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Book Review Angewandte Elektrochemie. Grundlagen der elektrolytischen Produktionsverfahren. (Applied Electrochemistry. Principles of Electrolytic Production Processes.) By A. Schmidt

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Ullmanns Encyklopadie der technischen Chemie. Edited by
E. BartholomP, E. Biekert, H . Hellmann, H . Ley (dec.), and
W M . Weigert. Volume 1 1: Erdol und Erdgas bis Formazanfarbstoffe. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1976. 4th edit., xvi,
718 pp., 307 figs., 212 tables, half-linen, subscription price
DM 345.--; final price DM 385.-.
This volume continues the alphabetical series of volumes
in the new edition of Ullmann[’I. A large part of the volume
(219 pp.) is taken up by the major heading Fibers [Fasern,
with entries on Structure, General Production methods, Individual Synthetic (Organic, Inorganic) Fibers, Testing and Analysis, and including a highly instructive tabular comparison
of fiber properties. Another special commercial form of
polymers is described under Films [Folien] (14 pp.). Under
Synthetic Dyes [Synthetische Farbstoffe] (10 pp.) the reader
finds useful reviews of the classification of dyes and the various
steps generally used in dye manufacture, with data on production quantities and values together with export and import
figures for various countries. A further general entry covers
the Investigation of Dyes, including color measurement and
calculation of formulations (48 pp.). The individual dye classes
are treated under their own keywords, e.g. in this volume
under Natural Dyes [Naturliche Farbstoffe] (36 pp.) and Formazan Dyes [Formazanfarbstoffe] (8 pp.). Entries on petroleum formation, exploration, occurrence and production (40
pp.) supplement those on Natural Gas [Erdgas] and Petroleum
[Erdol] which were dealt with largely in the preceding volume.
Mention must also be made of Natural Fats and Oils [Naturliche Fette und Ole] (70 pp.), Fatty Acids [Fettsauren] (24
pp.), Aliphatic Alcohols [Fettalkohole] (19 pp.), Aliphatic
Amines [Fettamine] (6 pp.), Acetic Acid and Vinegar [Essigsaure und Essig] (34 pp.), Formaldehyde [Formaldehyd] (16
pp.), Formamide [Formamid] (8 pp.), Fluorine and Inorganic
Fluorine Compounds [Fluor und anorganische Fluorverbindungen] (44pp.), and Organic Fluorine Compounds [Organische Fluorverbindungen] (26 pp.). Entries covering applied
fields occur also in this volume, e. g . Ferroelectrics [Ferroelektrika] (1 1 pp.), Flameproofing [Feuerfeste Erzeugnisse] (17
pp.), Fire Extinguishers [Feuerloschmittel] (9 pp.), and Liquid
Crystals [Flussigkristalle] (15 pp.).
About the present volume we need only say that its quality
matches that of the previous volumes in every respect. Thus,
the extensive sections, like the 200 plus pages devoted to
Fibers, are so concentrated as to be complete monographs
standing up to comparison with separate specialist works.
This over-all impression is not diminished by occasional unevenness (e.g. a somewhat more detailed description of the
methods of preparation of organic fluorine compounds would
be welcome, though it is realized that the size of the whole
work and thus also of the individual sections is necessarily
limited). As regards this last point, some space could have
been saved ifthevapor-liquid equilibria (e.g.for acetic acid/acetic
anhydride) had been presented as tables rather than as diagrams, and thus even more informatively.
As far as new developments are concerned one of the most
outstanding sections in this volume is that on Liquid Crystals,
where the majority of the references are to publications from
1970onward. Clearly, this volume can only enhance Ullmann’s
reputation, not only as a valuable source of information for
practically-oriented scientists working in the chemical and
allied industries but also as an excellent work of reference
[*] Cf. Angew. Chern. Int. Ed. Engl. 16, 62 (1977).
providing the chemist with reviews of important new developments. The work is a must for all chemical libraries.
