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Book Review Magnetic Resonance. Oxford Chemistry Series. By K. A. McLauchlan

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gain a grounding in this field without any special prior knowledge. For the advanced reader, however, it would have been
better if the author of this otherwise very commendable book
had taken a more critical attitude with regard to the theory
and particularly to the experimental results.
Eckhart Schrnidr [NB 191 IE]
Aufschlussrnethodender anorganischen und organischen Chemie
[Digestion Methods in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry].
By R . Bock. Verlag Chemie GmbH, Weinheim/Bergstr. 1972.
1st ed., 232 pp., 46 figs., 75 tables; bound DM 64.-.
The conversion of samples into a form that is amenable to
chemical or physical methods of analysis is achieved by the
use of suitable procedures for sample preparation. For
example, solid samples that are insoluble in acids or alkalis
can be digested by melting; the phosphorus or boron contents
of organic substances can be determined after digestion by
oxidative methods, and the sulfur content can be determined
by combustion of these substances or of gaseous samples,
followed by absorption of the combustion gases in alkaline
liquids. The author has managed to present a self-contained
treatment of the diverse methods of sample preparation and
to indicate their sources of error, which affect the correctness
of the overall result of an analysis-as much as the subsequent
quantitative determination, but which, like sampling, frequently d o not receive the required cafe and attention.
The monograph has been systematically and carefully built
up, with reference to about 1600 widely scattered publications,
which are often difficult to find. The first section deals with
general aspects of digestion methods, the digestion procedures,
suitable apparatus materials, sources of error and loss of
substance, and finally the use of blanks. The purely physical
dissolution of inorganic and organic substances is discussed
in the second section, and digestion by the use of heat, electrical
energy, and UV and y radiation, i.e. degradation methods
using pyrofysis, spark discharge, electron bombardment, or
photoionization, is described in the third section. The fourth
section deals with general ‘methods for digestion by means
of chemical reactions, e . g . with complexing agents or acids,
and fusion with neutral, acidic, or basic salts. Finally, the
fifth and sixth chapters are concerned with digestion methods
involving oxidation or reduction processes.
This commendable book should find a place in any analytical
laboratory. It will provide many inorganic and organic chemists with suggestions for chemical and physical investigations
o n their samples. It will also be useful in purity checks and
trace analyscs on technical products.
Herrnann Kicwitz [NB 192 IE]
Magnetic Resonance. Oxford Chemistry Series. By K . A.
McLauchIan. Clarendon Press, Oxford 1972. 1st ed., xii,
105 pp., numerous figures, bound f 1.20.
The independence of chemical research in the field of free
radicals on the one hand and of diamagnetic substances on
the other has its counterpart, among physical methods, in
the division that is made in research, and in theory in general,
between electron spin spectroscopy and nuclear spin spectroscopy. It is therefore gratifying that a renewed effort is made
here to bring ESR and NMR spectroscopy together under
the broader heading of “Magnetic Resonance”. In this way it
is possible to show the many points in common in the physical
principles and in the experimental techniques, and also the
characteristic differences between the two methods.
In the space of about 100 pages the author presents the
important aspects of magnetic resonance [chapter headings
Angebc. Chrm. inrumar. Edir.
/ Vol. 13 f 1974) 1 No. 4
(number of pages): The Principles (20); Spectra from Liquids
(12); The g-Factor (10);The Chemical Shift (16): Interactions
between Magnetic Particles (12); Analysis of Spectra (12);
The Solid State (14)l. However, he is forced to forgo detailed
derivations in the formulation of quantitative relationships.
The book therefore calls for a good grounding in physics
in general, and quantum mechanics in particular. I t is mainly
suitable for physicists and physical chemists. Advanced students of inorganic and organic chemistry may use it as a
guide if they are prepared to work through the material with
the aid of more detailed textbooks.
Harald Giinther [NB 194 IE]
Comparative Physical Biology. By N . R . Joseph. S. Karger
Base1 1973. VII, 234 pp., bound DM 83.-.
Contents: Internal Environment ; Protoplasm ; Electromotive
Force; Colligative Properties; Skeletal Muscle; The Heart;
Growth and Development; Energy and Entropy; Heterogeneous Equilibrium; Metabolic Energy; Sets and Monograms.
