 8 Pro is big, slim, fully equipped,
and less stupidly expensive (although still
not cheap). It?s available in black, gold or
navy blue metal, although at the time of
writing only the last of these had actually
arrived in the UK.
The Honor 8 Pro is a whole millimetre
thinner than the S8, with no bump
required for its dual rear camera. This
shoots colour and black-and-white at
di?erent focal lengths, optionally
combining the two for a shallow depthof-?eld e?ect. It also manages good shots
in dim conditions, which is just as well,
because the LED ?ash sheds about as
much light as the last episode of police
drama Line of Duty.
Also on the back is a ?ngerprint sensor,
with an NFC chip for contactless
payments. On the Honor 8 this doubled
as a multi-purpose button, but that?s no
longer the case, although you can still set
it to trigger the camera, for example.
Inside, a very fast Kirin 960 processor
blazes through all Android 7 (Nougat)
tasks, including games.
The very sharp screen covers only 94
per cent of the sRGB colour range, but
looks great, with excellent brightness
levels and contrast. At 11 hours 17 minutes
of video playback, battery life is a tad
disappointing, but in ordinary use it
should get you through the day.
5.7in 2560x1440-pixel screen ? 2x 12-megapixel
dual rear camera ? 8-megapixel front camera ? 64GB
flash storage ? MicroSD card slot ? 802.11ac Wi-Fi ?
Bluetooth 4.2 ? 3G/4G ? 157x78x6.97mm (HxWxD) ?
184g ? One-year warranty
VERDICT: It may lack the wow factor of
Samsung?s edge-to-edge screen, but
this is a highly capable phone at a more
sensible price
99 It?s
not as fast, the 64GB of storage isn?t
expandable and the screen isn?t
as sharp, but this is also a great
phone for even less
MEDIA PLAYER ? � from Maplin
Humax H3 Espresso
An empty box
It looks rather like an Apple TV, but
where Apple o?ers ?lms and TV series to
rent or buy, the H3 Espresso is mostly
about watching live. Its TVPlayer app
works like a Freeview box, giving you
access to 79 free channels, including all
the UK terrestrial ones. You also get CNN
International, YouTube and, for those
with a subscription, Net?ix. There?s no
BBC iPlayer for catch-up TV.
It all comes over the internet, so you
don?t need an aerial but you do need
reasonably fast broadband: 2Mbps is
recommended as a minimum. Picture
quality is better than traditional TV or
standard de?nition Freeview, though not
as good as HD cable.
26 7 ? 20 June 2017
If you want more channels, TVPlayer
Plus o?ers 29, including MTV, Gold and
Cartoon Network, for �99 a month,
with the ?rst two months free. There?s
also a Humax app store with more TV
sources ? but it?s rubbish.
You can operate the H3 Espresso
with the supplied remote control or
from an iOS or Android app, and you
can also cast video from an Android
device to your television. But bear in
mind that the TVPlayer app is available
for free on your PC or mobile device
anyway, and most TVs now come with
Freeview, leaving the H3 Espresso
Android 4.4.2 box with Humax user interface ? 1GB
memory ? 4GB flash storage ? HDMI port ? S/PDIF
audio port ? Ethernet port ? Wi-Fi ? Infra-red remote
? 18x95x95mm (HxWxD) ? One-year warranty
looking like a third wheel.
It probably makes most sense paired
with Humax?s FVP-4000T Freeview
recorder (�9 from Argos www.snipca.
com/24412) to create a multi-room
system, but for the limited content it
hardly seems worth it.
VERDICT: As an easy-to-use internet
Freeview box and a bit more, the H3
Espresso is OK, but many other Android
TV boxes are more versatile
on Fire TV � It?s
ell you stu?, but
a little bit too keen to sell
the latest Fire TV goes up to 4K
quality and supports a full
range of Android apps
PRINTER ? �0 from HP
HP Envy 7640
A lot in one box
Printers often get discounted by retailers,
but HP has cut the price of this one itself,
making it good value for a multi-function
device that?s a bit more businesslike
(when not on o?er, it sells for about �
more). Not only does its scanner have a
25-sheet automatic document feeder
(ADF) on top, but faxing is also supported,
if you have a phone socket nearby.
Ethernet, USB and Wi-Fi are all included,
and there?s a slot for camera SD cards.
Easy to use, great
graphics, but scanning
can be awkward
The big colour touchscreen
makes the Envy 7640 easy to
ne is
use, even if the setup routine
er Remote
keener to install HP?s Printer
program than the arguably more essential
pp also makes
?Scan and Capture?. HP?s app
d tablets, as
it easy to scan to phones and
well as printing from other apps via
Apple AirPrint or Mopria (which works
with Android devices).
There?s a separate 15-sheet photo paper
tray, which is handy, but the main A4
input tray only takes 125 sheets and the
output tray just 25. You can print both
sides (duplex). Our black text document
printed at a decent 12.5 pages per minute
(ppm), while a full-page A4 photo took
two minutes 16 seconds. Black text could
have been a little crisper, and there are
better photo printers, but business
graphics looked great.
The scanner doesn?t make it easy to
position thick items such as books, but
it?s quick: a full-colour page at a sharp
600dpi (dots per inch) took us one minute
13 seconds, while black documents ran
through the ADF at nearly 11ppm.
With one black cartridge and a
combined colour unit, running costs work
out at around 7.8p per colour page, which
is about average, and 3.9p for black, which
is quite high. As with other HP printers,
you can buy a monthly ink subscription,
from �99 for 50 pages. The printer then
automatically reports to HP, over the web,
when you need a new cartridge, and it
arrives in the post at no extra cost. It
could bring savings if you can predict how
much you?ll print, but if you use nothing
for a few months you?ll lose money.
4800x1200dpi maximum print resolution ?
1200x1200dpi maximum scan resolution ? Ethernet ?
USB ? 802.11n Wi-Fi ? SD card slot ? 193x454x410mm
(HxWxD) ? 7.7kg ? One-year warranty
VERDICT: It?s not the best for detailed
photos, nor is it a heavy-duty o?ce
printer, but the Envy 7640 has a broad
set of features at a reasonable price
� Other models with ADF and fax
tend to cost more, but if you
don?t need those, this is
half the price
We solve your buying dilemmas
How can I use my TV as a monitor for my laptop?
I often work on my laptop in
the living room. It occurred to
me I?m using a 13in screen
when there?s a 48in HDTV in the
corner! I don?t really want to plug in
and unplug a cable every
very time, but is
there an easy way to use
se the big
ig screen?
da Halifax
You could buy
Google Chromecast
2 (� from John
24414, pictured). Plug this into your TV
and you can mirror your laptop?s screen
to it. The highest resolution supported is
1920x1080 pixels (1080p Full HD), which
monitors. You?ll sit
matches most 27in monitors
further away from the TV, so iit?ll look sharp.
Install and run Go
Chrome brows
browser (www.
to the
he men
menu at the
top righ
right and click
Cast. Choose ?Cast
desktop?, then
select your Chromecast. Whatever
appears on your PC should also appear
on the TV. This won?t work well for
fast-moving content such as games, but
it should be ?ne for general use. From a
PC, the sound will come out of your TV,
but if you have a MacBook it won?t.
This relies on you having a Wi-Fi
network and a fairly decent computer:
see for details.
Do you need advice on what you should buy?
Email us at
7 ? 20 June 2017 27
ROUTER ? �0 from Amazon
TP-Link Archer C3200
A faster router
Mesh routers are the new big thing (see
opposite page), but there?s still a place for
a single-box wireless router that just
pushes out a strong signal. This is one of
those, and it?s tri-band, meaning it
creates three networks: one on the
2.4GHz band (which all devices can use,
meaning it will be more crowded) and
two at 5GHz, which is faster. There?s
no built-in modem, so it?s for cable
broadband or to add to an existing
ADSL modem.
The Archer C3200 doesn?t have
MU-MIMO (multi-user multi-input
multi-output), a new technology that
can handle several streams of data via
di?erent aerials simultaneously. So,
although you can connect lots of wireless
802.11ac tri-band Wi-Fi router ? 4x Gigabit Ethernet
ports ? USB 3.0 port ? 85x27x82mm (HxWxD) ?
One-year warranty
devices at the same
time, the router keeps
swapping its attention
between them every few
milliseconds, limiting its top speed.
However, MU-MIMO only helps when
devices connect from di?erent directions,
and it can be a hindrance if too many
connect. The TP-Link?s Archer C5400,
which has MU-MIMO (�4 from Currys costs twice as
much, but MU-MIMO rivals like the
Linksys WRT3200ACM can be found for
as little as �0 (see www.snipca.
com/24429). We?ll be testing that soon.
As for the Archer C3200, it has all the
usual features and is set up in a plain but
usable web-page interface. The two 5GHz
networks are separate, leaving you to
optimise performance by choosing what
you want to connect to each. A guest
network can be added, and you can share
a USB dr
drive over the network. In our
tests, speeds were beaten only by much
more expensive routers.
VERDICT: Although it lacks MU-MIMO,
this is a very fast tri-band router for
around � less than the cheapest
mesh system
�0 This MU-MIMO router could give
even higher speeds with compatible
devices for not much more money
SPEAKER ? �9 from PRC Direct
Yamaha MusicCast WX-010
Sound all around
A few years ago, Sonos, the big name in
multi-room audio, cut the price of its
cheapest speaker to under �0, and
since then we?ve seen a growing number
of competitors. At ?rst glance, Yamaha?s
model may be the most similar to the
Sonos Play:1 ? it?s almost the same size
and shape, but its fabric cover feels a bit
less synthetic and its glossy touch-sensitive
top panel is arguably more elegant. Like
the Play:1, it comes in black or white,
and crucially it?s about � cheaper.
It?s hard to match Sonos? sound quality,
but we found the WX-010 sounded
surprisingly good. A 2.5cm tweeter and a
9cm woofer are packed inside, along with
2.5in driver ? 9cm woofer ? 25W total ? Bluetooth
? Apple AirPlay ? Requires iOS 9 or Android 4.1 or
higher device for app ? 120x130x160mm (HxWxD) ?
1.7kg ? One-year warranty
28 7 ? 20 June 2017
two passive radiatorss to
boost the bass, and what
came out was rich and
punchy, although the
he top
end didn?t really sparkle.
Yamaha?s MusicCast Controller
app provides a three-band
equaliser, so you can tailor the output
to your personal taste. You can also
send audio from any app to the WX-010
via Bluetooth. The enhanced aptX
protocol isn?t supported, but, surprisingly
at this price, AirPlay is, so Apple users
get a higher-quality and more stable
That?s just as well, because we found
Bluetooth pretty unreliable, giving
regular dropouts. The app was also
problematic, refusing to play WMA
?les from our Android phone even
though it claims to handle the format
(among others). The app
also hal
halted or ignored the
volume control. This was
too anno
annoying to ignore,
which is a shame, because
the WX-101 is otherwise
great value.
VERDICT: Less-than-robust software
and poor Bluetooth connectivity detract
from a reasonably priced multi-room
speaker with AirPlay
ALTERNATIVE: Philips Izzy BM5 �
It doesn?t have AirPlay, but
this Bluetooth speaker
works with Philips?
multi-room system and
sounds fairly decent
MESH ROUTERS ? �9 from Amazon
Linksys Velop
This is now!
Wi-Fi in every room
Every tech manufacturer and his dog is
now quite determined that every
household needs a mesh network: a
set of two, three or four routers that
work together to distribute Wi-Fi
evenly around your home. What
they?ve found harder to agree on is how
much we?ll be willing to pay for it. BT
launched its Whole Home Wi-Fi (see
our review, Issue 496) at �0 for
three dishes, then quickly discounted
it to less than �0. Netgear still
thinks its Orbi (see Issue 498) is worth
the best part of 400 quid for just two
boxes, which is beginning to
look optimistic.
Linksys wanted �0 for itss
two-pack Velop system, but
retailers have decided �9 is
more reasonable. If you do
need a third unit to reach a
distant corner of your house,
it?ll cost you an extra �0. You can
also buy just one box, but this seems
like missing the point of a mesh
network and, at �0, it?s more
expensive than conventional wireless
extenders, which work just as well.
It?s neat, easy to
set up and provides
great coverage
If you have an existing router that
you?re happy with, you can add your
Velop units to this, but unlike BT Whole
Home Wi-Fi, which keeps your network
details and lets your main router carry
on allocating IP addresses to your
devices, Velop insists on creating its
own separate network, which can make
life tricky. In other respects, though,
the absence of advanced con?guration
options is quite refreshing. It?s a doddle
to set up, and adds a guest network for
Mesh routers ? Supports 802.11n (2.4GHz) and
802.11ac (5GHz) ? Setup requires Android 4.0.3 or
iOS 8 or higher device ? 185x79x79mm ? Three-year
That was then?
How technology
gy has changed
Osborne 1
Launched in 1981
by Adam Osborne,
a British-American
entrepreneur who, like
Steve Jobs, had attended
tended meetings
of California?s Homebrew Computer
Club, the Osborne 1 was the ?rst massmarket portable computer. It cost $1,795
? around �600 in today?s money.
not-quite-trusted visitors. Like
Google Wi? (see Issue 502),
Velop must be set up from its
iOS or Android app, rather than
a web browser.
The Velop boxes look a little dull
compared with rivals, but they are neat,
with all the ports and the input from
the external mains power adapter
under the base (see image above left).
There are two Gigabit Ethernet ports on
each box for wired devices. While
Google Wi? only uses one 2.4GHz and
one 5GHz network, Velop, like BT?s
system, creates two 5GHz networks to
maximise bandwidth. With three
boxes, our tests showed great coverage
throughout a large two-storey house,
but speeds weren?t as high as BT?s
Whole Home Wi-Fi, although the
di?erence was smaller at longer range.
VERDICT: At the reduced price, Velop is
worth considering and simple to set up,
but BT Whole Home Wi-Fi remains our
favourite mesh router so far
A typical 2017 laptop has an Intel
processor with a billion transistors, 8GB
of memory, a 256GB SSD and a 13in
screen. The Osborne 1?s Z80 processor
had 10,000 transistors and 64KB of
memory ? about 100,000 times less
for both. Its two 5.25in ?oppy drives
o?ered unlimited storage ? as long as
you didn?t need any ?le bigger than
90KB. Windows didn?t exist, so it ran an
operating system called CP/M. The 5in
screen showed 24 lines of green text,
and in front was a mechanical keyboard.
The case bears little comparison with
today?s laptops, but it?s the size and
weight (11kg) of a Janome Memory Craft
9900 sewing machine (�999 from
John Lewis
And no, that?s not sold as portable.
21 June
Nokia 3310
The Classic phone
is back ? for �
Home Wi-Fi �5
With three units as
standard and great
performance, BT?s
dishes look hard to
beat at the moment
Box Cube Essence Quiet
An Intel Kaby Lake
desktop PC for �0
These and much more?
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7 ? 20 June 2017 29
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Find out what other products we liked.
Buy our new 2016 Back Issue CD:
� from
Our pick of products that have won the Buy It award
Dell Inspiron 15 5000
Apple iPad 9.7in
Now updated with Intel?s seventhgeneration processors, this laptop ((not the
2-in-1 version) now edges the ZenBook
below and starts at just �9, but
mid-range con?gurations with SSD and
AMD R7 graphics are the best choice.
Teaming Intel?s latest i5 processor with
a Radeon RX 460 graphics card, this
delivers great all-round performance
and adequate gaming, helped by a fast
M.2 SSD plus a generous 2TB hard
drive and 16GB of memory.
The replacement for the iPad Air 2 is
slightly bulkier and has a downgraded
screen but remains the best mid-sized
tablet, with a sensible 32GB of storage.
You?ll need the �9 iPad Pro if you
want to use the Pencil stylus (�).
If you want something sleeker, this o?ers
basic performance in a superbly slim
and light metal case. �0 from
ALTERNATIVE: Chillblast Fusion
Hubble For advanced performance, this
overclocked Kaby Lake i5 PC comes
with a GTX 1060 graphics card. �000
ALTERNATIVE: iPad Mini 4 The smaller
7.9in iPad is excellent, but Apple?s
decision to sell it only with a huge 128GB
makes it unreasonably expensive. �9
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7
Apple iPhone SE
Motorola Moto G4
�9 from
Tested: Issue 459
�0 from
ed: Issue 497
�0 from
Tested: Issue 501
�0 from
Tested: Issue 474
g?ss new
w mid-sized tablet
et has a
wonderful HDR screen and comes with
a pen included, unlike Apple?s iPad Pro.
But its processor isn?t the fastest and it?s
disappointingly expensive, especially
compared to the �9 iPad 9.7in.
It may be
b Apple?
Apple?s ?budget?
ud t? phone,
ho but
the smaller SE beats most others in the
market with top-end processing power,
a great screen and camera, ?ngerprint
recognition and Apple Pay. You should
consider paying �9 for the 64GB
model, though.
ALTERNATIVE: Asus ZenPad 3S 10
This 9.7in tablet is like an Android
version of the iPad Air. It has an eighthour battery life and 4GB RAM. �8
ALTERNATIVE: iPhone 6s A bigger
screen, better camera and 3D Touch
justify the price, but as with the SE the
64GB model (�9) is the best choice.
�9 from
30 7 ? 20 June 2017
�9 from
Tested: Issue 500
�9 from
Tested: Issue 479
With an attractive 5.5in screen, an
excellent 13-megapixel camera, a 13hour battery and decent performance,
the G4 is the best budget option.
ALTERNATIVE: Samsung Galaxy S7
Restoring the microSD slot to allow
extra storage makes this an even
better top-end phone than the S6,
with a fantastic screen and camera and
incredible 18-hour battery life. �0
13 ISSUES FOR �.99
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Computeractive as your perfect Father's Day gift from just �.99.
