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Book Review RamanIR Atlas organischer Verbindungen (RamanIR atlas of organic compounds). Edited by B. Schrader and W

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questions of chemical importance can be treated. Quantummechanical principles are added in Chapter 2. Use of symmetry
as a calculation aid in Chapter 3 steers the reader towards
the formal methods of group theory. Here again we note
the basic concept of the book, i.e. its intention to ease the
organic chemist’s entry into theory: the terminology and the
instructions for use are introduced before the presentation
of formal theory. Chapter 4 considers in brief variants of
the Huckel theory and its application to alternant and nonalternant hydrocarbons and to correlation diagrams. Greater
detail is devoted to hybrid orbitals. Advanced MO procedures
and methods of configurational interaction are outlined in
Chapter 5.
An important feature of the book is the detailed working
of examples, so that the reader becomes familiar with the
methods by the paper-and-pencil method; this is supported
by setting up problems and their solution. The detailed presentation of solutions, however, means a diminished amount
of material, whose selection reflects the author’s field of work,
e.g. Mobius systems. Unfortunately, some concepts such as
wave function and charge density, or eigenvalue and expectation value, are not always sufficiently differentiated. A few
incorrect formulas and expressions should be corrected.
Franz Mark [NB 316 IE]
Radio-Immunoassay of Steroid Hormones. Edited by D.Gupra.
Verlag Chemie, GmbH, Weinheim 1975. 1st edit., xiv, 224
pp., 56 figures, 53 tables, linen, DM 58.--.
Part of this book presents the proceedings of a workshop
held by the German Endocrine Society in February, 1974.
In addition, other authors have contributed further chapters,
so that assay methods for all the clinically important steroid
hormones have been included. The intention of the book,
as stated in the Foreword, was to “review the present state
of the art of steroid radioimmunoassay”, and in this respect
the delay in the appearance of the book can only be regretted.
The topics covered include discussions of the basic principles
of radioimmunoassay. These tend to be rather cursory, and
are intended for workers already familiar with radioimmunoassay procedures. This volume would have been of increased
value if more of the chapters concerning specific assay methods
had also contained some discussion of the general problems
concerning the assay of that steroid, and some comparative
evaluation of the previously published radioimmunoassay
methods. However, some chapters provide the reader with
a broader insight into the subject matter; those devoted to
the discussion of the assay of steroid glucuronides, and of
the use of I z 5 I tracers for steroid determination.
It is difficult to decide which readership this volume is
intended for-the expert, the clinician, the laboratory worker,
or the total beginner. It follows the trend of recent book
publications on radioimmunoassay ;collecting together a series
of methods from workers in this field and attempting to knit
them into a comprehensive review. The lack of overall editorial
unity in the presentation is regrettable.
E. Jean Wickings [NB 325 IE]
Raman/IR Atlas organischer Verbindungen (Raman/IR atlas
of organic compounds). Edited by B. Schrader and W Meier
on behalf of the Institut fur Spektrochemie und Angewandte
Spectroskopie, Dortmund. Verlag Chemie, GmbH, Weinheim. 3 instalments in 2 loose-leaf files. 1st instalment 1974,
xxxi, 314 pp. with 314 spectra; 2nd instalment 1975, xlii,
344 pp. with 301 spectra. Price per instalment DM 265.(purchase of complete work is a condition of sale).
The Raman/IR Atlas covers about 1000 organic compounds,
divided into 15 principal groups and 93 classes. The authors
have taken pains to provide a representative selection of substances.
On each A4 page of the work the IR/FIR and the Raman
spectrum of the relevant substance are reproduced together
with details of instrumentation (instrument, cell material, preparation technique, spectral slit width, etc.) and substance
parameters (molecular formula, molecular mass, degree of
purity, melting and boiling point).
The spectra of the ist instalment are redrawn by hand from
the original spectra; those of the 2nd instalment are recorded
in digital form, computer corrected with respect to the spectral
sensitivity of the Raman spectrometer, and subsequently plotted out. Each volume closes with a list of spectra and a
formula index.
The quality of the spectra and of their reproduction is
excellent. The volumes are very useful compendia of spectra
for all those concerned with Raman and IR spectra in research
and teaching.
Egon Fahr [NB 326 IE]
Datemsammlung zur Toxikologie der Herbizide. Edited by
the “Arbeitsgruppe Toxikologie” der Kommission fur Pflanzenschutz-, Pflanzenbehandlungs- und Vorratsschutzmittel
der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, 2nd instalment.
Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1976. Loose-leaf, D M 98.00.
Elektrochemische Bauelemente. By A . F. Bogenschutz and W
Krusemark. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1976. ix, 247 pp.,
bound, DM 145.00.
Registered names. rrodemnrks. etc. used in rhis journal, even without specrfic isdicnrcon !hereof, are not to be considered unprolrcred by low
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Publishers: Verlag Chemie. GmbH. (Managing Directors J u r q m Kreuzhage and H a m Schrrmer) Pappelallee 3. D-6940 Weinhelm. Germany
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