Annual Reports in Organic Synthesis-1972. Edited by
J. McMurry and R. B. Miller. Academic Press, New York
1973. xii, 273 pp., stitched $ 7.40.
Contents: Carbon-Carbon Bonds; Oxidations; Reductions;
Heterocycles; Protecting Groups.
Magnetic Resonance and Related Phenomena. Edited by
V. Hoci. North-Holland Publishing Company, Amsterdam
1973. xxxiv, 555 pp., bound Dfl. 120.00. - Proceedings of
the XVIIth Congress, Ampere Turku, August 1972.
Biochemie antimikrobieller Wirkstoffe. By T. J . Franklin and
G . A . Snow. Translated and edited by W . Goebei. Vol. 116
of the Series “Heidelberger Taschenbiicher”. Springer
Verlag, Berlin 1973. xii, 183 Vol. 116 of the Series DM 16.80.
Chemistry. Imagination and Implication. By A . T. Schwcwrz.
Academic Press, New York-London
1973. xv, 571 pp..
bound $ 10.95.
Electron Spin Resonance, Vol. 1. Edited by R . 0. C. N o r m i n .
The Chemical Society London 1973. x, 273 pp.. bound
E 7.00.-A volume in the series “Specialist Periodical
Electron Deficient Compounds. By K . Wade. From the
series “Studies in Modern Chemistry”. Nelson, London
1973. vi, 203 pp., stitched f. 1.95.
Contents; Diborane; Higher Boranes and Boron Polyhedra;
Boron Hydrides; Metal Hydrides, Alkyls. and Aryls;
Methoden zur Optimierung chemischer Reaktoren. By G. M .
OstroMiski and J . M . Wolin. Akademie-Verlag. Berlin 1973.
xvii, 244 pp., bound DM 68.--.
Modern Aspects of Inorganic Chemistry. By J . J . Emeleus
und A . G. Sharpe. Routledge and Kegan Paul, London
1973. xi, 677 pp., bound L 5.25.
Gmelins Handbuch der anorganischen Chemie. System No. 48,
49, S O : Vanadium, Niob, Tantal. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1973. vi, 352 pp., bound DM 456.-.
Liquid Crystals. Edited by F. C. Tompkins. Symposia of
The Faraday Society No. 5, 1971. The Faraday Division,
Chemical Society, London 1973. 188 pp., stitched L 4.00.
Reaktionsmechanismender Organischen Chemie. Ein Seminarbuch. By €€. Hover. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim/John
Wiley and Sons, Frankfurt 1973.565 pp., stitched UM 48.-
R/lolecular Motions in Amorphous Solids and Liquids. Edited
by F. C. Tompkins. Symposia of The Faraday Society
No. 6, 1972. The Faraday Division, Chemical Society,
London 1973. 197 pp., stitched .€ 4.00.
Gmelins Handbuch der anorganischen Chemie. Supplement
to 8th Edit. Vol. 5 : Kobalt-organische Verbindungen,
Part I : Einkernige Verbindungen. Verlag Chemie- Weinheim 1973. viii, xii, 527 pp., bound DM 696.-.
Gmelins Handbuch der anorganischen Chemie. Supplement
to 8th Edit. Vol. 6: Kobalt-organische Verbindungen,
Part I1 : Mehrkernige Verbindungen. Verlag Chemie,
Weinheim 1972. vi, vi, 243 pp., bound DM 329.-.
Das Leben und Wirken von Hans Fischer. By A. Treibs.
Hans-Fischer-Gesellschaft, Munchen 1973. 681 pp., bound.
Gmelins Handbuch der anorganischen Chemie. System No. 61 :
Silber. Part B 3: Verbindungen mit Schwefel, Selen,
Tellur, Polonium, Bor, Kohlenstoff und Silicium. Verlag
Chemie, Weinheim 1973. vi, xx, 389 pp., bound DM 531.Physical Chemistry Series One. Index Volume. Edited by
A . D. Buckingharn. From the series “MTP International
Review of Science”. Buttenvorths, London/University
Park Press, Baltimore 19%. ix, 284 pp., bound L 5.00.
Gmelins Handbuch der anorganischen Chemie. System No. 39 :
Seltenerdelemente. Part A 2: Scandium. Geschichtliches,
Vorkommen. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1973. vi, vi, 181 pp.,
bound D M 254.--.
