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Book Review Einfhrung in die Optimierung (Introduction to Optimization). By U. Hoffmann and H. Hofmann

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with the redrawing of the structural formulas which are
used to clarify the stereochemical relationships. In many
cases references are also given to literature which will lead
the reader deeper into the subject; the increase in this
literature will have to be taken into consideration in further
editions of this work.
Horst Bohme [NB 20 IE]
Einfiirung in die Optimierung (Introduction to Optimization). By U.Hoflmann and H . Hofmann. Verlag Chemie
GmbH, Weinheim/Bergstr. 1971. 1st Edit., xvi, 260 pp.,
114 figures, 61 tables, paper DM 48.--.
The present book deals with methods for the optimization
of parameters. The well arranged subject matter leads
through linear programming (Dantzig’s simplex method)
and dynamic programming (Bellmann) to the “hill climbing” methods of optimization, to which considerable space
is devoted. Starting with one-dimensional search methods,
all the important search methods for several variables with
and without secondary conditions are discussed. A chapter
on minimizing sums of squares follows.
The book is an explicit textbook. It is up to date and comprehensible, and is intended mainly for those who have no
special mathematical knowledge. The material is backed
up by simple but appropriate examples from the field of
application and by many figures and tables. The student is
practically forced to cooperate. Questions are interspersed
to enable him to check whether he has understood the
material. The flow diagrams of the various methods are
also very useful, since the thought processes are repeated
here. The necessary mathematical principles are presented
in an appendix. This avoids any interference with the intuitive presentation of the problems.
Problems from chemical engineering are discussed at the
end of the book in the chapter on examples of applications.
The aim of the authors was to present an intuitive introduction to optimization for the practical user, and in this they
have succeeded. The book will undoubtedly win many
H . Bakerneier [NB 27 IE]
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Angew. Chem. internat. Edit.
Vol. 11 (1972) No. 4
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