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Book Review Der Abstaz in der Chemischen Industrie. (Marketing in the Chemical Industry). By H. Kbel and J. Schulze

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graduates. For such readers it is not important that stoichiometry is not taken into account (e.g. in A-l3/Part 1).
and gives a detailed description of the normal distribution
channels in chemistry.
The presentation of the exercises is lacking in variety,
particularly in Part 2. In the answers to Parts 1 and 2, I
occasionally missed any consideration of unstable intermediates (e.g. in A-242/Part 1).
The central point of the whole study is formed by the two
sections on the problems and methods of chemical market
research, analysis, and forecasting. Particular attention is
devoted to the topic of market research for production
goods, which so far has received little attention in the
literature. The section on forecasting also deals with
problems of anticipating trends of technological development.
Sometimes the question bypasses the problem, and the
answer appears irrelevant (e.g. the answer to question
F-206/Part 2, which is very good but not at all what its
readers will be expecting).
Despite the deficiencies mentioned, this collection of exercises in organic chemistry is recommended.
Siegfried N a m g
[NB 5 IE]
Der Absatz in der Chemischen Industrie. (Marketing in the
Chemical Industry). By H . Kiibel and J . Schulze. Springer Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 1970, 1st
edit., 732 pp., 259 figures, 156 tables, bound, DM 128.--.
The chemical industry is now showing an increasing
tendency to do what other industries have been doing for
some time : to align all entrepreneurial activities toward
the marketing side. With growing competition resulting
from increasing maturity in this industry, the sales prospects have become more and more the bottleneck of commercial success. The development of demand and the
situation of markets thus become the most important
basis for shaping management decisions from research
and development projects to the erection of new plants
and the successful opening of markets.
In this book, Kolbel and Schulze provide for the first time
a comprehensive treatment of marketing in the chemical
industry. The book is divided into eight main sections,
which are based on the practical experience of the authors
and their long years of work in the Industrial Chemistry
Section of the Institute for Technical Chemistry at the
Technische Universitat Berlin. The marketing system in
the chemical industry is presented by means of branch
characterization, classification of products according to
marketing aspects, marketing factors as determinants of
the marketing system, and the development of chemical
marketing. The section on marketing organization and
distribution channels shows the possibilities for incorporating the sales function into the company’s organization
In the main section on product and program formulation
the relationships between research, development, and
marketing are studied, together with problems of coordination, followed by details on the determining factors of
product development, packaging, quality standards, product marking, and patent and licensing policies. The section
on the marketing program formulation is somewhat short,
though it includes the problems and aspects of the development of the range of products. In my opinion it does not
show sufficiently the relation to the method of direct costing-described in the section on pricing policy-as an
instrument for finding the optimal range of goods.
A further section, devoted to application techniques and
market development, presents the organization and methods of application techniques in great detail. Examples are
shown of the use of the network planning technique for the
solution of market development problems. After the section
on chemical advertisement, which deals with the fundamentals, advertising factors, target groups, and advertising
media, there follows the final section on pricing policy.
Emphasis is given here to the determination of prices by
costing and pricing in chemical markets.
The comprehensive treatment of the broad marketing
field does not allow detailed treatment of special problems.
This deficiency is overcome by the extensive lists of lieterature references, mainly of American origin, which have
been evaluated by the authors, and which appear at the
end of each main section. The clear, detailed arrangement,
the large number of illustrative and explanatory examples,
and the very detailed subject index should ensure the
book’s usefulness both for those involved in the fields of
marketing, market research, and advertising, and for
chemists working in research, development, and production.
Meinhard Forster
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