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CondoLiving June 2017

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J U N E 2 017
Style and design for the modern dweller
Dashing & Dapper
A speakeasy and barbershop for the
Filipino gentleman
Curated Condos
Units owned by an art collector
and a hobbyist musician
Desk Diving
How to create your own office
nook in your unit
Suki Salvador
Creative Director
Mel Patrick Kasingsing
Associate Editor
Patricia Herbolario
Janina H. Bautista
Editorial Coordinator
Ria Lasco
Final Artist
Juan C. Banayat Jr.
Mark Jacob
Floyd Jhocson
Leah de Leon
Greg Mayo
Emman Peregrin
Suki Salvador
Vice President - Magazine
And Print Business
Erica Luna
Editorial Admin Associate
Maite Tamparong-Uy
Group Publisher
Executive Vice President
Archie Carrasco
Admin Associate - Sales & Marketing
Angela Jacob
Publishers & Group
Advertising Directors
Maite Tamparong-Uy,
Ryan Ros Calmante
Advertising Sales Support Head
James Leonard Cruz
Sales Implementation Supervisor
Mike Cabbo
Advertising Implementer Associate
Kit Ladao
Key Accounts
Senior Key Account Managers
Carmelli Daet, Kathleen Amante
Key Account Managers
Bianca Bernardo, Moi Busto
Direct Accounts
Direct Account Executives
Faye Abuyo, Fons Martinez,
Borj Sandoval, Krissa Manuel,
Xer Villanueva
Sales Support
Advertising Traffic Assistant
Eunizel Carbonell
Marketing Communications
Marketing Manager
Niko de Leon
Ad & Promo Associate
Marga Plana
Public Relations Associates
Angela Jacob, Mikko Abello
Multimedia Artist
Ken Esparaguerra
Sari Yap
Founder and CEO
J. Tiu
Lorraine Belmonte
Founding Creative Director
2 0 17
That’s So Me:
Fab Four
16 Bread Box:
Inside the unit of
Sandwich’s Diego Castillo
4 Minimal Scandinavian
6 Mid-Century Tropics
7 Modern French
8 Contemporary Filipino
9 Home Cartel: The shop for stylish
and urban lighting fixtures
10 Homework: Investing
in a personal workspace
12 Localized Art Deco:
A tastefully done unit by Sophia Calima
20 Spectre Manila:
For the modern Filipino
gentleman’s lifestyle needs
22 Speakeasy by BCB:
Baguio’s most discreet
hot spot uncovered
23 Empress Jade:
Five-star Chinese restaurant
at I’M Hotel Makati
24 Leh-Leh:
Thai comfort food
in Pampanga
t h at ’s
s o
m e
Furniture pieces for today’s most popular design styles
Written by Janina H. Bautista and Patricia Herbolario
Curated by Janina H. Bautista
Trends and shifts in interior design are complex. There’s industrial design that hoards raw and edgy
materials, minimal dash with hushed tones and clean lines, or eclectic style for brave ones that deviate from
traditional design rules. Some design styles are closely similar to one another, but each has its own formula
and concoction. Below are some dashing pieces to match the design style of your choice.
Photo courtesy of Urban Abode
1 Tingo metal rack, available at
2 Perforated clock, available at
John Lewis
3 Black metal candle holder,
available at H&M Home
4 Hardy black lamp, available at
5 Black leather seat, available at
Stellar Works
6 Nestor metallic marble table,
available at Habitat
Scandinavian style is probably a hackneyed
phrase in interior design, especially in
compact spaces. Undeniably, it is perfect for
condo units as it opens up small spaces with
its bright and open scheme. To ace this style,
stick with furniture pieces in light tints such
as white and black, light blue or gray. Opt for
pieces that are simple in form, sharp lines
and sleek curves are a must.
co n d o
l i v i n g
t h at ’s
s o
m e
Mid-Century Tropics
The key to achieving a mid-century topics feel is emulating the
Lana Del Rey aesthetic. Think of Los Angeles in the summer
or some sketchy but eye-drool-worthy motel in Florida. Play
around with pale shades of green, orange, and yellow with
accents of gold or tarnished copper. Take cues from abstract
patterns inspired by palm leaves and geometric Moroccan rugs.
