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Book Review Allgemeine und spezielle Pharmakologie und Toxicologie. (General and Specialized Pharmacology and Toxicology). Edited by W. Forth D. Henschler and W

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single entry (p. 507), concerning the catalytic hydrogenation
of aromatic nitro compounds containing “alk-1 -en-I -yl substituents”. It would be wise if the indexes of future volumes
were constructed in a manner more adapted t o their primary
In view of its comprehensive content and clear presentation
this volume can be considered as an important reference work
for problems of synthesis; for organic-chemical libraries it
may be regarded as essential.
Giinter Kresze [NB 294 IE]
Allgemeine und spezielle Pharmakologie und Toxicologic,
(General and Specialized Pharmacology and Toxicology).
Edited by W Forth, D. Henschler. and W Rurnr?ie/.Wissenschaftsverlag, Bibliographisches Institut, MannheimVienna-Zurich, 1975. 606 pp., numerous figures and tables.
bound. DM 78.
In this book 25 authors set themselves the task of describing
the material content of pharmacology and toxicology in relation to one another. Based on the subject list of the approbation
law, the first part is devoted to general pharmacology and
describes the interaction between drugs and living organisms.
These principles make it easier to understand the appreciably
larger second part concerned with the specialized pharmacology of organs and the possibilities available for treating them
with drugs. Further chapters deal with the use of X-ray contrast
media, the chemotherapy of infectious diseases, and the formation and treatment of tumors. An extensive section on poisons
provides the conclusion.
The intention of this arrangement was t o present in
connected form material that is divided during studies between
different departments. All the textual material concerned with
pharmacotherapy is picked out in red. In this way the beginner
who does not yet understand the principles merely has to
turn the pages, while the more knowledgeable reader has
in front of him all that belongs together. The large number
of illustrations, usually in two colors, makes the text very
easy to interpret, while numerous formulas in modern formulation and excellently drawn provide an easy overall view of
the subject.
The reviewer, who is not a medical man, finds the underlying
idea very good indeed. The pharmacological aspects are described with didactic skill and are easy for the general scientist
t o understand. Unfortunately, the information content of the
individual chapters is very varied, as can be shown by comparing the section on endocrine pharmacology with the neighboring section on vitamins: in the former there are clear schematic
illustrations of the mechanisms of action and regulation, and
clear and detailed formulas for the biogenesis and metabolism
of hormones; in contrast, for vitamins only brief indications
are given in the text.
Apart from the section on vitamins, the sections on antimycotin, antiprotozoal drugs, and anthelmintics are underdeveloped from the point of view of the pharmaceutical chemist,
as they are treated in a total of barely three pages and, after
all, hundreds of millions of people suffer continuously from
malaria, bilharzia, or hookworm.
Thus, although the scheme of the book is so illuminating,
it could be greatly improved by thorough revision, which
should not only root out the numerous printing errors and
many wrong formulas but also remove factual errors; for
example, phenazone is very readily soluble in water, chloral
hydrate is not a chlorinated alcohol, tubocurarine is monoquaternary, colchicine is not the same as demecolcine, and if
carboxylesterases really hydrolyze amides such as phenacetin
or salicylamide this should be explained in more detail for
the benefit of the uninitiated.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl.
Vol. 15 (1976) No. 2
Thus, the Forth-Henschler-Rummel book in its present form
is an attractively produced and impressive source of information; after thorough revision it would become a first-class
textbook that would probably be in great demand.
Felix Zyrnalkowski [NB 296 IE]
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Regisrered names, rrademarks, erc. used in this journol, even wirhour specific indicarion :hereof, are nor 10 be considered unprorecred by law.
0 Verlag Chemie. GmhH, D-6940Weinheim. 1976. Printed in Germany by Zechnersche Bnchdruckerei. Speyer/Rhein.
All rights reserved (including those of translation into foreign languages). No part of this issue may be reproduced in any form - hy photoprint, microfilm, or any other means - nor transmitted or translated into a machine language without written permission from the publishers. Only single copies of contributions, or parts thereof, may be reproduced for personal use. Copies
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Editorial office: Borhstrasse 12, D-6940 Wemheim, Germany, Telephone 14036.Telex 4655 16 vchwh d
Editor: H. Criinewald. Translation Editors: A . J . Rackstraw and A . Srimson
Publishers: Verlag Chemie, GmbH. (Managing Directors Jiirgen Kreuzhage and Hans Schemer) Pappelallee 3. D-6940 Weinheim, Germany
and Academic Press Inc. (President Charles Hurr). I 1 1 Fifth Avenue, New York 3, N.Y., USA, and 24’28 Oval Road. London NWI. England
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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 1 Vol. 15 (1976) No. 2
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