Ulfert Qnken [NB 362 IE]
Die Giftliste (List of Poisons). By L. Roth. Verlag Moderne
Industrie, Munich 1976. 1st edit., 347 pp., ring-bound, DM
The author, already known from his “SicherheitsfibelChemie” (Chemical Safety Primer), has now completed the laborious task of collecting information about the nearly 7000
substances that are poisonous, corrosive, irritant, or otherwise
dangerous to health, insofar as they are contained in the
German or Swiss Poisons Lists, the EEC guidelines for the
labeling of dangerous materials, or the German MAK list.
Tables occupying 291 pages contain the details of labeling
directions taken from the above-named regulations and guidelines. Particularly valuable is the inclusion of data from the
Swiss Poisons List, as these are little known in Germany.
Further indications of the special dangers in handling these
materials or destroying them are collected under specially
worked out codes. However, the “Immission Classes” listed
for several substances in column 1 could lead to misunderstandings, because this refers to the classes in the Technical
Guide for Cleanliness of the Air of 28.8. 1974 for limiting
emissions from industrial plants, controlled by 5 4 of the Federal
Immission Protection Law (previously9 16 of the Trade Order).
The introductory text gives not only explanations for the
tables but also a literal transcription of the law on poisons
and plant protection agents of the Land Baden-Wurttemberg,
the law on dangerous working materials of 8.9.75, and a
list ofoccupational diseases.There is also a table of radioactive
nuclides. The section on first aid in cases of poisoning and
the provision of the addresses of Poison Information Centers
in the German Federal Republic and in other European countries will be found to be particularly valuable.
E. Quellmalz [NB 369 IE]
Angewandte Elektrochemie. Grundlagen der elektrolytischen
Produktionsverfahren. (Applied Electrochemistry. Principles of Electrolytic Production Processes.) By A. Schmidt.
Verlag Chemie, Weinheim-New York 1976. 1st edit., xv,
322 pp., 135 figs., 72 tables, bound, DM 98.-.
The most recent comprehensive standard work on electrochemistry in the German language appeared in 1933, edited
by Engelmann in collaboration with numerous electrochemists.
After many years’ activity in industry, Alfved Schmidt has
now undertaken the task of writing a book on “Applied Electrochemistry” in line with the current state of knowledge
and providing both the student and the specialist with a
comprehensive review of the whole field in clear and modem
form. In doing so the author supplements technical details
with a treatment of economic aspects.
Section 1 presents the fundamental concepts and principles
of electrochemical processes. After an introduction into the
structure of matter and the problems of current conduction
and distribution, electrode processes are treated in detail.
Brief but clear definitions of the concepts customary in modem
electrochemistry will be useful to students and above all to
the practical worker.
In Section 2, dealing with the principles of industrial electrolytic processes, the apparatus and materials used in industry
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engi. 16 (1977) No. 3
are described, e. g. electrolysis cells, electrodes, electrolytes,
cell connections, and power distribution. The latest knowledge
about bipolar cells, coated titanium anodes, and the importance of regular current distribution is presented. Description
of the generation of direct current is followed by a discussion
of the economic principles involved: here the important questions of current yield, specific power consumption, and optimization of electrolysis plant are treated with reference to the
increasing shortage of raw materials and increasing energy
Presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of electrochemical processes, not given previously, enables these processes to be compared critically with other methods of industrial production. Ecological problems and the environment
are also not forgotten.
In the section on industrial production processes considerable space is devoted to the electrolysis of water and to the
preparation of chlorine and chlorine-oxygen compounds. The
industrially less important products, peroxo compounds, permanganate, manganese dioxide, chromic acid, and fluorine
are treated more briefly.
The production of metals by electrolysis of aqueous solutions and by fusion electrolysis is described in detail. A section
on organic electrochemistry has been added, the importance
of this field being expected to increase in the future.
Carefully chosen references at the end of each chapter,
together with a collection of important bibliographies, facilitate ready reference to specific problems. Numerous surveys
and tables in the appendix make this volume an important
handbook not only for electrochemists but also for all who are
concerned with electrochemical processes, and thus especially
for engineers in many sectors of industry.
Karl Hass [NB 359 IE]
Lehrprogramm Statistik. Mit Beispielen und Ausgaben aus
den Naturwissenschaften (Teaching Program Statistics.
With Examples and Problems from the Natural Sciences).
