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Book Review Iminium Salts in Organic Chemistry. Part 1. Edited by H. Bhme and H. G. Viehe

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ing answer. If the reader does not give the right answer,
he is told which part of the book he should consult again.
In some cases no mathematical proof is offered, but the author
does state expressly that he finds it more important for the
reader to use the mathematical method correctly than to
be able to prove all the theories.
The book is a really successful attempt at presenting the
scientist with this important and relevant mathematical subject
in the most rational manner possible, in such a way that
the methods can be used correctly for the solution of problems.
It is therefore highly recommended to everyone interested
in molecular structure.
H. G. Zachmann [NB 406 IE]
Iminium Salts in Organic Chemistry. Part 1. Edited by H .
Bohme and H . G. Viehe. Vol. 9 in the series Advances
in Organic Chemistry, Methods and Results. John Wiley
and Sons, New York-London, 1976. 1st Edit., xi, 631 pp.,
bound, $ 32.00.
In the first chapter, entitled “The Electronic Structure of
Iminium Ions” (21 pages), P . A . Kollman gives the results
of quantum-mechanical calculations on the electronic structure, geometry, rotation barriers, and spectroscopic properties
of these ions. In the second chapter, “Structure Determination
of Iminium Salts by Physical Methods” (82 pages), R. M e r h y i
discusses experimental results given in tabulated form and
examines possible equilibria of the type:
H . Bohme and M . Haake’s third chapter, “Methyleniminium
Salts” (1 17 pages), is fundamental from the preparative point
of view. The authors concentrate on the dissociated “N-chloromethylamines”, and their full account of the methods of preparation will impress even the expert, with its brief description
of the physical properties and comprehensive treatment of
the reactions.
In the fourth chapter, “The Vilsmeier-Haack-Arnold Acylations. C-C Bond-Forming Reactions of Chloromethyleniminium Ions” (117 pages), by C . Jutz, the emphasis is placed
on the reactions between dissociated “dichloromethylamines”
(derived from amides) and aliphatic compounds. They go
beyond the Vilsmeier-Haack formylation, since they give not
only aldehydes but also many other products. In Chapter
5, “Chemistry of Dichloromethyleniminium Salts (Phosgeniminium Salts)”(77pages),Z . Janousek and H . G. Viehe discuss
the dissociated “trichloromethylamines”, which are in the same
oxidation state as carbamic acid and whose study did not
start until 1970. The three replaceable chlorine atoms and
the ease of chlorination and aminomethylation open up very
wide synthetic possibilities.
The sixth chapter, “cc-Haloenamines and Keteniminium
Salts” (1 12 pages), by L. Ghosez and J . Marchand-Brynaert,
deals with covalent cc-chloroenamines,which very readily dissociate into ketenimmonium chlorides. Their chemistry is characterized by nucleophilic substitutions of the chlorine atom
(aminoalkylenation), enamine-type reactions, and cycloadditions. Chapter 7, “N-Heteroiminium Salts” (54 pages), by J .
Elguero and C. Marzin, is devoted to immonium salts with
heteroatoms (0,S, N) attached to the nitrogen, examples
being derivatives of hydrazines, hydroxylamine, and sulfenic
acid amides.
This outstanding book is the first to give such a comprehensive and authoritative account of immonium salts. However,
in places one would welcome a more elegant use of formulas
and a word or two about the contents of Part 2.
Giinter Opitz [NB 398 IE]
Angew. Chem. I n t .
Ed. Engl. 1 7 (1978) N o . 3
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