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Book Review Foundations of Molecular Pharmacology Vol. 1 and 2. By J. B

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the quality of the lamp. The reaction mixture was monitored
semi-continuously by gas-phase IR (sampling every 2-5
min). The products were purified by fractional condensation.
Besides the given products, SF, is also formed
(3): IR: 1315 (s), 1237 (s), 1162 (s), 1066 (m), 895 (m), 847
(s), 836 (s), 742 (m), 605 cm-‘ (w); EI-MS: m/e=222 (16%)
IR: 1348 (w), 1275 w (sh), 1253 VS,1240 S,
1222 (s), 1187 (m), 1139 (w), 1096 (s), 1066 (w), 1029 (w), 941
(w), 907 (m), 853 (w), 825 (w), 783 (vw), 755 (vw), 714 (w),
695 (m), 660 (s), 629 (vw), 613 cm-’ (vw); EI-MS: m/e=393
(2%) (M-F)+.-The
data for (4)”l and (5)[1.41are in complete agreement with those given in the literature.
Irradiation of (5) (6.0 g) in the presence of an excess of
fluorine affords, within 48 h, 2.5 g of (6) (36% yield) besides
2.0 g of (4) (40% yield).
Received: January 10. 1980 [ Z 453 IE]
German version: Angew Chem. Y2, 393 (1980)
CAS Registry numbers:
(7). 4101-37-5: (3). 73557-54-7; (4). 4101-58-0; (5). 4101-59-1; (6). 73557-55-8
[I] M. Lusfig, J. K. Rufl, Inorg. Chem. 4. I M ( 1 9 6 5 ) .
121 Cf. H. Jonas. Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 265. 273 (1951); F. B. Dudlev. G. H.
Cody. D. F. Eggers Jr., J. Am. Chem. SOC. 78, 1553 (1956): 3. K. Rufl.
M. Lustrg. Inorg. Chem. 3, 1422 (1964).
[3] The XIK2AI spectrum (room temperature) converts at low temperature (coalescence point - 65 “C) into a spectrum of the type X,K2ABC2. This temperature-dependence has already been observed In the case of the trifluoromethyl- [ E L. Muetlerrres, W.Mahler, K. J. Packer, R. Schmufrler, Inorg. Chem.
3. 1298 (1964)] and the methyl-derivative [R. Mews, Angew. Chem. 90. 561
(1978); Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 17, 530 (1978)],but an exact interpretation of the spectra has not been reported. For the ABC2 part of 1.3) we
F a d
‘ J ~ - c k ~ = 3 . 6 . 4Jc2.cF2=3.0Hz.
141 f Sfffhl,R. Mews, 0. Glemser, J Fluorine Chem. 7. 55 (1976)
Polarography of Molecules of Biologicat Significance.
Edited by W. F. Smyth. Academic Press, New York 1979.
xix, 326 pages, bound, $ 47.50.
In ten chapters, written by twelve authors, this book deals
with the more recent developments in polarographic (voltammetric) techniques in the field of biological analysis, with
particular emphasis on the period since about 1965. Two introductory chapters serve as a brief outline of the principles
and rudiments of general and special working techniques,
and indicate how the best possible method can be selected.
Brief reference is made to the possible applications of computer-assisted electrochemical analysis, where substantial
improvements have taken place on the instrumental side.
The main part of the book is devoted to applications in pharmacy, pharmacology, medical research, and in environmental research. The bibliography lists sometimes very diverse
processes for the determination of a wide variety of medically, pharmacologically, or environmentally toxicologically
interesting compounds, the arrangement of the references
being designed for easy orientation. The greatest attention is
given to the determination of drugs and their metabolites.
The book provides the analyst familiar with electrochemical working methods with a great deal of inspiration and
would be difficult to beat as a reference for rapid orientation
on more recent work.
Gerhard Eisenbrand [NB 503 IE]
Foundations d Wecular Pharmacology, Vol. 1 and 2. By J.
B. Stenlake. The Athlone Press, London 1979. xi, 936
pages, bound, E 36.00 (Vol. 1). xii, 318 pages, bound, E
18.50 (Vol. 2).
The first of the two volumes of this work concentrates on
the physical and chemical properties of medical substances,
pharmaceutical additives, and cell components. As the aut h r explains in the introduction, the contents originate from
kctuxs an& courses for students of pharmaceutical and medi c d chemistry. Essentially, the subject is organic chemistry,
Angew. Chem. Inl: Ed. Engl. 19 (1980) No. 5
presented in a systematic arrangement, with brief references
to the relationships with biology and medicine. The descriptions of biologically important reaction prerequisites, structural characteristics, and biochemical reaction pathways are
particularly valuable. After some general sections on the
types of chemical bonds, on radicals, and on other rudiments
of chemistry, all the essential, cIasses of organic compounds
are dealt with in 21 chapters, ranging from alkanes through
alcohols, acids, phenols, arnines and amino acids to carbohydrates, vitamins, and heterocyclics of special biological significance (pyridines, purines, and nucleic acids).
The work provides a compressed and detailed summary of
biologically and medically important compounds and compound classes that can serve as a textbook and course book
for students of pharmaceutical chemistry. For the organic
chemist it can also act as a source of rapid information in the
field of medicinal chemistry. In this sense the subtitle “Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry” i s in fact more appropriate than the main title.
For pharmacologists, especially those concerned with the
basics of the interactions between chemical substances and
biological substrates, the second volume, subtitled “The
Chemical Basis of Drug Action” is a suitable textbook and
source of information. The pharmaceutical chemist will find
here information on substance-receptor interactions, on biochemical bonding, on the biological significance of stereochemistry and on the fundamentals of pharmacokinetics and
drug metabolism.
The value of the book lies in the fact that it offers the newcomer to the field of drug research, particularly the pharmaceutical chemist, a comprehensive and systematic compendium of knowledge clarified further by many schemes, tables, and figures. The advanced student can rapidly extract
information on less familiar fields. A comprehensive bibliography is provided for going further into the subject. The
book will prove a valuable aid in the teaching of pharmaceutical chemistry.
H. G. Kroneberg [NB 504 IE]
0 Verlag Chemie, GmbFf, 6940 Weinheim, 1980 0570-0833/80/0505-409 $ 02.50/0
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Regrsrered names. rrademarks, efc. used tn lhis j o w m l . even wifhour rperifie tndtcofton rhereof, are no1 lo be constdered unprofecred by /ow.
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Angew. Chem. Inr. Ed. Engi. 19 (1980) No. 5
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