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Book Review Elektrochemie (Electrochemistry) II (taschentext [pocket text] 42) by C. H. Hamann and W. Vielstich

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been made, particularly in the case of nuclear fusion. On
the whole, the authors’ aim to demonstrate the many-sided
relationships of HAC with other research sectors is certainly praiseworthy, and has substantially been achieved.
The importance of HAC is made obvious in topics such as
the unimolecular decomposition of highly excited products, the study of the selectivity and reactivity of unsolvated decay ions, processes for rapid labelling with shortlived radionuclides, the chemical consequences of the radioactive decay and the Auger effect in biomolecules as
the starting point for entry into novel areas of selective radiation biology. But all this is touched on only briefly, as if
to give the reader no more than a taste. Few will quite get
their money’s worth (DM 98!), if any, hot atom chemists
themselves. Either the book has come out five years too
late or it is much too superficial.
Gerhard Stocklin
[NB 563 IE]
Elektrochemie (Electrochemistry) I1 (taschentext [pocket
text] 42) by C. H . Hamann and W. Vielstich, Verlag
Chemie, Weinheim 1981. xv, 428 pp., bound, DM
A second volume on the subject of electrochemistry has
now appeared in the “taschentext” series, building on Volume I (ionics, electrochemical thermodynamics) which appeared six years ago[’]. The extensive subjects of electrochemical kinetics and applied electrochemistry are now
dealt with, each of them taking up about as much space as
the whole of the first volume.
At the center of the kinetic treatment of electrode processes is, naturally, the current-voltage curve. The influence
of the types of overvoltage on the course of this curve is
discussed in detail. Not only simple metal electrodes but
also mixed electrodes, semiconductor electrodes, and illuminated semiconductor electrodes are considered.
The chapter on electrochemical measurement techniques
leads to the classical steady-state and nonsteady-state
methods, the authors obviously being concerned to give a
concentrated account of the theoretical foundations. Nonelectrochemical techniques for surface analysis are also
discussed, including such areas of topical interest as field
desorption mass spectroscopy.
Among others, the processes at the hydrogen and oxygen electrodes are discussed as specific examples of electrode processes. The oxygen anode is considered somewhat
too briefly; reference should perhaps have been made to a
possible third mechanism of redox catalysis (decomposition of electrochemically formed oxides).
In the second part of the volume electrochemical syntheses, galvanic cells, and electrochemical surface techniques are discussed in extensive detail and the reader is
acquainted with some modern developments. However, in
the chapter on chlorine-alkali electrolysis one would like
to find a somewhat more detailed account of the technical
prerequisites for the vigorous development that set in 15
years ago with the advent of activated titanium anodes
(Beer) and perfluorinated ion-exchange membranes, acknowledged perhaps in footnotes. The Monsanto process
for the electrosynthesis of adiponitrile has for technical
reasons been carried out in undivided cells since the end of
the sixties, as has now become known through Danly’s
[*] See Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 15 (1976) 447
publications. Unfortunately, there is no mention of Baizer,
the man who initiated this innovation.
In connection with a possible future hydrogen economy
the electrolysis of water and the hydrogen/oxygen fuel cell
are discussed in detail. The possibilities of secondary cells
are outlined. These sections are particularly well arranged.
The authors’ wish to present not only an accurate but
also a clear account of the individual fields can be considered as largely achieved, and the few blemishes present
hardly affect this over-all impression. (Thus, on p. 15-and
then again on p. 39-it is expressly emphasized that the
transfer reaction of electrons can be described as a quantum-mechanical tunnelling process. In spite of this, the
Butler-Volmer equation on pp. 16-21 is derived precisely
on this example with the aid of the Arrhenius equation.)
In spite of the necessary brevity, in most cases the authors succeed in formulating the problems precisely. On
the whole, a readable and reliable account of electrochemistry has thus been achieved, which leads directly to the
present situation in areas that are very much in a state of
flux. The arrangement of the volume, and particularly the
figures, is good. The book can be safely recommended to
anyone who wishes to become acquainted with modern
electrochemistry, and this also applies to the university level, although many students could be put off by the relatively high price.
Fritz Beck [NB 564 IE]
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