Leon wood frame sofa, available at West Elm
Crewel knotted stripe pillow cover, available at West Elm
Jade green vase, available at H&M Home
Architectural floor lamp, available at Triboa Bay
Glass with gold leaf print, available at H&M Home
Clover coffee table - walnut antique brass,
available at West Elm
7 Slide three-seater board sofa, available at
Space Encounters
8 Ernie walnut bookcase, available at Habitat
co n d o
l i v i n g
t h at ’s
s o
m e
Modern French
Playing with French Rococo in your condo is always
tricky because the amount of detail in a small space
can easily look like clutter. If you’re after a regal look
inspired by Downton Abbey or The Crown, be very wary
of the line between elegant and feminine to oldie and
outdated. Tufted furniture, romantic floral details, and
‘used-but-new’ wooden pieces are your go to for this
style. Accentuate your interiors with the use of vintage
furniture pieces in ecru, white, and pastel tints.
1 Tudor upholstered mini sofa available at
Pottery Barn
2 White rose cushion, available at H&M Home
3 Etched wine glass, available at John Lewis
4 Andrea bookshelf, available at Philux
5 Ludlow trunk bar cabinet, available at
Pottery Barn
6 Light blue velvet chair, available at Lucina Home
7 Vinton bench, available at Pottery Barn
8 Hayworth large Chesterfield sofa in Senna
French Grey, available at John Lewis
co n d o
li v i n g
t h at ’s
s o
m e
Filipino design style often plays with
wood and stone materials with accessories
in local materials like bamboo, woven
rattan, or shells. Shy away from the typical
bahay-kubo look and put a modern twist
to your space by adding wooden materials
in varying textures. Adding your lola’s baul
from your ancestral home is a nice touch.
1 Blake grey wash lounge chair with cushion,
available at Crate & Barrel
2 Alva chair, available at Triboa Bay
3 Halley side table, available at Space Encounters
4 Betel rattan chaise, available at Habitat
5 Rattan laundry basket, available at H&M Home
6 Heath seat walnut folding table, available at Habitat
7 Accent succulent pot, available at Philux
8 Tucker rectangular trunk, available at Crate & Barrel
co n d o
l i v i n g
The shop for urban and
stylish lighting and home decor
Written by Janina H. Bautista
Photo courtesy of Home Cartel
For designers and architects, going back and forth
to suppliers takes up so much time. It’s made even
harder with today’s ridiculous spaghetti traffic. Seriously,
who has time to waste? An interior designer herself,
Pamela Tan knew that while sourcing is an integral part
of completing one’s design and satisfying the client’s brief,
there has to be a smarter way to source. Thus, she put up
Home Cartel.
Home Cartel curates a selection of urban and stylish
lighting fixtures. All of their items are uploaded on their
interactive website where clients can shop and browse
through without having to personally go to their store. But
if you have time to spare, their showroom is still worth a
visit. “The showroom has cement finish structure with a
Scandinavian ambiance. We modeled the interior of the
place based on the products that we are selling,” shares
Clarissa Tan, Home Cartel’s Managing Partner.
Aside from decorative lighting, Home Cartel also
offers small furniture items and barn door hardware.
Our personal fave is the Astrid Wide Nordic pendant
light. They are minimal, elegant, and look-at-me-but-notattention seeking pieces.
