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Book Review Organofluorine Chemicals and Their Industrial Applications. Edited by R. E. Banks

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Organofluorine Chemicals and Their Industrial Applications.
Edited by R.E. Banks. John Wiley & Sons, London 1979.
255 pages, bound, f. 17.50.
Since its discovery in 1886, fluorine, that most aggressive
and reactive element, has made slow but persistent penetration into industry. Fluorine products are nowadays encountered daily in all spheres of life, e. g. as the active principles
in pharmaceutical preparations, as heat-resistant and chemically resistant materials, as blood, artery, and bone substitute
materials, inhalation anesthetics, aerosol propellants, surfactants, etc.
The present book contains twelve chapters written by experts active in the study of organofluorine chemistry and its
industrial significance.
The subject matter is presented lucidly, and the many references make it possible to go deeper into the field. The book
should be within the reach of all chemists concerned with
fluorine chemistry in industry, research, or teaching, and can
be recommended without any reservations.
Alois Haas
[NB 496 IE]
The Chemistry of Silica. Solubility, Polymerization, Colloid
and Surface Properties, and Biochemistry. R. K. Iler. John
Wiley and Sons, Chichester 1979. xxiv. 886 pages, bound,
f 39.50.
Zler’s monograph on “The Colloid Chemistry of Silica and
Silicates”, published in 1955 was in its time extremely useful
and informative. It is now the author’s aim, at the end of his
professional career in industry, to bring out a second edition
of this book, giving a picture of the latest situation. However,
so much that is new in this field has since been published
that a limitation became necessary; the chapters on insoluble
silicates, clay minerals and silicic esters had to be left out.
Even so, the scope of the work has increased severalfold.
The author concentrates first of all on the occurrence of
silica, the dissolution and precipitation equilibria of silicic
acids, and on the water-soluble silicates. Much space is given
to the treatment of condensation equilibria and to the formation of the industrially important silica sols and gels. Colloidchemical processes, especially coagulation and flocculation,
are discussed in detail. Control of the pore structure of silica
gel is described, as is the manufacture and application of
finely divided, precipitated or pyrogenically prepared SO2.
In the description of surface chemistry special reference is
made to the OH groups on the Si02 surface, their esterification, and other methods of hydrophobization, and also the
adsorption behavior with respect to inorganic ions and polymer molecules. The last chapter is on silica in biochemistry, in which context the toxicology of SOz, silicic acid derivatives, and Si compounds is considered. The present state of
knowledge about the causes and chemotherapy of silicosis is
given in detail.
This is a book by a practical man for practical men. It contains a wealth of information. The number of literature
sources quoted runs to more than 3200, though some of them
are obviously cited in several chapters and are then numbered again. The citations include many references to patents. On the other hand, it is remarkable that in a monograph on silica there is no discussion of the nature and the
peculiarities of the siloxane bond accordingly its hydrophobic character, for example, is introduced without comment.
The work will undoubtedly become an indispensable aid
to all those involved with silica and silicic acids. The contents justify the high price. The reader might often wish that
the results from the quoted papers had been presented in
greater detail, but this could not have been done in a single
volume. Even as things are, it was only possible to compress
the test into one volume because a relatively fine print was
used. This unfortunately means that the reader is soon fatigued-at least this was the effect on the reviewer.
Hanns-Peter Boehm [NB 499 IE]
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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 19 (1980) No. 3
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