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Book Review Classical Thermodynamics of Non-Electrolyte Solutions. By H. C. van Ness

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search of more detailed information in this direction should
turn instead to the same author’s “Neutron Diffraction”
(2nd Edition, 1963, Oxford); the two books overlap to some
extent. The newer book is shorter, but i t could easily have
been made shorter still, simply by cutting down the size of
many of the eighty-two figures and condensing their somewhat lengthy and repetitive legends.
J. D. Dunitz [NB 251/109 IE]
Classical Thermodynamics of Non-Electrolyte Solutions. By
H . C. van Ness. Pergamon Press, Oxford-London-New
York-Paris 1964. 1st Edit., VIII 166 pp., 38 figs., 2 tables,
linen, E2.0.0 (about S 5.50).
On the basis of the fundamental equations of thermodynamics, a discussion is given of the thermodynamic properties
of liquids, the alterations of these properties o n mixing, and
the partial molar quantities. Systems of equations are developed which can be used to calculate thermodynamic dsta
from measured quantities in order to apply the former to the
solution of practical problems.
As an exampleof the broad scopeof applicationof the systems
of equations, vapor-liquid equilibria are dealt with, in
accordance with their impsrtance for distillation, but
without going into the t h e x y of distillation. The author
restricts his discussion to simple systems at low pressures.
After studying the monograph, the reader should be in a
position to acquaint himseli“ easily with the the:modynamics
of multicomponent systems.
The presentation of the subject matter is terse and abstrrtct,
and the equations derived are only rarely illustrated in the
text or in graphic presentations by practical examples. I n
consequence, the book will probably not be easy to read for
the practical experimenter. However, anyone who enjoys
grappling with the formal and logical skeleton of therrnodynamics will be amply rewarded for perusal of this book.
U . Sdrindewolf
[NB 305/164 IE]
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