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Book Review Quantenbiochemie fr Chemiker und Biologen (Quantum Biochemistry for Chemists and Biologists). By J. Ladik

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Vibrational Spectroscopy of Solids. By P. M . A. Sherwood.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1972. 1st ed., xi,
254 pp.. numerous figures, bound f. 5.90.
IR and Raman spectra of crystals reflect some of the properties
of the structural elements, their interactions, as well as the
whole lattice. In particular, the spectra recorded using single
crystals with polarized radiation enable one to draw conclusions regarding the arrangement of the lattice units and
their symmetry. Until now, the information necessary for the
interpretation of these spectra has not been very widely
known among chemists, and crystal spectra were often
interpreted in the same way as the spectra of gases. Several
authors have recently written accounts of this field for chemists.
The author of the present work first points out the typical and
possible differences in the spectra of molecules in the gas
phase and in the solid state. He then discusses the dynamic
properties of the crystal and their quantization. as well as the
application of group theory. Chapters on the interaction
of the radiation with the crystal and on second order effects
then follow. Finally, the excitations that can be observed in
addition to the vibrational transitions are discussed : excitons.
magnons, and plasmons.
Theauthor intentionally applies the theory only to very simple
lattice units. Since difficulties arise in the application of the
theory to more complicated molecules, it would have been
useful to include spectra of this nature and to demonstrate
their interpretation. A rather disturbing feature is the needless
introduction of “Unit Cell Analysis” instead of “Factor Group
Analysis”. O n the whole the text is very readable and comprehensible,and can bestrongly recommended as an introduction.
Bernhard Schrader [NB 179 IE]
Quantenbiochemiefur Chemiker und Biologen (Quant um Biochemistry for Chemists and Biologists). By J . Ladik. Ferdinand Enke Verlag, Stuttgart 1972. 1st ed., 252 pp., I l l
figures and 1I tabfes, bound D M 19.80.
Quantum mechanics reduces not only the problems of chemistry (as stressed by Diruc in 1929) but also those of molecular
biology to the solution of mathematical equations; the difference lies mainly in the complexity of biological systems. In
this book, Ludik presents a survey of the biochemical problems
that can be tackled with the aid of quantum-mechanical calculations and the nature of the results that can be obtained
at the present time. After an introduction to the principles
of quantum mechanics, without presupposing any existing
knowledgeof physics, chemistry, or biology, the aiithor discusses in particular the relationships between the electronic structure and the biological properties of DNA; chapters on proteins, carcinogenic substances, and porphyrins then follow.
A final look ahead outlines the possibilities of a molecular
genetics and a molecular gerontology, as well as of the quantum-mechanical treatment of pharmaceutical problems.
The book seems excellently suited for arousing an interest
in the connections between the current problems of molecular
biology and the physical principles of quantum mechanics,
and for providing a link between the languages of the biochemist and of the quantum chemist. In this light it does not
seem an excessively serious fault, that the selection of the
literature is occasionally rather one-sided or that there are
a few shortcomings in the German translation.
The book was not written for the specialist, but it can be
recommended as readable and stimulating to all those who
are interested in current questionsof molecular biology outside
their own field of work.
Martin Klessinger [NB 183 IE]
A n g a n . Chrm. intrrnur. Edir.
1 Vof.
13 ( 1 9 7 4 ) / No. 2
Ligandenfeldtheorie. By P . Schuster. Vol. 19 of the series
“Chemische Taschenbiicher”. Edited by W . Foerst and
H . Griinewald. Verlag Chemie, Weinlleim 1973. ix, 192 pp.,
stitched D M 28.-.
Contents: Elektronenzustande; Elektronenwechselwirkung;
Anwendung der Ligandenfeldtheorie auf Grundzustande von
Komplexionen; Spin-Bahn-Kopplung; Spektren von Ubergangsmetallkomplexionen im Rahmen der Ligandenfeldtheorie ; Ligandenfeldtheorie im Rahmen anderer quantenchemischer Methoden.
Principles of Reaction Kinetics. By P. G. Ashmove. 2nd Edit.,
No. 9 of the series “Monographs for Teachers” The
Chemical Society, London 1973. 78 pp., stitched 80 p.
Contents; Introductory Survey; Rates and Rate Laws for
Elementafy Reactions; Rate Laws for Some Complex Reactions; Chain Reactions; Rksumd of Aims and Principles.