(Pocketbook 46) By W Schmidt. Verlag Chemiephysik Verlag, Weinheim 1976. 1st edit., vii, 137 pp., 51 figs., 1 table,
paperback. D M 18.80.
This book arose from the material accompanying the practical course for physics students in their fourth semester.
The aim of the first three chapters is to provide sufficient
grounding for further study of user-oriented specialist works
on statistics. Starting from the basic principles of probability
calculus, the author describes normal, binomial and Poisson
distributions, treating in the third chapter simple statistical
processes for the evaluation of experiments, e. 9 . formation
of the mean or calculation of the standard deviation. The
fourth chapter concerns some applications in the field of
natural sciences.
For physics students conversant with the theory of, sets
and its symbolism the book provides a valuable extension
of the practical work and the lectures. The interaction between
the material learnt on the one hand and the questions, exercises,
and problems on the other is very successful, the latter closing
each teaching section; the reader can thus run a continuous
check on his progress. The whole is supported by illustrations
which in many cases make the point clear without any need
to study the text. Since in spite of its extensions the book
retains its character as an auxiliary aid to a lecture course,
it is not especially suited for independent study without subsidiary material explaining the most commonly used symbols,
abbreviations, and signs (no table of these is included). Furthermore, there are no literature references.
Karl Hans Simmrock [NB 364 IE]
Angew. Chem. I n t . Ed. Enyl. 16 (1977) N o . 3
Ullmanns Encyklopadieder technischen Chemie, Band 12: Fungizide bis Holzwerkstoffe. Edited by E. Bartholomi, E. Eiekert, H . Hellmann, H . Ley (dec.), and W M . Weigert (dec.).
Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1976. 4th revised and expanded
edition. xv, 727 pp., bound, DM 430.-.-ISBN
DMS Raman/IR Atlas organischer Verbindungen, 3. Lieferung.
Edited for the Institut fur Spektrochemie und Angewandte
Spektroskopie, Dortmund, by B. Schrader and W Meier.
Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1977. Loose-leaf collection DM
Handbuch der Textilhilfsmittel. Edited by A . Chwala (dec.)
and I.: Anger in collaboration with Ch. Chwalu. Verlag
Chemie, Weinheim 1977. xxiv, 1374 pp., bound, DM 440.-.
--ISBN 3-527-25367-X
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. By B. Welz. Verlag Chemie,
Weinheim 1976. xii, 267 pp., bound, DM 68.-.-ISBN
Coordination and Catalysis. By G. Henrici-Olive‘ and S. Olivi.
Vol. 9 of “Monographs in Modern Chemistry”. Edited by
H . F . Ebel. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1977. xii, 310 pp.,
bound, DM 98.-.-ISBN
Praktische Nomographie. By C. Bliefert, G. Dehms, and G .
Morawietz. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1977. x, 204 pp.,
paperback, DM 42.--.-ISBN
Vom Wasser, Band 47, 1976. Lectures presented at the 1976
Anniversary Conference of the Fachgruppe Wasserchemie
at Kiel. Issued by the Fachgruppe Wasserchemie in the
Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker. Responsible for text : W
Husmann. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1976. viii, 484 pp.,
bound. DM 144.--.-ISBN
Molekiil-Reaktionen und Photochemie. By C. H . DePuy and
0. L. Chapman. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1977. ix, 165
pp., paperback, DM 33.-.--ISBN
Riickstandsanalytik von Manzenschutzmitteln. Mitteilung VI
der Senatskommission fur Pflanzenschutz-, Pflanzenbehandlungs- und Vorratsschutzmittel. Methodensammlung der
Arbeitsgruppe “Analytik”. 4. Lieferung 1976. Verlag Chemie,
Weinheim 1977. Loose-leaf collection DM 87.--.-ISBN
Modern Three-Hadron Physics. Edited by A . W Thomas. Vol.
2 of the series “Topics in Current Physics”. Founded by
H . K . V Lotsch. Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1977. xi, 250 pp.,
bound, DM 69.-.--ISBN
Glass Structure by Spectroscopy. By J . Wong and C. A. Angell.
Marcel Dekker, New York 1976. xv, 864 pp., bound, SFrs.
145.00-ISBN 0-8247-64684
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