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Book Review Intermolecular Complexes. (Series Studies in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Vol. 52). By P. Hobza and R

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Intermolecular Complexes. (Series: Studies in Physical and
Theoretical Chemistry, Vol. 52). By P. Hobza and R.
Zuhrudnik. Elsevier, Amsterdam 1988. 308 pp.. hard cover, HFI 245.00. -ISBN 0-444-98943-9
Experimental and theoretical studies of intermolecular
complexes are becoming an ever more important part of
physical chemistry, and many review articles on the topic
have been published in the last few years. The authors of this
volume have taken on the task of providing a more comprehensive overview of recent developments in the area of intermolecular interactions.
In a short introductory chapter the scope of the book is
defined, the basic features of intermolecular interactions are
summarized, and reference is made to earlier reviews of the
topic. This is followed by a discussion of theoretical approaches to the problem, and the numerical methods that are
now routinely used for calculations on intermolecular interactions. The methods covered range from those based on
configuration interaction (CI) and perturbation theory,
through self-consistent field (SCF) methods, to the completely empirical methods. Detailed derivations are not
given. A knowledge of the necessary formalism for the various methods is generally assumed. On the other hand, the
capabilities, and also the limitations, of the various methods
are illustrated using examples taken from the literature. The
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third chapter consists of a very brief summary of experimental techniques.
The next chapter contains a detailed and systematic survey
of quantum chemical calculations and experimental results
concerning the structures and spectroscopic properties of
isolated dimers (ranging from inert gas dimers through various hydrogen-bonded complexes to G-C base pairs. The
final chapter is an interesting account of biochemical
aspects, in which van der Waals complexes play an important
With such a wide range of topics it is understandable that
they are often merely broached without a deeper analysis,
and that the selection of systems for discussion and of methods of calculation is considerably influenced by the authors' own field of work on a b initio calculation methods.
However, this in no way diminishes the worth of the book-on the contrary it is clearly and comprehensibly written, and
with more than 1200 references it offers a comprehensive and
unbiased coverage of the literature, although regrettably
only up to 1984.
The book can be thoroughly recommended to all chemists
as a source book for preparing lectures, and as an introduction to the field. For specialists working in the area of intermolecular interactions, especially hydrogen bonding, this
book is essential reading; it is also an extremely useful work
of reference by virtue of the large amount of tabulated data
and literature references which it contains.
Aified Karpfen [NB 960 IE]
Institut fiir Theoretische Chemie und Strahlenchemie
der Universitiit Wien (Austria)
In the communication entitled "(tBuSiP),--The First Silaphosphacubane" by M. Baudler, G. Scholz, K.-F. Tebbe,
and M. Feher (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 28 (1989) 339341), the calculated coupling constants of the AX,Y system
in the 29Si N M R spectrum of 1 should be 'JSip
37.6(1) Hz, 3Jsip= -12.6(3) Hz, and 'JPp= + 23.8(1) Hz
(the last coupling constant was printed incorrectly as *J,,).
u x d in r h i r pumul, ' w n 11l , m no1 mar!-ed (1.5 r w k , (I) mil I U he m n s d e r c d l/llprlJlr<l d hi lav
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