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Book Review Bindung Struktur und Reaktionsmechanismen in der organischen Chemie (Bonding Structure and Reaction Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry).

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The classification of individual substances as carcinogens,
mutagens, and/or teratogens appears somewhat questionable.
N o indication is given of the criteria for this classification in the
form of tables, though there are copious literature references.
However. a clear definition of such criteria is just what the
chemist needs ; for example, reference should have been
made to the ambiguity of mutagenicity tests in microorganisms. Formaldehyde is thus classified as a carcinogen,
which will hardly be subscribed to by an expert in chemical
carcinogenesis. The cytostatic Endoxan, on the other hand,
though undoubtedly carcinogenic, appears only as a mutagen
and teratogen. Nor does it seem consistent to exclude from
this volume the important class of carcinogenic polycyclic
hydrocarbons of the 3,4-benzpyrene type; these were left for
Volume 2.
Despite these minor defects the publication of this book should
be welcomed, since it makes the chemist familiar with toxic
pollutants and gives the biologist and the doctor an introduction to and directions for the determination of these substances.
It i s therefore hoped that the work will find widespread distribution.
Separation and Purification Methods, Vol. 2. Edited by E.
S. PKfTy, C. J . can Oss, and E. Grushka. Marcel Dekker,
New York 1974. xi, 466 pp., bound, 8 22.50.
Rudolf Preussrnnnn [NB 2231
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Bindung, Struktur und Reaktionsmechanismen in der
organischen Chemie (Bonding, Structure and Reaction
SprinMechanisms in Organic Chemistry). By I L Ernest.
ger-Verlag, Vienna-New York 1972. 1st edit., x, 389 pp.,
6 figures, bound D M 98.-.
This work represents an attempt at summarizing the evergrowing field of physical organic chemistry. As a result
of its limited size some of the aspects are discussed in insufficient detail, but each chapter gives numerous refetences to
original papers, review articles, and monographs.
The book contains a brief introduction to the fundamental
concepts of molecular orbital theory, of the types of bonds
and stereochemistry, as well as a discussion of the charackristics and classification of organic reactions. Current methods
of investigation are cited. The core of the book consists of
the treatment of polar, radical, and orbital symmetry-controlled reactions: particularly the first two are discussed critically and in great detail. Recent views on reaction mechanisms,
K. $1. on Sh2 reactions, are also included. The chapter on multicenter reactions was deliberately kept brief by the author,
since several monographs have recently appeared on this subject.
The reviewer considers this to be a clear and didactically
well-written work. Only a few errors or obscurities have crept
in, as e.g. in the discussion on the resonance forms of
( , i s and rtans-butadiene (p. 22). Its study is specially recommended to undergraduates. In view of its high price, an inexpensive paperback edition would be welcome.
M . ?: Rerr.z [NB 226 IE]
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