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Amazon Kindle (2016)
Kaspersky Internet
Security 2017
ed: Issue 483
�.99 from
Tested: Issue 493
Here: All copy copied
and pasted from issue
azon?s basic ebook reader is now
good enough to be our ?rst choice. It?s
plasticky, but slim and lightweight, with
a decent 4GB storage and good battery
life. Consider the �0 Paperwhite if you
want backlighting or (for � extra) 3G.
Glo HD
Competing with Amazon?s
the Kindle Kindle
a clear
7.8in screenlighting.
and is comfortable
�0 from to
read. �0 from
Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 has won
our past eight antivirus tests. Compatible
with Windows 10, the 2017 edition is
available at an exclusive reader discount
on our Software Store. Go to the link
above for a one-year, one-device licence
or buy a two-year, three-device licence for
just �.99.
ALTERNATIVE: Avast Free Antivirus
Almost as good as Kaspersky, but
sometimes blocks legitimate software.
Free from
Win 1 of 4
KitSound Hive2 Bluetooth
The revamped
Hive2 speaker
has more
power and
clearer sound
than ever. It
creates 12 Watts off audio power,
delivering warm rich bass notes
alongside a controlled mid-range and
a delicate treble. It gives you the sort
of sound quality that you wouldn?t
normally expect from such a small
speaker. Fully charged it lasts up to 12
hours. To enter this competition, email
your address to cacomp@dennis. with ?hive? in the subject line by
midnight 20 June. Good luck!
You can buy the Hive 2 speaker
for �.99 from Amazon UK. For
more KitSound products visit, and follow
@KitSoundUK on Twitter.
Synology RT1900ac
Canon Pixma MG5750
�7 from
Tested: Issue 468
�4 from
Tested: Issue 474
Here: All copy copied
and pasted from issue
It comes with no extras, such as
built-in speakers or a USB hub, but
this 2560x1440 panel gives you a full
27in screen with excellent contrast and
colour accuracy at a very reasonable
price. It?s a little laggy for gamers, but
there?s no ghosting on motion.
If you?re looking to upgrade an outdated
Here: All copy copied
router, there are lots of dual-band
and pasted
models to from
choose from.
one suits
all broadband
that don?t require
and has
of options,
has plenty
as sharing
of options,
a connected
such asprinter
connected printer or storage.
ALTERNATIVE: Dell UltraSharp U2414H
This 1920x1080, 24in screen has a
stand that can switch to portrait mode.
Colour accuracy is excellent. �7
�9 from
Not quite as fast, but this or the D9 (with
ADSL modem built in) is a simple and
capable router with a stylish design.
�9 from
32 7 ? 20 June 2017
� from
Tested: Issue 470
You don?t get many frills, but this
compact all-in-one printer/scanner
includes all the essentials, like Wi-Fi
and printing both sides of the paper
(duplex), at a reasonable price. It?s
fairly quick, running costs are better
than average, and the ?ve-ink system
ensures photos and black text both
come out looking great.
For more business-type tasks, this
all-in-one has automatic paper feed
for the scanner and the ability to print
occasional A3 pages. �6 from
?I collapsed and
couldn?t move I was terrified.?
Karen, aged 59
Change the Story
Every year thousands of people are left with lifelong
disabilities after a stroke.
Karen could have been one of them, but she received urgent cutting-edge
treatment thanks to stroke research, and is now training to cycle 150 miles.
Donate now to fund stroke research and change the story
for stroke survivors:
or text CHANGE to 70300 to donate �
You will be charged �plus one message at your standard network rate. Stroke Association will receive 100% of your donation.
Together we can conquer stroke
� Stroke Association 2017, JN 2643p
Registered as a Charity in England and Wales (No 211015) and in Scotland (SC037789).
Also registered in Northern Ireland (XT33805) Isle of Man (No 945) and Jersey (NPO369).
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Workshops & Tips
& LL
Is K
su E
e E
50 P T
Edited by Sherwin Coelho
14 pages of easy-to-follow workshopss and expert tips
35 Add 3D images to
your newsletters
38 Add essential options
to File Explorer
40 Stop apps busting your
data limit
42 Download and keep
YouTube videos
43 Readers? Tips
44 Phone & Tablet Tips
46 Make Windows Better
47 Make Office Better
48 Secret Tips For... Your
browsing history
Add 3D images to
your newsletters
What you need: Windows 10 Creators Update Time required: 40 minutes
ne of the best features in the
Windows 10 Creators Update is
the new Paint 3D app. As its name
suggests, it lets you create content
that includes three-dimensional
text and images. We?ll show you
how to create a newsletter using
images stored on your PC and take
you through other great features
that Paint 3D has to o?er, including
professional-looking 3D images you
can use for free.
STEP To use Paint 3D you ?rst need to update
your PC to the Windows 10 Creators Update.
If you haven?t already, the easiest way to do
this is to open Settings, click ?Update & security?,
then click ?Check for updates? 1 (the process can
take a few hours). See our Cover Feature in Issue 501
for other ways to get the update quickly. You can also
follow Microsoft?s instructions at www.snipca.
STEP Now search for and open Paint 3D on your
PC, then click New. You?ll see a blank
space (canvas) 1 and seven tabs at the top
(the Tools tab 2 will be selected by default). When
you select a tab you?ll see options for it in the righthand pane. When the Tools tab is selected, you?ll see
several drawing tools 3 and a colour palette 4 . At the
bottom, you?ll see options to zoom in and out of your
canvas 5 .
7 ? 20 June 2017 35
STEP The app lets you import an
existing newsletter from your PC
that you can then edit. To do
this, click the menu button 1 , Insert 2 ,
select the newsletter you want, then click
Open (you can also import images this
way). However, we?ll show you how to
create your newsletter from scratch. You
?rst need to change the default canvas
orientation from landscape to portrait.
Click the Resize tab 3 , click Crop 4 , then
click and drag the canvas?s borders 5 to
resize it.
STEP To change your canvas?s
background colour from white,
click the Tools tab 1 , select
the Fill tool 2 , choose a colour in the
palette 3 , then click inside your canvas.
You can change your canvas texture using
this dropdown menu 4 (there are four
textures ? Matte, Gloss, ?Dull metal? and
?Polished metal?). You can undo any
changes you make using this back-arrow
icon 5 , or by pressing Ctrl+Z.
STEP We?ll now show you how to add 3D images and text to
your canvas. Click the ?3D objects? tab 1 to see options
you can add 2 . Click to select the one you want, choose
its colour 3 , then click and drag to add it to your canvas 4 . Now
click and drag the image?s borders to resize it. You?ll see a button
at each corner of the image that lets you move it in a threedimensional plane. Select the image, then press Delete if you
want to replace it, or repeat this step to add more 3D objects.
36 7 ? 20 June 2017
STEP One of Paint 3D?s best features is Remix 3D. This is an
online community where people upload their own 3D
creations. You can browse these and add any you like
to your canvas. To use this feature, click the ?3D objects? tab 1 ,
then click ?Get more models? on the right. Now click the
Remix 3D tab 2 to open it and see the 3D objects made by
other users 3 . Click the Expand icon 4 to open this page in full
screen within Microsoft Edge.
Add 3D images to your newsletters
STEP In Edge, the page has four sections ? ?Sta? picks?,
Inspiration, Community and Challenges 1 that you
can click to browse. To search for a speci?c item, click
the search bar 2 , type your search term, then press Enter. Click
any 3D model 3 for a larger view. To add something to your
Paint 3D canvas, click the ?Remix in Paint 3D? button on the
right. As with 3D images, you can click and drag its borders to
resize it, and the buttons around its borders to move it three
STEP Now click the Text tab 1 . You can add 2D or 3D text 2 .
For 2D text, you can add a background colour 3 . Select
one of the two text options, click and drag across your
canvas to create a text box, then start typing. Next, highlight
your text, then use the options on the right to change the font
type, size, and colour and apply formatting (bold, italics and
underline) 4 . If you?ve used 3D text, you can click and drag
this 5 to move it in three dimensions.
STEP You?ll see that some elements on
your canvas overlap each other.
To rectify this, click the relevant
tab, then select its associated element. For
example, click the ?3D objects? tab 1 , then
select a 3D element 2 . Now click and
drag its borders to resize it, or drag its
buttons to move it in 3D until you?re
happy. Paint 3D has a useful History
feature that lets you return to your
previous editing points to roll back on
changes you?ve made. Click the History
button 3 , then move the slider 4 to roll
back to a previous version. You can now
continue editing from this point on.
STEP To export your newsletter, click the menu
button 1 , then ?Save as? 2 . Click ?Save as
project? 3 to save your changes up to this
point (if you want to ?nish editing it later). These
?les can be accessed in the Open section 4 when
you continue. Alternatively, if you have ?nished
editing, click Export 5 , name the ?le, then select a
save location on your PC. Click the ?Save as type?
dropdown menu at the bottom, then select PNG.
You can now share your newsletter via email if you
want. To print your newsletter, right-click it, then
click Print. ?
7 ? 20 June 2017 37
Add useful options to
File Explorer
What you need: StExBar; Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 Time required: 20 minutes
tExbar is a brilliant free tool that
makes Windows/File Explorer
easier to use. Even though it?s been
around for a while, it?s only
recently been updated to work with
Windows 10 PCs (it doesn?t support
Windows XP anymore). The tool
adds a bar with several buttons at
the top of Windows/File Explorer.
Using them, you can copy ?le
names and ?le paths, and move
and rename ?les with just a few
clicks. You can even add buttons
to open programs you use often.
STEP To install the latest
version of StExBar, go
to www.snipca.
com/24465 and click the
Download link at the top. Open
the downloaded setup ?le, click
Next, tick the box to accept the
terms and conditions, click Next
twice, Install, Yes, then Finish.
Now open Windows/File
Explorer on your PC, click the
View tab 1 , the Options
dropdown menu 2 , then click
StExBar 3 . You?ll see a new bar
within Windows/File Explorer
with di?erent buttons 4 . If you
don?t see this, then close and
reopen Windows/File Explorer.
STEP Click ?Show system ?les?
1 if you want to see any
hidden system ?les within the folder you?re in.
Similarly, clicking ?Show extensions? 2 displays all your
?le extensions within that folder. Clicking Console 3 and
PowerShell 4 gives you one-click access to those items on your
PC. The other (longer) way to access these items is to search for
them on your PC, then click to select the correct option.
38 7 ? 20 June 2017
STEP To copy the names of multiple ?les in one go, keep the
Ctrl key pressed, click to select the ?le names that you
want to copy 1 , then click Copy Names 2 . Now, open
the program or website you want to copy these ?le names to (for
example, email, Word or Notepad), then press Ctrl+V to paste
the ?le names there. Similarly, you can copy the location path of
multiple ?les within a folder by selecting those ?les, clicking
Copy Paths 3 , then pasting this into the relevant website or
STEP The program also lets you replace text
within ?le names in one go (similar to
Word?s ?Find and Replace? feature). To do
that, go to the folder whose ?le names you want to
replace, press Ctrl, click to select the ?les you want
to rename 1 , then click Rename 2 . In the Match
column, type the text you want to replace 3 . Now
type the text you want to replace that with in the
Replace ?eld 4 . You?ll see what your original and
replaced ?les names will look like 5 . When you?re
happy with it, click Rename at the bottom.
STEP Another useful StExBar feature is the option to create a subfolder
within the folder you?ve navigated to, then move multiple ?les to
it. Open the folder and select the ?les you want to move 1 . Next,
click the ?Move to subfolder? button 2 . In the pop-up window that appears,
name the subfolder whatever you want 3 , then click OK 4 . StExBar will
automatically create that subfolder and move your selected ?les to it.
STEP You can also add to StExBar programs you use often as
buttons. We?ll show you how to add a button for Google
Chrome, but you can use the same method to add other
programs. First, click the Options button 1 . Now click the Add button 2
in the Settings window. Name the new button whatever you want 3 ,
click the three dots beside Command 4 , then navigate to the program?s
setup ?le on your PC (usually in the Program Files folder on your C
Drive). In the Hotkey box 5 , press the keys you want to use to open
Google Chrome whenever you?re using Windows/File Explorer
(optional). Finally, click OK twice.
STEP StExBar is highly customisable, so you can rearrange its
buttons or remove any you don?t use. First, click the Options
button 1 to open the Settings window. Here, you?ll see
keyboard shortcuts (?Hotkeys?) for some of the buttons within the
StExBar panel in File Explorer 2 . To change or add a shortcut, click to
select the option you want, click Edit 3 , click inside the Hotkey box,
press the key combination you want to use, then click OK. You can
rearrange a button within the toolbar by selecting it, then clicking Up
or Down 4 . Alternatively, select an item, then click Add or Remove 5
to add/remove its button on StExBar?s toolbar. ?
7 ? 20 June 2017 39
Stop apps busting
your data limit
What you need: Android phone or tablet Time required: 20 minutes
ost Android apps run in the
background even when you?re not
using them, which can drain your
mobile data. While some background
apps, like Gmail and WhatsApp, need to
do this to alert you of new emails and
STEP Install the app (www.
messages, most apps do not. GlassWire
is a great free app that identi?es these
data-draining culprits and lets you stop
them running. It also has a useful feature
that will ensure you stay within your
mobile data limit.
and open it on your
Android phone or tablet.
When it ?rst opens, tap Go To
Settings. Here, tap GlassWire,
then the ?Allow usage access?
slider to turn it on 1 . Now tap
the back button 2 twice to
return to the app, tap Next,
then tap Allow. GlassWire will
now start monitoring how
much data your background
apps use. Now use your phone
as you normally would for a
few days.
STEP When you next open
GlassWire, you?ll see
your app-data usage
as a graph on a timeline. Set
the time dropdown menu 1
to approximately how long
you?ve been monitoring your
usage (there are seven options
from ?5 minutes? to ?90 days?).
Now, tap the dropdown menu
on the right and set it to
Mobile 2 to see which apps
consume your mobile data
(other options include Wi-Fi
and ?Mobile and Wi-Fi?). On
the graph, tap any numbered
orange circle 3 to see which
apps used your data during
that time period. The green
New icons 4 represent apps
that have used data for the
?rst time since you installed
GlassWire. The largest data
hogs 5 appear in a list below.
Tap any app in this list to see
more information about it.
40 7 ? 20 June 2017
STEP On this screen, you can change the time
dropdown menu 1 if you want to monitor
the app over a longer or shorter time
period. The graph shows when that app consumed
the most data 2 and how much 3 ? if it uses a lot
you can limit the background data it uses (see Step
4). Below that, you?ll see a list of permissions the app
has 4 . In our example, music app Spotify doesn?t
need access to our contacts, phone, camera and
microphone to work, so to revoke access to these,
tap the Permissions section.
STEP This takes you to the
STEP GlassWire also lets you set noti?cations to
?App info? section 1
for that app 2 . You
can uninstall it 3 if you don?t
use it. If you want to keep it
but noticed it?s consuming a
lot of data in see Step 3, tap
?Data usage? 4 and turn o?
the ?Background data? slider.
Keep this on for email and
messaging apps, but you can
safely turn it o? for notetaking, news, music and
photo-editing apps. Now go
back and tap Permissions 5 .
Here, you can turn o? the
sliders beside Contacts,
Storage, Telephone and ?Your
location? if you think the app
doesn?t need this info.
ensure you don?t exceed your mobile-data
plan. To do this, tap the three lines at the
top left of the home screen, Data Plan, then Set Data
Plans. Here, you can input your monthly mobiledata limit in MB or GB 1 . Select from Recurring or
?Pre-Paid? plan 2 , choose your billing cycle (Monthly,
Weekly or Daily) 3 , then select the start date of your
billing cycle 4 (contact your service provider if you
don?t know this). At the bottom of the screen, you?ll
see how much data you?ve consumed in your current
cycle. Tap Done 5 to con?rm these settings.
STEP Go back one screen, then switch on the sliders next to Plan Limit
Reached 1 and ?90% of Plan Limit Reached? 2 . Similarly, you can
create daily or weekly noti?cations to ensure you?re staying within
your data limit on a regular basis. To do this, tap the +New button 3 , then
set the data limits and time periods using the options (as in Step 5). You?ll
now see noti?cations whenever you?re approaching and then reach your
set limits. This section also displays how much data you?ve used in the
current cycle 4 .
STEP By default, GlassWire
GlassWire says it is working on an iOS version.
Until that launches, there are other datamonitoring apps for Apple users. We?ll have a
Workshop on the best one in our next issue ?
out Weds 21 June.
noti?es you
whenever any app
accesses your mobile data for
the ?rst time. If you ?nd this
annoying, you can turn it o?.
Tap the three lines at the top
left, Settings, then Alerts 1 .
Here, turn o? the Alert and
Noti?cation sliders. Because
GlassWire continuously
monitors your app-data usage
your battery may drain faster.
If you notice this, go back, tap
Update Interval 2 , then
change it from the default ?1
sec? to a longer duration ?
options include 1, 3, 5, 10, 15
and 30 seconds. GlassWire
recommends 1-5 seconds
for new devices, longer for
older ones. ?
7 ? 20 June 2017 41
Download and keep
YouTube videos
What you need: Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Time required: 10 minutes
here are many services that let
you download YouTube videos,
but none have as many features or
are as easy to use as ?Hyper for
YouTube?. The free Windows 10
app lets you log into your YouTube
account, then access any videos
you?ve watched or channels you?ve
subscribed to. You can quickly
search for and download any
YouTube video (although ads are
removed only in the paid-for
version). These are automatically
saved as video ?les on your PC.
STEP Open the Windows Store, search for ?hyper for
youtube?, then install and open the app. You?ll see a
random selection of YouTube videos as tiles. Click the
menu icon 1 to see the icon names. Next, click the ?Sign
in?/?Sign out? button 2 , log in using the Gmail account you use
to watch YouTube videos (optional), then click Allow. The app
will show videos you?ve already watched. You?ll now see a few
additional icons, including YouTube channels you?ve subscribed
to, videos you?ve liked and your YouTube History.