Chemical Instrumentation. A Systematic Approach to Instrumental Analysis. By H. A . Strobel. Addison-Wesley
Publishing Company, Reading/USA 1973. 2nd Edit. xxii,
903 pp., bound $22.50.
Contents ; Measurement and Instrumentation ; Electronics;
Optics; Spectrometric Methods; Electroanalytical Methods.
Progress in Bioorganic Chemistry, VoI. 2. Edited by E. T.
Kaiser and F. J , Kezdv. John Wiley & Sons, New YorkLondon 1973. xiii, 257 pp., bound f 8.25
Contents; Reaction Kinetics in the Presence of MicelleForming Surfactants; The Apolar Bond; Mechanisms of
Action of Folic Acid Cofactors; Catalytic Activity of Pepsin.
Elements de Chimie Minerale. By H . Wahl. Masson et Cie.,
Editeurs, Paris 1973. xi, 174 pp., stitched 52 F
Contents: L’Air; L’Eau; Oxyghe; Hydrogwe Famille
des Halogenes; Famille de I’Oxygene; Famille de I’Azote;
Famille du Carbone; Famille du Bore.
Condensed Pyridazines Including Cinnolines and Phthalazines.
Edited by R. N . Castle. Vol. 27 o f the series “The Chemistry
of Heterocyclic Compounds”. Edited by 4.Weissher-(gerand
E . C. Taylor. John Wiley & Sons,New YorkrtLondQs 2973.
xii, 1124 pp., bound ca. E 33.45.
Contents : Cinnolines; Phthalazines; Azolo- and Azinopyridazines; Oxa and Thia Analogs.
Electronen und Chemische Bindung. By H . B. Gray. de Gruyter
Berlin-New York 1973. xi, 194 pp., stitched DM 24.-.
Contents: Elektronen in Atomen; Zweiatomige Molekiile;
Lineare dreiatomige Molekiile; Trigonal-planare Molekiile;
Tetraedrische Molekule; Trigonal-pyramidale Molekiile; Gewinkelte dreiatomige Molekiile; Die Bindung in organischen
Molekulen ; Bindungen unter Beteiligung von d-Valenzorbitalen.
Gas and Liquid Chromatography Abstracts 1972. Edited
by C. E . N.Knaprnan and R . J . Maggs. Applied Science
Publishers Ltd. Barking, for the Institufe .of Petroleum,
London 1973. xviii, 230, 21 pp., bound 5 8.00.
Addition and Elimination Reactions of Aliphatic Compounds.
Vol. 9 of the series “Comprehensive Chemical Kinetics”.
Edited by C . H . Bamford and C . F. H . Tipper. Elsevier
Amsterdam 1973. xiii, 515 pp., bound Dfl. 160.00/$ 56.10.
Physikalische Chemie. By W . J . Moore. de Gruyter, BerlinNew York 1973. Revised and expanded 4th Edith. xvi,
1134 pp., bound DM 78.-.
Contents: Electrophilic Additions to Unsaturated Systems;
Addition of Unsaturated Compounds to Each Other; Elimination Reactions; Carbene and Carbenoid Formation
and Reactions; Kinetics of Alkene Isomerizations.
Selected Molecular Rearrangements. By T. S. Stevens and
W . E. Watts. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, London
1973. x, 212 pp., bound 5 5.50.
Contents: Nucleophilic Rearrangements; 1,2-Electrophilic
Rearrangements ; Alkali-Induced Rearrangements ; Pericyclic
Rearrangements ;Aromatic Rearrangements.
Protein-Protein Interactions. Edited by R. Jaenicke and
E. Helmreich. 23rd Colloquium of the Gesellschaft fur
Biologische Chemie, April 13-15,
1972 at Mosbach/
Baden. Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New
York 1972.
viii, 646 pp., bound DM 78.--.
Contents: Quaternary Structure o f Proteins; Approaches
for Determining Protein Complexes; Heterologous Protein Interactions ; Muscle ; Multienzyme Complexes ;AntigenAntibody Interactions; Self-Assembly; Intercellular Interactions.
Progress in Surface and Membrane Science, Vol. 6. Edited
by J. F. Danielli, M . D. Rosenberg, and D. A . Cadenhead.
Academic Press, New York-London 1973. xiii, 280 pp.,
bound $22.50.
