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Book Review Macromolecules. An Introduction to Polymer Science. Edited by F. A. Bovey and F. A. Winslow

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amides occupy, corresponding to the importance of these,
more than half of the book; a more far-reaching selection
would have made it possible to shorten the work by 100200 pages. Similarly, the structures have not always been reproduced in the most economical manner, as in Fig. 16, page
495, in comparison with Fig. 4, page 248.
However, criticism of the book is unjustified. Rather, the
authors deserve thanks and an acknowledgement of their
competent description of an important field of molecular
chemistry. Points worthy of emphasis are the well-balanced
arrangement and the painstaking care that can be perceived
even in minor details such as of umlauts. The book finishes
with a brief subject index and a 60-page author index covering some 2500 literature citations up to and including 1978.
It can be recommended not only to chemists working on amides and to libraries, but also-in spite of its price-to all
inorganic and organic chemists and to polymer and structure
chemists who want reliable information on a relatively uniform “inter-disciplinary” class of substances.
Hans Biirger
[NB 517 IE]
Macromolecules. An Introduction to Polymer Science.
Edited by F. A . Bovey and E: H. Winslow. Academic Press,
New York 1979. xiii, 549 pages, bound, $ 39.50.
This is a new textbook compiled from an introductory
course for polymer scientists at the Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, N. J. offering a short but understandable review of
the current state of the field.
Following a brief introduction (in which reference is already made to such problems as tacticity and mechanical properties), which also contains a very interesting excursion into
the history of polymers, Chapter 2 “Formation of Macromolecules” deals with the most important reactions giving rise
to macromolecuIes. Some important aspects of the reaction
kinetics are discussed in each case. The section on copolymerization kinetics deserves special emphasis. Chapter 3 is
concerned with the clarification of the structure of polymers
by means of physical methods, but here it is assumed that the
reader is familiar with the basic principles of IR and NMR
spectroscopy. The influence of geometric isomerism on the
spectra is explained for some well-chosen examples. At this
point the authors also discuss in comprehensible language
the problems of chain statistics. Chapter 4 considers the thermodynamics of polymer solutions and methods of molecular-weight determination. The mathematics are restricted to
essentials and there are no confusing calculations. Morphological aspects of macromolecules, their physical characteristics such as viscoelasticity, amorphous and crystalline polymers, and transport in polymers are the subjects of Chapters 5
and 6. On the subject of polymer reactions the editors regrettably restrict themselves to degradation and cross-linking. The introduction of functional groups into polymers is
not dealt with, but it would be desirable to include a section
on this topic in a new edition. The work is rounded off with a
chapter on biological macromolecules and their significance.
Every chapter contains a collection of well-chosen literature
references which provide the reader with rapid entry into the
original literature. In a second edition it would be desirable
to give the data in SI units.
The book can be recommended to any reader interested in
polymer science. It represents a valuable and reasonably
priced addition to the reference library of any polymer scientist.
JosefSkuru [NB 516 IE]
Angew. Cbem. Ini. Ed. Engl. f9 (1980) No. 8
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Angew. Chem. Ini. Ed. Engl. 19 (1980) No. 8
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