STEP Click to select any video you want to download from
one of these sections. It?ll start playing in fullscreen
mode. Alternatively, you can type the name of a video
you want to download, click the correct auto-suggest option,
then select its video thumbnail. While it?s playing, click the
screen to see options at the bottom. You can play/pause the
video 1 or press your spacebar for those functions. The buttons at
the bottom right let you change the video?s volume and quality.
To download a video, click the three dots 2 , Download 3 , then
select the highest video resolution available 4 . Repeat this step
for other videos that you want to download.
42 7 ? 20 June 2017
STEP Now, click the top-left back button, then go to the
Downloads section 1 where you?ll see two tabs ?
Completed 2 and Downloading 3 . The latter indicates
the download-progress percentage of each video, with the
option to cancel. Download speeds can vary depending on the
number of videos you?re downloading, the length and video
quality of the ?les and your broadband speed. The Completed
section lists your downloaded videos. These are also saved as
video ?les on your PC. To access them, open the Videos folder
on your C Drive, then open the Hyper subfolder.
21 June
Unlock Windows 10?s hidden Start menu
Share photos using Google?s new tool
Turn your life story into a podcast
Save mobile data on your iPhone
Subscribe to Computeractive at
Readers? Tips
Handy hints and tips from your fellow readers
Email us your tips:
Rearrange photos within your albums
In Issue 501?s ?What Should I
Download?? (page 19), your advice was
to switch to Google Photos, which is
what I use to back up and organise my
photos. In the same tip, you said: ?And
while its automatic sorting and
searching are great, it doesn?t let you
rearrange photos manually?.
It?s true that you cannot rearrange
photos that you upload to Google
Photos. However, you can rearrange
photos within your albums. Go to www., then log in using
your Google account. To create an
album, move your cursor to the top left
of any photo you want to add to your
album, then tick to select it. You?ll see
tickboxes on all the other photos and
videos. Tick to select the ones you want
to add to your album, click the ?+?
button at the top right, click Album (see
screenshot), select ?New album?, then
name this whatever you want.
Next, click the Albums tab on the left,
then select the one whose photos you
want to reorder. Now click the three
David wins a copy of our 2016 Back Issue CD
Find product keys for your
Reader James Munroe was concerned that
the free program Magical Jelly Bean
Key?nder did not manage to ?nd and
recover product keys for software he used
(see Reader Support, Issue 502, page 70).
One program that I prefer for this task is
Belarc Advisor. You featured it a few
months ago, and I?ve been using it ever
since. It displays a full pro?le of your PC?s
computer hardware and software,
including the product keys for all your
To install it, go to www.snipca.
com/24475, click the Download button,
run the downloaded setup ?le, then click
Yes to update the program to its latest
version. After that?s done, select the
browser you use. Belarc Advisor will
analyse your PC, then display detailed
information about it - including its
model number, Windows version
and free space on your hard drives ?
within your browser. Scroll to the
Software Licenses section to see all the
programs you use with their respective
licences. You should copy and paste
this info, or print it, in case you need
to use it later.
Roy Davies
dots at the top right, select ?Edit album?,
then click and drag the photos to
rearrange them however you like. When
you?re done, click the tick at the top left
to save your changes.
David Wrigley
Buy it on Amazon
Use Command Prompt instead
of PowerShell
Thanks for your Cover Feature on the
Windows 10 Creators Update (Issue 501).
It was just what I needed to update my
PC, which is now working smoothly.
While setting things up, I came across
one useful setting. When you right-click
the Windows button at the bottom left,
you access the Win+X menu, also called
the Power User Menu. This menu has an
option to open the Windows PowerShell
but not the Command Prompt.
If, like me, you prefer using the latter,
there?s an easy way to replace PowerShell
with Command Prompt in this menu. To
do that, right click any blank area on
your taskbar and choose Taskbar Settings.
Now turn the ?Replace Command Prompt
with Windows PowerShell...? slider o?
(see screenshot below left). You?ll now
see the Command Prompt option in your
Win+X menu.
Michael Bonehill
Paste text without formatting
Whenever I copy and paste text into
LibreO?ce Writer (www.libreo?,
it appears in the format of the program/
website I?ve copied it from. I then need to
highlight and change this text to the font
and formatting I?m using within Writer. I
recently found out that there?s an easier
way to paste text into Writer, so that it
appears in your default Writer text
format. To do that, copy the text you
want, click where you want to paste it in
Writer, then press Ctrl+Shift+V. You?ll see
a menu asking you which format you
want to paste your text in. Select
?Unformatted text?, then click OK (see
screenshot below).
Simon Hunter
7 ? 20 June 2017 43
Phone and Tablet Tips
Create slick videos with
Apple?s movie-editing app
Apple?s iMovie is one of the best
free apps for editing videos. It
previously cost �99 unless you
had bought a new iPhone or iPad after
September 2013. However, Apple recently
made the app free for everyone.
Install and open iMovie (www.snipca.
com/24509), tap Continue, Create
Project, then tap Movie. Tap to select the
photo and video ?les you want to add
to your movie, then tap Create Movie.
You?ll see a preview pane at the top of the
screen and a timeline below containing
the ?les you selected. To rearrange ?les
within your timeline, tap and hold any
?le, then move it to the left or right.
Small buttons appear between each
?le. Tap one to see a range of transition
e?ects (such as Dissolve, Slide and Wipe)
that you can apply between photos and
Best New Apps
Many popular audio and video-editing
apps are free, but they have certain
including ads,
watermarks and
in-app purchases.
Timbre has none
of these, so you
can use it to join,
cut, split and
convert audio and
video ?les with
ease. We?ll show
you how to use it
in the next issue.
44 7 ? 20 June 2017
Brilliant things to do on your device
clips. Next, tap the cogshaped icon at the top right
to see the ?lters, themes,
music and fade e?ects you
can add (see screenshot
below left).
Tap Done at the top
left to save your movie. If
you want to make further
changes, tap the Edit
button in this section.
Otherwise, tap the Share
icon to see options to save
the video to your device or share it
using compatible apps, including online
storage, email and social media.
Rearrange your sharing icons
Whenever you share photos
you?ve taken on your device,
you?ll see a row of icons
indicating which apps you can use
to share them with others,
including Mail, Facebook,
Gmail and OneDrive.
These app icons appear
in a default order,but
you can rearrange them
easily and even remove any
apps you don?t use.
To do this, open the
Photos app, tap Select at
the top right, tap the photos
you want to share then tap
the Share icon at the top
left. You?ll see two rows
of icons. The top row contains apps,
including Messages, Mail and Facebook,
while the bottom row has options
that include Duplicate, Slideshow
and Print. Swipe right on the top
row and tap the More button.
Here you can turn o? the sliders for
any apps you don?t want to see in the
row (see screenshot above). To rearrange
the order, tap and hold the three
horizontal lines on the right of any app
and move it up or down. Those at the top
of the list will appear on the left of the
row, while items further down appear to
the right. When you?ve ?nished, tap Done
at the top right.
Make the Daily Mail app
easier on the eye
The Daily Mail?s Android app
( has
added new themes and font
sizes that make it easier to read. It also
What you should install this fortnight
Echo ? NHS Prescriptions Delivered
This app gives NHS patients an easy way to
schedule repeat prescriptions and have them
delivered to
their home. The
app has been
updated to work
with 90 per cent
of GP surgeries
in England. You
can chat with a
member of the
Echo team within
the app, and
postage is now
free for all items.
�99 a month
Audm takes long journalistic articles from
a range of sources and presents them
as audiobooks
that you can
listen to o?ine.
Articles are read
by professional
narrators rather
than the text-tospeech software
that other
services use. New
users can sample
the service free
for 72 hours.
and tick ?Fingerprint authentication?
(see screenshot bottom left). Now enter
the password of your Google account
to con?rm you want to use your
?ngerprint instead. Finally, tap ?Require
authentication for purchases?, then select
?For all purchases through Google Play on
this device?.
Take panoramic photos
has a new feature that lets you save
search results as topics that you can
access with a few taps.
To try out its new themes and fonts,
open the app, select any article, tap the
three dots at the top right, then tap the
new ?Display options? feature. Here you?ll
see options to change the font size, theme
and line spacing of articles within the
app (see screenshot above).
To save topics you?re interested in,
open the app and tap the search bar
at the top. Type a topic you want (for
example, ?brexit?), then select the correct
autosuggest option. These are now saved
as search results. To access them, tap the
search bar and select the topic.
Buy apps using your
Most new Android phones have a
built-in ?ngerprint sensor that lets
you unlock your device. On some
phones this is a button at the bottom of
your screen, while on others it?s a small
indentation at the back of your device,
near your camera. You can also use it
instead of typing your password when
buying apps.
To set up this feature, open Google
Play, then tap the three lines at the top
left. Next tap Settings, then scroll down
In Issue 502?s ?Phone and
Tablet Tips? we explained
how to update your Windows
Phone to the Windows 10 Mobile
Creators Update. One of the update?s
new features is the ability to take
panoramic photos. To do this, open
the Camera app. You?ll see the shutter
button at the bottom and two icons to
its left and right.
The icon on
the right lets
you take videos,
while the one on
the left lets you
take a panorama
photo. To take
a panorama,
position your
phone to the
left of the scene
you want to
take, then tap
the shutter button at the bottom. Now
move your device slowly to the right.
You?ll see on-screen messages telling
you to ?Tilt up? or ?Tilt down? if you
need to (see screenshot above). Tap
the shutter icon to stop taking your
photo, then tap the photo tile at the
bottom left to see your panorama.
Games With Kids
What to play together on your phone and tablet
AGES 0 5
Hey Duggee: The Big Outdoor App
�49 (Android)
�99 (iOS)
A spin-o? from the CBeebies show, this
app will entertain your child with a variety
of activities and games. Our favourites
include catching falling acorns, making a
paper boat to help the ants and piloting a
submarine in an underwater adventure.
AGES 6 10
BBC Doctor Who 360
This game works on any device, including
a PC. Simply go to the website in your
browser and tap Play to ?y the TARDIS
through the time vortex, collecting energy
orbs by tilting your device or using the
mouse. At one point, you?ll need to turn
around to avoid threats from the past.
AGES 11 16
Free (Android)
Free (iOS)
Take turns to draw, and guess what the
other player is drawing, in this classic
game. The di?culty increases as you get
better. You can challenge your kids or
team up to compete against others.
*Contains in-app purchases
7 ? 20 June 2017 45
Make Windows Better
Expert tips for every program
WINDOWS 7, 8, 10
Make more room on your screen
There?s an easy way to
hide the taskbar when
you?re not using it to
create more space on your PC screen. To
do this in Windows 7, right-click your
PC?s Start button, click Properties, select
the Taskbar tab, tick ?Auto-hide the
taskbar?, click Apply, then OK. In Windows
10, open Settings, click Personalisation,
Taskbar at the bottom left, then switch on
the ?Automatically hide the taskbar in
desktop mode? slider. To access your
taskbar, move your cursor to the bottom
of the screen and it will slide into view.
Plan journeys with multiple stops
WINDOWS 7, 8, 10
See what time it is across
the world
If you have family or
friends living in other
countries and you want
to phone or Skype them, there?s an easy
way to see what time it is where they live.
To do this, type date and time into the
search bar, then press Enter. To add two
clocks from di?erent locations in
Windows 7, click the Additional Clocks
tab. In Windows 10, click the ?Add clocks
for di?erent time zones? link at the top
right of the page.
Microsoft has updated
Windows 10?s default Maps
app so you can get directions
to multiple places in one journey. This
is useful if you?re planning a route
with several stopovers. It also lets you
calculate how long the entire trip
will take.
Open the Maps app, then click the
arrow icon at the top left. You?ll now
see a small menu with two ?elds (A
and B). Click inside the A ?eld, then
select ?My location? from the dropdown
menu or type the location or postcode
of your starting point.
Next, click inside the B ?eld and enter
the postcode or location name of your
?rst stop. To add another destination,
click the ?+? icon to reveal a C ?eld (see
screenshot). Enter your next
destination details here. Repeat this
step to add more stops if necessary.
When you?ve ?nished, choose your
mode of transport by clicking the
relevant icon at the top left, then click
?Get directions?.
You?ll now see a breakdown of your
route on the map. In the left panel,
you?ll see estimated times from one
location to the next with dropdown
menus. Click the dropdown menus to
get step-by-step directions if you?re
driving or walking.
The options at the top let you print
your map or share it using compatible
apps such as Mail or OneNote.
WINDOWS 7, 8, 10
Set up your PC to work with
two monitors
In both versions, you?ll now see two
sections with identical options. In the top
section, tick ?Show this clock?, select the
time zone you want from the dropdown
menu, then name this clock in the ?eld
below. Repeat to add a second clock if you
want. When you?ve ?nished, click Apply,
then OK. Move your cursor to the time
and date ?eld at the bottom right of your
screen and you?ll see a small pop-up
menu displaying the international times
you set up (see screenshot above).
46 7 ? 20 June 2017
If you use two monitors,
then it?s easy to set
them up so that your
Start menu is on the left monitor and
your cursor moves seamlessly across
both monitors. To do this, right-click any
blank area of your desktop, then click
?Screen resolution? (Windows 7) or ?Display
settings? (Windows 10). You?ll see a window
with two numbered images (1 and 2),
which represent your desktop screens.
First, drag the image containing the
Start menu and position it on the left.
Now set the Resolution dropdown menu
to the recommended value, set the
Orientation dropdown menu to
Landscape and the ?Multiple displays?
dropdown menu to ?Extend these
displays? (see screenshot above). Finally,
click Apply, then OK. You?ll see your Start
menu at the bottom left and will be able
to move your cursor from one screen to
the other.
Make Office Better
Expert tips for every program
Quickly separate values into two distinct groups
We?ve previously covered
several Excel formulae that
make analysing data easier. The
?IF? formula is another handy one that
lets you categorise numbers into two
distinct groups based on their value.
For example, you can set a formula to
display Higher or Lower next to numbers
in relation to a speci?c value.
For our example, we?ll create a
formula that puts Pass or Fail next to
exam scores where 70 is the pass mark.
First, click inside cell F1, then type
=IF(E1>=70, ?Pass?, ?Fail?). The formula
basically states that if the number in
Create your own online
In our Workshop on page 35,
we explain how to create a
newsletter using 3D images.
If you want to create a relatively simple
online newsletter and then share a link to
it, Sway lets you do that. Go to www.sway.
com and log in using your Microsoft
account. On the ?Welcome to Sway? page,
scroll to the ?Start from a template?
section, click the arrows to the left and
right until you reach the Newsletter
template, then click to open it.
You?ll see a page layout with random
images and text that you can customise.
Click ?Start editing this Sway?. In the
editing pane, you?ll see the text and
image sections. Click in the text section,
delete any default text and replace it
with your own. You can?t replace the
default images in the same way, so you
need to replace the entire section.
To do that, click the image section you
cell E1 exceeds or is equal to 70, add
Pass in cell F1. If the number is below
70, add Fail. Press Enter after typing
your formula to see the score
assessment appear in cell F1.
Next, move your cursor to the
bottom right of cell F1 until your
cursor becomes a cross symbol (see
screenshot), then drag it to cell F6.
You?ll see Pass or Fail assessments
appear in the cells in column F
next to the various numbers.
By changing the values in the
formula, you can apply it to whatever
data you want.
want to remove, then click the delete icon
at the top right. Next, click the green ?+?
icon below any section (see screenshot
below), click Image, then drag and drop
the image(s) you want into this section.
Click the arrow icon at the top right to
see a preview of your presentation.
When you?re happy with it, click the
Share button at the top right, then copy
and paste the link to share it by email,
for example.
Link text in the same document
One of Word?s most useful
features is how it lets you crossreference to a speci?c heading,
table or list elsewhere in your document
via links. It?s handy in a long document if
you want to let readers quickly navigate
to something you refer to.
We?ll explain how to link to text
headings, but the process is the same for
the other elements. First, click your
cursor where you want to insert your
cross-referenced text.
Next, click the Insert tab, then click the
?Cross-reference? option in the Links
section. Ensure the ?Reference type?
dropdown menu is set to Heading and
the ?Insert reference to? dropdown menu
is set to ?Heading text? (see screenshot
above). Now click to select the heading
you want to link to, then click Insert to
add this heading as a link (marked in
blue) in your document. From now on,
simply press the Ctrl key, then click the
link to jump directly to that section of
your document.
Make notes quickly
If you receive an email with
detailed instructions, it can be
handy to be able to reduce this to
short notes. Outlook?s sticky-note feature
could be the solution. Press Ctrl+Shift+N
to bring up the sticky note. Here you can
type (or copy and paste) whatever you
need from your email. Close the note
when you?ve ?nished (it is saved
automatically). To access your notes, click
the three dots at the bottom right of
Outlook, then click Notes.
7 ? 20 June 2017 47
Secret Tips For?
Your browsing history
Get greater control of your Chrome history, organise your Firefox history by
website, and back up your history in any browser
Delete Chrome history
more selectively
Chrome?s ?Clear browsing history? tool
only provides basic options when it
comes to deleting browsing history. For
greater control try the History Eraser
extension instead.
To get it, go to,
click ?Add to Chrome?, then ?Add
extension?. Click Skip when prompted to
install the ?Click&Clean? extension. Once
it?s installed open it by clicking its icon (a
pencil eraser) at the top right. The Eraser
section lets you choose precisely what
you want to remove, whether that is
browser history, download history,
cookies, and so on. Simply tick the
relevant boxes.
