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Book Review Atom-Absorptions-Spektroskopie (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy). By Bernhard Welz

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is regrettable that apart from the section on biopolymers,
the dielectric phenomena of high polymers are not discussed.
The book also lacks descriptions of measurements in the
microwave and far IR regions. It is to be hoped that these
topics will be included in subsequent volumes of this series.
Werner Zeil [NB 204 IE]
Biosynthesis, Vol. I. Specialist Periodical Reports. The Chemical Society, London 1972. 1st Edit., 149 pp., bound E 6.50.
The present first volume in a series on the biosynthesis of
cell constituents is mainly concerned with methodological
studies and results for natural products from plants. The
literature discussed is mainly from the years 1970 and 1971,
though earlier studies are also included where these are
required to clarify relationships and basic principles.
The general principles are presented by S. A . Brown in the
opening chapter on labeling procedures in living plants and
in isolated tissue systems. with mutants and with specific
antimetabolites. This chapter also deals with the recent development of differential NMR spectroscopy for following the
fate of structural components, which can take the place of
isotope studies in favorable cases. The book then continues
with the discussion of fields in which particularly fruitful
and penetrating developments and results have been achieved
in recent years: the biosynthesis of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes from acetyl coenzyme A ( J . R. Hunson), the conversion of isopentenyl pyrophosphate into triterpenes, steroids,
and carotenoids ( H . H. Rres and 7: W Goodwin), and the
biogenesis of phenolic compounds from shikimic acid or from
acetate units ( J . B. Hurhornr). One still often has t o resort
to general feeding experiments here to determine the reaction
sequence; in the case of the flavonoids, however, it has been
possible to establish the individual enzymatic steps, particularly through the work of Grisebach, and it is to be expected
that the next volume will be able to report similar progress
from other synthetic chains of plant materials. The book ends
with a mainly tabular summary of the biogenesis of alkaloids
( E . Lrrte), a complete account of which is to be given in
another series.
The detailed studies on the stereochemical course of the condensations, rearrangements, and oxidoreductions in the polyprene syntheses are conceptionally and experimentally outstanding. The individual chapters are excellently written, and
not only give the essential lines of current research but also
show the directions that are now becoming important. The
careful selection and discussion of the literature makes the
volume a strongly commendable guide to these publications
on plant physiology, which are often widely scattered and
not readily accessible. Those who are working in the field
will find this helpful in their own work, and it will also
prove a n excellent aid to anyone seeking a general survey.
These volumes thus really fulfill their intended purpose, and
will be welcomed by everyone concerned with the biochemistry
of the natural products of plants.
L. Jarnicke [NB 205 IE]
Atom-Absorptions-Spektroskopie (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy). By Brrnhard Welz. Verlag Chemie GmbH, Weinheim/Bergstr. 1972. 1st Edit., x, 216 pp., 52 figs., 46 tables,
cloth D M 58.--.
Atomic absorption spectroscopy is one of the methods of
instrumental analysis whose widespread use is not confined
to chemical laboratories. Atomic absorption spectrometers
are nowadays to be found in many biological, mineralogical,
and clinical laboratories. This spectroscopic method is also
one of the standard methods of analysis in the protection
A n g m . Churn. infernut. Edil J Val. 13 (1974)
1 No. 7
of the environment. W-hen an instrumental method of analysis
is used in such a wide variety of fields, one often finds that
it is not always used to its full advantage, mainly because
of the user’s training. A particularly welcome feature of the
present book, therefore, is that it has been written in such
a way that it will also be understandable to biologists, mineralogists, geologists, and clinical chemists.
The book deals with the physical principles of the method
without going into special physical and mathematical details,
as well as with the component parts of the instrument (light
sources, optics, electronics, etc.) and the determination of the
various elements (in alphabetical order).
A separate chapter is devoted to specific applications in medicine, biochemistry, toxicology, food chemistry, geochemistry,
petrochemistry, rtc. Literature references for further information are given here in tables arranged according to elements
for the particular type of test sample in question ( r . g . serum,
urine, fertilizer, rtc.). The book also contains a short chapter
on flame emission spectroscopy and atomic fluorescence spectroscopy, a very comprehensive bibliography (859 references),
and an appendix listing the commercially available atomic
absorption spectrometers (with tables of technical details).
The book, which may be described a s an excellent synthesis
of introduction and reference work, will be useful to anyone
who is concerned with atomic absorption spectroscopy.
