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Book Review Practical Inorganic Chemistry (Preparations Reactions and Instrumental Methods). By G. Pass and H

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efficiency of the compounds against, e. g. Phytophthora,
Alternaria, Helminthosporium, and Uromyces as well as
against Staphylococci, Streptococci, and Salmonella. [DOS
2458657; Diamond Shamrock Corp., Cleveland, Ohio (USA)]
[PR 2 9 6 s IE]
R = a n alkyl (CI-C,,)
phenyl group
o r phenyl group; R ' = H o r an alkyl (C,-C,)
cularly suitable for the preparation of precatalyzed epoxide
resins requiring increased times of reaction. [DOS 2403407;
The Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich. (USA)]
[PR 293-D IE]
A new group of herbicides, excellent in preventing growth
from seeds of grass-like plants (e.g. types of millet, wild oats,
etc.), are provided by sulfides, sulfoxides, and sulfones of type
( 1 ). The compounds ( 2 ) are selected as especially effective.
Tetrachloro-4-cyanophenylsulfoxides and sulfones of formula
( I ) are new compounds active against bacteria and fungi.
They are obtained by treatment of pentachlorobenzonitrile
with thiols and subsequent oxidation. Especially cited is the
A l k y l (Cl-C3)
0 , 1, 2
R r , Cl, CX
0, 2
F, C1, R r , I , C N
[DOS 2442684; E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Wilmington, Del. (USA)]
[PR 295-S IE]
Practical Inorganic Chemistry (Preparations, Reactions and
Instrumental Methods). By G. Pu,s.s and H . Sutcliffe. Chapman and Hall, London 1974. 2nd Edit.. XVI. 239 pp., 36
figs., bound, f 2.50.
This book, now published in its second edition, is intended
to fill a gap between mainly theoretically and mainly preparatively slanted monographs in the field of inorganic chemistry.
It can be said straight away that this aim has been substantially
achieved. The student will find here, compressed into a relatively small space, information about work in an inorganic
laboratory that elsewhere he could obtain only by reading
several books.
In each of the chapters presenting examples of e. g. oxygen
acids, double salts, clathrates, and inorganic polymers theoretical explanations are attached. The principles of some experimental methods (high-temperature reactions, electrochemical
oxidation and reduction. homogeneous catalysis, work in
nonaqueous solvents and under an inert gas) are also given.
The chapters on classical analytical methods (conductivity
measurements and potentiometric titration) would have been
better treated together. and the same is true of the treatment
of physical measurements (spectroscopy, polarimetry, and
magnetic measurements) important for structure determinations. A short outline of ESR, NMR, and C D spectroscopy
(in the chapter on polarimetry) would perhaps have been
The book can be recommended for chemistry students in
their first term, particularly in view of its low price.
Ackirn Mii/lrr. [NB 275 IE]
Electroanalytical Chemistry. Vol. 10. Advances in Analytical
Chemistry and Instrumentation. Edited by H . W Niirnherg.
John Wiley & Sons Ltd., New York-London
1974. 1st
Edit. XI, 609 pp., numerous figs. and tables, bound, f 18.50.
In seven sections this book contains reviews of selected
areas of electrochemical analysis prepared by competent spe-
cialist authors. Specifically, the following themes are covered:
Advances in Instrumentation for DC Polarography and Coulometry ( D . J . Fisher.); Applications of Polarography and
C'oulometry in Actinide Analysis (G. W C. Milner and G.
Phillips) ; Voltammetry in Organic Analysis I P. J . Eking) ;
Polarographic Analysis in Pharmacy ( H . Hoflmann and J .
Volke) I. Analytical Aspects of Voltammetry in Non-Aqueous
Solvents and Melts i J . Bndoz-Lambling and G. Cuuquis) ;Joint
Application of Electrochemical and ESR Techniques ( B . Kastening) ; pH-Measurements and their Applications ( K .
In several of the presentations a larger number of practical
examples and tables would have been welcome, such as are
provided by Badoz-Lurnbling and Cauquis in their clear and
extensive first-ever collection for work in many different solvents and melts with various electrodes.
These review articles. all written clearly and provided with
a rich set of references, constitute a valuable addition to
the literature, for which thanks are due to the editor.
Ro/f Nee6 [NB 276 IE]
Schutz gegen atmospharische Korrosion (Atmospheric Corrosion Protection). By Kauel Burrofi. Verlag Chemie, GmbH.
Weinheim 1973, 1st Edit., X. 209 pp.. 62 figs.. 19 tables,
cloth, DM 75.P.
This monograph is the first of its kind concerned with
the field so important for the whole environment and in
particular for industry. The author sets out to build a bridge
between theory and practice and in this he has been very
successful. As the director, for many years, of a national
institute for materials he is protection versed in these
problems and he has worked the essential practical experience
and the latest research results into a modern presentation
in which he has not failed to include, for example, the problems
of accelerated tests, a discussion of corrosion mechanisms from
the latest points of view, and the most important aspects
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