Next, click the ?Erase the following
items from? dropdown menu and select a
time period (such as a month). Or to
Use Chrome?s History Eraser to delete your
browsing history from a specific date
select a speci?c time period, choose the
?-/-? option, click the date in the
dropdown menu, then pick a day and
month in the calendar (see screenshot
below left). Selecting 28 April, for
example, will delete the items you?ve
ticked from that date to the current time.
Once you?re ready, click Run Eraser.
Access incognito browsing
history in Chrome
We?d recommend using Chrome?s
Incognito mode (similar to InPrivate in
Edge and Private Browsing in Firefox)
whenever you use your browser for tasks
like online banking. Sometimes, though,
Incognito can be a bit too zealous in
hiding your browsing history. For
example, it disables the ?Reopen closed
tab? feature that can be handy if you want
to restore a tab you?ve closed accidentally.
You can restore this using the O? The
Record History extension.
To get it go to,
click ?Add to Chrome?, then ?Add Extension?.
Next you need to make the extension
accessible in Incognito mode. Click the
Menu button (the three vertical dots at
the top right), ?More tools?, Extensions,
scroll down to O? The Record History,
then tick the ?Allow in incognito? box.
Back up your browsing history
Rather than delete your browsing
history, you might want to save it so
you have a record of websites you?ve
visited. Do this with NirSoft?s free
BrowsingHistoryView tool. To get it, go
to, scroll to
the bottom of the page, click the
?Download BrowsingHistoryView? link,
extract the downloaded ZIP, then
double-click BrowsingHistoryView.exe.
To see your entire browsing history,
choose ?Load history items from any
time? from the ?Filter by visit date/time?
dropdown menu, tick the boxes next to
48 7 ? 20 June 2017
the browsers you use, then click OK.
Your browsing history is displayed as a
list. To make it easier to analyse, you
can sort it by browser by clicking the
Web Browser column header.
To save your history, press Ctrl+A on
your keyboard to select everything in
the list, then click File, followed by Save
Selected Items. In the window that
opens, type a ?lename, then choose a
save location. Select ?.CSV? in the
?Save as type? dropdown menu so you
can easily open the data within an
Excel spreadsheet.
Off The Record History lets you access your
history, even in Chrome?s Incognito mode
Now, whenever you next use Chrome?s
Incognito mode, click the O? The Record
History button (at the top right ? see
screenshot above) to see a list of the tabs
you?ve recently closed. Right-click any
tab in the list, then click ?Open link in
new tab? to re-open it. To protect your
privacy, the extension will delete all saved
tabs when you close the Incognito window.
Organise your Firefox history
By default, Firefox?s browsing history is
displayed in a jumbled list of websites
and web pages. To impose some order on
this install the ?History in Threads?
add-on. Go to,
click ?Add to Firefox?, then Install. Next,
click the add-on?s icon (a clock) at the top
right and you?ll see your history listed by
website. Click the small arrow next to any
website to view the web pages you visited
in date order. To open a page in the list,
click it using the middle mouse button
(normally the scrolling wheel).
Clear browsing history
when you exit Edge
Edge is still light on browsing history
options, but you can make it delete your
history when you close it. Open Edge,
click the Menu button (three horizontal
dots at the top right), then Settings. In the
?Clear browsing data? section, click ?Choose
what to clear?, make your selection using
the tick boxes (?Browsing history? and
?Download history?, for example), then
move the ?Always clear this when I close
the browser? slider to On.
Next issue Secret Tips For? Magix Music Maker
What?s All the Fuss About...
Windows 10 S
Microsoft has released yet another version of its operating system
What is it?
A new version of Windows 10 that can
only run apps installed from the
Windows Store, which means you won?t
be able to download many popular
programs. For example, Chrome and
Photoshop will be o? limits because
neither is available through the Windows
Store ? at least, not yet.
Remind me again - what?s the
di?erence between apps
and programs?
Windows Store apps have been designed
to work on touchscreen computers, as
well as PCs operated by a mouse and
keyboard. Programs only work with the
latter. This a?ects the design of both.
Buttons in apps are larger, and more
spaced out, to better suit ?nger taps. But
they usually lack right-click options, and
have fewer features than programs.
Windows 10, which is where the ?S?
comes in.
Are O?ce apps available?
Ah yes, what does it stand for?
Yes, preview versions of Word, Excel and
PowerPoint should be available by the
time you read this. You can also ?nd apps
for Net?ix, Kodi, Dropbox and VLC. But
hundreds of ?boring but useful? programs
that provide ways to tweak Windows will
never make their way to the Store.
So is Windows 10 S a proper
operating system?
Well, it?s best seen as a lightweight
alternative to Windows 10 Home, or
perhaps Microsoft?s equivalent of
Google?s Chrome OS, which doesn?t have
a conventional desktop. Instead of
downloading programs, you add web
tools to Chrome. Windows 10 S does have
a desktop, but you can?t download
programs to it.
Nothing, o?cially. But Microsoft has said
that the operating system has been
?streamlined for security and superior
performance?, which could be an
alliterative clue. Microsoft approves all
the apps in its store, making sure they are
safe. They shouldn?t contain any of the
annoying junk that comes with software
installed from the internet. But when you
do browse the web, you?ll be limited to
using Microsoft Edge.
Why?s that?
Because Chrome, Opera and Firefox
aren?t available as Windows apps. Also,
So why would I use it?
Because it boots 15 seconds faster than a
PC running Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft
claims, and will perform ?as well as it
does on day one as it does on day 1,000?,
partly because there won?t be lots of
programs clogging it up. Also, it could be
much safer than the existing version of
any searching in your browser bar will
show results in Bing, Microsoft?s search
engine, not Google. To use Google, you?ll
need to type, or
bookmark it.
Is Windows 10 S free?
Yes, but you?ll need to buy a new laptop
containing it. Microsoft will try to tempt
you with its new Surface model (www., pictured), which
starts at a whopping �9. Students can
get it cheaper (�1).
Why the di?erent prices?
It?s Microsoft?s long-term ambition to get
schools and universities swapping from
MacBooks and Chromebooks to Windows
10 S. The company says that the operating
system has been ?inspired? by what
students and teachers want from a laptop
? long battery life, speedy performance
and risk-free downloading.
But isn?t that what everyone
You can only run Windows Store apps on
Windows 10 S, not programs from the web
Yes, and soon Dell, HP, Asus and Samsung
will be releasing laptops that are more
a?ordable (around �0). If you buy one,
but ?nd you don?t like Windows 10 S, you
can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free,
until the end of 2017.
7 ? 20 June 2017 49
Stay Safe NOW
The WannaCry attack that crippled the NHS was only the
beginning. In a special feature, Jane Hoskyn explains what
really happened, and how you can stay safe from the next hack
ansomware is out to get you. You
knew that already ? and we expect
you are better prepared than the
NHS was when WannaCry struck
three weeks ago. But the global attack has
? The real reason so many NHS
computers were hacked
? Why ransomware hackers will hit
Android and Windows 10 next? and
? How to guarantee your Windows OS
and software are up to date
? Why your antivirus isn?t enough to stop
the next ransomware attack
? How to stop ransomware locking your
?les ? then get rid of it for free
50 7 ? 20 June 2017
only just begun, and ransomware hackers
are boasting that they?ve got your
Windows 10 PC in their sights next.
In this special feature we?ll examine
what actually happened, why so many
PCs fell victim and why the next big
ransomware outbreak will be far more
dangerous than WannaCry. Then we?ll
reveal how you can protect yourself
without ever paying a penny to hackers
? and why antivirus and Windows
Update are the bare minimum.
Anatomy of the NHS attack
On Friday 12 May, sta? at hospitals and
GP surgeries switched on their computers
to ?nd they?d been hacked. Emblazoned
across their screens was a ransom note
demanding a Bitcoin payment of $300
(�0) to unlock their ?les, which had
been encrypted by malware named
Wanna Decryptor (aka WannaCry,
WannaCrypt, WeCry? you get the idea).
A few victims paid up, but not before
they?d unwittingly infected dozens of
their colleagues. WannaCry was being
spread at almost unimaginable speed by a
self-replicating worm that had broken
into and swept through the NHS?s vast
network. The impact was devastating.
Ambulances were diverted from
hospitals, appointments were cancelled
and life-saving operations were
postponed at the last moment.
The hackers couldn?t have chosen a
more emotive and damaging target ? but
they hadn?t actually chosen the NHS.
WannaCry had no agenda. It was just
malware that rampaged through and
between corporate networks,
Ransomware: Stay
automatically infecting every vulnerable
computer it was able to access.
This strategy gave WannaCry a bigger
hit rate than any other ransomware in
history. By the end of that warm spring
weekend, WannaCry had spread from the
UK and Spain ? where it was ?rst
detected ? to more than 300,000
computers in over 150 countries,
paralysing businesses and organisations
including international delivery company
FedEx, Spanish telecoms provider
Telefonica, German railway operator
Deutsche Bahn and even the Russian
Interior Ministry.
Those numbers didn?t convert to cash,
however. Only about 300 ransoms were
collected in the ?rst week, thanks to a
bug in WannaCry?s Bitcoin payment
code. At the time of writing WannaCry
has netted its anonymous overlords
roughly $100,000 (�,000). That?s
small change compared with the $27
million (�m) raked in by CryptoLocker
when it held 250,000 computers ransom
in 2013.
Another sloppy error in WannaCry?s
code allowed a 22-year-old British IT
worker to save thousands of victims from
having their ?les locked. Hours after the
NHS attack, Devon-based Marcus
Hutchins spotted a URL in the
ransomware?s code and paid �to
register the domain (the URL really trips
o? the tongue: www.iuqerfsodp9ifjapo That
was a kill switch, and registering it
instantly rendered WannaCry unable to
encrypt victims? data.
The End? Well, no. Hutchins ? who
blogs under the name MalwareTech
( ? warned that
the hackers would respond by tweaking
Staff at dozens of NHS hospitals and surgeries found this ransom note on their PCs
WannaCry?s code to make it work again.
As predicted, a second wave of attacks
struck as the working week began. This
time, the hackers doubled the ransom to
$600 (�0).
Phishing, Windows XP and
other red herrings
Confusion was king over the WannaCry
weekend as newspapers jumped to make
sense of the attack. A number of ?facts?
were repeatedly reported ? most of which
were later shown to be completely false.
For example, the ransomware was
assumed to be mostly hitting Windows
XP computers. That assumption took
hold because Microsoft hadn?t patched
security holes in XP since the operating
system was put to pasture in 2014. Adding
Add up the Windows 7 editions and they account for 98.35 per cent of WannaCry victims ? with
no sign of XP
fuel to the rumour came news that
Microsoft had released an emergency
patch to protect XP users from the
WannaCry outbreak (it can still be
downloaded free from www.snipca.
com/24430). But a week after the attack,
security researchers at Kaspersky Labs
revealed a shocking statistic: 98.35 per
cent of WannaCry?s victims were using
Windows 7, meaning Windows XP was
far from the biggest problem.
Microsoft updated Vista, Windows 7
and 8.1 to patch the ?aw that WannaCry
exploited as long ago as 14 March. But
victims were hit because they?d failed to
run Windows Update.
?The Windows XP count is
insigni?cant,? Kaspersky researcher
Costin Raiu said on Twitter (www.snipca.
com/24445). The Windows 10 infections
shown on Kaspersky?s graph (left) are
down to lab testing; the ?aw doesn?t
actually exist in Windows 10.
Another assumption was that
WannaCry came from a phishing email.
A single solitary sta? member in each
a?ected organisation had supposedly
clicked a dodgy link and allowed the
worm into the network. Cue sleepless
nights for all employees who thought
they were the one to blame.
However, security researchers from
SophosLabs spent days searching for
the o?ending links and attachments,
to no avail.
So how did the worm get into the
NHS?s network? Security expert Simon
Edwards, head of antivirus testing ?rm
SE Labs (, thinks that
7 ? 20 June 2017 51
er Feature
Computer users shared photos of their WannaCry-besieged workplaces
the worm probably found
its way to the NHS?s
network through shared
network drives that weren?t
properly secured. ?The
worm was then able to enter
the network and
propagate,? he told us.
vulnerability unpatched ? so it could
continue to exploit it by using malware
designed to spy on suspected criminals
and terrorists.
It took until March this year for the NSA
to tell Microsoft, and then only after the
details were stolen by a group of hackers
calling themselves Shadow Brokers.
Things then moved very fast. Microsoft
rushed to patch the ?aw on 14 March. A
couple of weeks later over the Easter
weekend, Shadow Brokers dumped the
stolen info online. It was promptly picked
up by the hackers who tweaked it into
WannaCry and pressed Send.
?Microsoft is furious with the NSA,?
security expert Graham Cluley (www. told us. ?If they?d told
Microsoft about the vulnerability much
earlier, far fewer
organisations might have
been hit by this
Microsoft vs
governments vs
State-sponsored hacking
isn?t limited to the USA. Our
So who?s to blame?
own secret services ?
Before we get into the blame
including GCHQ ? employ
game, let?s remember who
?white hat? hackers to ?nd
the real villains are ? the
?aws in software, then
criminals who unleashed
build spyware and other
WannaCry. Nobody knows
tools to exploit them. It?s an
Microsoft created a patch for Windows XP in March, but only released it in
May after WannaCry hit the NHS
where it originated, but
integral part of the ?ght
security ?rm Symantec says
against terrorism and
it?s ?highly likely? that North Korean
coughed up ?custom support? fees of $400 organised crime.
hacking group Lazarus was responsible.
(�5) or more. The patch was only
Integral, but also extremely risky. If
But who?s culpable for the NHS
released for free once WannaCry was
government malware falls into the wrong
catastrophe? When WannaCry appeared
wreaking havoc.
hands, the e?ects can be devastating.
to be a Windows XP problem, it was easy
So let?s move on to the organisation
In a furious blog post published two
to blame underfunding. Old unsupported that?s de?nitely at fault: the US
days after WannaCry struck the NHS,
ly the NSA
computers were being used to store your
government. Speci?cally
Microsoft demanded a more responsible
attitude and renewed its calls for a
private medical data and monitor your
(National Security Agency), America?s
isation. Media
?Digital Geneva Convention? to
operations, and now those computers
intelligence organisation.
at the NSA
establish intern
had been hacked. Conclusion: the
reports suggest that
international standards
for ?ghting cyb
government was to blame.
developed a secret tool called
cybercrime. ?The
governments of the world should
Oh, but wait. The victims were running EternalBlue nearly a year ago and
oft. EternalBlue
treat this attac
Windows 7, as it turned out. Here?s
didn?t tell Microsoft.
attack as a wake-up
call,? wrote Mic
another statistic: just 4.7 per cent of NHS
could ?exploit? ? orr take
Microsoft?s president,
nerability ? in
Brad Smith (ww
computers run Windows XP, according to advantage of a vulnerability
ently for
NHS Digital. So the health service has
Windows, apparently
com/24454). ?Consider the
damage to civilians that
been upgrading its computers, after all. It
the NSA?s own
comes fr
just hasn?t been updating the software.
from hoarding these
Microsoft was another easy villain
purposes. The NSA
vulnerabilities and the use
of these exploits.?
when the story was about Windows XP.
didn?t tell Microsoft
After all it?s Microsoft that forces
because it wanted to
Smith cited the recent
theft of the CIA?s hacking
everyone to keep upgrading to a new
keep the
tools, published in March
version of Windows, then whips out the
Microsoft boss Brad
by W
safety net from older versions. Worse, it
Wikileaks (www.
Smith slammed
transpires that Microsoft opted not to let,
officials for keeping
vulnerabilities secret
XP users have the patch unless they
evidence that the
52 7 ? 20 June 2017
Ransomware: Stay Safe NOW
EternalBlue theft was not a one-o?. He
likened it to the theft of nuclear missiles.
Security experts have welcomed
Microsoft?s proposal but said it?s unlikely
to work. That?s partly because di?erent
countries have di?erent laws and don?t
want to share secrets, but also because
they have too much to gain from spying
on their citizens. ?Politicians want to put
out a message that they?re tough on
crime and terror,? Graham Cluley said.
?They want to be seen snooping on
potential criminals and letting ISPs
watch people - even when the ISPs don?t
want to.?
Ministers often respond to terrorist
attacks by calling for more hacking
powers. ?Our intelligence services should
have the ability to get into situations like
encrypted WhatsApp,? Home Secretary
Amber Rudd said after the Westminster
attack in March (www.snipca.
com/24458). Meanwhile, the
Investigatory Powers Act, called the
?Snoopers? Charter? by its critics, gives 48
government bodies ? including HMRC ?
the right to monitor everything you do
online, then store the data for a year
( We certainly
hope they store it more securely than the
NSA stored EternalBlue.
Why ransomware is about to get
much worse
Windows 10 and Android (the Google
operating system used on millions of
tablets and phones) are ransomware?s
next big targets. WannaCry happened to
exploit a security hole in older versions of
Windows, but ?aws are found regularly
in Windows 10 and Android too ? that?s
why they need updating so often. Some
vulnerabilities are patched quickly by
computers hacked
by WannaCry
Amount in real
money paid
in Bitcoin by
WannaCry victims
(see screenshot)
victims running
Windows 7
NHS organisations
hacked by
ransoms paid to
WannaCry hackers
in one week
new mobile
Trojans detected
during Q1 2017
Microsoft and Google. Others are found,
kept quiet and later exploited by secret
services and hackers.
Shadow Brokers have already
threatened to release more zero-day bugs
and exploits every month, starting in
June. They promise ?browser, router,
handset exploits and tools (and) newer
exploits for Windows 10? (www.snipca.
com/24456). Hackers are waiting to snap
them up, monetise them using
ransomware code, then send them o? to
steal from as many people as possible.
WannaCry was a missed opportunity
for the criminals who sent it, however.
