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Book Review Biochemie der Pflanzen (Biochemistry of Plants). By H. Kindl and G. Wber

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of corrosion-resistant construction. The inclusion of the East
European literature, particularly Russian-elsewhere so difficult to find-is noteworthy. The book contains the following
as main chapters:
1. Introduction; 2. The Atmosphere as a Corrosive Environment; 3. Mechanisms and Kinetics of Atmospheric Corrosion;
4. Uneven and Structural Phenomena of Corrosion; 5. Fundamentals of Protection against Atmospheric Corrosion; 6. Fundamentals of Methods for Studying the Effects of Atmospheric
Corrosion; 7. Synopsis of Industrial and Economic Considerations concerning Protection against Atmospheric Corrosion.
The monograph can be fully recommended to all engaged
in practice, techniques of application, or research.
Ewald Heitz
[NB 278 IE]
Bonded Stationary Phases in Chromatography. By E. Grushka.
Ann Arbor Science h b l . , Inc., Ann Arbor, Mich./USA 1974.
1st Edit., IX, 237 pp., numerous figs., bound, E 9.20.
E / i Grushka, Professor of Chemistry at the State University
of New York, Buffalo, has collaborated with other authors
from Universities and Industry in a book that reviews a rather
narrowly limited but very topical sector of chromatography,
The authors are undoubtedly highly proficient in their field,
and out of their own experience have provided useful facts
on the use, choice, and comparative value of bonded stationary
phases. The ten chapters are devoted to the following topics:
Chemically Bonded Packings ( M . Lynn and A . M . Filbert) ;
Modification of Silicagels ( W. A . Aue and S. Kapila) ; Chemically Bonded Stationary Phases for Reserved-Phase Partition Chromatography (R. C. Williams) I. Permanently Bonded
Stationary Phases in Gas and Liquid Chromatography ( J . N .
Little, D. F. Horgan Jr., R . L. Cotter, and R. V. Vivilecchia) ;
Pellicular Ion Exchangers (C. Hormth) ; Support Materials
for Immobilized Enzymes and Affinity Chromatography (G.
P. Royer and W. E. Meyers) I_ Polyamide Chromatography
f F . M . Rabel) ; Bonded Phases on Small Porous Particles
( R . E. Majors); Use of Novel Silanes for the Solid-Phase
Peptide Synthesis and the Preparation of Polar Chemically
Bonded Phases for Liquid Chromatography lW. Purr and
N . Novotny) ; Chromatography on Silylated Surfaces ( M .
The chapters differ in size, presentation, and value to the
user. The reviewer would like to commend the two bonded
phases by Majors and Nouotny because of their general presentation and provision of information, as also Horuath’s comprehensive and systematic article on pellicular ion-exchangers.
The chapters on polyamide chromatography and affinity
chromatography are somewhat outside the theme laid down,
but offer interesting stimulation.
Although all the chapters are assigned to the special theme
of‘Bonded Stationary Phasesin Chromatography’ the authors’
individuality has made it difficult to maintain clear systematics;
for example, in the discussion of carrier materials the user
expects a clear differentiation between porous layer beads
and porous supports and between chemically bonded and
physically treated surfaces without being muddled by use of
the various commercial names.
Unfortunately, the index also does not make for clarity.
The reviewer would have liked a book that did more than
offer a series of papers with similar themes and was not
restricted to American authors and literature. Close study
of the individual chapters will provide the chemist and the
biochemist with a valuable stimulus toward modern chromatographic methods of separation.
Friedhelm Eisenbeiss
[NB 280 IE]
Biochemie der Pflanzen (Biochemistry of Plants). By H. Kindl
and G. Wober. Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidel berg-New
York 1975. 1st Edit., IX, 364 pp., 271 figs., bound, DM
“General biochemistry” covers the profound differences
between the different kingdoms of organisms with generalizations that are not always reliable and often misleading. Bound
by their roots to the soil and robbed by their organization
of any possibility of freedom from the shackles by which
their metabolism ties them to the surrounding world, plants
have developed a number of biochemical peculiarities which
in a general consideration may retreat into the background
as exceptions although they are every bit as impressive in
extent as in biochemical ingenuity.
A biochemistry of plants is thus a book that one picks
up with special curiosity. In view of the prescribed space
and the objective of complementing plant physiology with
plant biochemistry for students of biology, one must naturally
accept limitations, but the selection of the material shows
skill of presentation and treatment. The resulting balance
is that, in spite of its long history, biochemistry of plants
cannot describe and interpret much out of its own knowledge
and independently of the much more thoroughly studied biochemistry of bacteria and animals. Thus it is that the first
100 or so pages of this book have no specific application
to plants but describe the elementary processes and central
dogmas so to speak second-hand. Starting from generally
recognized principles, it is indeed unlikely that plants should
follow different rules; yet one may be glad to learn that
this is indeed so, and to have it demonstrated by examples
from their biochemistry. In later sections several plant specialities come into view, e. g. the glyoxylate cycle, cr-oxidation
of fatty acids, mobilization of fats and proteins in germinating
seeds, formation of special sugars and cyclitols, of acetogenins
and isoprenoids, of phenylpropane derivatives, flavones, and
alkaloids, and especially of course of chlorophyll; finally, there
is photosynthesis, photophosphorylation. and CO, fixation.