Visit Home Cartel at #673 Banawe cor. Malaya St. Quezon City, Metro Manila
or go to Follow @homecartelph on Instagram
co n d o
li v i n G
How to create a productive space in your unit
Produced by Patricia Herbolario
Photographed by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100
“Work, work, work, work, work,” is the Rihanna lyric that describes our lives. Houses have the luxury of space to have a home
office or a study. While we condo dwellers don’t, we do at least have the cafes below our units and co-working spaces around
the area. However, you gotta admit that we sometimes scrimp on the moolah for that out-of-town trip next month or for
that next big buy. So you end up working at home on either the dining table or on your cozy bed with your laptop in tow; five
minutes later you’re binge-streaming some documentary about wine or snoozing off into a power “nap” that will last longer
than it should. Here are some ways to create a productivity station in your unit.
1. High spaces
4. Do some doodling
If you live in a studio unit and have no separate room for a
study, invest in a tall chair and a high table. The elevation
makes the illusion that the space is separate from the rest of
your unit, allowing you to avoid the tempting calls of that
new series you’re hooked onto.
Remember when you would doodle in the middle of class and the
teacher would scold you for doing so? Turns out, doodling is actually
good for you. Studies have showed that aside from destressing you,
doodling can help you focus, remember things, and boost your
creativity. So keep a jar or a pot of colorful pens by your side.
2. Book bound
5. Pots and plans
Keep your favorite books in hand just in case you hit a mental
block or an “I’m-not-good-enough” moment. Put some
reading materials or coffeebooks to inspire you on a slow
week. Some books from Elizabeth Gilbert, Austin Kleon, and
some issues of Monocle should do the trick.
Studies show that having plants in work spaces make people 15%
more productive and contribute to lessening stress. Also, there’s this
something called the biophilia hypothesis. Biophilia predicts that
humans are naturally inclined to connect with nature, in a concrete
jungle with some sprinkling of greenery here and there, a little desk
plant could help a lot. Planter available from
3. Spray away
While the smell of coffee can perk most of us up, a room
spray or diffuser can help energize you to focus on your tasks.
Yes, there are studies that prove it. Opt for an energizing
scent like rosemary, citrus, or peppermint to boost up the
productivity. If you’re too tense and stressed, the calming
scent of lavender or bergamot is perfect for you.
6. Recess
Don’t forget to take a mini break too. You are not a robot so take a
breather with a cup of joe or some tea in a pot. Taking a break can
make you look at things more clearly and help you re-evaluate your
goals for the day. A 15-minute powernap will also help re-energize
you, just make sure you don’t hit the snooze button!
Co n d o
li v i n g
1 1
The Richard Arimado painting in the living
room is accompanied by a mixture of
patterns and textures from the pillows,
1 6 co n d o l i v i n g
carpet, and coffee tables. The ceiling’s cove
lighting achieves that dramatic art deco feel
n E i g H B o R S
Art Deco
An elegant and tastefully done unit
Produced by Patricia Herbolario
Photographed by Greg Mayo
co n d o
li v i n g
1 3
n E i g H B o R S
HiddEn coSTS
Be wary of buying furniture
abroad, don’t forget shipping fees
and other payments that come
with transporting a piece. “The
taxes and the cost of the shipping
was more expensive than the
mirror!” Alfonso exclaims about
the Wing mirror.
The Wing mirror by Daniel Libeskind for Fiam Italia hangs in the dining room as a
main piece in the home. Alfonso and Sophia purchased the item from Singapore
Getting a large unit is Makati or BGC is like getting a large unit in
Manhattan, New York. Sure, the living conditions aren’t the same but that
having that swanky address means something. It’s a marker that somewhere
along the lines, you have done something right to make that big purchase.
Getting the unit overlooking the city is one thing, to adorn it with designer
furniture is another.
Alfonso Sy is a businessman with multiple brands under his care, ranging
from a cross fit gym to a modelling agency. With a busy schedule that requires
him to be in the metro, Alfonso has recently moved into a 120+ square meter
unit. He recalls telling himself 10 years ago that he would one day live in this art
deco inspired condominium in Makati. Goal accomplished when he bought the
perfect unit in the said property. He also made the big move due to the small
space he used to live in. “I can live in the 40 square meter unit but I could never
entertain in it and I love to entertain… In my old apartment I can only have three
guests over,” he shares. Aside from a large diving area, one of his non-negotiables
was a two bedroom unit as he often has friends overseas staying over.
