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Book Review Physikalische Grundlagen der Verfahrenstechnik (Physical Fundamentals of Process Engineering). By P. Grassmann

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tions. The last two articles deal with the decomposition of
triazolines to form aziridines and imines ( P . Scheiner),
which is of great interest from the mechanistic standpoint,
and oxidation with selenium dioxide, ( R . A . Jerussi), which
is of immense preparative importance.
It is clear from the diversity of the reaction types discussed
that the title of this new series is to be understood in a very
broad sense. However, this does not detract from the value
of the clearly and comprehensively written individual
reviews, and the continuation of the series will be eagerly
Bernd Gi& * [NB 993 IE]
Physikalische Grundlagen der Verfahrenstechnik (Physical
Fundamentals of Process Engineering).By P. Grassmann,
Verlag Sauerlander, Aarau and Frankfurt 1970.2nd ed.,
960 pp., figures, bound, DM 128.--.
Ten years ago “Physical Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering’’ appeared as the first volume of the excellent “Fundamentals of Chemical Technology” series published by
Verlag Sauerlander. Now, the second edition has appeared, under a slightly different title. The factual material is
presented in twelve main chapters, starting from the fundamentals typical for process engineering from the fields of
thermodynamics, physical chemistry, mechanics, fluid
dynamics of single-phase and multiphase systems, heat
and mass transfer, and mathematics.
Continual use of the work shows that the author has been
highly successful not only in his selection of the material
but also in combining it into an organic whole. Its relation
to the fundamentals has resulted in a pretentious work for
scientifically oriented readers, but the author supports his
material by careful and readily comprehensible presentation and also by his unambiguous and clear method of
writing equations, by graphic illustrations, and by careful
cross-indexing and literature references. The reviewer
personally found the author’s individual style of writing a
particular attraction of the book.
The author has not spared himself the trouble of re-formulating a considerable number of chapters in the new edition
in order to take into account new developments in those
fields. In particular, the sections on “Momentum, heat, and
mass transfer” and on “Multiphase flow” have profited
from this treatment.
A large number of literature references, have been added,
some as recent as 1970, contributing toward the up-to-date
nature of the work. The book can be recommended to
engineers, physicists, and chemists in the various specialist
fields connected with process engineering,as an ever-handy
source of advice. In my experience it is also suitable for
advanced students as a textbook which can show the relationship between the basic scfences (which otherwise seem
isolated) in their applicahn to process engineering problems.
Eckhart Bluss [NB 994 IE]
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. By R. J. Reynolds and K .
Aldous. With a chapter by K . C. Thompson. Charles Griffen & Co. Ltd., London 1970. 1st ed., xii, 201 pp., 29 figures and 6 tables, bound f 4.50.
This book provides the kind of introduction to the experimental techniques of atomic absorption that an analyst
who wanted a quick guide to the essential information for
analytical applications would require. Following a very
short presentation of the fundamentals, the technical data
needed for analysis are given, possible interferences are
noted, the selection of suitable flames is discussed, and an
attempt is made to clarify essential concepts such as sensitivity, detection limits, precision, etc.
The most extensive chapter summarizes the essential data
for the atomic absorption determination of 49 elements
and the rare earth metals (taken together), in alphabetical
order of the elements. The subsequent bibliography contains 74 references, also arranged by elements. In another
chapter are given examples of applications : the analysis of
biological materials and organic substances, clinical and
metallurgical analyses, silicate analyses, etc. This is also
followed by a suitably arranged bibliography. The book
ends with chapters on the characterization of standard
equipment, new atomic absorption techniques, and the
chapter by K . C. Thompson which gives a clear and readily
understandable picture of the theoretical foundations. Each
chapter is followed by a bibliography. A subject index
simplifies the location of specific information. The book
will provide the practising analyst with the necessary
analytical data in a readily acceptable form, but it also gives
the chemical and physical foundations necessary for an
understanding of the method.
Huns Massmann [NB 996 IE]
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Angew. Chem. internat. Edit.1 Vol. I0 (1971) 1 No. I1
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