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Book Review Organic Photochemistry. Edited by O. L. Chapman

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separation) are here treated side by side and frequently their
values are compared. The individual authors have written
their sections with excellent knowledge of their subjects; this
volume in particular can be recommended as reference work
for all concerned with structural analysis of organic compounds.
An introduction about functional groups is given by J. Milchell. The section on determination of active hydrogen was
contributed by F. T. Weiss, analysis of the C-CH3 group by
K . G. Stone. Analysis for carbonyl groups is treated by J. G.
Hanna and S. Siggia, that of the carboxyl group by S. Veibel.
The volume closeswith two sections on phosphorus functional
groups (D. N . Bernhart) and on functional groups containing
etc. (J. H . Karchmer).
bivalent sulfur, -SH, -S-, -S-S-,
It is hoped that the further volumes on the determination of
functional groups will soon appear and that they will supplement the present volume at the same high level.
H. Kienitz
[NB 682 IE]
entitled “Organic Photochemistry” and to arrange them in a
critical manner. In accordance with this aim, the present
volume is not a textbook, but is a collection of reviews
intended in the first place for the chemist engaged in syntheses.
The titles of the seven contributions are: Photochemical
Transformations of Cyclohexadienones and Related Compounds (P.J . Kropp) ; Photochemical Transformations of
Small-ring Carbonyl Compounds ( A . Padwu); Photo-Fries
Reaction and Related Rearrangements (V. I. Stenberg);
Photochemistry of Troponoid Compounds ( D . J. Pasto) ;
Photochemistry of Olefins (G. J . Fonken); The Photocyclization of Stilbenes (F. R . Stermitz); and Photocycloaddition
L. Chapman and G . Lenz).
Reactions (0.
The authors, who are all distinguished in their fields, have
achieved a competent presentation of their material. The
titles show, however, that the subject has been divided according to classes of compound as well as according to type
of reaction. Thus some duplication has been inevitable. The
Organic Photochemistry. Edited by 0. L. Chapman. Marcel
Dekker Inc., New York 1967. Vol. 1. 1st Edit., ix, 339 pp.
numerous illustrations, S 15.75.
The ever increasing number of original papers that appear
each year in the field of organic photochemistry illustrate the
present preparative and theoretical importance of this subject. The bewildering profusion of new photochemical
reactions makes it difficult even for the investigator active in
this area to keep informed about the many new facts. It is
therefore to be welcomed that an attempt is being made to
collect the many facts from original papers into the series
rearrangement carvone ----f carvonecamphor is shown in
formulas no fewer than three times (pp. 82, 240, and 296),
as also is the photocycloaddition of 2-cyclohexenone to isobutene @p. 81, 240, and 299); the list of such examples could
be considerably extended (e.g., p. 79 + p. 294; p. 80 + p.180;
p. 216 + p. 315).
With new scientific books at their present price, such duplications are not a welcome feature. It is to be hoped that,
when continuing the series, the editors will coordinate the
contributions of the various authors more carefully and thus
ensure for the series the success that it deserves.
R. Steinmetz
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Angew. Chem. internat. Edit. 1 Vol. 7 (1968) No. 3
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