Inspired by the unit’s exterior and The Great Gatsby aesthetic, he contacted
friend and interior designer Sophia Calima’s help to convert the space into
an art deco condo. After studying in the Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy,
working in large design firms in Milan, Chicago, Singapore, and with Kenneth
Cobonpue, Sophia is now working solo.
Upon receiving the brief, Sophia presented Alfonso with two options. One
strictly following an art deco theme and another plan just taking cues from
the style. The designer explained to her client that a full art deco theme would
be too heavy in a tight space. Trusting his designer, Alfonso’s unit has subtle
1 4
co n d o
l i v i n g
The powder room’s main feature is a Phillipe
Stark faucet with an ordinary sink. “I always
give clients the expensive option and the
alternative,” shares the designer. Sofia also says
to not to be scared to mix designer pieces with
affordable ones. Matching high and low pieces
keep your budget in check and keeps your
condo from looking like a showroom
n E i g H B o R S
Below: A Prizmic & Brill Kipling Desk as an old world
charm to the guest room. Right: The owner, who
handles several businesses can enjoy resting in his
art-deco inspired bedroom
Break the monotony of a
plain bedroom wall and
experiment with geometric
patterns and material
finishes for a more
dynamic space
The unit is a
luxurious feat for
Sophia to which
Alfonso adds “New
luxury is not about
overt grandness but
about well-made,
well-designed pieces.”
remnants of the design style’s geometric shapes and
metallic details. While custom flooring pattern and
some custom wooden furniture both by Sophia
add a warm and inviting feel to the unit. Some
pieces from Richard Arimando and Legaspi add a
Filipino flair to the unit. Alfonso admits that this
is only a fraction of his collection, Sophia curated
the pieces that would work in the space. The unit is
a luxurious feat for Sophia to which Alfonso adds
“New luxury is not about overt grandness but about
well-made, well-designed pieces.”
It was a constant collaboration between the
designer and the client. The result is a simple yet
grand and functional unit. While one can notice the
style first, Sophia points out that functionality was
her main focus on all her projects. “Design should
help you. It affects your day to day life,” she shares.
For Alfonso, the unit is far from over. “Interior
design is a constant process. You’re never quite
done, you move pieces around and you acquire new
artworks, you take down some, and so on,” the
happy client adds. With his dream address in the
bag and a well-designed unit accomplished with
the help of Sophia, Alfonso’s new home is a place to
throw grand Gatsby parties for his constants.
co n d o
li v i n g
1 5
Bread Box
Sandwich’s guitarist Diego Castillo proves
you can store collections in a condo
Produced by Patricia Herbolario
1 6
cO N d O
l I v I N G
Photographed by Mark Jacob of Studio 100
Styled by Design by Heima
Rossy shares that when moving
to a condo, one has to be
prepared to let go of some items
due to the small space.
One of Diego’s favorite pieces in the home? A French release poster
of the film In The Mood For Love. He was able to make the purchase
from a seller in Singapore after three years of searching for it.
The Beatles poster is from his
mother, a huge fan of the Fab
Four, who was able to watch the
band’s 1974 show in Manila. “She
was so happy when she saw it
here,” adds Diego whose favorite
Beetle song is ‘Something.’
There is a thin line between collecting and hoarding. While both
entitles acquiring new items, the latter means collecting excessive number of
items others may find worthless. As condo dwellers, we often think that we do
not have the luxury of collecting pieces due to our limited living space. Diego
Castillo with Design by Heima manages to break this common notion. Diego is
the guitarist for the band Sandwich, radio DJ, movie director, proud co-owner of
burger joint Sweet Ecstasy, and a happy condo dweller with a one bedroom unit.
One can easily call him a student of life with all his stories and experiences.