Egon Fuhr [NB 207 IE]
Wechselwirkung von x-Elektronensystemen mit Metallhalogeniden. By H.-H. Perkampus. From the series “Molekulverbindungen und Koordinationsverbindungen in Einzeldarstellungen”. Edited by G. Brirgieh, F . Cramrr, and H . Hartmum. Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1973. xi, 215 pp., bound DM
Contents. Einleitung und Abgrenzung; Donatoren und Acceptoren; Proton-Additions-Komplexe; rc-Komplexe; o-Komplexe.
Free-Radical Chemistry. Structure and Mechanism. By D. C.
Nonhehel and J . C. Wulton. Cambridge University Press
1974. xv, 571 pp., bound E 15.00.
Contents: Production of Free Radicals; Detection; Shapes;
Stabilities; Reactions in the Gas Phase; Reactions of Atoms;
Alkyl Radicals; Heteroradicals; Oxidations and Reductions;
Aromatic Substitution; Fragmentations; Rearrangements;
Cycli~itions;Displacement Reactions.
An Introduction to Solid State Physics and its Applications.
By R. J . Elliott and A . F. Gibson. Macmillan, London
1974. xxi, 490 pp., bound E 5.95.
Contents: Crystal Structure; Excitations; ‘Lattice Vibrations;
Electrons in Bands; Imperfections in Crystals; Optical Properties of Solids; Optical and Microwave Properties of Free
Carriers; Transport; Semiconductor Junction Devices;
Biosynthesis, Vol. 2. Senior Reporter: 7: A. Geissman. The
Chemical Society, London 1973. ix, 308 pp., bound E 8.W.A volume in the series “Specialist Periodical Reports”.
Handbuch der photometrischen Analyse organischer Verbindungen, Bd. 1 und 2. By B. Kakd?and 2. J . Vejd&k. Verlag
Chemie GmbH, Weinheim 1974. Together viii, 1309 pp.
bound DM 320.-.
Faraday Discussionsof the Chemical Society, No. 2: Solid/Solid
Interfaces. Issued by the Chemical Society, London, The
Faraday Division 1972. 228 pp., stitched E 5.00.
Diatomic Interaction Potential Theory. Vol. 1 : Fundamentals.
By J . Goodisnitm. From the series “Physical Chemistry”.
Academic Press, New York 1973. xiii, 299 pp.. bound S
Conrrnts: Potential Curves; Potential Energy Curves;
Methods of Calculation.
Structure and Bonding, Vol. 16: Alkali Metal Complexes with
Organic Ligands. Edited by J . D. Dunitz rt al. Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1973. 189 pp., stitched DM 56.-.
Contents: Organic Complexing Agents; Complexes with Alkali
Metal Ions; Complexing Agents in Membranes; Thermodynamics of Cation-Macrocyclic Compound Interaction.
Structure and Bonding, Vol. 15: Coordinative Interactions.
Edited by J. D. Diinitz ef a / . Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1973.
189 pp., stitched DM 56.--.
Contc.nts: Ronald Nyholm; Metal Complexes of OlefinGroup; V Ligands; Structural Radii, Electron-cloud Radii,
Ionic Radii and Solvation; Donor-Acceptor Interactions;
Redox Properties; Stepwise Formation of Metal-Ion Complexes in Aqueous Solution.
Rontgensfrukturanalyse organischer Verbindungen. Eine Einfiihrung. By G. Hahermrhl, S. Giittlicher, and E. Klingbeil.
Vol. 12 of the series “Anleitungen fur die chemische Laboratoriumspraxis”. Edited by F . L. Boschke. Springer-Verlag,
Berlin 1973. xii, 268 pp., bound DM 76.
Contents: KristallographIsche Grundlagen; Beugung von
Rontgenstrahlen; Aufnahnieverfahren; Fourier-Reihen ;Absolutbestimmung der Strukturamplituden; Symmetriezentrumtest; Wilson Statistik; Phasenbestimmung der Strukturamplituden; Verfeinerung der Lage- und Schwingungsparameter.
Techniques of Combined Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry: Applications in Organic Analysis. By M! H .
McFuddrn. John Wiley & Sons, New York 1973. 463 pp.,
bound .f 9.50
Contents: Components of a Mass Spectrometer; Fundamentals of Gas Chromatography; Vacuum Technology; GCMS
Interface: Operational Techniques; Computer in GCMS;
Interfinish 1972. Berichtsband des 8. Interfinish Kongresses,
Basel, September 1972. Edited by N . Ibl, K . Oesterlr, J .
