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Book Review Analytische Anwendungen von Ionenaustauschern (Analytical Applications of Ion Exchangers). By J. Inczdy

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go too far back into the literature in most cases or to devote
too detailed a treatment -- as in the chapter on free-radical
reactions - to analogies to processes with homocycles.
However, references should be given to earlier review articles, e . g . 1,3-oxazines are dealt with in Vol. 6 of “Elderfield”, even if only on 17 pages.
The organization of the book, the presentation of formulae
and illustrations, and the numeration of compounds are
clear and intelligible and help to find data rapidly. The volume
is earnestly recommended to all working on the chemistry of
J . Goerdder
[NB 301/160 LEI
Advances in Organometallic Chemistry. Vol. I . Edited by
F. G. A . Stone and R. West. Academic Press, New YorkLondon 1964. 1st Edit., X I i 334 pp., 10 Figs., 44 tables,
linen E 4.4.0 (about S 11.75).
The exponential rise in the number of publications appearing
in the field of organometallic chemistry makes it indispensible
to have progress reports for both those with an active and
those with only a casual interest in the subject. F. G. A . Stone
and R. West are to be commended for having decided to
initiate and edit a series on “Advances in Organometallic
Chemistry”; the first volume has now appeared and further
volumes will be issued annually.
The topics discussed in this first volume are highly variegated,
in keeping with the nature of organometallic chemistry. The
titles of the individual contributions are: “Diene Iron
Carbonyl Complexes and Related Species” (43 pp., 134
references) [R. Pettit and G. F. Enrerson]; “Reactions of
Organotin Hydrides with Organic Compounds” (38 pp.,
84 refs.) [H. G. Kuivila] ; “Organic Substituted Cyclosilanes”
(47 pp., 107 refs.) [ H . Gifmnn and G . L. Schwebke]; “Fluorocarbon Derivatives of Metals” (73 pp., 156 refs.) [P.M . Treiclzel and F. G. A . Stone]; “Conjugate Addition of Grignard
Reagents to Aromatic Systems” (16 pp., 59 refs.) [R. C . Fuson]; and “lnfrared and Raman Spectral Studies of TF
Complexes formed between Metals and C,H, Rings” (75pp.,
1.56 refs.).
The reviews are fluently written and are almost generally
critically descriptive. Frequently unpublished results from the
authors’ own work have been mentioned. The book is
essentially free from printing and factual errors. Overlapping
or repetitions in the text are rare, e.g. o n pp. 27-28 and
pp. 195-198, and are not disturbing. All in all, the editors
have thus succeeded in creating a forum for the discussion of
organometallic chemistry which will most certainly enjoy
wide resonance.
C. N. Scl7rouzer
[NB 302/161 I E ]
Analytische Anwendungen von Ionenaustauschern (Analytical
Applications of Ion Exchangers). By J . Incze‘dy. Published
by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest 1964.
1st edit., 36.5 pp., 84 figs., 30 tables, linen D M 33.60 (about
The title of this book indicates that discussion is restricted to
the analytical applications of ion exchangers, but from its preface and tablc of contents the reader can see that the limits of
the treatment are much more extensive. However, his expectations are then only partially fulfilled. The main emphasis in
the book is placed upon the analysis of mixtures of inorganic
ions (about 170 pp.), whereas “organic analysis” receives
much less attention in about 40 pages. Thus, for example, the
promising title “Separation of amino acids, peptides, and protein substances” heads merely a description of the separation
of mixtures of amino acids; there is n o reference to the many
separations of peptides which have been carried out for some
years, nor is there any mention of the analysis of protein mixtures. Correspondingly, there is also hardly any mention of ion
exchangers constructed o n a polysaccharide basis in other sections. On the other hand, there are chapters on the properties
of synthetic resin-exchangers (16 pp.), the theory of ion exchange (27 pp.), and the use of ion-exchange columns in
theory and practice (34 pp.) which go well into theoretical
fundamentals but maintain due regard to practical aspects,
e.g. procedures for testing synthetic resin exchangers ( I 3 pp.).
The text is frequently elaborated by lucid illustrations and
well-packed tables; for example, one table is 21 pages long
and summarizes information o n the chromatographic separation of inorganic ions. The number of literature references is
also correspondingly high (1200), and the layout of the book
is excellent; for this reason and also because of its content of
practical procedures which have frequently been checked by
the author, the book can be earnestly recommended to analysts in inorganic laboratories. Apart from minor spelling
errors - “y” causes the author particular difficulty - the
German is q u i t e good.
H. Defcrmrrnn [NB 286/144 IE]
The Chemistry of Cationic Polymerization. Edited by P . H .
Pfesch. Pergamon Press, Oxford-London-New York-Paris
728 pp., numerous illustrs. and
1963. 1st Edit., XV
tables, linen E 10.0.0 (about S 27.75).
By adopting the reaction mechanism approach as a didactic
principle, the editor of the present volume manages to
correlate the cationically induced polymerizations of a number of rather different monomers. He is ably assisted in this
extensive and difficult task by numerous colleagues from
Anglo-American research teams, not only from universities
and colleges, but also from the chemical industry. The
specialized sections which are of recognizable individuality
are aptly coordinated by introductory chapters on carboniuni
ions, on organic reactions related to cationic polymerization,
and on comparisons between free-radical, cationic, and
anionic polymerization mechanisms. These articles are extremely welcome, for they greatly facilitate comprehension
of the frequently complex course of cationic polymerization
The specialized sections deal with all monomers which
undergo cationic polymerization: aliphatic and aromatic
mono-olefins (isobutylene and styrene in separate articles),
conjugated and non-conjugated dioiefins, vinyl ethers, cyclic
ethers, aldehydes, ketones, and ketenes, vinyl thioethers and
cyclic thioethers, and cyclic imines. The book i s well rounded
off by concluding chapters o n copolymerization, cationic
reactions of polymers, cationic graft polymerization, cationic
polymerizations induced by radiation, and experimental
The treatment given to the various topics is in correspondence
with the title of the book, so that the chemistry and theoretical
fundamentals of the subject are placed in the forefront. It is
the editor’s aim to produce a work that will be of interest
primarily to pure scientists, and accordingly, the industrial
importance, technology, and properties of the polymers are
only touched upon. Also the literature reviewed (over 1500
references) is restricted to purely scientific publications. This
volume will assuredly fill a gap i n the literature o n polymer
chemistry, for it is full of topics for discussion.
H . Brstinv
[NB 307/166 I € ]
Selected Values of Thermodynamic Properties of Metals and
Alloys. By R , Hultgren, R. L. Orr, P. D . Anderson, and
K . K . Kelfey. John Wiley & Sons, New York-London 1963.
1st Edit., X l + 963 pp., numerous illustrs. and tables,
linen E 4.14.0 (about 96 13.00).
Knowledge of the thermodynamic properties of constructional materials is essential for numerous tasks encountered
during the installation of nuclear reactors, and hence several
books containing tables of data from this field have recently
appeared, especially ones giving values of such properties at
extreme temperatures. The tables in the present volume give
the heat capacity C,, the entropy, enthalpy, and free energy
for 63 metallic elements both for low temperatures and for
high temperatures up to the boiling points in the condensed
phase (solid and liquid) and up to several thousand degrees
Kelvin in the gaseous phase. In addition, very extensive data
on the vapor pressures are frequently given. Introductory
remarks about each element describe the experimental methAngew. Chem. internut. Edit.
Vol. 4 (1965) No. 5
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