Contents: Additionsreaktionen ; Valenzisomerisierungen ,
Eliminierungen ; Fragmentierungen ; Substitutionen ; Radikal-Reaktionen ; Photochemie.
Organic Syntheses, Collected Volume 5. A Revised Edition
of Annual Volumes 4 0 4 9 . Edited by H. E. Baumgarten.
John Wiley and Sons, New York 1973. xiv, 1234 pp.,
bound E 13.00.
The Alkaloids, Vol. XIV. Edited by R. H. F. Manske. Academic
Press, New York 1973. xvii, 610 pp., bound $42.50.
An Introduction to Mathematical Organic Chemistry. By
J . E. Banfield. Gereng, Armidale 1972. xiii, 690 pp., bound.
Kunststoffe 111. Spritzgieoen, Extrudieren, Blasformen. By
H. Domininghaus. VDI-Taschenbucher, T. 48. VDI-Verlag,
Diisseldorf 1973. x, 194 pp., stitched DM 22 80
Nitrogen NMR. Edited by M . Witanowski and G. A. Webb.
Plenum Press, London 1973. ix, 403 pp., bound $ 32.00.
Contents : Theoretical Background ; Experimental Aspects;
I4N Nuclear Quadrupole Effects; Chemical Shifts; Coupling
Methoden zur Orientierung komplexer verfahrenstechnischer
Systeme. By G. M . Ostrowski and J . M . Wolin. AkademieVerlag, Berlin 1973. xii, 331 pp., bound DM 86.--.
The Organic Chemist’s Book of Orbitals. By W. L. Jorgensen
and L. Salem. Academic Press, New York-London 1973.
xii, 305 pp., bound $ 11.50.
Hagers Handbuch der Pharmazeutischen Praxis. Fur Apotheker, Arzneimittelhersteller, Arzte und Medizinalbeamte.
Edited by P . H . List and L. Horhanzrner. Vol. 4 : Chemikalien und Drogen (CI--G). Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1973.
4., completely revised, xii, 1226 pp., bound DM 236.--.
Subject index to Vols. 1, 2, 3, 7 A : iv, 240 pp., stitched
DM 38.--.
Contents; How Molecular Orbitals Are Built by Delocalization: A Unified Approach Based on Bond Orbitals and
Group Orbitals; Basic Data Concerning Orbital Drawings;
Three-Dimensional Molecular Orbitals.
Massenspektrensarnmlung von Losungsmitteln, Verunreinigungen, Saulenbelegmaterialienund einfachen aliphatischen
Verbindungen. By M . and G. Spiteller. Springer, WienNew York 1973. xv, 62 pp., bound DM 58.-.
Reqrsrerrd namrs. rradernorks, etc used cn rhrs journal, wen without specific indication rhereof, are nor lo be considered unprorecred by /ai(.
0Verlag Chemie GmbH, Weinhelm,’Bergstr., 1974.
Printed in Germany by Zechnersche Buchdruckern, SpeyerIRhein
All‘rights reserved (including those of translation into foreign languages). No part of thls issue may be reproduced in any form - by photoprint. microfilm, or any other means - nor transmitted or translared into a machine language without written permission from the publishers.
Editorial office: Boschstrasse 12,6940 Weinheim/Beigstr., Germany, Telephone 4036/4037. Telex 4655 16 vchwb d.
Editor: H Grunewutd Translation Editors: A . 1.Racksrraiv and A . Slimson
Publishers: Verlag Chemie GmbH. (Managing Directors Jiirgen Krruzhage and Huns Schermerf Pappelallee 3,6940 WeinheimiBergstr , Germany. and Academic Press Inc (President Charles
Hurt), 111 Fifth Avenue, New York 3 , N . Y , USA, and Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London. W. 1.. England.
Correspondence concerning advertisements should be addressed to Verlag Chemie GmbH. (Advertising Manager H . Borh), 6940 WeinhermIBergstr., Pappelallee 3, P. 0 Box 1260/1280
Germany, Telephone Weinheim (06201) 4031, Telex 4655 16 vchwh d .
Angew. Chem. internat. Edit
1 Vol. I3
f 1974) 1 No 4
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