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Book Review Methodden der Analytischen Chemie (Methods of Analytical Chemistry). Vol. 1. Trennungsmethoden (Methods of Separation). By R. Bock

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Edit., ix, 281 pp., 120 figs., 78 tables, bound, D M 59.--.
Thirty-six years after the appearance of Wilhelm Klernm’s
monograph now comes the first further book on magnetochemistry in the German language. In plan it corresponds
largely to its predecessor. The authors first direct their attention to chemists, using simple mathematical formulations.
After a short chapter on physical fundamentals the methods
of measurement are described, including that for single crystals.
Not only the well-known procedures based on field forces
but also susceptibility measurements by induction methods
and those with the aid of nuclear magnetic resonance are
discussed. There follows a chapter on diamagnetism, which
treats classical theory and the results of quantum mechanics,
the semiempirical and the incremental methods, as well as
ion-diamagnetism. The chapter on “Paramagnetism” contains
sections on the magnetic properties of free atoms and ions,
influences of ligands, spin-path coupling, Vun Vleck’s paramagnetism, complexes with 4d- and 5d-metal ions, and rareearth compounds, The conclusion is provided by cooperative
effects (antiferrornagnetism, ferrimagnetism, and ferromagnetism, electrons in metals and alloys) and examples of the
use of magnetochemistry in chemical problems. The dimensions and units for electrical and magnetic magnitudes are
collected in an Appendix.
The book is intended as an introduction to the performance
and interpretation of magnetic measurements, and its value
lies in its first part. Thus, the methods of measurement, their
physical foundations, and the sources of error (in particular
ferromagnetic impurities) and methods of overcoming them
are described simply and clearly. The theory of transition-metal
compounds, the chief of interest to the magnetochemist, is
important for the interpretation of the experimental data,
and this part, as also the presentation of cooperative effects
(except for the section on “Electrons in Metals and Alloys”)
is kept too short. Important concepts, tike the Jahn-Teller
effect and metamagnetism, are missing and the tables are
incomplete (pages 182, 187). In contrast, in many places the
authors could have been more concise: thus, Pauling’s views
on the structure of complexes are now of only historical
interest ;the incremental methods of determining diamagnetic
susceptibility could have been restricted to the Haberditzl
method. There are also some repetitions (derivation of the
Van Vieck formula, magnetic properties of closed electron
If one disregards these shortcomings, the book provides
much useful practical information for the magnetochemist
by virtue of its extensive bibliography and the numerous
examples of applications.
Heiku Lucken [NB 251 IE]
Methoden der Analytischen Chemie (Methods of Analytical
Chemistry). Voi. 1. Trennungsmethoden (Methods of Separation). By R. Bock. Verlag Chemie GmbH, Weinheim 1974.
362 pp., 236 figs., 79 tables, bound, DM 42.--.
The task of presenting the confusing multiplicity of separation methods used in today’s analytical chemistry clearly and
systematically is as necessary as it is dificult. It is therefore
very pleasing to find that an author as competent as Rudolph
Bock has undertaken this task in the first volume of his monograph series “Methoden der Analytischen Chemie”.
The division of separation methods adopted here, essentially
into two large groups (separations by different distributions
between two immiscible.phases and separations by different
migration rates in one phase) at first appears disconckrting,
but becomes intelligible on closer attention to the book.
Nevertheless, it would have been better to designate the first
group as “Separation by establishment of differentphase equiliAngPn. Chum. inrrmor. Eilir. ) Yo/. 14 (IY75) f N o . 4
bria” (cf. B. L. Karger, L. R. Snyder, and C . Horoath: An
Introduction to Separation Science, Wiley, New York 1973),
since natural incorporation of processes such as distillation
and sublimation is then possible. Unfortunately, strict adherence to the system resulting from the author’s classification
leads here and there to statements that could be misunderstood ; these arise mainly from insufficient differentiation
between separation principles (such as distribution), physical
phenomena (such as adsorption), and experimental techniques
(such as chromatography).
In a few matters of detail the reviewer does not agree
with the author’s views. For example, isotope dilution analysis
is treated relatively extensively, whereas for detectors in gas
chromatography, the reader is referred to Volume 2 of this
series; a distribution ratio (in extractions involving the establishment of chemical equilibria) is called a distribution coefficient (in the sense of a Nernst distribution); the term “extraction” is reserved exclusively for dissolution of specific substances out of a solid mixture, whereas the widely used liquidljquid extraction is referred to as “shaking out”.
Nevertheless, the volume as a whole can be regarded as
a successful review of methods of separation and thus as
a valuable source of information. The didactically skilful
method of presentation, which characterizes the experienced
college lecturer, makes it easy to become familiar with the
problems discussed, and the large number of carefully chosen
and collected references makes it easy to search deeper into
the material. The keyword subdivisions placed at the head
of individual chapters provide rapid information on the contents and are very helpful for tracing detail; this method
of presenting material should find increasing application in
text books.
Dieter KIorkuw “€3 253 IE]
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