When ransomware gets its payment
Kaspersky?s figures show how quickly mobile ransomware is growing in 2017
countries had
computers hacked
new Windows
strains detected by
Kaspersky during
?rst quarter of 2017
made by
hackers in 2013
PCs hacked by
in 2013
system right, it?s by far the most lucrative
type of malware ? as we saw during the
CryptoLocker outbreak. With such
monetary rewards available to hackers,
it?s no surprise to see ransomware
growing at a terrifying rate. In the ?rst
three months of 2017, Kaspersky detected
more than 55,000 new ransomware
strains for Windows alone, nearly double
the number from the previous three
months. Mobile ransomware leapt more
than three times in the same period,
according to Kasperky?s latest Malware
Report ( see
chart below left).
According to one recent survey, an
extraordinary one-third of all large UK
companies are now stockpiling Bitcoin in
case they su?er a ransomware attack and
need to unlock their ?les quickly (www. Following the
WannaCry attack, that number is likely to
increase sharply.
But ransomware isn?t just a problem for
organisations. WannaCry was spread
using a network worm, but other worms
and botnets can exploit all sorts of
internet-connected devices, including
routers and smart TVs as well as Windows
PCs. Hackers will use phishing tricks to
get them on to your devices. As we write
this, the ?rst post-WannaCry botnet
ransomware, XData, is rampaging through
computers in Eastern Europe, spreading
even faster than WannaCry (www.snipca.
com/24460). It won?t be the last.
7 ? 20 June 2017 53
Ransomware: Stay Safe NOW
Never miss another Windows
The workplace PCs hit by WannaCry were
probably blocked from accessing
Windows Update by IT departments
looking to control the version running on
their company?s PCs. On your own
computer, you don?t have that excuse.
Now that hackers have started publicly
boasting about targeting Windows 10, it?s
vital that you get patches the moment
they?re available.
Automatic updates are enabled by
default in Windows 10, but it?s not
infallible, so check regularly for patches
that have slipped through the net. To
check, click the Start button, type update,
then click ?Windows Update settings?
from the list of results. When the
Windows Update window opens, look for
the ?Update status? section (at the top),
then click the grey button just below it
that says ?Check for updates?. If any
updates are found, click each in the list to
install until all have been installed.
Find and fix update problems using the free
Windows Update Troubleshooter
If you suspect that Windows Update
isn?t working correctly ? if for example it
never seems to ?nd any updates, or
regularly begins installing updates, only
to crash halfway through ? there are ways
to ?x it. The ?rst thing to do is to ensure
that Windows isn?t overloading your PC
by using it to supply updates to other PCs
on the internet. To check, go back to
Windows Update, click ?Advanced options?,
then ?Choose how updates are delivered?.
Slide the switch to ?On? if it?s not already,
then select ?PCs on my local network?.
If Windows Update is still crashing
midway through updates, you should
download Microsoft?s Windows Update
Troubleshooter tool. To get it, go to www. and click the
?Download troubleshooter for Windows
10? link. Once it downloads, double-click
Updater will
keep all your
current and safe
from hackers
the downloaded ?le (called ?wu170509.
diagcab?), click Windows Update (see
screenshot below left), then click Next. It
will now automatically ?nd and ?x
problems with Windows Update on your
PC. If it ?nds anything, click ?Apply this
?x?. If it fails to ?nd anything, it might
ask you to run the process again as an
administrator. To do this click ?Try
troubleshooting as an administrator? and
repeat the above steps.
Windows 7 and 8.1 users could be more
at risk of ransomware attack because
these operating systems let you switch o?
Windows Update completely. To switch
automatic updates back on in Windows 7
and 8.1, follow the steps in Microsoft?s
?Fix Windows Update errors guide?
( If you suspect
Windows Update is broken, there?s an
Update Troubleshooter tool for Windows
7 and 8.1 too. Go to www.snipca.
com/24485, but this time click the
?Download troubleshooter for Windows 7
and Windows 8? link.
Update all your software
Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in all
sorts of software besides Windows.
Programs such as your browser, o?ce
software and antivirus (AV) need regular
patching to stay ahead of ransomware
and other threats.
AV and browsers tend to update
automatically by default, but go to their
Settings to check. In Chrome, for
example, click Menu (the three dots at
the top right), Settings, then About (on
the left). Chrome will then check for
updates, and download and install them.
Once you see a message that says ?Google
Chrome is up to date? you have the most
current version. In Firefox, you need to
click the menu button (three horizontal
lines at the top right), Help (the question
mark icon), then About Firefox. The
About Firefox window will open and
Firefox will download any outstanding
updates automatically.
Microsoft O?ce is one of the most
popular programs that you need to keep
updated. O?ce 365 users don?t have to
worry as the program is patched
automatically along with Windows.
Other versions of O?ce need settings
tweaks to make them update
automatically. In Windows 10, go to
Windows Update settings, click
?Advanced options?, then tick ?Give me
updates for other Microsoft products
when I update Windows?.
Some programs aren?t as forthcoming
with their updates and tend to reserve
automatic updates for paying customers.
CCleaner, for example, doesn?t update
automatically, but does if you buy
CCleaner Professional. To keep these
kinds of programs updated automatically,
we suggest using the Software Updater
tool by Kaspersky, the same company
that develops our Buy It antivirus
recommendation ? see page 68 for our
reader o?er.
The Kaspersky Software Updater is an
entirely separate (and free) entity from
Kaspersky AntiVirus. To get it go to www., click the red
Download Now button and double-click
the downloaded ?le to install the
program. Open the Software Updater and
click the ?Search for updates? button.
Once the scan has completed you?ll see a
list of all the available updates for the
programs on your computer. Click the
?Update all? button, then ?Update all?
when the pop-up window appears.
Progress bars will then appear for each
program in the list as each program is
updated. See our Workshop in Issue 499
(page 35) for more guidance on how to
use the tool.
7 ? 20 June 2017 55
Con?gure your AV to block new
Why didn?t AV stop WannaCry infecting
its victims? computers? Because
WannaCry was a zero-day attack,
meaning it spread before AV tools knew
what it was. All reputable AVs were
updated very quickly to detect and block
it, but not before devastating damage had
been done.
Make no mistake, AV is essential. It?s by
far the most powerful way to keep
criminals o? your ?les. If you don?t have
it you?re throwing the doors open to
ransomware. AV is constantly running to
keep up with hackers, who release
400,000 new pieces of malware every
day. That?s one every 0.4 seconds, 24
hours a day. So make sure your AV is set
to automatically update its database
(usually called ?virus de?nitions?). You
should be able to access your AV?s update
settings by right-clicking its icon in the
system tray.
Avoid phishing traps
WannaCry wasn?t spread by phishing, but
nearly all other ransomware is.
CryptoLocker, for example, was
embedded in fake parcel-tracking emails.
Locky, last year?s major menace, is still
circulated in spam attachments (www., and Cerber is
currently lurking in bogus pop-up
messages (
Get the green
light on genuine
web pages from
Threats like these are constantly tweaked
by their hackers to evade capture by AVs.
The standard advice is ?don?t click
dodgy links?, but the thing about
phishing traps is they don?t look dodgy.
Hackers managed to hide Locky
ransomware in Facebook messages
supposedly sent by friends and family,
and malware recently circulated in
Google Docs from your own contacts.
You don?t have to give up clicking
completely though. There are clever free
browser extensions to help you spot the
fakes. Gmail Senders Icons for Chrome
( displays
company icons on genuine emails so you
can instantly spot interlopers. Bitdefender
Tra?cLight (
alerts you to phishing attempts in
Chrome and Firefox, and reveals if you?re
being tracked unexpectedly (see
Ransomware spread
by fake apps is a huge
problem for Android.
We?re not picking on
Android ? malware just
doesn?t a?ect Apple?s
iOS on anything like the
same scale. According
to security experts, this
is partly Google?s fault.
?Google does a far worse
job of policing the apps in
its app store than Apple
does,? says computersecurity expert Graham Cluley. ?Some of
these fake and malicious apps have been
downloaded more than a million times.?
So Google is playing catch-up. Google
Play Protect (
play-protect), a new service built into
the Google Play Store app on Android
devices, scans 50 billion apps each day,
on a billion devices. Oodles of third-party
56 7 ? 20 June 2017
Android apps claim to o?er
phishing protection, but
most make you pay extra
for it. One noble exception
is Sophos Free Antivirus
and Security (www.snipca.
com/24488), which is
free, contains no adverts
and has been recently
updated with a good
malware scanner.
Speaking of updates ?
set your phone and tablet
to automatically install
security ?xes for your mobile OS and
apps. In Android, open the Google Play
Store app and tap the menu, Settings,
then ?Auto-update apps?. Go for the ?Wi-Fi
only? option if you?re on limited mobile
data (see screenshot). In iOS, tap Settings,
then ?iTunes & App Store? and make sure
Updates is switched on under Automatic
screenshot above). Epic Browser (www. is stu?ed with
anti-phishing tools including an
automatic highlighter for misspelled web
addresses, and a built-in malware
scanner that blocks dodgy downloads
before they reach your hard drive.
Keep backups out of
ransomware?s reach
Backing up your data gives you a spare set
of everything, so you?ll never have to pay
a ransom. That?s the common wisdom,
but it?s wrong. We?ve seen some nasty
ransomware that ?nds and deletes your
backups as well as encrypting your ?les.
So we recommend keeping multiple
backups and storing them somewhere
ransomware can?t touch ? such as on
DVDs. Free program Disc Archiver lets
you back up to multiple CDs, DVDs and
Blu-ray discs, and has just been updated
for Windows 10 (see Best Free Software,
page 16 for more info).
The free ?standard? version of AOMEI
Backupper ( lets
you keep a folder on your PC in sync with
multiple backup destinations, including
online storage services such as Dropbox
and OneDrive. Its new version (4.0) adds
a ?Real-time Sync? option that
automatically backs up all changes to
your ?les as soon as they happen. Click
Local Download to get the huge but
junk-free installer.
Keep files backed up to multiple destinations
with AOMEI Backupper
Ransomware: Stay Safe NOW
Force ransomware to unlock
your ?les for free
If the worst happens and ransomware
sneaks past your AV?s defences, never pay
the ransom, no matter how alarming the
threat. Security ?rms race to release free
decryption tools whenever new
ransomware is discovered. The best tools
can foil several types of ransomware.
For example, Trend Micro?s free
Ransomware File Decryptor (www. can release ?les
locked by CryptoLocker, Locky, Cerber,
WannaCry and more. It works in all
supported versions of Windows (7, 8.1
and 10) and even helps unlock Windows
XP PCs. To get it, scroll down the page
then click the blue Download
RansomwareFileDecryptor button.
Extract the program ?le from the ZIP, run
it as administrator and then click Agree
to launch it. You can tell it which
ransomware has locked your ?les, or
click ?I don?t know the ransomware
name? then direct it to a ?le or folder you
want it to decrypt.
During the decryption process the
tool might display a message that says,
?Some ?les need more information to
continue?. This means that the tool
needs to compare the encrypted ?le to a
similar ?le on your PC that hasn?t been
locked by ransomware. Click ?click
here? and a new box will open where
you?ll be asked to ?Select an infected ?le?
and ?Select a non-infected ?le?. The
infected ?le should be the ?le you?ve
already attempted to decrypt. When
specifying the non-infected ?le, try to
select a similar ?le type (so a Word
document, if the encrypted ?le is a
Word document) and select as large a
?le as possible.
Double your defences with a
ransomware scanner
Tools designed to spot and stop
ransomware-style behaviour in real time
tend not to be free. For example
CryptoPrevent (,
launched in the wake of CryptoLocker
and updated to version 8 a couple of
months ago, now charges $15 (�.50) a
year for automatic ransomware detection
that won?t con?ict with your AV.
That said, Cybereason RansomFree
( is a
great free option. This new tool runs in
the background, constantly watching for
processes that try to interact with your
?les. It even sets ?honeytraps? to lure
suspected ransomware into giveaway
behaviour ? such as the mass encryption
of ?les ? then instantly kills the o?ending
process. Unlike your AV and
CryptoPrevent, RansomFree doesn?t use
de?nitions to detect ransomware ? it goes
purely by behaviour. This means it may
be able to spot ransomware that hasn?t
been identi?ed yet. To get it, go to the
website, click Free Download then run
the installer. Once installed it runs
Trend Micro?s
decryptor can
release your
files, even if you
don?t know what
ransomware has
locked them
Use Cybereason RansomFree to kill any
process that tries to encrypt your files
automatically when you boot your PC. It
uses about the same memory as your AV
and less than your browser (especially
Chrome), so shouldn?t notably impact
your system.
Spot and stop dodgy processes
To spot invaders that are hogging your
PC?s bandwidth and sending unusual
amounts of data back to internet servers,
use the free program Process Network
Monitor ( It
displays a list of processes that are
communicating with websites, then lets
you quickly check them against known
malware threats on the VirusTotal (www. and ProcessLibrary
( databases. To
get it, go to the link above, then wait a
few moments until the line ?You are
downloading Process Network Monitor,
here is your Download Link? appears.
Click the words Download Link.
Don?t click any Download buttons
(they?re adverts).
If you think a miscreant is ?phoning
home? from your PC, chop o? its internet
connection using the new tool Net
Disabler ( This
tiny portable program o?ers three ways
to instantly block your PC?s internet
connection: disable your router, block
DNS and pull up your Windows Firewall
drawbridge. Use them all at once to cut
o? life-support for malware so that
ransomware worms and botnets can?t
infect your PC.
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7 ? 20 June 2017 57
Have you signed into one
of your accounts from a
PC that isn?t yours, then
forgotten to sign out?
Mike Plant explains how
to sign out remotely
User name
ave you ever left the house
only to be tormented by the
niggling worry that you?ve
forgotten to turn the oven
o? or lock your front door? While it may
be far from convenient, you can always
return home to check and alleviate your
anxiety. But what if the knot in your
stomach has to do with one of your
online accounts?
What happens, for example, if you?ve
been to a friend?s house and logged on to
your email account using their computer,
or if you popped to the library and used
one of its public PCs to access your
Facebook account, and you get the
sinking feeling that you forgot to click the
logout button? Here we explain how to
remotely sign out of the most popular
online accounts, so you can log in
wherever you want with complete peace
of mind.
For reasons known only to Google,
Gmail?s remote sign out button is
burried at the very bottom of its main
window. Scroll down past all your emails,
and in the bottom-right of the window
you?ll see the ?Last account activity?
section. Click Details just below it to open
Gmail?s ?Activity on this device? screen. To
sign out of Gmail on every device, click
the ?Sign out of all other web sessions?
button (see screenshot above).
Don?t close the window just yet
though, because there are a few other
interesting nuggets here. If you look at
the table just below the ?Sign out of all
58 7 ? 20 June 2017
Click this button to sign out of Gmail on any computer you?ve accessed it on
other web sessions? button, you?ll
see details of all the recent activity
associated with your Gmail account.
The Access Type column tells you
whether your account has been accessed
through a browser, a mobile phone or
tablet or an email client such as Outlook,
Thunderbird or eM Client. The Location
column tells you from which country
each of these connections is being
made, and the ?nal column lists the
time and date the connection was
last active. Using this information you
can determine whether your Gmail
account has been accessed by someone
other than you.
If you suspect that someone else is
accessing your Gmail account, we suggest
you click the ?Sign out of all other web
sessions? button, then immediately
change your Gmail password. To do this,
go back to your Gmail account, click the
Settings cog in the top-right, Settings, the
?Accounts and Import? tab then ?Change
password?, and follow the instructions.
Yahoo Mail
Yahoo o?ers similar remote
sign-out options to Gmail?s but,
as you?d expect, they?re in a
completely di?erent location. To ?nd
them, open your Yahoo Mail account,
click the Settings cog (at the top right),
followed by ?Account info? and ?Recent
activity? (on the left). Here you?ll see a list
of all the devices that have recently
logged into your Yahoo account. Click
?sign out? next to each entry to log o?
remotely. The information here shows
you where and when each device
accessed your Yahoo Mail account. If any
of the instances listed were de?nitely not
you, click ?Change your password? at the
top of the page.
Use Microsoft?s devices page to sign out of your account
on any computer, phone or tablet
When you sign into your email account,
you also sign into your entire
Microsoft account. To log out of any
device, head to
com/devices. Here you?ll ?nd a list of all
devices that are currently logged in. Click
?More actions? under a device?s name,
then Remove PC (or laptop, phone or
tablet and so on ? see screenshot above
left). This will stop that device
automatically signing into Microsoft?s
programs, including Outlook, Skype and
OneDrive. You?ll have to re-enter your
password on any PC you?ve removed to
sign back into these programs.
WhatsApp Web lets you send
and read your WhatsApp chats
on a PC. If you?ve never tried
it, go to on
your PC and scan the QR code that
appears using WhatsApp on your
phone ? tap the three vertical dots
(top right) to open the menu, then
tap WhatsApp Web, and a scanner
should open in WhatsApp. Hold your
phone up to the QR code as if taking a
photo of it, and WhatsApp will open in
your browser. You can open WhatsApp on
as many PCs as you want by tapping the
three dots, WhatsApp Web, then the ?+?
symbol in the top right. To log out
remotely, tap the three dots, WhatsApp
Use your
phone to
check which
PCs have
to your
Facebook?s ?Security and Login? menu shows you which devices you?re
currently logged in on
Web, tap the name of the PC you want to
log out, then click Log Out (see
screenshot below left).
If you?re visiting friends and
want to show them what you?ve
been up to, it?s often easiest just
to log into your Facebook account on
their PC to show them your photos. If
you?re worried that you forgot to log out,
you can check by signing into Facebook
on your own PC. Once done, click the
down arrow at the top right (to the right
of the question mark), select Settings,
click ?Security and Login? on the left, then
click See More within the Where You?re
Logged In section. This shows you every
PC, tablet and mobile phone on which
your account is signed in. To log o? any
device in the list, click the three vertical
dots next to its entry, then click Log out
(see screenshot above right).
