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Book Review Adsorption. Introduction to Physisorption and Chemisorption. By G. Wedler

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an open self-reproducing system consisting of numerous consecutive and interconnected chemical reactions catalyzed by organic molecules present in the cell.
Logically, the book begins with the various classes of biological
molecules and their physicochemical behaviors, the principles
of separation and analysis procedures being discussed wherever
relevant. The author then moves on to an analysis of enzyme
reactions, their arrangement into reaction chains and metabolic
cycles, and the regulatory mechanisms within the cellular environment. He next deals with the flow of substances and particles through the channels of this machinery and with the question of how chemical energy becomes free and available in the
form of ATP, enabling the occurrence of the energy-consuming
reactions and physiological work of the cells, like movement,
replication, and differentiation, with their complexity and high
degree of organization. In this way the reader never sees the
substances in isolation but alway as parts of a complete interacting system. The picture is admirably completed with a consideration of the origin and evolution of life.
The above patterns of thought and the extensive knowledge
and teaching experience of the author combine to make this
book unusually stimulating. The style is often rather stilted and
apodictic but this does not detract from the work’s excellent
coverage of the topic and its didactic and esthetic qualities: figures, schemes, and underlinings break up the subject matter,
clarifying it and making it easy to remember; the clear print
and good layout make it a dependable and practical textbook.
Apart from the nowadays obligatory references (what student
has ever used them?), each chapter contains a short summary
of the subject matter, problems, and exercises. These are sometimes rather difficult, particularly since they are often not very
clearly formulated. The appendix with the solutions, however,
makes it possible to work them backwards. The interlinking
of the chapters by cross references often leaves something to
be desired, and a few cases of didactic license are superfluous.
However, these are mere trifles compared with the overall im-
pression of a thoroughly successful piece of work. It is a book
which, both from the point of view of composition and layout,
one would have liked to have had in one’s own student days,
or to have written oneself. All universities where students of
medicine and biology receive a thorough training ought to have
copies in their libraries.
L. Jaenicke [NB 925 IE]
Adsorption. Introduction to Physisorption and Chemisorption.
By G. Wedler. Volume 9 of “Chemische Taschenbiicher”,
edited by W. Foerst and H. Griinewald. Verlag Chemie,
Weinheim/Bergstr. 1970. 1st Edit., vii, 224pp., 75 figures,
9 tables, paperback, DM 24.-.
This book, which is described as an introduction to adsorption,
is intended less to give a theoretical and systematic survey of
this field than to provide an experimentally oriented description
of phenomena that occur during adsorption of gases on solid
surfaces. Arranged according to methods of investigation, the
book describes the effects occurring both in the adsorbent and
in the adsorbate during adsorption and their measurement.
Well-chosen examples of applications of these measurement
techniques are used to show what information can be obtained
from such investigations, and numerous references are given.
Since the majority of the methods discussed are “modern” techniques of surface investigation, this work constitutes a valuable
addition to the existing textbooks dealing with this subject.
However, there is no mention of methods like Auger spectroscopy and ellipsometry, and one wonders whether the author
should not have striven for completeness of the experimental
methods discussed to comply with the aim of the series “Chemische Taschenbiicher”, namely to supplement and enlarge
upon the material contained in the basic textbooks.
K. H. Beckmann [NB 927 IE]
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