In his unit, one will be welcomed by a series of books, guitars, toys, records,
and other interesting finds. What makes Diego a collector and not a hoarder is
his ability to tell you in detail about each piece, from how he got it, why he got
it, who he got it with, to what it means to him. “These are little things, whether
people realize it or not, added things that are important even if the look like
they’re toys, they’re actually more special than that,” Diego shares.
With this much stuff, one would wonder why he opted for a condo instead
of a home. The guitarist shares that at the peak of their band’s fame he wanted
to buy something he can truly call his own. “The time will come na malalaos ka
eh but if you have a roof on your head you’re okay. Better to pay association dues
than renting for nothing,” he points out. Diego shares that getting the home
was the greatest coup of all time since he got the unit at such a low price. After
securing the unit, he called on Design by Heima to do their magic.
cO N d O
lI v I N G
Diego’s oven is away from
the main kitchen because
he thought he didn’t need
one during the design
conceptualization. Try your
best to think a head to get
the perfect space.
Diego’s favorite spot in the unit is where the
records are. Design by Heima provided him
with a custom vinyl rack knowing that he
was an avid collector. Among his collection
is a signed Kendrick Lamar vinyl, we. are.
jealous. Top right: A small but well-loved
space is the kitchen where Diego cooks
interesting meals for his guests.
1 8
cO N d O
l I v I N G
Very much unlike what you would expect from the pastel and perky
signature style of the brand, Design by Heima gave Diego an industrial
and very lofty type of space based on their interview and brainstorming
with the client. IDr. Rossy Yabut Rojales shares that they knew very
well that the pops of color and character in the unit would come in
form Diego’s collectibles. “We check every client’s existing items when
designing especially in consideration with the space,” Rossy shares.
The team cites that there wasn’t really a big problem during the
design process and construction except convincing Diego to let go
of some items. “I couldn’t bear throwing all the stuff I had… But I
really have to thank Rossy for that,” shares Diego who threw out eight
trashbags of things he no longer needed. “Sacrifice!” laughs Rossy.
Upon turning the unit over, the design firm left the unit
“unfinished” in a sense. “It’s important for us that when we turn over
a space, there has to be space for the client to personalize. We don’t
really style it because the client has to add something to the space,”
Rossy adds, knowing that Diego would eventually make more purchases
in the future. “As a designer, when you’re designing a space you are
responsible for shaping what’s going to happen in the future, you have
to analyze what else they would need in the future. The space should be
able to adapt to his lifestyle,” adds the interior designer.
Below: Design by Heima initially installed a
guitar rack so Diego can display his collection
but the client soon realized that he needed
a dining table. “The rack is nice but only for
people who are avid guitar fans, this one is
something I really need when I have people
over,” Diego adds. The blackboard wall is
also a favorite among Diego’s guests who
doodle and leave notes Below right: “Much
needed rest,” shares Diego on his bedroom.
As a guy who is a muscian, radio DJ, director,
businessman, and more, we bet he cherishes
sleep. Design by Heima also added a walk-in
closet for their client
“It’s important for us
that when we turn
over a space, there
has to be space for the
client to personalize
it. We don’t really style
it because the client
has to add something
to the space”
If you don’t want to puncture
your walls, attaching ledges is
one great way to display your
cool items
cO N d O
l I v I N G
1 9
to chill
Look razor sharp with Spectre Manila
Written by Patrick Kasingsing and Patricia Herbolario
Photographed by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100
Tucked inside a quiet corner of Greenhills, San Juan, and housed in
a converted ancestral home, Spectre Manila is a hidden lair worthy
for a James Bond wannabe. Entering its doors, one is greeted with an array of
gentlemen accessories, from leather wallets, tie clips and key chains for the keys to
your Aston. The suave interiors make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time; wood
textures are king from the warm wood flooring and the shelving displays.