Your shopping accounts are just
as much of a worry as your email
and social-media accounts. After
all, you wouldn?t want somebody to order
goods from your account, accidentally or
otherwise. Amazon doesn?t have a
particularly sophisticated system, but
changing your Amazon password will log
you out of any device that doesn?t use the
new password. To change your password,
go to and log in.
Click Your Account (at the top right),
?Login & security?, scroll down to the
Password section, then click the Edit
button (on the right). Doing this will also
log you out of any Prime services ? such
as Amazon Video and Music (see box,
right, for other entertainment services).
EBay & PayPal
EBay lets you see the devices that
have accessed your account, but
it?s almost impossible to ?nd the
page without the direct link. Go to www.
To sign out any device from your
Net?ix account, go to www.
net? and sign in. Click your
Pro?le, click your name at the top right,
then click Account. On the Account
page, scroll down to Settings and click
?Sign out of all devices?, then Sign Out.
To sign out of the music service,
log in at,
then scroll down to the bottom of the
page and click ?Sign out everywhere?.
Google owns YouTube, so you
have to access your Google My
Account dashboard to sign out remotely.
Go to and
click ?Device activity & noti?cations? in
the ?Sign-in & security? section. Click
?Review devices? to see all devices that
are signed in. If anything looks suspect,
click the ?Secure your account? link and
follow the instructions. and sign in with your
username and password. You?ll see a list
all of the devices currently signed into
your account. Click ?Sign out? next to any
entry to log it out, or click ?Sign out from
all of them? at the top of the list to do
exactly that.
PayPal is the online payment
site used for most eBay transactions.
To log out of it remotely, go to www. and log in, then click the
Cog icon at the top right, followed by
Security, and click Update to the right
of ?Stay logged in for faster purchases?.
We suggest you click ?Turn o? One
Touch on all devices? to ensure that
the only way anyone can access your
PayPal account is to use your username
and password.
7 ? 20 June 2017 59
what the
While Microsoft added plenty of new features to Windows 10 with
the Creators Update, it removed a few too. Mike Plant reveals the
features that fell by the wayside and explains how to restore them
n the whole we?ve been
impressed by the changes made
in the Creators Update. We?re
already using the new ?Night
light? mode to give our eyes a break when
we use our PC at night. The Dynamic
Lock is a handy tool for automatically
locking our PC should we forget to. And
we?ve only just started to scratch the
surface of what we can do with Paint 3D
(see page 35 for our Workshop on it).
But, where Microsoft has given with
one hand, it has taken away with the
other ? either by removing or switching
o? useful features, or by failing to deliver
on promised tools that were meant to be
central to the Creators Update. Here we?ll
explain how to restore the functions that
were removed, and give you an insight
into features that Microsoft failed to get
ready in time.
Unlock Windows 10?s
font-size restrictions
Microsoft has decided we no longer need
to change the font size of error messages,
title bars and desktop pop-ups. To restore
some control over onscreen text, try
System Font Size Changer (www.snipca.
com/24157). Click Download at the
bottom of the page (to the right of the
version number), then click Run (or
double-click the downloaded ?changesize.
exe? ?le). If a ?Windows protected your
PC? message appears, click ?More info?,
then ?Run anyway?.
Click Yes when prompted to save your
default ?les, click any of the listed font
types (from ?Title bar? to Tooltip), move
the slider from left to right to increase
60 7 ? 20 June 2017
Add Pocket
to Edge?s
address bar
by moving
this slider
to On
System Font Size Changer lets you change the
size of the font in Windows 10?s title bar
font size, then click Apply when you?re
happy. Your PC will log you out. Log back
in to see your new font size (see
screenshot above).
Replace ?Reading list?
with Pocket
?Reading list? is an Edge feature that lets
you save web pages to read o?ine. It still
works in the Creators Update, but won?t
for long. To access it, open Edge, click the
Hub button (three horizontal lines at the
top right), then the ?Reading list? button
(second from the left). Microsoft has
con?rmed it will be removed in an
upcoming Windows update (though not
when), which is a shame because
?Reading list? was genuinely useful.
The good news is that you can salvage
its best features by using the ?Save to
Pocket? Edge extension (www.snipca.
com/24403). Install the extension, create
a Pocket account at,
then click the Pocket icon to save any
web page. Make Pocket?s icon easier to
access by adding it to Edge?s address bar.
Click the Menu icon (three dots at the top
right), Extensions, ?Save to Pocket?, then
move the ?Show button next to the
address bar? to On (see screenshot above).
Restore missing
lock screen images
?Windows Spotlight? is the name
Microsoft gives to those stunning images
of wildlife and landscapes that appear on
your Windows 10 lock screen (see
screenshot above right). While this
feature wasn?t intentionally purged by
Microsoft, a glitch in the Creators Update
has removed the feature from many PCs.
If your PC is one of these, you must
?rst turn Spotlight o?. To do this,
right-click your desktop, then click
Personalize, ?Lock screen? (on the right),
then select Picture in the Background
dropdown menu. Next, open File
Explorer, click View, then tick the
?Hidden items? box in the Show/hide
Next, navigate to: C:\Users\[Your
Manager\LocalState\Assets, press Ctrl+A
on your keyboard to select all the ?les in
the Assets folder, then press the Delete
key to delete them. Close File Explorer,
return to the Background dropdown
menu, but this time select ?Windows
spotlight?. Press the Windows Key+L to
lock your PC and you should now see the
return of Windows Spotlight images.
The Creators Update has disabled ?Windows
Spotlight? lock screen images for some users
Re-enable Adobe Flash Player
support in Edge
Increasing numbers of websites are
abandoning multimedia web player Flash
in favour of the newer and more secure
alternative HTML5. It comes as no surprise,
then, that Microsoft has decided to switch
o? support for Flash in its Edge browser.
That said, there are still high-pro?le TV
services ? including ITV Hub and All 4 ?
that need the Flash Player to work. To
view these in Edge you?ll need to
re-enable support for Flash.
To do so, open Edge, click the Menu
icon (the three dots at the top right),
Settings, ?View advanced settings?, then
slide the Use Adobe Flash Player slider to
the right (see screenshot below). At least
enabling Flash this way keeps it up to
date at all times (and therefore more
secure), because it automatically updates
whenever Edge does.
Switch on
this slider
in Edge?s
settings to
Adobe Flash
?Metered connection?
update hack
Click Settings, ?Network & Internet?,
Wi-Fi (or Ethernet if you use a
network cable), then click on the
name of your Wi-Fi connection and
you?ll see an option for ?Metered
connection? (see screenshot).
Switching this on used to be one
way to control Windows updates. You
wouldn?t receive updates with ?Metered
connection? turned on because the
updates were considered too big to
download on such a connection. Following
the Creators Update this is no longer the
case, so if your broadband contract limits
your monthly data, make sure you keep
an eye on your internet usage.
To see how much data you?ve used in
the past 30 days click Settings, ?Network
& Internet?, then ?Data usage?. Alas, for
anyone who controlled Windows updates
in this way, there?s currently no alternative
method available.
Can?t rename Start Menu folders
While we welcomed Microsoft introducing
Start Menu folders in the Creators Update
(simply drag an icon in your Start Menu on
top of another to create one), it?s annoying
that you can?t give that folder a name.
Hopefully this will be addressed in an
upcoming update.
Every May, Microsoft hosts its Build
conference, where it reveals some of its
plans to software developers around the
world. Last year it promised all kinds of
intriguing features for the Creators
Update that failed to materialise. Here?s a
progress report on those missing features,
which have been delayed until the next
big Windows 10 update due in the
autumn (called ?Fall Creators Update?).
My People
My People gives
you direct access
to your favourite
contacts via the
Quick Access
menu, letting you
send text
messages and
make Skype calls
with just a couple
of clicks. This
We expect to see
feature is
the My People app in
expected in the
the autumn
autumn, though
Windows 10 Insiders can already access it
in its current beta release.
Groove Music Maker
This appears to be an app designed to let
you record and edit music you play
yourself, or that you?ve sampled. From
what we?ve seen it looks very similar to
Groove Music Maker could arrive before the
next big update in the autumn
Apple?s popular GarageBand app for iOS,
which can only be good news for
Windows users. It made an even briefer
appearance at Build 2017 than it did at
Build 2016, which means it?s still coming,
but may not arrive in the Fall Creators
Update. In fact it could land at any time
as a Windows Store app, so we will keep
you posted.
Pick up where you left o?
This feature remembers what apps you
had open across computers, phones and
tablets, so you can resume using them if
you switch device. It works with O?ce
?les too, which means you can edit a
Word document on your tablet in a cafe,
and that same edited Word document
will open at the exact same place you left
o? when you return to it on your PC at
home. Microsoft reiterated its intention to
provide this feature in the autumn, with
it being renamed ?Timeline?. It will be
expanded to remember the websites and
emails you have open.
7 ? 20 June 2017 61
Problems Solved
Why did the Creators Update hide
the Control Panel?
I?ve been using Windows 10
for over a year now, mostly
without problems. I don?t
often use the Control Panel but
when I do, I usually open it from
the Windows key+X shortcut menu,
which I learned from a tip in
Computeractive ages ago. Microsoft
recently modi?ed my PC by applying
the Creators Update. This seemed to
go well and everything worked as it
should afterwards, but now when I
press Windows key+X to summon
the little menu, Control Panel has
disappeared! I?ve had to resort to
launching it by typing its name into
the Start menu and clicking the entry
when it appears. This works, but it?s
nowhere near as convenient. Why did
Microsoft remove the Control Panel
from this menu, and is there any way
to get it back?
Malcolm Phelps
As we say often in these pages,
you?d have to ask Microsoft to
explain why it removed this (it
sometimes moves in mysterious ways).
Our guess is that the company wants
Windows 10 users to move away from
using Control Panel, which it sees as
something of a relic. Instead, Microsoft
would rather you click the Start menu?s
Settings cog and use the options there.
That would be ?ne if the Settings
pane provided full access to everything
in the Control Panel, but even now
? nearly two years after the launch of
Windows 10, and ?ve years since the
introduction of Windows 8 ? it still
doesn?t have every option you?ll ?nd in
its predecessor.
It is possible to restore the Control
Panel to the Windows+X menu but
?rst, did you know you can ?pin? it to
the Start menu? Just click Start and
type control panel, then right-click
Control Panel and choose ?Pin to Start?.
You may ?nd that?s good enough, but
64 7 ? 20 June 2017
Win-X Menu Editor lets you add entries to
the Windows key+X menu
if you still want to return the Control
Panel to the Windows key+X menu, the
easiest way is to use a free tool called
Win-X Menu Editor. This lets you add,
remove or rearrange any of the items in
the Windows key+X menu, and it?s
very easy to use ? so download it now
You don?t need to install it, but you
have to extract the contents of the
downloaded ZIP ?le, so right-click it
and choose Extract All. Now doubleclick the WinXMenuEditorRelease
folder, followed by x64 if you use a
64bit edition of Windows 10, or x86 for
32bit. If you?re not sure which to use,
double-click x86. Now double-click
Open the ?Add a program? menu and
click ?Add a program?. Then navigate to
Menu\Programs\System Tools and
choose Control Panel.
A Control Panel entry will appear in
the Win-X Menu program window. Use
the arrows on the right (see screenshot)
to position it where you want. It
usually lives in Group2, which is the
second group of items on the Windows
key+X menu, but it doesn?t matter
where you position it. When you?ve
?nished, click Restart Explorer and
the job?s done.
How do I scan in
Windows 10?
I upgraded to Windows 10 last
year, and all has been well.
However, I recently found
that I needed to scan a document ?
something I haven?t done since moving
from Windows 7 ? and realised I had
no idea how to do it. My printer is a
Kodak all-in-one device with a built-in
scanner. It prints perfectly well but I just
don?t know how to scan in Windows 10.
I can?t even remember how I used to do
it in Windows 7, although I think it
involved choosing a Scan option from a
menu in some application or other. Can
you help?
Geo?rey Johns
Windows has had a built-in
scanning tool for years, and it?s
still there in Windows 10. It?s
called ?Windows Fax and Scan?, and
you?ll ?nd it by clicking Start followed
by Windows Accessories.
To use it, click New Scan (see
screenshot below), then click the name
of your scanner followed by OK. Use the
New Scan box to set your parameters,
such as resolution and save-?le type,
then click Scan. Scans appear in a list in
?Windows Fax and Scan?, or you can grab
the ?les directly from the default save
folder, which is C:\Users\[Username]\
Documents\Scanned Documents.
You can also scan directly into some
programs. In Microsoft Paint, for
example, open the File menu and then
click ?From scanner or camera?.
?Windows Fax
and Scan? is
available in
all versions of
Our experts solve all your tech problems
Email us your problem and we?ll try to help:
Can I use macros to speed up my email replies?
I have limited experience of
writing and responding to
emails but I often ?nd myself
having to type my full name, address
and postcode. This, as I?m sure you can
imagine, is extremely tedious. I believe
it might be possible to save this
information to something called a macro,
and then have it repeat the information
whenever I need? How do I do this?
Jim Mitchell
Windows doesn?t have a built-in
macro recorder, but there are
plenty of free tools available
that?ll do the job. This might not be
necessary for your needs, though.
All modern email programs o?er a
?signature? option, which automatically
adds text to the end of new messages.
Typically, a signature would simply
be your preferred sign-o? and your
name, but it can just as easily include
your full address. In Windows 10
Mail, for example, click the Settings
cog followed by Signature. Flip the
?Use an email signature? switch to the
On position, then type your name,
address and postcode into the box
below (see screenshot). If you use
Use an email
signature rather
than typing your
name and address
at the end of every
Mail to sync more than one account,
tick the ?Apply to all accounts? box.
Now whenever you click the ?New mail?
button to create a new message, the
composition window will aready contain
your personal details. If you need to put
them elsewhere in the message, use the
normal Windows copy, cut and paste
shortcuts: that?s (Ctrl+X) to copy and cut
the highlighted text, and Ctrl+V to paste
it where you want.
If this doesn?t ful?l your needs, try
TinyTask (, a
great little tool that records both typing
and mouse actions. It?s a portable app, so
you don?t need to install it as such.
Simply double-click the downloaded ?le,
choose where you want to store the
decompressed program and then,
whenever you need it, just double-click
the TinyTaskPortable.exe ?le to run it.
To start recording a macro, click the
blue button (or use the Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R
keyboard shortcut). Perform the actions
and typing you want to record, then click
the red button (or repeat the keyboard
shortcut mentioned above). Now,
whenever you need to replay the macro,
click the green button, or use the
keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P.
Click the ?oppy disk icon to save
macros, or the spanner icon to access
more settings (hint: we?d suggest ticking
?Play Speed: Fast?).
Why can?t I install Google
A friend showed me Google?s
PhotoScan app, which was
running on his Tesco Hudl
tablet. I liked the look of it, but when I
tried to install it on my own Hudl, the
Google Play store said it was incompatible
with my device. I don?t understand why
it would work on my mate?s device but
not mine. Is it because his is a newer
model? Is there any way to make
PhotoScan work on my Hudl?
Sarah Sanderman
Your friend must have a Hudl
2. This tablet originally came
with Android 4.4 (KitKat)
installed, but Tesco later o?ered an
update to Android 5.0 and then 5.1
(Lollipop). The PhotoScan
app requires at least
Android 5.0, so it seems
clear that your friend has
an updated Hudl 2.
The original Hudl,
released in 2013, came
with Android 4.1 (Jelly
Bean). Tesco later updated
this to 4.4, but that?s wheree
the updates stopped.
You can be fairly certain
that Tesco will never revisitt Tesco?s original Hudl is now stuck with Android 4.4, which
rules out using any apps that require a later version
the original Hudl, so the
chances of your model ever
versions of Android earlier than 5.0,
moving beyond KitKat are basically
zero. Google is similarly unlikely to
so we?re afraid you won?t be able to
release a version of PhotoScan for
install PhotoScan on your Hudl.
7 ? 20 June 2017 65
Problems Solved
How do I silence
Can you help? I updated the
Facebook app on my
iPhone, which may have
been a mistake because now it
makes loads of really irritating
sounds when I tap the navigation
buttons. The previous version was
silent, which is how I liked it. I don?t
remember if this is a setting I?d
changed previously but, either way, I
can?t work out how to shut it up
now. Activating the mute switch on
the side of my iPhone does the job
but that kills all other sounds, too,
which isn?t what I want at all. Why
did this happen, and how do I hush
the Facebook app without silencing
the rest of my iPhone?s sounds?
Emily Hathaway
You?d have to ask
Facebook?s programmers
why they apparently
decided to enable in-app sounds by
default ? although we suppose it
could simply be an oversight.
Silencing the noise is easy enough
but, as so much else with Facebook,
the requisite option is buried deep in
the app?s settings. First, launch the
Facebook app, then tap the menu
button (three horizontal lines,
bottom right). Swipe up to scroll to
the very bottom of the menu, then
tap Settings. Next, tap Account
Settings followed by Sounds. Finally,
?ip the ?In-app Sound? switch to the
O? position (see screenshot).
Can I use Chromecast from an iPad?
I decided to give
Google Chromecast a
try, so I downloaded
and installed the latest version
of the Chrome web browser on
my iPad. When I opened the
menu and looked for a Cast
option, however, I couldn?t
?nd it. I often visit my elderly
mother, who is ?t and able to
look after herself but can?t get
her head around modern
technology, such as tablets.
She gets confused by her TV
and the limited channels
Many apps, including iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube, allow
you to send video from an iPad or iPhone to a Chromecast
available on her set-top box.
