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Book Review Einheitliche Schreibweise in naturwissenschaftlichen Werken [Uniform Spelling in (German) Scientific Writing]. By R. Herrmann

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Morgan makes little use of mathematics; evidently low-temperature polycondensation has so far been studied mainly in
a qualitative way. Presumably future investigations will be
concerned above all with mathematical treatment of these
relatively simple polymerization systems.
The author’s aim to acquaint the reader with both the methods and the products of polycondensation at low temperatures can be considered completely successful. Moreover,
more than 1000 references help to introduce the beginner to
the field and the specialist to orient himself more quickly the more so as the literature is considered up to 1965.
This volume is a valuable enrichment of the literature for all
polymer chemists.
R. Zimmermann
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Einheitliche Schreibweise in naturwissenschaftlichen Werken
[Uniform Spelling in (German) Scientific Writing]. By R.
Herrmann. Neumann Verlag, Radebeul 1965. 2nd Edit.,
148 pp., linen, D M 14.- (about $3.50).
The first edition of this book appeared in 1957. Particularly
its first part “Spelling, Nomenclature, and Technical Terms”)
was a t that time strongly criticized 111. The same criticisms
apply to the second edition. As before, we are presented with
“Ribonucleinsaurenucleotid” ; as before, the formula of Dglyceraldehyde is ascribed to the L-compound and vice versa;
as before, the entries are listed at random in the singular or
the plural. The statement about the revised spelling “Oxid” is
attached to the word “Oxycain” (probably the author himself could not say why) and ingeniously remarks that this
spelling applies only in inorganic chemistry. The principle
o n which the choice of entries is based remains obscure, but
meeting words such as “50-ml-Becherglas”, “Citrone” [sic!],
and “Collapsus” indicates that it must have been a very
amusing principle. Incidentally, is it not remarkable that although one is told to write “Cytochrom”, one must also
write “Zytochromoxydase”?
[ I ] Cf. Angew. Chem. 72, 146 (1960).
The list of criticisms could be extended. But since this would
presumably not prevent the issue of a third edition with the
same defects, a warning will suffice. It is not worthwhile buying this book, even though the publishers describe it as “essential”.
H . Griinewald
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Titrations in Non-Aqueous Solvents. By J. Kuclzarsky and
L. safu8k. Elsevier Publishing Company, AmsterdamLondon-New York 1965. xi 286 pp., 29 figs., 33 tables,
linen DM 39.- (about S 9.50).
This volume is an expanded English edition of the Czech
edition published in 1961. It is written by analysts for
chemists working in analytical laboratories, with the emphasis strongly on acid-base titrations in non-aqueous media.
Redox titrations and titrimetric determinations of equivalent
weights of some classes of compound are treated, but only
to a very modest extent. The authors devote about 40 pages
to an introduction into the theory of acid-base equilibria
and the influence of the solvent. To this theoreticd preface
is added a more practical part dealing with solvents, deteimination of end points, media for titration, acidimetric
standards, techniques of titration, and titration of various
classes of compound. Here, however, more recent theoreticdl
aspects are missing: for instance the discussion of curves
obtained on titration in acetic acid and of the effect of water
on them does not mention the fundamental and generally
recognized papers by Kolthoff and Briickenstein.
A comprehensive chapter (more than 100 pages) on acidbase titrations of 21 classes of compound forms the nucleus
of the book and is particularly valuable in that it contains
procedures that have been tested in the authors’ laboratories.
The literature cited in this and other chapters is complete
up to 1963.
This book will interest mainly the analytical chemist and
will be of value to him in his daily work.
W. Simon
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Angew. Chem. internat. Edit. / Vol. 5 (1966) No. 8
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