“Spectre is a place where you can hang out, get your suit done get your accessories
and gear, talk business, have a deep conversation,” shares Hans Fernandez, a
Managing Partner at Spectre. As for the moniker, the store is named to Suits’ main
character Harvey Spectre, the embodiment of what their brand believes in. Hans
shares that he alongside the other partners wanted to treat the modern Filipino
gentleman to a one-stop shop of all things dapper.
For those jet-setting to some far away location, Spectre also has an array of leather
goods from bags to luggages make having ‘extra baggage’ a good thing. Taming that
manly mane and stache gets a whole lot easier with the expansive range of hair care,
shaves and grooming products available on hand, from creams to pomade. To top it
off, get your trim in the store’s barbershop whose specialized menu of cuts and trims
ensure that you get your dapper do, paired with the liquor of your choice.
Visit Spectre at 2nd floor, 916 Luna Mencias Street, Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City.
Follow Spectre on Facebook and Instagram @spectremnl
1 Items in the shop are sourced from London and other major cities abroad 2 Whisky?
Scotch? Shaken or stirred? Get your fix from the shops’ mini bar. Drinks are complementary with
the haircut! 3 Every dashing debonair needs threads to match and Spectre Manila doesn’t
dissapoint. A wide selection of dress shirts and coats made and altered by Tiño Suits are available
for custom fitting and alteration 4 A little off the top? Spectre has different packages for your
facial grooming and hair care needs
2 0
co n d o
l i v i n g
Start your day right
Awaken your tastebuds
with a plateful of goodness
Breakfast, Lunch, Merienda and Midnight Snacks
Available exclusively at National Bookstore and Powerbooks
M U n c H i E S
Inside Baguio’s bespoke and steampunk speakeasy
Produced by Patricia Herbolario
Photographed by Mark Jacob of Studio 100
From outside, the speakeasy disguises itself
behind a wall and a door of wooden pallets.
Inside, the interiors an edgy and grungy steam punk look with some
1920s records playing in the background to take you back in time
There will always be some attractions will be a part of your agenda
to Baguio, the strawberry fields, Camp John Hay, and a stroll along
Session Road will always be on there. Luckily, one can now add more items
to the list as the city is massively growing into a chiller (literally and figuratively)
mini Manila. Like say drop by a speakeasy with a rat trap as a doorbell.
“The Speakeasy is basically an offshoot of Bagui ----o Craft Brewery,”
explains Chris Ordas, owner and founder of Baguio Craft Brewery. Chris has
always wanted to put up his own speakeasy, when was traveling when he came
across this speakeasy in a burnt building in Prague and was convinced that it
was time to start his own.
Initially BCB’s grain storage, the space was transformed into a steampunk
industrial bar, complete with pipes and fidgeting meters. With Chris’ initially
starting off as a mechanical engineer whose passion for brewing beer in the
backyard in Canada took him to where he is today, he wanted the industrial vibe
of the speakeasy to be an homage to his mechanical roots. In true speakeasy
spirit, only a limited few who know the password are allowed in.
The Speakeasy puts the same premium BCB places on their beer to the cocktails
and other beverages they serve. The Speakeasy commits itself to serving upscale whiskey
selections, fine wines, and bonafide cocktails for sophisticated cold nights in Baguio.
Visit Speakeasy by BCB at RKC Building,
KM 4 Marcos Highway, Bakakeng
Central, Baguio City. Get the passsword
from speakeasy.baguiocraftbrewery.
com. Like Speakeasy by BCB on
Facebook or follow @speakeasybybcb
on Instagram
Cf aL
1 The Antipasto Platter (P750) is
perfect for when you and your friends
just want to have a chill night out
2 The speakeasy has a wide selection
of cocktails ranging from Rosemayr
Tropicale to Tarragon Surprise, prices
range from P200-220
co n d o
l i v i n g
Yum Chow
Five-star Chinese restaurant Empress Jade
Written by Janina H. Bautista
Photographed by Emman Peregrin and Leah De Leon
Chinese food is not just about noodles,
dumplings, or fortune cookies. What sets Chinese
cuisine apart is the ingredients and its cooking
influences derived from several regions of China.
