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Book Review Forschung mit Rntgenstrahlen. Bilanz eines Jahrhunderts (1895Ц1995). Edited by F. H. W. Heuck and E. Macherauch

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minesweeper). Also, surely it should have
been possible to find a better ' H N M R
spectrum of resorcinol than the badly reproduced version from the Sadtler Catalog!
The book presents, from the standpoint
of a chemist engaged in his own special
field, of the mainly technical and commercial uses of resorcinol. The question that
one must ask is whether it is useful to have
a book devoted arbitrarily to a single
chemical compound. The reader who feels
that it is and decides to buy the book will
find that it gives a very comprehensive
survey of the relevant patent literature.
This is undoubtedly of some value. However, anyone expecting more will be disappointed.
Volker Bohmer
Fachbereich Chemie
der Universitat Mainz (Germany)
Forschung mit Rontgenstrahlen. Bilanz eines Jahrhunderts (1895-1995).
Edited by F: H. W Heuck and E.
Macherauch. Springer, Berlin, 1995.
682 pp., hardcover DM 98.00.ISBN 540-57718-1
The idea of publishing a book to mark
the centenary of the discovery of X-radiation seems at first sight to be a fairly
straightforward undertaking. However,
questions arise when one comes to consider what should be included in such a book,
and what the reader will expect from the
title "Research Using X-Rays"-where
should one begin?--and how are the
boundaries to be defined? X-radiation is
used in such diverse fields as medicine (for
A n g i ~ wCiwm. I R I .0 1 Engl 1996, 35, No. 9
both diagnosis and therapy), the natural
sciences, engineering and technology, art,
and archeology. All these are in fact treated in this book. Obviously such a range
could not be covered by a single author,
and for that reason this substantial 682page volume contains 44 articles by different authors.
The book opens with a brief historical
outline of the discovery of X-radiation
and of the life of Rontgen (which, interestingly, is only taken up to the time when he
made the discovery). The first half of the
book describes radiological diagnostics as
applied to the parts of the body with supporting and movement functions and to
internal organs, followed by articles on
the applications of X-rays in medico-legal
practice, radiotherapy, dosimetry, radiobiology, and veterinary science. It can be
seen from this list that F. H. W. Heuck, the
editor responsible for the medical part of
the book, has been especially concerned to
present a balanced and comprehensive
picture of the research applications of Xrays in this area. From the standpoint of a
layman so far as this field is concerned, I
found these articles very interesting. The
text, written in a way understandable by
the nonspecialist, and the excellent illustrations make this part compelling reading. The articles stimulate one's interest in
the medical applications of X-radiation
and offer the nonspecialist reader an excellent overview of the subject.
The second half of the book is devoted
to the natural sciences and technology. It
begins with a historical account of the development of methods for generating Xrays, and of the fundamental knowledge
that was gained up to about the mid1920s. The various methods for detecting
X-rays are then described, leading up to
the modern C C D (charge-coupled device)
VCH Verlagsge,~ells~l~u~fr
mbH. 0-69451 Weinheim, 1996
camera. Separate chapters deal with applications of X-rays in crystallography,
chemistry, and biochemistry, with appropriate examples. These are followed by articles on X-ray diffraction in mixed crystals, noncrystalline metals, and alloys.
Additional chapters deal with the technologically important topics of texture determination, elastic stress measurements,
and studies of macroscopic structure.
These chapters, which are mainly concerned with investigating the structures of
materials, are followed by others on X-ray
spectroscopy, X-ray microscopy, and
measurements on X-radiation from outer
space. The book concludes with descriptions of the applications of X-radiation in
the fields of art, anthropology, and paleontology.
All the articles are readily understandable, and the text is illustrated by many
diagrams and instructive photographs.
With only a few exceptions, mathematical
formulas have been avoided. It is clear
that all the authors have aimed to present
their subjects in a way that can be understood by readers who are unfamiliar with
the field. Each article also contains a list
of material for more advanced reading.
The layout and standard of production
of the book are excellent. The editors are
to be congratulated on having put together a book which, despite the large number
of authors involved, achieves a consistent
style and quality. Almost every area of
research using X-radiation is covered, and
the book provides a very good survey of
the subject. It can be recommended for
everyone with an interest in the field, and
should be available in every university
H e h u t Bertagnolli
Institut fur Physikalische Chemie
der Universitat Stuttgart (Germany)
0570-0833iY613509-1027$ 15.00+ .25 (1
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