Technical di?culties in her
area mean she can?t receive cable TV,
the YouTube website (at http://m.
and her retirement complex doesn?t and play a video, you
allow the installation of satellite dishes.
can tap the Cast button and, assuming
If I could use Chromecast to send ?lms
you?ve set up the Chromecast correctly,
and other programmes from my iPad, it
broadcast YouTube videos to your mum?s
would give her a change of viewing. Can
TV. Many other popular apps o?er the
it be done?
same ability, including Net?ix and BBC
Rick Berej iPlayer (see screenshot). You can browse
the full list of compatible apps at www.
Yes, it can, although this ability
is limited to certain websites and
You?ll also need to install the free
apps. The list of compatible
Google Home app on your iPad to set up
services is pretty good, however. For
and manage your Chromecast ? get it
example, if you visit the mobile version of from
How can I enter ? with a keyboard
Not long ago, I came across a
handy little tip that makes
entering web addresses in
Firefox quicker ? pressing the Control
key+Enter adds the .com part. I use
this keyboard shortcut regularly now,
but it occurred to me recently that
most of the websites I visit end in
rather than .com. Is it possible to change
the behaviour of this shortcut to enter instead?
Anthony Parks
Yes. First, click in Firefox?s
address bar, type about:con?g
and press Enter. Read and take
note of the warning, then click the ?I?ll be
careful, I promise!? button. Next, in the
Search bar just to the left of the address
bar, type browser.?
Then, under Preference Name, right-click
browser.? and choose
If Facebook?s noises are driving you mad,
turn them off in Account Settings
66 7 ? 20 June 2017
Use a keyboard shortcut to add .com or
to the end of web addresses in Firefox
Modify (see top screenshot). In the ?Enter
string value? box that pops up, type and click OK (see bottom
screenshot). Then restart Firefox.
Can I add FireWire to my all-in-one PC?
I have a decade-old digital video
camera that records to MiniDV
tapes, along with a few tapes of
family memorabilia. In the past, I played
these by connecting the camera to my PC
using a FireWire cable. However, I
recently bought a new all-in-one (AIO)
desktop PC, which doesn?t have a
FireWire socket. I checked with my local
Maplin and Currys but no one could
suggest a way to connect the camera to
my PC. Maplin said it sells a part that
adds a FireWire port to a desktop PC, but
this wouldn?t ?t inside an all-in-one PC.
Is there a cable that will let me connect
the camcorder?s FireWire output to one
of my PC?s USB sockets? Does the socket
need to be USB 3.0? How can I tell which
ports I have anyway?
Marischal Sinclair
FireWire-to-USB adapters exist,
but you can?t transfer digital
video over them because the
protocols are completely incompatible.
You didn?t tell us which AIO PC
you bought. A few models have one or
two internal PCI Express slots for
simple upgrades, so you may be
able to ?t a cheap FireWire
expansion card (such as this �model from Amazon ? www. However, the
chances are slim that such a card will
?t in your PC.
A better idea is to buy a USB videocapture gadget, such as the � Aplic
(, pictured). Slot
the USB end into your AIO PC and use
the leads that came with your camcorder
to attach to either the S-Video (better
Use a USB video-capture device, such as this
one from Aplic, to rescue your home videos
quality) or composite inputs. The Aplic
model includes basic video-capture
software to turn your tapes into digital
?les that you can store on your PC.
Why is Windows Live Mail still working?
I?ve been happily using
Windows Live Mail (WLM, see
screenshot right) on my
Windows 7 PC for years, so I was
disappointed last year when I read that
it was being withdrawn. Inertia got the
better of me and I didn?t do anything
about it, but we?re now halfway
through 2017 and I?m still happily
using WLM. In your 500th issue you
recommended a di?erent email
program to one you recommended last
year. Why is this? And can you explain
what will happen to WLM and when?
Dick Blakemore
Technology changes
constantly, and our advice
has to keep up with new
developments. Programs we
recommended last year or even last
month may have been updated in
ways that make them less desirable, or
superior alternatives may appear. A
new program recommendation doesn?t
necessarily mean an older suggestion
is no longer any good, though ?
recommendations can coexist.
As for your copy of WLM, it will
work inde?nitely ? even if you update
to Windows 10. However, Microsoft
o?cially ended support for it in
January this year (see bottom
screenshot), so it?s unlikely to be
Windows Live
Mail (above)
still works but
is no longer
(left), so it
will become
updated ever again. This means it will
become increasingly unsafe. If new
security holes are discovered, Microsoft is
unlikely to ?x them (although it has been
known to make exceptions for programs
that are still popular).
WLM will also become increasingly
incompatible with current email
systems, such as Microsoft?s Outlook.
com webmail service (formerly
Hotmail) as companies upgrade their
systems and introduce new features.
7 ? 20 June 2017 67
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Security 2017 - on sale now
Security 2014
We?re delighted to announce that we are now selling
Kaspersky?s new 2017 antivirus software - at special
discounts for Computeractive readers
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Problems Solved
Whatever happened to... the BBC Domesday Project?
In the 1980s, my kids got
excited about contributing
to a digital version of the
Domesday Book. They brought forms
home from school that asked questions
about our family life, which we ?lled
in and returned, but then nothing
seemed to happen. My girls are grown
up now and don?t remember anything
coming of it, either. Do you know
what happened?
Dominic Ryan
You?re talking about the BBC?s
Domesday Project. The idea
was to bring William the
Conqueror?s original great survey bang
up to date with new nationwide
research, which was stored digitally on
LaserDiscs ? a forerunner of CDs and
DVD-ROMs, and a cutting-edge
technology at the time.
Work began in 1984 and, among
other things, saw schools in the UK
invited to produce content about their
local area. The country was carved up
The project was completed
in 1986 and made available
to anyone who had enough
money to buy the necessary
equipment ? meaning a BBC
Master computer, a Philips
LaserDisc drive and the
Domesday Project discs.
Unfortunately, this little lot
added up to several thousand
pounds, so uptake was very
limited and an ambition to
You can explore the data collected for the BBC?s
Domesday Project at the Domesday Reloaded website
update the information
regularly was abandoned in
into tens of thousands of 4x3km
the face of commercial reality.
rectangles, known as D-blocks, with
A few working setups still exist,
each assigned storage space for a handful
including one at Bletchley Park?s
of photos and some descriptive text.
National Museum of Computing (www.
Your children?s contributions would have You can also see the
been destined for one of these D-blocks,
contents of the Community Disc at the
with selected data making its way on to
BBC?s Domesday Reloaded website, at
what was dubbed the Community Disc. ? so go there
A second LaserDisc, called the National
to hunt for your daughters? entries.
Disc, was produced directly by the
Want to know what happened to your
BBC, and contained information of
favourite program, website or technology?
broader interest.
How do I stop my smart meters spoiling my Wi-Fi?
I had a smart electricity meter
?tted about a month ago, and
ever since then the Wi-Fi to my
laptop and internet radios has been poor.
I have another computer with a wired
connection, which still has good internet
access, and my iPhone and iPad aren?t
a?ected. I assume that?s because they use
the 5GHz band, whereas my other
devices use 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Unfortunately,
neither my laptop nor radios have 5GHz
capabilities. I have contacted Virgin
Media, and its support sta? tell me there
are no problems at their end. Any ideas?
David Waite
Changing the
channel your
wireless router
uses can fix
Wi-Fi problems
Clearly your smart meters are
communicating in the 2.4GHz
area of the radio spectrum, as
do very many other domestic gadgets
and appliances ? from baby monitors to
cordless phones.
The 2.4GHz band is divided into a
number of channels, and if they
interfere it can a?ect your Wi-Fi. Your
smart meters are very unlikely to let
you change the channel they use
(although check the manual to make
sure), but your router certainly will.
As you?re with Virgin, you
probably have the company?s
Hub 3.0 router. You?ll ?nd the full
login details on a sticker on the
base of the router. Open your web
browser, type and use the
credentials on the sticker to log in.
Next, in the left-hand navigation
pane, click ?Advanced settings? followed
by Wireless and then ?Wireless signal?.
Now tick the box labelled Manual,
choose a channel from the dropdown
menu (see screenshot), then click ?Apply
changes?. You?ll have to use trial and
error to determine the best channel but
1, 6 and 11 are the most widely used, so
start with numbers other than these.
21 Jun
? Can I dial with voice
commands alone?
? Can I use a mouse with
my tablet?
? Why am I upside down in Skype?
...And many more
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7 ? 20 June 2017 69
Problems Solved
Reader Support
Having a problem with our recommended software or expert tips?
Email and we?ll do our best to help
Is MultiClipBoardSlots
working correctly?
I liked the idea behind
MultiClipBoardSlots (Issue 493,
page 42) so I installed it and saved some
items that I frequently copy and paste.
It worked ?ne, but once I rebooted the
computer my saved items disappeared.
There does not seem to be any provision
for saving them so that they are restored
on reboot ? am I missing a trick?
Charles Gambrill
You?re not missing a trick, Charles.
MultiClipBoardSlots doesn?t keep
track of the items you save to its clipboard
between PC reboots. It?s designed more
for helping you manage speci?c tasks
during one session on your computer.
But there are programs that do what you
want. Try 1Clipboard (www.1clipboard.
io), for example. To get it, click the
?Download ? it?s free? button, then click
?Download for Windows?. Double-click
the downloaded ?le, select the ?No
thanks. I will use it on this computer?
option, then click Next followed by
Finish. You?ll now ?nd that an icon
for it (that looks like a paperclip) has
been added to the noti?cations area of
the taskbar.
From now on any words and images
you copy will be saved to 1Clipboard. To
paste an item, click the paperclip icon to
see your clipboard history (see screenshot
saves a
history of
the items
you copy to
below), then click any of the listed items.
Press Ctrl+V (or right-click and click
paste) on the document you want to
paste to. To delete an item from the list,
move the cursor to it, then click the ?X? to
the right.
So, how do I access the
Control Panel?
Your magazine has seen me
through installing Windows 10 and
the Creators Update without any real
problems. But in Issue 501 (page 53) you
state, ?Microsoft has made it harder to
?nd the Control Panel?. I thought you?d
now tell me how to access the Control
Panel, but the article went in a di?erent
direction. So, how do I access the Control
Panel now?
Ken Warrilow
We were so eager to tell you about
the new features in the Creators
Update that we forgot to explain how to
?nd the Control Panel now that Microsoft
has removed its shortcut from the Win+X
menu (what you see when you right-click
the Start button). One way is to click the
Start button, type control panel, then
press Enter. If you prefer, you can restore
the link to the Control Panel using the
free program Win+X Menu Editor ? we?ll
explain how in a Workshop next issue
(out Weds 21 June).
Is my account
up to date?
In your tip (Issue
502, page 47) you state that I should
see the words ?Outlook Mail? in the
top left if I have the latest version. I
see the words ?Outlook Email? instead.
As far as I can tell mine is upgraded
to the latest version, so why the
di?erent names?
Charles Fair
We?ve noticed the same disparity.
In fact, a quick poll in the o?ce
revealed that it?s a 50-50 split
70 7 ? 20 June 2017
As long as your account says
Outlook Mail or Outlook Email, it is up to date
between those with Outlook Mail
and Outlook Email. The reason is
probably related to the di?erent
phases during which the
update was rolled out. However, both
do indicate the user has the latest
version. The older version showed
Why won?t Windows 10 update?
I followed your advice with
regards to updating Windows
10 to the Creators Update (Issue 502,
page 70). When I click the ?Update
now? button I receive the message
?Windows10Upgrade9252.exe couldn?t
be downloaded?, and this is repeated
when I click Retry. How can I overcome
this please?
Alf Wicks
The ?couldn?t be downloaded?
error usually strikes when your
browser is out of date ? Internet
Explorer (IE) is particularly susceptible.
The solution should be to download the
?le again, but this time using a di?erent
browser such as Chrome (www.snipca.
com/24461) or Firefox (www.snipca.
com/24462). Once downloaded, run the
tool and it should update Windows (and
IE too).
Lowering the cost of printing...
We are a small, family owned and run company, specialising in photographic
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01926 339977
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your prints.
Here are the results
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ink tests that agree...
?Jet Tec?s colours were superb, with
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- Total Digital Photography Magazine
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Colours 11.1ml each
Hummingbird Inks
Set of 6
Colours 7.4ml each
Set of 6
Colours 7.4ml each
Flamingo Inks
Set of 8
Colours 11.4ml each
Set of 8
Colours 11.4ml each
Husky Inks
Set of 8
Colours 11.4ml each
Set of 8
Colours 11.4ml each
Many more in stock!
No.300 Black 4ml
No.300 Colour 4ml
No.301 Black 3ml
No.301 Colour 3ml
No.302 Black 3.5ml
No.302 Colour 4ml
No.350 Black 4.5ml
No.351 Colour 3.5ml
No.363 Black 6ml
No.363 C/M/Y/PC/PM each �.49
No.363 SET OF 6
No.364 Black 6ml
No.364 PB/C/M/Y 3ml each �99
No.364 SET OF 4
No.364XL Black 14ml
No.364XL PB/C/M/Y 6ml each �.99
No.364XL SET OF 4
No.920XL SET OF 4
No.932XL SET OF 4
No.950XL SET OF 4
No.15 Black 46ml
No.21 Black 10ml
No.22 Colour 21ml
No.45 Black 45ml
No.56 Black 24ml
No.57 Colour 24ml
No.62XL Black 12ml
No.62XL Colour 12ml
No.78 Colour 36ml
No.110 Colour 12ml
No.300XL Black 18ml
No.300XL Colour 18ml
No.301XL Black 15ml
No.301XL Colour 18ml
No.337 Black 21ml
No.338 Black 21ml
No.339 Black 34ml
No.343 Colour 21ml
No.344 Colour 21ml
No.350XL Black 30ml
No.351XL Colour 20ml
No.363 SET OF 6
No.364 Black 10ml
No.364 Colours 5ml each
No.364 SET OF 4
No.364XL Black 18ml
No.364XL Colours 11ml each �29
No.364XL SET OF 4
Albums & Frames
We now stock a comprehensive range of frames, mounts, albums
and accessories. The full range can be viewed on our website,
with detailed close-up images of each product to help you
choose the perfect way to display your printed photographs.
Below is just a tiny sample of what we offer:
Grace Albums
Available in
or Blue.
Emilia Frames
Distressed wood
shabby chic
Blue or White.
Rio Frames
Handcrafted solid wood with
30mm wide profile, in four colours.
Over a dozen
designs in stock.
Available in
or Blue. Frisco Frames
Simple, basic design
in a huge
range of
sizes &
Memo Style Albums:
Grace 6x4 100 photos
Grace 6x4 200 photos
Grace 6x4 300 photos
Grace 7x5 100 photos
Grace 7x5 200 photos
Grace A4 100 photos
Grafton 6x4 200 photos
Grafton 7x5 200 photos �.99
Baby 6x4 200 photos
Travel 6x4 200 photos
Traditional Style Albums:
Grace 29x32cm 100 pages �.99
Grafton 29x32cm 100 pgs �.99
Baby 29x32cm 100 pages �.99
Photo Corners Pack of 250 �99
Photo Stickers Pack of 500 �99
Plastic Bevel, Glass Front:
Frisco 6x4 seven colours
Frisco 7x5 seven colours
Frisco 8x6 seven colours
Frisco 9x6 seven colours
Frisco 10x8 seven colours �79
Frisco 12x8 seven colours �59
Frisco A4 seven colours
Frisco A3 seven colours
Wood Bevel, Glass Front:
Emilia 6x4 two colours
Emilia 7x5 two colours
Emilia 8x6 two colours
Emilia 10x8 two colours
Emilia 12x8 two colours
Rio 6x4 four colours
Rio 7x5 four colours
Rio 8x6 four colours
Rio 10x8 four colours
Rio 12x8 four colours
USB Pen Drives
8GB: �29 16GB: �49
32GB: �99
Sandisk Blue
33X (5MB/s)
Sandisk Ultra
266X (40MB/s)
Sandisk Extreme
600X (90MB/s)
Compact Flash
Sandisk Ultra
333X (50MB/s)
Sandisk Extreme
800X (120MB/s)
128GB �.99
Sandisk Ultra
320X (48MB/s)
Readers & Cases
Delkin USB2 Card Reader �99
Delkin USB3 Card Reader �.99
Delkin SD Card (x8) Case �99
Delkin CF Card (x4) Case �99
Many more in stock!
BP-511 for Canon
LP-E6 for Canon
LP-E8 for Canon
LP-E12 for Canon
EN-EL3E for Nikon
NB-2L/LH for Canon
NB-6L for Canon
NB-10L for Canon
NP95 for Fuji
NPW126 for Fuji
EN-EL3e for Nikon
EN-EL14 for Nikon
EN-EL15 for Nikon
BLN-1 for Olympus
BLC12 for Panasonic
FW50 for Sony
BX-1 for Sony
AA 1300mAh (4)
AAA 1100mAh (4)
Screw-type Filters
46mm UV / Haze
49mm UV / Haze
52mm UV / Haze
55mm UV / Haze
58mm UV / Haze
62mm UV / Haze
67mm UV / Haze
72mm UV / Haze
77mm UV / Haze
Skylight Filters from:
Circular Polarising Filters from: �.99
ND4 and ND8 Filters from: �.99
P-Type Square Filters
49-82mm Adapter Rings
Filter Holder
ND2 Filter
ND2 Grad Filter
ND4 Filter
ND4 Grad Filter
�.99 Telephone: 01926 339977 or 0800 1077 211 Premier Ink & Photographic 12 Longfield Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV31 1XB
Broadband Deals
Call FREE on 0800 542 4709 to switch your broadband today
Package Name
Sky: Broadband
TalkTalk: Broadband
EE: Broadband
Virgin: Broadband
(�.99 for
12 months)
(�.00 for
12 months)
(�.00 for
18 months)
(�.00 for
12 months)
max speed
max speed
max speed
max speed
Terms & Conditions apply - see ISP sites for details
* Fair-usage or restriction policy applies.