Inside the five-star I’M Hotel is Chinese restaurant
Empress Jade, it has a grand take on Chinese and
Singaporean cuisine. Empress Jade signifies a
sophisticated lady akin to a sovereign female. The
jade part in the moniker is derived from the green
ornamental stone considered as an imperial gem from
early Chinese dynasties.
The color green is seen in the restaurant’s interiors
from its walls, flooring, down to the sofas, chairs,
and dining tables. Empress Jade is operated by Ming
Kee Group and is open for hotel guests and walk-ins.
“We’re sophisticated when it comes to our service and
we only put out high-quality food. We have authentic
Chinese chefs that work in house that prepare our
special Chinese dishes,” shares restaurant manager
Riyadh Pucan.
Visit Empress Jade at I’M Hotel located at 7862 Makati Avenue,
Makati City. Like Empress Jade on Facebook for more updates
Cf aL
1 Enjoy the Crispy Prawn Cake (P500)
with tens of crispy friend prawns seasoned
with minced shrimps and bread crumbs
2 The fresh crab meat in Crab Beehon
(P2000) goes well with the flavor of bihon
added with variations of vegetables and
Consists of steamed white chicken, the
Hainanese Chicken (P940) is best paired
with Empress Jade’s special soy sauce, grated
ginger in sesame oil, and garlic-chili dip
3 Classic Sweet and Sour Pork (P720) is
coated in crispy batter poured with sweetsour pineapple and tomato sauce. Pair it
with Stir Fried Hokkien Noodles (P600)
infused with an aromatic prawn broth.
Co N d o
l I v I N g
2 3
Leh-Leh Land
Thai comfort food in Pampanga
Written by Janina H. Bautista
Photographed by Greg Mayo
Begin your course with the Papaya
Salad (P150). This peppery and sour
starter is mixed with crispy greens and
carrots topped with red hot chili pepper
and peanuts
Filling up a plate with spicy food may sound cringy to some but it is
definitely thrilling for fans of sriracha, wasabi and siling labuyo. In
Pampanga is an avant-garde Thai restaurant called Leh-Leh, it’s ready to satiate
your peppery cravings with their flavorful and authentic Thai dishes.
Ran by the country’s renowned Chef Sau Del Rosario, Leh-Leh is an outtake
of his trips abroad. He puts out original dishes inspired by his travels. “I travel a
lot. That’s why I always to people that let me take it to my travel, because I believe
stories are best served on a platter”, shares Chef Sau.
Leh-Leh is tucked inside Café Fleur, an ancestral house built in 1898 Chef
Sau managed to rehabilitate and turn into a restaurant. While Café Fleur is an
avant-garde restaurant where diners could enjoy special Kapampangan dishes,
Thai cuisine’s powerful and spicy flavors reign supreme in Leh-Leh. Leh-Leh in
Kapampangan means “tabi” or beside, as it is right next to Cafe Fleur. During
rainy or cold seasons, diners can enjoy barbecues and grilled dishes served
directly through the window pane from the patio outside.
Visit Leh-Leh at L-463B Miranda Street, Barangay Sto. Rosario, Angeles City, Pampanga.
Like Cafe Fleur by Chef Sau on Facebook or follow on Instagram
1 With cucumber and carrot salad
on the side, the Chicken Pandan
(P175) is a tender take on chicken
pops wrapped in pandan leaves
Cf aL
2 For a carbo load, the infamous
Pad Thai (P325) gets a Filipino twist
as Chef Sau incorporates it with
shrimps and chopped liempo
3 Pandan Sans Rival (P125) is
a dessert that would slowly melt
in your mouth. The right amount
of sweetness plays with the crisp
and crunchiness of sans rival. It’s
something our team would definitely
go back to Pampanga for
2 4
Co N d o
l I v I N g
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