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Book Review Gaschromatographie (taschentext 48) (Gas Chromatography) (Pocketbook 48). By G. Schomburg

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classification of enzymes, the new SI units, and a table of
numerical values and their units. The book can thus be recommended not only as an aid to students but also as an introduction to all research groups and experimental workers in biochemistry and clinical chemistry.
Joachim Jentsch [NB 395 IE]
Gaschromatographie (taschentext 48) (Gas Chromatography)
(Pocketbook 48). By G. Schornburg. Verlag Chemie GmbH,
Weinheim-New York 1977. 1st edit., x, 188 pp., 62 figs.,
7 tables, br., DM 22.-.
Although the importance of gas chromatography as a
method of separation is increasing steadily in research and
industrial applications, there is hardly any new introductory
monograph that is in any way adequate for the present state
of development in this field. The book now under review
undoubtedly fills a gap in the market in that, being written
for the newcomer to gas chromatography, it emphasizes above
all the practical aspects and steers him away from typical
mistakes. The chapter on modern GLC equipment is restricted
to the essentials without forgetting important new techniques.
It is useful to have the comparative description of the commercially available instruments from the experienced experimentalist’s point of view. Particular care is given to working out
the possibilities of systematizing the qualitative and quantitative results in respect of “reproducibility, comparability, and
accuracy”. This chapter is supplemented in the experimental
part of the book by some fundamental exercises with exact
experimental data. The theoretical principles of gas chromatography, the parameters important for the experimental worker, and the consequences of their variation in operation of a
GLC system are presented clearly and intelligibly. Only the
experts will note that Schomburg entirely avoids use of the
customary term “Trennzahl” [separation number] and limits
the somewhat controversial concept of separation performance
to “Trennstufenzahl” [number of separation stages] and “Auflosung” [resolution].
The book is so very suitable for helping the beginner to
gas chromatography over the initial difficulties that it should
be highly welcome to Technical College teachers as a basis
for tuition in this subject.
W A . Konig [NB 396 IE]
Lithium Aluminium Hydride. By J . S. Pizey. From the series
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Vol. 14 of “Anleitungen fur die chemische Laboratoriumspraxis”. Edited by F. L. Boschke, VI A . Fassel, W Fresenius,
J . F. K . Huber, E. Pungor, W Simon, and T S . West. SpringerVerlag, Berlin 1977. 2nd, revised and enlarged edition, xii,
257 pp., bound, DM 64-.-ISBN
Supraleitung. Grundlagen und Anwendungen. By W Buckel.
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Isotopic Studies of Heterogeneous Catalysis. By A. Ozaki.
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Polymer Rheology. By L. E. Nielsen. Marcel Dekker, New
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Coal Desulfurization. By R . A . Meyers. Marcel Dekker, New
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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 17 (1978) No. 2
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