All this is bedded in a very useful and clear presentation
of-even so !-a “general biochemistry”, which makes this
work a good textbook for the above subject, with but a
slight botanical accent (an amiable one, of course). Didactic
help is provided by important summarizing prologs to chapters
and by the graphic emphasis of important stages and relations.
Additional chapters on stereochemical problems in biochemistry and on inhibitors complete the book, which can certainly
be recommended to science students and to chemists who
chose biochemistry as their main subject. No striking errors
came to light.
Lothar Jaenicke [NB 283 IE]
Analytical Chemistry of Platinum Metals. By S. I. Ginzburg,
N . A. Ezerskaya, I. I.: Prokof’eva, N . 1/: Fedorenko, 1/: I.
Shlenskaya, and N . K . Bel‘skii. From the series “Analytical
Chemistry of the Elements”. Edited by A . P. Vinogradou.
John Wiley & Sons, New York/Israel Program for Scientific
Translations, Jerusalem 1975. XII, 673 pp., bound, f 24.50.
Topics in Current Chemistry-Fortschritte der chemischen
Forschung. Edited by F . L. Boschke. Vol. 57: Cyclic Compounds. By 7: Eicker, J . L. Weher, M. I/: Sargent, and 7:
M . C r q . Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1975. IV, 143 pp., bound,
DM 59.-
Models for Flow Systems and Chemical Reactors. By C. Y
Wen and L. 7: Fun. Vol. 3 of the series “Chemical Processing
and Engineering”. Edited by L. F . illbright, R. N . Maddox,
and J . J . McKetta. Marcel Dekker, New York 1975. IX,
570 pp., bound, J 29.75.
Miissbauer Spectroscopy. Edited by U . Gonser. Vol. 5 of the
series“Topics in Applied Physics”. Founded by K . I/: Lotsch.
Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1975.XII, 241 pp., bound, DM 70.--.
Analyse der Metalle. Rand 3: Probenahme. Issued by the
Chemistry Committee of the GDMB-Gesellschaft Deutscher Metallhiitten- und Bergleute e. V. Springer-Verlag,
Berlin/’Verlag Stahleisen, Dusseldorf 1975. 2nd revised edition. XII, 535 pp., bound, DM 162.-.
Organoborane Chemistry. By 7%. Onak. From the series
“Organometallic Chemistry”. Edited by P. M . Muitlis, F.
G. A . Storw, and R. West. Academic Press, New York 1975.
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Catalysis in Micellar and Macromolecular Systems. By J . H .
Fendler and E. J . Fendler. Academic Press, New York 1975.
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Structure and Bonding, Vol. 23: Biochemistry. Edited by J.-D.
Dunitz rt (I/. Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1975. IV, 193 pp., bound,
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Technik”. Vieweg, Braunschweig 1975. 289 pp., stitched,
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and P. S. Wilcox. Academic Press, London 1975. XIII, 436
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Edible Starches and Starch-DerivedSyrups. By N . B. Petersen.
Food Technology Review No. 24. Noyes Data Corporation,
Park Ridge 1975. XII, 427 pp., bound, $ 36.00.
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Chemical Society, London 1975. VIII, 581 pp., bound,
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volume of the series “Specialist Periodical
Photochemistry, Vol. 6. Senior Reporter: D. B r j c i 4 m i t h . The
Chemical Society, London 1975. XXIII, 796 pp., bound,
f 27.50.-A volume of the series “Specialist Periodical
Chemical Information Systems. By J . E. Ash and E. Hyde.
Ellis Horwood, Chichester/John Wiley & Sons, New York
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Gmelins Handbuch der Anorganischen Chemie. Supplementary
Vol. 20: Transuranepransuranium Elements, Part D. 1.
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and W Parzefall. From the series “reprotext”. Verlag Chemie
GmbH, Weinheim 1975. 190 pp., stitched, DM 38.00.
Registered names, trademarks, erc. used in this journal, even without specific indication :hereof, are not
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OrganophosphorusStereochemistry, Part I: Origins and P(II1)
and P(IV) Compounds. Edited by W E. McEwen and K .
D.Berlin. From the series “Benchmark Papers in Organic
Chemistry”. Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, Stroudsburg
1975. xviii, 387 pp., bound, 8 30.00.
Biochemistry and Chemistry of Plant Growth Regulators. Proceedings of the International Symposium held in Cottbus,
September 24-26, 1974. Edited by K . Schreiber, H . R.
Schutte, and G. Sembdner. Institute of Plant Biochemistry,
Academy of Sciences of the German Democratic Republic
1975. VIII, 432 pp., stitched, DM 40.-.
be considered unprorected by law
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