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Book Review Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. Editorial board H. F. Mark D. F. Othmer C. G. Overberger and G. T

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titatively with a large number of acid-base equilibria using
simple mathematical tools. Not only exact calculations are
considered, but approximation methods are also treated
wherever they are of value. It appears particularly valuable
that exact and approximate calculations are compared, giving numerical data concerning the effect of neglecting certain quantities for various concentration ranges and pK, values in the approximate methods. This enables the user to select the method suitable or adequate for his purpose without
having to always use the involved formula required for exact
calculation. Many graphic representations aptly illustrate the
calculations. Numerous questions at the end of each chapter
not only introduce the reader to the problems involved but
provide him with an opportunity to test his ability, and also
furnish yet more information. The solutions-and in most
cases the method of solution-are given for all questions. An
appendix contains flow charts for some selected calculations
which can be translated into computer language.
The book is written fluently and clearly. Its aim of showing the beginner and advanced student, as well as the practical chemist, how to calculate (approximately or exactly) the
pH values of aqueous systems is undoubtedly fulfilled. It can
therefore be wholeheartedly recommended to all interested
persons, and particularly to teachers at all levels. The reviewer has just one wish for a second edition: It would be convenient if a further section could be included comparing calculated and measured p H values in somewhat more detail, i. e.
if the influence of factors such as concentration, ionic
strength, etc. on the activity were to be viewed more closely.
The fact that measured p H values often deviate considerably
from the calculated values, which often confuses the beginner, would then be easier to understand. In spite of this wish:
the book truly enriches the available chemical literature.
Hans RudolfChristen [NB 479 IE]
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Kirk-Othmer: Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. Editorial board: H. F. Mark, D. F. Othmer, C. G. Overberger,
and G. T. Seaborg. John Wiley & Sons, New York 1978,
3rd Edit. Vol. 4: Blood, Coagulants and Anticoagulants to
Cardiovascular Agents. xxv, 930 pp., bound, $ 95.00.
The fourth volume of Kirk-Othmerl” contains entries on
some 30 keywords, the longest ones being: carbon (ca. 150
pages); boron compounds (ca. 130 pages); carbides (ca. 60
pages); cardiovascular agents (ca. 60 pages); carboxylic acids
(ca. 60 pages); blood fractionation (ca. 40 pages). The reader
notes that not only chemical technology but also biotechnological aspects are treated at considerable length.
The subdivision of the material is very balanced, as in the
first volumes. In addition to production and workup, space is
always given to the physical and chemical properties of products, their uses, and the principal economic data of the processes. Presentation is generally terse, and yet highly informative. Omissions in the material are very rare. Production figures could be a little more up-to-date in some cases: those
given for borate do not extend beyond 1973/1975. There is
no mention, in the article about carbon dioxide, of the use of
supercritical COz for extraction of heat-sensitive natural
products (such as coffee and tobacco) although plants utilizing this technology have already come on stream. Moreover, some sections consider only English-language literature.
Nevertheless, such minor points do not detract from the
excellence of this work, specifically the present Volume 4.
R. Steiner [NB 480 IE]
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Angew,. Chem Inr Ed. Engl. I R (1979) N o 9
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