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Book Review Electron and Ion Microscopy and Microanalysis. By L. E. Murr

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tor of a-lactamases which has a synergetic effect, e.g. in
combination with ampicillin and cephaloridin.
In the third volume Queener and Neuss discuss the biosynthesis of a-lactam antibiotics ; Elander and Aoki cover
the a-lactam-producing microorganisms, while Sykes and
Bush outline the physiology and biochemistry of a-lactamases and their deactivation, e.g. by clavulanic acid. Waxman and Strominger summarize present knowledge concerning biochemical mechanisms of the biological action
of the a-lactam antibiotics, while Kammer attempts to
cover the overwhelming importance of a-lactam antibiotics
to present-day clinical medicine in only 13 pages. Schockman, Daneo-Moore, McDowell and Wong complete the
third volume with a survey of the relationship between the
inhibition of cell wall synthesis and the lethality towards
Then follows a chapter by Koster, Cimarusti and Sykes,
which evidently belongs to Volume 2, concerning the new
monocyclic monobactams, which are largely resistant to plactamases and are often highly active against gram-negative bacteria.
An appendix lists all a-lactam antibiotics that are currently commercially available.
Finally, exact experimental details are given for the difficult and interesting introduction of the 7-methoxy group
into cephalosporins, the total synthesis of amino-a-lactams, and the cell-free enzymatic conversion of penicillin
N into cephalosporins.
The authors from many industrial organizations and several universities provide a very good survey of the whole
field, the importance of which for the control of infectious
diseases cannot be overestimated. These volumes are also
a treasure chest for the nonspecialist-for everyone who,
for example, is concerned with the total synthesis and
modification of natural products, for the sulfur chemist (cf.
the chapter by Cooper and Koppel on penicillin sulfoxides),
o r for biochemists and microbiologists. The volumes are
carefully printed and bound and largely free from errors.
Unfortunately the quality of reproduction of the numerous
chemical formulas, which seem in part to have been provided by the authors and directly reproduced, is variable.
Taken as a whole the work is to be recommended to all
natural product and sulfur chemists and, of course, all libraries should acquire it.
Helmut Vorbriiggen [NB 607 IE]
Schering AG, Berlin
Electron and Ion Microscopy and Microanalysis. By L. E.
Murr, Marcel Dekker, Basel, 1982. xiv, 793 pp., bound,
SFr. 185.00.
This book is an extension and revision by the author
himself of his book “Electron Optical Applications in Material Science” published in 1970. The present work addresses two groups: First, university lecturers and advanced students who teach or take part in courses on electron and ion microscopy, electron and ion microscopical
applications, or microanalysis. The presentation of all of
the material would take u p at least two semesters. A suggestion for distributing the material among individual lectures and laboratory demonstrations is given at the end of
the book and offers a framework that can, if necessary, be
The second group addressed consists of scientists and
engineers in the various disciplines of materials sciencephysicists, chemists, metallurgists, ceramists-who wish to
characterize materials by electron- and ion-microscopy.
One of the major concerns of the author has been to create
an awareness of the diversity of available investigation
techniques, discussing their advantages and disadvantages,
pointing out differences, and giving reasons for difficulties
of interpretation.
The author describes all the relevant techniques that are
known: conventional transmission electron microscopy at
medium and high voltages, scanning transmission electron
microscopy and scanning transmission ion microscopy, Xray microscopy, emission microscopy using photo and
field electron emission, and field ion microscopy. He compares the suitabilities of one-stage, two-stage and extraction replicas for the representation of surfaces with reflection electron microscopical imaging and the various methods of operating surface scanning electron microscopes or
the information capabilities of electron mirror microscopes. He treats electron diffraction with slow and fast
electrons, as well as channelling and Kikuchi diagrams.
Just as complete is his discussion of microanalysis with
electron, ion or atom probes: the spectroscopy of characteristic X-rays (both wavelength and energy-dispersive),
Auger and photoelectrons, electron energy loss spectrometry and the mass spectrometry of scattered or secondary
The basic theory is treated thoroughly and comprehensively, without becoming either too theoretical or too general; the immediate relevance to practice is always emphasized. Nevertheless, this is not simply a book concerned
with the description of instruments; the methods of operation and the properties of the instruments and their components are described only so far as is necessary for judging their applicability to the solution of a particular problem. The text is supplemented by numerous electron micrographs from many areas of application and by many
carefully thought-out and very clear drawings.
For a complete understanding of the bulk of the book,
the reader should have a mathematical background equivalent to that required in engineering courses, including differential equations and matrix algebra.
At the end of each chapter the reader will find a number
of exercises suitable for testing the level of understanding
he has reached. This is particularly useful for those who
wish to engage in private study. The exercises cover just
those problems which confront the practitioner daily, so
that everyone will enjoy working through them. The author
provides solutions at the end of the book.
Each chapter contains a list of references cited in the
text and, separately, suggestions for supplementary reading (the wide range of material, of course, precludes any
possibility that the list is exhaustive).
An appendix deals with the basic theory of crystallography, which is necessary for the understanding of several
sections and knowledge of which has been assumed. Also
in the appendix there is a compilation of the most usual
methods of sample preparation. The included computer
programs for the analysis of diffraction diagrams and the
tables of material data will be accepted as welcome aids by
the practicing scientist and engineer.
Kathe Miiller [NB 606 IE]
Fritz-Haber-Institut der
D-1000 Berlin 33
Angew. Chem. In!. Ed. Engl. 23 (1984) No. 6
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