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Book Review Lehrprogramm Statistik. Mit Beispielen und Ausgaben aus den Naturwissenschaften (Teaching Program Statistics. With Examples and Problems from the Natural Sciences). (Pocketbook 46) By W. Schmidt

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are described, e. g. electrolysis cells, electrodes, electrolytes,
cell connections, and power distribution. The latest knowledge
about bipolar cells, coated titanium anodes, and the importance of regular current distribution is presented. Description
of the generation of direct current is followed by a discussion
of the economic principles involved: here the important questions of current yield, specific power consumption, and optimization of electrolysis plant are treated with reference to the
increasing shortage of raw materials and increasing energy
Presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of electrochemical processes, not given previously, enables these processes to be compared critically with other methods of industrial production. Ecological problems and the environment
are also not forgotten.
In the section on industrial production processes considerable space is devoted to the electrolysis of water and to the
preparation of chlorine and chlorine-oxygen compounds. The
industrially less important products, peroxo compounds, permanganate, manganese dioxide, chromic acid, and fluorine
are treated more briefly.
The production of metals by electrolysis of aqueous solutions and by fusion electrolysis is described in detail. A section
on organic electrochemistry has been added, the importance
of this field being expected to increase in the future.
Carefully chosen references at the end of each chapter,
together with a collection of important bibliographies, facilitate ready reference to specific problems. Numerous surveys
and tables in the appendix make this volume an important
handbook not only for electrochemists but also for all who are
concerned with electrochemical processes, and thus especially
for engineers in many sectors of industry.
Karl Hass [NB 359 IE]
Lehrprogramm Statistik. Mit Beispielen und Ausgaben aus
den Naturwissenschaften (Teaching Program Statistics.
With Examples and Problems from the Natural Sciences).
(Pocketbook 46) By W Schmidt. Verlag Chemiephysik Verlag, Weinheim 1976. 1st edit., vii, 137 pp., 51 figs., 1 table,
paperback. D M 18.80.
This book arose from the material accompanying the practical course for physics students in their fourth semester.
The aim of the first three chapters is to provide sufficient
grounding for further study of user-oriented specialist works
on statistics. Starting from the basic principles of probability
calculus, the author describes normal, binomial and Poisson
distributions, treating in the third chapter simple statistical
processes for the evaluation of experiments, e. 9 . formation
of the mean or calculation of the standard deviation. The
fourth chapter concerns some applications in the field of
natural sciences.
For physics students conversant with the theory of, sets
and its symbolism the book provides a valuable extension
of the practical work and the lectures. The interaction between
the material learnt on the one hand and the questions, exercises,
and problems on the other is very successful, the latter closing
each teaching section; the reader can thus run a continuous
check on his progress. The whole is supported by illustrations
which in many cases make the point clear without any need
to study the text. Since in spite of its extensions the book
retains its character as an auxiliary aid to a lecture course,
it is not especially suited for independent study without subsidiary material explaining the most commonly used symbols,
abbreviations, and signs (no table of these is included). Furthermore, there are no literature references.
Karl Hans Simmrock [NB 364 IE]
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Regisrered nomes, trodemorks, ere. used in this journal, eoen without specific indicorion rhereof, ore nor ro be considered unprorecred by low.
0 Verlag Chemie, GnibH, D-6940 Weinheim, 1977
Printed in West Germany by Zechnersche Buchdruckerei, SpeyerIRhein.
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reproduced and used other than for private purposes in an industrial or commercial undertakmg are subject to copyright and. m such cases, a copyright fee must be paid to the V G Wlssenschaft GrnbH, Grosser Hirschgraben 11/21, Frankfurt/Main 1. from whom conditions of payment can be obtained on request.
Editorial office: Boschstrasse 12. D-6940 Wemhetm, Germany. Telephone 14036. Telex 4655 16 vchwh d
Editor: H. Criinewold. Translation Fditors: A. J. Racksrrow and A . Somson
Publishers: Verlag Chernie, GmbH. (Managing Directors Jijrgrn Kreuzhage and Hans Schrrmer) Pappelallee 3. D-6940 Weinheim, Germany
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Anyew. Chem. l n t . E d . Engl. 16 ( 1 9 7 7 ) N o . 3
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