Broadband Genie?s helpline
is powered by Simplify
Digital, the Ofcomaccredited switching service
Data supplied by Correct as of 25/05/2017
In the next issue of our sister title
Web User...
Capture and keep what you can?t download
Make it work for all your devices
So it looks exactly how you want it
Which is the best value?
Buy the Web User 2016
Back Issue CD on Amazon at
5 - 18 August 2015
Next issue on sale Weds 14 June
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Jargon Buster
Bust more jargon in our A-Z book:
2.5G Phone network set up in
the 1990s. Was the ?rst to allow
photos and videos sent by MMS
Depth of ?eld The distance
between the closest and farthest
objects that appear sharp.
Macro An automated series
of commands or options for
performing repetitive actions.
Refurbished A second-hand
device that has been repaired by
its manufacturer to be resold.
32bit A measure of how much info
a computer can process at once.
Most older computers are 32bit.
DisplayPort A socket for
connecting monitors.
Megapixel A measure of how
much detail can be recorded by a
digital image.
SATA Serial ATA. An interface for
connecting modern hard drives
and optical discs to a computer.
Mesh router A wireless network
that uses several connected
routers to stretch Wi-Fi further.
Scaling How operating systems
display text from di?erent programs
to make it readable on screen.
MHL Mobile high-de?nition link. A
technology that lets you connect
a phone or tablet to a TV to show
content and charge its battery.
SD card Secure Digital card. A
popular type of memory card.
4K Video with a resolution of at
least 3840x2160 pixels.
DNS Domain Name System.
A technology that associates
computers with web addresses.
64bit A technology that processes
information in larger chunks. Most
modern PCs are 64bit.
D-Sub D-subminiature. Connector
with rows of pins or sockets in a
D-shaped metal shield.
ADSL Asymmetric Digital
Subscriber Line. A technology that
converts a standard phone line into
a broadband internet connection.
DVI Digital Visual Interface. A
common type of display connector
that can carry a digital signal.
Adware Unwanted adverts that
come with software.
aptX A codec to compress audio
so it can be transmitted over
Architecture A set of rules
and language that govern how
hardware and software work.
Bandwidth A measure of
how much information can be
transferred through a connection.
BIOS Basic Input-Output System.
Software built into every PC that
connects the vital components.
Bitcoin A digital currency, not
controlled by governments.
Blue light Light given o? by PC
and phone screens.
Eight-core A standard processor
has one core, but most modern
processors have two or even eight.
MiniDV A type of tape used in
some digital camcorders.
sRGB A standard RGB colour
space for use on monitors,
printers and the internet.
Extension A program that adds
extra features to your browser.
NAND Memory that doesn?t need
a power source to retain data.
SSD Solid-state drive. Fast storage
that uses no moving parts.
FireWire An alternative to USB.
Now rare, but still found on video
cameras and external hard drives.
NAS Network-attached storage. A
hard drive attached to a network
that can be shared with other PCs.
Travel The distance a keyboard?s
keys must be pressed to register.
Gigabit Ethernet A very fast
networking standard that can
transfer data at up to 1,000Mbps.
Neural network A computer
system that tries to mimic how the
human brain works.
GHz Gigahertz. A measure of how
many instructions a processor can
carry out per second. 1GHz is equal
to 1,000MHz.
NFC Near-?eld communication.
A technology that allows devices
to communicate by being touched
together or placed near each other.
Graphics card A component in a
computer that produces the image
shown on the monitor.
Partition A hard drive can be split
into partitions or ?virtual? drives.
Botnet A group of infected
computers connected via the net.
HDMI High-de?nition media
interface. A type of connection that
transmits high-de?nition video and
audio signals.
Caddy A box into which you can
?t a hard drive, converting it into an
external drive
HiDPI High Dots Per Inch display.
Small high-resolution screens,
such as Apple?s Retina Display.
Cast To send content from your PC
to a TV.
HTML5 The latest version of the
Hypertext Markup Language used
to create most web pages.
Client A program used to access
and manage a user?s email.
Clone A feature found in backup
programs that makes an exact
copy of a drive on to another drive.
Cookie A small text ?le stored on
your computer by a website.
CPU Central Processing Unit.
Another term for a processor.
Micro USB A miniature version of
USB, often found on smartphones.
Spyware Software installed
(usually surreptitiously) to monitor
and report on a computer?s use.
IP address Internet Protocol
Address. Numbers used to identify
computers and websites online.
IPS A screen technology that
produces wide viewing angles and
accurate colours.
LED Light-Emitting Diode. An
electronic device that emits light.
Used to backlight some LCDs.
PCIe Peripheral Component
Interconnect Express. A slot on the
motherboard for expansion cards
Phishing A form of internet
fraud that tries to trick you into
revealing personal details.
Processor The chip that powers
your PC.
Protocol The agreed standard for
transmitting data between devices.
PUP Potentially unwanted
program. A program that may
not be desired, despite the user
consenting to it being downloaded.
QR code Quick Response Code.
A barcode that can be read using
smartphones and other devices.
Read speed How long a hard drive
takes to ?read? data.
Trojan A malicious program that?s
disguised as a harmless one.
Tweeter A speaker designed to
produce high audio frequencies.
USB 2.0 Faster successor to USB
for connecting devices to a PC.
USB 3.0 An even faster version of
the USB standard.
USB Type-C A new reversible
type of USB connector.
VGA Video Graphics Array. A
standard socket for connecting a
monitor to a computer.
WMA Windows Media Audio. An
audio format created by Microsoft.
Woofer A speaker that produces
low-frequency bass sounds.
Worm A program that transmits
and copies itself over a network.
Write speed How long it takes a
hard drive to save data.
Zero-day A security attack that
exploits a previously unknown
software ?aw.
ZIP A ?le that can contain
a number of compressed
documents or ?les.
7 ? 20 June 2017 73
The Final Straw
This issue Ken Rigsby is being driven potty by...
Computeractive?s Mr Angry
Disappearing ports
?ve owned or driven loads of cars.
A lifetime ago, for example, I had
an Austin Maestro. Remember
those? They could talk! My memory
might be playing tricks on me but my
Maestro?s chatty dashboard mostly
seemed to say, ?I?ve broken down
again. Sorry about that, old chap?.
Later, I treated myself to a Ford
Granada Scorpio. That was a good car.
Well, right up until it veered o? the road
and ended up crumpled in a ditch. Must
have had faulty self-driving technology,
that one. Since then, I?ve owned
Volkswagens, Toyotas, Volvos, Minis and
even, for reasons I might one day explain
in this column, a Reliant Robin.
That?s many di?erent marques. But
there?s one thing that hasn?t changed
over the years, and that?s the little
camping fridge I bought way back in the
1980s. It still works, and I?ve been able to
power it with every motor I?ve ever been
in. That?s because all car makers have for
decades equipped their automobiles with
a cigarette-lighter socket. Few people
now use the little stalks to set ?re to fags,
but the socket is a convenient source of
electricity. It?s also a standard shape and
size across the whole industry, so my
little cooler was just as chilled in my
Volvo estate as it was in the Mini.
You may think I?m about to segue into
an overdue rant about Apple removing
the 3.5mm audio jack from its
I could squirt squillions
on a MacBook Pro, but
it can?t connect to
my TV via my
Poundland cable
iPhone 7, but I?m not. Well, okay, I am a
bit. If the likes of Samsung can produce a
smartphone with a headphone socket - a
phone that?s smaller, sleeker and every
bit as powerful as the latest iPhone ?
then, really, what?s Apple?s excuse?
But I digress. The jury?s out on whether
Apple?s ditching of the decades-old
3.5mm jack is a good idea, but there are
ports that I still miss.
ny disappeared
Ethernet, for example. Some of today?s
thinnest laptops have dispensed with this
convenient network connection.
Obviously we?re all supposed to be
wireless now, but if your router develops
a Wi-Fi hiccup, you?ll be grateful for the
option to make a quick cable connection.
I?m also not terribly happy that the SD
card format has become the de facto
standard for computer slots, because I
still have a worryingly large number of
disparate card formats in my collection.
USB is on the way out, too. Or rather,
what most of us currently know as ?USB?.
Some new laptops lack the traditional
USB (Type-A) sockets, favouring instead
the newer, smaller and reversible USB
Type-C (or USB 3.1). This new plug is
undoubtedly the future but, in the here
and now, I still have loads of USB Type-A
devices I need to connect (and the cables
to go with them). I?m sure you do too.
Elsewhere in the land of cancelled
connections I have an old FireWire
camcorder that I?m unable to hook up to
any of my current PCs, and a perfectly
good VGA monitor that won?t work with
one of my newer computers. If I had the
money to squirt squillions on a state-ofmo
the-art MacBook Pro, I?d be disappointed
to ?nd that it can?t instantly connect to
my smart TV via my �Poundland HDMI
cable. Apple, you see, dropped HDMI
ports from its latest models. Instead I?d
need to buy a � adapter.
But my 30-year-old camping fridge
will keep working in almost any car
I choose. Even Tesla - the electric-car
wonder-?rm whose stock-market
value recently surpassed that of
even the mighty Ford - equips its
futuristic motors with the standard
12V cigarette-lighter socket. And that?s
the lesson for many tech companies:
stop removing ports that millions of
people still use, because you shouldn?t
be ?xing things that aren?t broken.
Which ports do you want to save?
Let us know at
74 7 ? 20 June 2017
Next issue Ken loses count of Windows versions
Have you signed into one
of your accounts from a
PC that isn?t yours, then
forgotten to sign out?
Mike Plant explains how
to sign out remotely
User name
ave you ever left the house
only to be tormented by the
niggling worry that you?ve
forgotten to turn the oven
o? or lock your front door? While it may
be far from convenient, you can always
return home to check and alleviate your
anxiety. But what if the knot in your
stomach has to do with one of your
online accounts?
What happens, for example, if you?ve
been to a friend?s house and logged on to
your email account using their computer,
or if you popped to the library and used
one of its public PCs to access your
Facebook account, and you get the
sinking feeling that you forgot to click the
logout button? Here we explain how to
remotely sign out of the most popular
online accounts, so you can log in
wherever you want with complete peace
of mind.
For reasons known only to Google,
Gmail?s remote sign out button is
burried at the very bottom of its main
window. Scroll down past all your emails,
and in the bottom-right of the window
you?ll see the ?Last account activity?
section. Click Details just below it to open
Gmail?s ?Activity on this device? screen. To
sign out of Gmail on every device, click
the ?Sign out of all other web sessions?
button (see screenshot above).
Don?t close the window just yet
though, because there are a few other
interesting nuggets here. If you look at
the table just below the ?Sign out of all
58 7 ? 20 June 2017
Click this button to sign out of Gmail on any computer you?ve accessed it on
other web sessions? button, you?ll
see details of all the recent activity
associated with your Gmail account.
The Access Type column tells you
whether your account has been accessed
through a browser, a mobile phone or
tablet or an email client such as Outlook,
Thunderbird or eM Client. The Location
column tells you from which country
each of these connections is being
made, and the ?nal column lists the
time and date the connection was
last active. Using this information you
can determine whether your Gmail
account has been accessed by someone
other than you.
If you suspect that someone else is
accessing your Gmail account, we suggest
you click the ?Sign out of all other web
sessions? button, then immediately
change your Gmail password. To do this,
go back to your Gmail account, click the
Settings cog in the top-right, Settings, the
?Accounts and Import? tab then ?Change
password?, and follow the instructions.
Yahoo Mail
Yahoo o?ers similar remote
sign-out options to Gmail?s but,
as you?d expect, they?re in a
completely di?erent location. To ?nd
them, open your Yahoo Mail account,
click the Settings cog (at the top right),
followed by ?Account info? and ?Recent
activity? (on the left). Here you?ll see a list
of all the devices that have recently
logged into your Yahoo account. Click
?sign out? next to each entry to log o?
remotely. The information here shows
you where and when each device
accessed your Yahoo Mail account. If any
of the instances listed were de?nitely not
you, click ?Change your password? at the
top of the page.
Use Microsoft?s devices page to sign out of your account
on any computer, phone or tablet
When you sign into your email account,
you also sign into your entire
Microsoft account. To log out of any
device, head to
com/devices. Here you?ll ?nd a list of all
devices that are currently logged in. Click
?More actions? under a device?s name,
then Remove PC (or laptop, phone or
tablet and so on ? see screenshot above
left). This will stop that device
automatically signing into Microsoft?s
programs, including Outlook, Skype and
OneDrive. You?ll have to re-enter your
password on any PC you?ve removed to
sign back into these programs.
WhatsApp Web lets you send
and read your WhatsApp chats
on a PC. If you?ve never tried
it, go to on
your PC and scan the QR code that
appears using WhatsApp on your
phone ? tap the three vertical dots
(top right) to open the menu, then
tap WhatsApp Web, and a scanner
should open in WhatsApp. Hold your
phone up to the QR code as if taking a
photo of it, and WhatsApp will open in
your browser. You can open WhatsApp on
as many PCs as you want by tapping the
three dots, WhatsApp Web, then the ?+?
symbol in the top right. To log out
remotely, tap the three dots, WhatsApp
Use your
phone to
check which
PCs have
to your
Facebook?s ?Security and Login? menu shows you which devices you?re
currently logged in on
Web, tap the name of the PC you want to
log out, then click Log Out (see
screenshot below left).
If you?re visiting friends and
want to show them what you?ve
been up to, it?s often easiest just
to log into your Facebook account on
their PC to show them your photos. If
you?re worried that you forgot to log out,
you can check by signing into Facebook
on your own PC. Once done, click the
down arrow at the top right (to the right
of the question mark), select Settings,
click ?Security and Login? on the left, then
click See More within the Where You?re
Logged In section. This shows you every
PC, tablet and mobile phone on which
your account is signed in. To log o? any
device in the list, click the three vertical
dots next to its entry, then click Log out
(see screenshot above right).
Your shopping accounts are just
as much of a worry as your email
and social-media accounts. After
all, you wouldn?t want somebody to order
goods from your account, accidentally or
otherwise. Amazon doesn?t have a
particularly sophisticated system, but
changing your Amazon password will log
you out of any device that doesn?t use the
new password. To change your password,
go to and log in.
Click Your Account (at the top right),
?Login & security?, scroll down to the
Password section, then click the Edit
button (on the right). Doing this will also
log you out of any Prime services ? such
as Amazon Video and Music (see box,
right, for other entertainment services).
EBay & PayPal
EBay lets you see the devices that
have accessed your account, but
it?s almost impossible to ?nd the
page without the direct link. Go to www.
To sign out any device from your
Net?ix account, go to www.
net? and sign in. Click your
Pro?le, click your name at the top right,
then click Account. On the Account
page, scroll down to Settings and click
?Sign out of all devices?, then Sign Out.
To sign out of the music service,
log in at,
then scroll down to the bottom of the
page and click ?Sign out everywhere?.
Google owns YouTube, so you
have to access your Google My
Account dashboard to sign out remotely.
Go to and
click ?Device activity & noti?cations? in
the ?Sign-in & security? section. Click
?Review devices? to see all devices that
are signed in. If anything looks suspect,
click the ?Secure your account? link and
follow the instructions. and sign in with your
username and password. You?ll see a list
all of the devices currently signed into
your account. Click ?Sign out? next to any
entry to log it out, or click ?Sign out from
all of them? at the top of the list to do
exactly that.
PayPal is the online payment
site used for most eBay transactions.
To log out of it remotely, go to www. and log in, then click the
Cog icon at the top right, followed by
Security, and click Update to the right
of ?Stay logged in for faster purchases?.
We suggest you click ?Turn o? One
Touch on all devices? to ensure that
the only way anyone can access your
PayPal account is to use your username
and password.
7 ? 20 June 2017 59
what the
While Microsoft added plenty of new features to Windows 10 with
the Creators Update, it removed a few too. Mike Plant reveals the
features that fell by the wayside and explains how to restore them
n the whole we?ve been
impressed by the changes made
in the Creators Update. We?re
already using the new ?Night
light? mode to give our eyes a break when
we use our PC at night. The Dynamic
Lock is a handy tool for automatically
locking our PC should we forget to. And
we?ve only just started to scratch the
surface of what we can do with Paint 3D
(see page 35 for our Workshop on it).
But, where Microsoft has given with
one hand, it has taken away with the
other ? either by removing or switching
o? useful features, or by failing to deliver
on promised tools that were meant to be
central to the Creators Update. Here we?ll
explain how to restore the functions that
were removed, and give you an insight
into features that Microsoft failed to get
ready in time.
Unlock Windows 10?s
font-size restrictions
Microsoft has decided we no longer need
to change the font size of error messages,
title bars and desktop pop-ups. To restore
some control over onscreen text, try
System Font Size Changer (www.snipca.
com/24157). Click Download at the
bottom of the page (to the right of the
version number), then click Run (or
double-click the downloaded ?changesize.
exe? ?le). If a ?Windows protected your
PC? message appears, click ?More info?,
then ?Run anyway?.
Click Yes when prompted to save your
default ?les, click any of the listed font
types (from ?Title bar? to Tooltip), move
the slider from left to right to increase
60 7 ? 20 June 2017
Add Pocket
to Edge?s
address bar
by moving
this slider
to On
System Font Size Changer lets you change the
size of the font in Windows 10?s title bar
font size, then click Apply when you?re
happy. Your PC will log you out. Log back
in to see your new font size (see
screenshot above).
Replace ?Reading list?
with Pocket
?Reading list? is an Edge feature that lets
you save web pages to read o?ine. It still
works in the Creators Update, but won?t
for long. To access it, open Edge, click the
Hub button (three horizontal lines at the
top right), then the ?Reading list? button
(second from the left). Microsoft has
con?rmed it will be removed in an
upcoming Windows update (though not
when), which is a shame because
?Reading list? was genuinely useful.
The good news is that you can salvage
its best featu
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