P. Renuud, and A . L. Sahoz. Forster-Verlag, Zurich 1973.
460 pp., Sfr. go.--.
The Interpretation of Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectra. A
Programmed Introduction. By E. R. H t r ~ v s R.
, R. Nil/, and
D. J . Mowrhorpe. Heyden & Son, London 1973. xii, 180
pp., stitched DM 20.50.
Contents. Principles; Chemical Shift and Integration; SpinSpin Coupling; Complex Spectra; Temperature Dependent
Spectra; Geminal Non-Equivalence; Problems.
Solvent Effects on Chemical Phenomena, Vol. 1. By E. S.
Aniis and J . F. Hinron. Academic Press, New York 1973.
x, 474 pp., bound $ 32.50.
Contivzts. 1ntroduction:General ConceptsofSo,ation; Solvation of Ions; Mixed Aqueous Solvent Systems; Solvent
Influences on Rates and Mechanisms.
Das Arbeifen mit ionenselektiven Elektroden. By K . Curnntnrzrz.
Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1973. From the series “Anleitungen
fur die chemische Ldboratoriumspraxis”. Edited by F. L.
Boschkr. xii, 226 pp., bound DM 56.Contents: Potentiometrie; ElektrodcnpotentialIi~essurig;
Ionenselektive Elektroden; MeBtechnik; Analysentechniken;
Pyridazines. Edited by R. N . Costle. From the series “The
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds”. Edited by A . Weissheryer and E. C. Taylor. John Wiley & Sons, New York
1973. ix, 905 pp., bound E 40.00.
Contents: Physical Properties ; Pyridazinones, Alkoxy- and
Aryloxypyridazines ; Halopyridazines ; Aldehydes, Ketones,
Alcohols, Carbocylic Acids ; Aminopyridazines ; Nitropyridazines and Reduction Products (except Aniines); NOxides; Sulfur Compounds.
Mass Spectrometry of Pesticides and Pollutants. By S. Saje
and 0. Htitzinyer. CRC Press, Cleveland/USA 1973. 220
pp.. bound $ 32.50.
Contrnts . Introduction to Mass Spectrometry; Halogenated
Pollutants; Polycyclic Hydrocarbons; Phthalates; Chlorinated
Compounds, Carbamates: Ureas; Aniiides ; ChIoroaniIines;
Triazines; Uracils; Organometallic Compounds; Organophosphorus Pesticides.
Modern Electrochemistry, Vol. 1. An Introduction to an
Interdisciplinary Area. By J . O’M. Bockris and A . K . N .
Red&. A Plenum/Rosetta Edition, Plenum Publishing Corporation, New York 1973. ix, 622 pp., stitched $ 10.29.
Contents: Ion-Solvent Interactions; Ion-Ion Interactions; Ion
Transport in Solutions; Protons in Solution; Ionic Liquids.
Modern Electrochemistry, Vol. 2. An Introductbn to an
Interdisciplinary Area. By J. O’M. Bockris and A . K . N.
Reddj. A Plenum/Rosetta Edition, Plenum Publishing Corporation, New York 1973. 1432 pp., stitched !S 10.29.
Contents: The Electrified Interface; Electrodics ; Electrodic
Reactions ; Electrochemical Systems of Technological Interest.
Regirtered names. trademorks, etc. used in thi.s journol. ePen w i t h o ~ specfzc
indcation thereof,are not to he considered unprotected by law.
0 Verlag Chemie. GmbH. D-694 Weinhem 1974 Printed In Germany by Zechnersche Buchdruckeim. \peyer Rhetn
All rights reserved (including those of translation into foreign languages). No part of this issue may be reproduced in any form - b y photoprint, microfilm, or any other means - nor transmitted or translated into a machine language without written permlsslon from the publishers.
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Editor: H . G i r r n ~ ~ d .rTranslation
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Publishers: Verlag Chernie. GmbH (Managing Direcrors fioqen K , m A u q c and H m i Sdwrmcif Pappelallee 3 D-6940 Weinherm. Germany. and Academic Press Inc (President CharlPs H U I I ) .
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/ Vol. ( 3 ( 1 9 7 4 ) / No. 7
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