Contents; The Silver Halide Surface; The Mercury-Solution Interface; Contact-Angle Hysteresis; Ion Binding and
Ion Transport; Cytomembranes; Interactions of Blood
Proteins with Polymeric and Artificial Surfaces.
Fast Ion Transport in Solids. Solid State Batteries and Devices.
Edited by W.van Gool. North-Hollans PublishingC6mpany,
Amsterdam 1973. xvi, 728 pp., bound Dfl. 100.00/$ 35.10.Proceedings of the NATO Sponsored Advanced Study
Institute on Fast Ion Transport in Solids, Solid State
Batteries and Devices, Belgirate, Italy, September 5-15,
Reviews in Macromolecular Chemistry, Vol. 9. Edited by
G . B. Butler, K. F. O’Driscoll, and M . $hen. Marcel Dekker,
New York 1973. v, 369 pp., bound $21.50.
Contents : Mathematical Modeling of Polymerization
Reactions ; Mechanical Properties of Polymers; Anionic
Cyclopolymerization ; Thermodynamics of Equilibrium Polymerization.
Applied Spectroscopy Reviews, Vol. 6. Edited by E. G. Brame,
Jr., Marcel Dekker, New York 1973. xiv, 375 pp., bound
$ 21.50.
Contents: Spectra of Biopolymers; Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy; Neutron Scattering and Vibrational
Spectra of Molecular Crystals; Diagnostics of High-Temperature, High Density Plasma by Radiation Analysis ;
Spectroscopy of Liquid Crystals; Metals Analysis by Emission
Determination of Organic Structures by Physical Methods,
Vol. 5. Edited by F. C . Nachod and J. J . Zacherman.
Academic Press, New York-London 1973: xv, 367 pp.,
bound $26.00.
Contents: Eiectron Diffraction; Spin Saturation Labeling;
Nuclear Polarization; Ion Cyclotron Resonance Spectroscopy; Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance; Mossbauer Spectra
of Organometallics; Automated Chemical Structure Analysis Systems; NQR Applications in Organic and Metalloorganic Chemistry.
The Total Synthesis of Natural Products, Vol. 1. Edited
by J. A . Simon. Wiley-Interscience,-New York-London
1973. ix, 603 pp., bound f 12.50.
Conrents: Carbohydrates; Prostaglandins; Pyrrole Pigments;
Nucleic Acids; Antibiotics; Oxygen Ring Compounds.
Hard and Soft Acids and Bases. Edited by R . G. Pearson.
From the series “Benchmark Papers in Inorganic
Chemistry”. Edited by H . H . Sisler. Dowden, Hutchinson
& Ross, Stroudsburg/USA 1973. xiii, 480 pp., bound
Advances in Organometallic Chemistry, Vol. 11. Edited
by F. G . A . Stone and R. West. Academic Press New
York-London 1973. xi, 510 pp., bound $ 27.00.
Polymer Transition Temperature Data Sheets. Compiled
by W . A . Lee and R. A . Rutherford. Rubber and Plastics
Research Association of Great Britan, Shawbury Shrewsbury 1973. Loose-leaf book E 10.00.
Contents: Boranes in Organic Chemistry; Transition MetalIsocyanide Complexes ; Carbon Monoxide Insertion Reactions; Organothallium Chemistry; Radiochemistry of
Organometallic Compounds; Silicon-Transition Metal Complexes ; Organocobalt (111).
_R e q u f e m lnontp~.iradp,nnl-kc.P I C uspd in rhis loumal. ~ ~ ‘ without
rpecific rndicarron rherpof are nor
0 Verlag Chemre GrnbH, Welnheirn/Bergstr
be constdpred unproleclrd b j
1914 - Printed in Germany by Zechnersche Buchdruckerei. SpeyeriRhein.
All’rights reserved (Including those of translation into foreign languages). No part of this issue may be reproduced in any form - by photoprint, microfilm, or any other means
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Editor: H . Grunewald Translation Edftms: A . J . Rackstraw and A . Slrrnson.
Publishers: Verlag Chemie GmbH. (Managing Directors Jijryen Kreuzhagr and Hans Schcrmer) Pappelallee 3, 6940 WknheimiBergstr.. Germany, and Academic Press Inc. (Prendeni Chorler
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Angew. Chem. internat. Edit. / Vol. I3 ( 1 9 7 4 )
/ No. 2
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