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Book Review Die biologische Zukunft des Menschen (The Biological Future of Mankind).

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Die biologische Zukunft des Menschen (The Biological
Future of Mankind). Umschau-Verlag, Frankfurt 1971.
1st Edit., 131 pp., DM 13.80.
This book with its very imposing title is the German translation of eight articles which appeared a year ago in the
UNESCO journal “Impact of Science on Society”. The
topics are as follows: Sex, drugs, ethics; Modifications to
the reproductive process ; Genetic engineering: can we
change the hereditary material?; Problems and prospects
of organ transplantations; Extension ofactivelife; Knowledge by injection ; Biotechnology : the body as machine ;
Robots, an extension of the human arm.
The contributions are of very variable quality. The only
articles which are really worth reading in the light of the
book’s title are the ones on modifications to the reproductive process, genetic engineering, and organ transplants.
They are clearly written and present the reader with problems that have a solid basis in the present. They may well
be of importance for the biological future of mankind
(although mankind has hardly learned how to master its
biological present); indeed, some of them definitely will be
of importance. The other contributions are, in comparison,
on a considerably lower plane with regard to clarity or
contents. This is a pity, since on all the topics collected here,
and a few others besides, there are important things to be
said, even when we realize (and this is yet another distinguishing mark of the good contributions in this book) that
the word “future” in such compilations is .just a synonym
for “present”. This present requires extremely careful and
imaginative attention, and it requires it in good time. The
true problems of the biological future of mankind lie in the
fact that every new development seems to have the nature
of a boomerang; to our eyes it appears as moving in a
straight line, and we do not notice its return-we tend to
recognize the wood for the trees only when a forest fire is
well on its way.
Helmut Griinewald [NB 40 IE]
In the communication “Synthesis and X-Ray Structure
Analysis of anti-l-Bromotricyclo[]octane-2,6-dione (anti-I-Bromobishomoquinone)” by Jiirg Heller, AndrP
S. Dreiding, Rita Grieb, and Alfred Niggli, Volume 11,
March 1972, the following corrections should be made :
On page 236, right-hand column, lines 17 and 18 “anti-8,8dibromo-l,4,4-trimethyltrichloro[]octane”
read “anti-8,8-dibromo-l,4,4-trimethyltricycl0[]octane”.
On page 236, right-hand column, the formula at the bottom
of the column should not be
On page 238, left-hand column, line 15 “J. Chem. SOC.”
should read “J. Amer. Chem. SOC.”
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Editor: H. Griinewald . Translation Editors: A . J . Rackstraw and A . Siimson
Publishers: Verlag Chemie GmbH. (Managing Directors Jurgen Kreuzhage and Hans Schermer) Pappelallee 3 , 6940 Wemheim/Bergstr.. Germany, and Academic Press Inc.
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Angew. Chem. internat. Edit. Vol. I 1 (1972) No. 6
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